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Started: 09 July 2016

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Blake's 7 at the BFI
I cannot make it. I am too ill to attend (partly from stress from finding out at the last minute and partly from constant anxiety regarding my work and personal life).
Sorry to hear that, Sweevo. All the best to you. And to all the others going to the BFI- have a great time and we that cannot attend please, photos and stories of the day? Thank you.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Thank you. I am going on a hiatus/sabbatical leave once more (not departing), just like I did at the start of the year, to recover, so to speak. I will probably send a message or two in time for Christmas and New Year, though.
Stephen Greif will be signing autographs around 5 - 5.30pm and also for a while after the panel!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
I hope everyone has a lovely time tonight.

Would love to hear of peoples experiences and see any photos.

If anyone gets the chance to ask please keep the pressure on to Big Finish for The Scorpio Chronicles! Happy



Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
Spaceship Dispatcher
Just got home - really good evening! Thanks to all who joined our merry band from Horizon for your company Happy
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

Spaceship Dispatcher's fanfic site
trevor travis
A very nice evening out.

Great to hear from June Hudson (a voice I haven't heard before), plus Stephen, Jan and Michael. And a surprise appearance from Sally at the end!

Meanwhile, it was quite something to watch B7 on a big screen. On the way up, PC and myself speculated the picture may not look that good on a big screen - after all, the episodes were designed for TV.

But they actually looked magnificent on a big screen. In particular, the last few minutes of Blake gave me goose bumps.

The place seemed very close to full, so hopefully it will be the first of several such events.
Edited by trevor travis on 06 December 2014 14:32:18
trevor travis
It was also nice to bump into Adam from the Geek's Handbag yesterday, who of course was at RTGP2 earlier in the year:


(Not sure who the bald guy towards the end is!)
A great event, I really enjoyed it.

Imagine being seated in a plush cinema, surrounded by fellow sad, mad beings. The glorious strains of the theme tune in surround sound filling the room. And later the sight of the Liberator filling the huge screen.

There were lumps in throats and a few tears. Even Steven G admitted to welling up. The guests were great - particularly June Hudson, who was charming and elegant and full of love for the creations she made for B7.

Unfortunately the chat with the BF guys was cut short - but only because Sally K had managed to arrive in time so we had the opportunity from hear from her as well.

On the big screen we were treated to a montage of season 2, Cally's first scene, Travis and Servalan discussing how he was not decorative. Then the BFI decided to really tug the heart strings.

If you thought Zen's demise, the last moments of the Liberator, the final shootout in 'Blake' were tough to watch on the TV, it was ten times worse on a cinema screen in the dark. The quality of the images was amazing and every nuance of expression seemed to be emphasised. Fellow Avon lovers will understand what a treat that was...

After, there was an opportunity to buy merchandise and to get photos and autographs with some of the guests. June had brought along the gloves that match Coser's outfit, which she had only recently found.

There were plenty of old friends, a few new ones and there may have been some beer Wink

Thanks to the Supreme Commander and SD for organising this trip and to tt for being a great travel guide.

And I would pay money to see a whole episode or two of B7 on the big screen (hint, hint - BFI)
trevor travis wrote:

It was also nice to bump into Adam from the Geek's Handbag yesterday, who of course was at RTGP2 earlier in the year:


(Not sure who the bald guy towards the end is!)

Glad you all had a great time. I've seen a few photos of the evening on Twitter so at least I got an idea what it was all about. And TT, about that bald guy at the end of the video... he's fine. Who's that daft old bird in the middle going on and on about her special fandom? Can't abide people like that! LOL.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Absolutely gutted that I couldn't attend this event in the end. High time that B7 got the same sort of treatment as Dr Who often gets at the BFI. Hopefully more will follow though quite why B7E were there just baffles me really given how they seem quite clueless. The rights of this glorious show couldn't be in worse hands Sad

Was this event recorded at all?
Nice blog post from Jacqueline Pearce reflecting on the recent BFI event :


Edited by Travisina to make link clickable
Edited by Travisina on 23 December 2014 11:21:02
sounds like a genuinely special event!

so wish i could go to these things *lol
Video of the panel :

Edited by Spaceship Dispatcher on 23 December 2014 16:08:27
Many thanks for sharing MLPasterisk, it was a great panel and I was extremely happy to learn of Jacqueline Pearce's new web page.

What a great start to 2015. Smile
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