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Started: 09 July 2016

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Vila's Log
This thread is for amusement purposes. Here I will attempt to recount the series told through the eyes of everyone's favourite Delta lockpicker, starting from the first episode up until pre-Gauda Prime.

1. The Way Back

Caught again. Oh, well. Shouldn't blame myself, really. I mean, I should have thought about it before picking the same lock twice - now I'm paying for it big time. No Correctional Facility 1, no Juvenile Detention. No, sir, Vila... you're heading for Cygnus Alpha. At least I've got my friend Gan to help me out here - honest and straightforward, a good guy all around. Incidentally, it looks like I'll be joined by Roj Blake - that's right, the man who fought against the Federation. Caught me nicking his watch - I told him it was for safe keeping. He looks safe enough. I've also got free trader Jenna Stannis on the way to CA with us. No hope there, though. She's an Alpha, and I doubt she'd want to be acquainted with a lowly Delta like me.

2. Space Fall

Failed miserably at taking over the prison ship, and it's largely my fault. Gan told the guards to drop their guns, and guess what? I dropped mine out of fear and confusion. Met computer whiz Kerr Avon, though - he's just as intelligent and isolated as I imagined. Who's to say he's not in cahoots with the ship's crew? I don't want to get chucked out into space just to lighten the load! So here I am stuck on the London with Gan, while Blake, Jenna and Avon got on board some magic spaceship and sped away - typical Alphas. Why do I get all the pot shots in life? Why can't someone else trip over for once? Oh, well. Should be grateful I still have clean underwear - Restal family motto: Semper ubi sub ubi

3. Cygnus Alpha

FINALLY made it onto CA, although I wish I was still on Earth - there's nothing here! Except for some creepy guy in a robe who proclaims to be a priest - I don't feel well. I think I'm going to be sick. This priest guy - Vargas - says he can cure me with a medicine, but only he has it due to its extreme rarity. Blake found us and got us out of here thanks to a clever ploy to use Gan as a "sacrifice" (Why do some people still resort to this stuff? Don't they know it's murder?). Anyway, we busted out of there and Blake got us onto his ship - the Liberator. Fancy name, wouldn't you say? It's got everything - facilities, surgery, flight deck - not even the Alphas on Earth have it like this! Ha!

4. Time Squad

Teleported onto Saurian Major to help a resistance group, the only survivor of which was a telepath from Auron - her name's Cally. Bloody hell, is she pretty - although I think she seems to fancy Avon a bit more. Jenna told us about a bunch of cryo-preserved freaks coming to life and attacking the Liberator! Thankfully she took them out (with some help from Gan) and now we've got one more crewmember to add to the roster: Cally. I'd better get out of these clothes before they stink up the ship, and most importantly, me.
Spaceship Dispatcher
This is great Sweevo! Keep up the great work, you've got a really good fanfic format there; it's like Vila's keeping a personal blog, maybe on a electronic notepad or something similar, and shares his thoughts on it because as far as he knows nobody is ever going to read it? Loved the Orbit in-joke too, that was LOL funny! I'm just moving this thread into the fanfic area, because even those first four entries are a really nice bit of creative writing and your work deserves a place on the fanfic forum definately. Looking forward to the next entries!
I enjoyed this Sweevo. More please.Smile
Here's another batch of everyone's favourite thief's entries:

5. The Web

Well, my relationship with Cally so far is, to say the least, dodgy. Thought I'd try some new clothes on and ask her for her opinion (even though she doesn't look like the fashion-conscious type to me) and I got a blow to the head for my troubles. Story of my life. Before you know it, the Liberator got stuck in some kind of strange creepy web, which is a whole heap of bulls*** onto itself. How this fits in with Blake's crusade, I have no idea. Apparently, Cally got possessed (that's what telepathy does to you!), as did Jenna. Wow. I did not see that coming. Anyway, we got lured to this web, where Blake encountered some weird creepy creatures like something out of an Old Calendar horror movie, who asked for his help in exchange for liberation of the Liberator (Ha!). Blake changed his mind when he ran into some creatures called Decimas, who asked for his help. Guess which side he ended up helping in the end (with Avon)?

6. Seek-Locate-Destroy

Went to the planet Centero today, to steal a vital decoder from a Federation base, although I couldn't stop one of the guards from setting off the alarm. Had to shoot one of them in the end just to get them off my back! Sad We got away all right.. except for Cally. Blake decided to go back for her and we ended up running into an old friend of his - Space Commander Travis - who wants Blake dead - an eye for an eye (quite literally in Travis's case). Not just dead, but DEAD. D-E-A-D - apparently, Travis was responsible for Blake's arrest before I met him. Sounds like he needs some therapy - he's either depressed, obsessed or both. Turns out Supreme Commander Servalan was involved, too - she and Travis intended to use Cally as bait to lure Blake to his death. Had my first sparring session with Avon... why can't I win? We got away in the end, so all is well... for now.

7. Mission to Destiny

We got a call from the ship Ortega - they needed help in getting some fancy substance called a neutrotope to their planet of Destiny quickly - and I mean QUICKLY - before their planet turned into a New Calendar Mushroom Kingdom. Blake, Jenna, Gan and I took the neutrotope to Destiny (via a pretty dangerous route, too, which drained much of the ship's energy banks! I know I wanted to live forever or die trying, but being crushed and pelted by giant rocks isn't how I want to go!), while Avon and Cally stayed behind to solve a murder mystery, the victim having laid out a clue for us: 54124. Avon, being the clever (and arrogant) Alpha that he is, deduced that it was the killer's identity. Can you guess it? Anyway, we got the neutrotope safely to Destiny, but not before Blake decided to spike the Ortega with an explosive device which blew up the ship (and the murderer) - talk about overkill! By the way, the surviving crew teleported with us to safety - nobody (innocent) was harmed.

8. Duel

Got sucked into another weird planet, this time it was a challenge between Blake and Travis - to see if they could actually defeat and kill - that's right, KILL - each other, in combat. Jenna got suckered into helping Blake (no surprises there), and Avon let off some speech about not understanding why he should try saving people he doesn't give two short s***s about. Despite the conflict, Blake gained the upper hand but refused to kill Travis. I don't think that was a good idea, but I can see why he did it. Boring day overall, really.
Love Vila's Log, Sweevo! Sounds exactly like the delta grade we know and love. More please.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
9. Project Avalon

Teleported down to some subzero hell to rescue somebody called Avalon - apparently, Jenna is familiar with her, and she's quite the rebel face. We thought we'd rescued her, along with a survivor from her crew - some guy named Chevner. As soon as we got back to the Liberator, I suspected something wasn't right. In fact, I KNEW something wasn't right when I saw Avalon overpower Gan! Turns out this 'Avalon' was only an android, programmed to kill us all thanks to some nasty pink sphere containing a virus! Blake soon put 2 and 2 together, and thanks to some reprogramming from Avon, went back to the Federation prison to get the REAL Avalon, leaving the android with the Pink Death (OK, the Phobon Plague!) to Servalan and Travis (does the man EVER give up?). Last heard Project Avalon failed and Travis is suspended. Let's hope we don't see them for quite some time.

10. Breakdown

Gan went apes*** today. It's not like him - his limiter implant malfunctioned and he started attacking the crew - Jenna, Blake, Cally... at least he didn't go for me, although I wouldn't have minded if he had given Avon a blow or two (shut up, it's not what you think). Guess what? We had to cross heavy space again - a rather dangerous sector - in order to get to XK-72, a neutral space station with the technology to help my poor friend, only the professor in charge, some shady guy named Kayn, sold us out to the Federation - and I thought such people were supposed to be neutral! I had to threaten him to operate on Gan, since he was stalling for time (presumably to collect the oodles of cash for our heads), but I can't really hurt anybody on purpose. Anyone who knows me knows that. In the end, the limiter got fixed (shame he couldn't remove it), all is well... and XK-72 got blown up. I say good riddance. Neutral, my Delta posterior.

11. Bounty

Another one of Blake's heroics - this time helping some chap named Sarkoff, former President of the planet Lindor, and his daughter Tyce (quite the looker, too!). We got Sarkoff and Tyce to the ship and just when I thought everything was going fine for a change, I thought too soon. We got boarded and raided by Amagon pirates - old friends of Jenna's from her younger, more "carefree" days, shall we say? They had us fitted with explosive collars! Fortunately, I was able to get off everybody's collars (except my own) - I even made that point clear to Avon, who, as per usual, didn't respond in the slightest bit of sympathy. Is he even human!? Anyway, collars off (thank God for that), Amagons off the ship... and we got the President back to his planet. Before I sign off, let me just point out that I saw Jenna teleport Tyce off the Liberator quite... firmly, shall we say? I think she's jealous of other women fancying Blake. Smile

12. Deliverance

Went down to Cephlon today - a freezing hellhole with a radiation-heavy atmosphere. Why did I go? Well... something called Orac, which was of value to the Federation (100 million credits!), had gone down on that planet with two crewmembers - one called Ensor and a doctor, who was apparently dead on arrival. Blake later told me this doc had saved Travis's life (pity you didn't shoot more accurately first time, Blake!). Jenna got captured, so me, Avon and Gan had to go rescue her - and we met somebody called Meegat, who viewed Avon as a God after he had launched a rocket into space as part of some stupid legend or prophecy. Got stuck on that bloody planet thanks to Ensor taking Blake and Cally hostage, demanding he took them to a planet called Aristo to save his old man. I don't feel too well - something's not right with me. The Liberator doesn't have bog roll, so what am I supposed to use?

13. Orac

Guess what? Four of us were sick - not just sick, dying! Me, Avon, Gan and Jenna - Cally scanned us and said we'd all absorbed too much radiation. If that's the case, then why am I not glowing in the dark? Blake and Cally teleported down to Aristo and delivered some power cells to another Ensor, who was the younger Ensor's dad. He also had something called Orac, which kind of reminds me of a television set without the case - I'd hardly call it complacent, let alone compact. After curing us all, Blake later told me that the hit on the younger Ensor was planned... by Servalan and Travis, no less! Not willing to pay the 100 million credits, they thought they'd sabotage the ship and take Orac for themselves, although I can see why they're so taken by it. It can do virtually anything - another advantage for Blake and the Cause (he doesn't seem to give much of a hoot about anything else these days)... and it can predict the future, which, according to its calculations, the Liberator is to be destroyed - blown up... wait, WHAT!?
Edited by sweevo on 18 April 2016 22:28:02
Grade Four Ignorant
A fun read, very similar to Nicola Mody's Vila Restal E-Mail's series.
Joe Dredd
...which are handily linked in this post in the Fanfic Recommendations thread: Click!
Vila Restal's Emails is what inspired me to write this little log (that, and he's my favourite character). Here's the beginning of Season 2, with a minor alteration: The crew now tweet via Zen and Orac (in addition to the log entries).

14. Redemption

Well, turns out Orac's prediction was right and wrong at the same time. Liberator was going to blow up, but it wasn't OUR Liberator. All started thanks to a bunch of crazy ships knocking us out and disabling the ship, even affecting our Zen! Next thing you know, one by one, we're apprehended and taken to some space prison which makes Cygnus Alpha look like a walk in the park with the officers from the London. Apparently, the Liberator's builders - an empire called the System - came to take her back. Sorry, System - you'll have to try harder next time. I was able to bust out of my cell and help the others (not without an accidental punch in the gut from Avon, although he did apologise, so that's one point for me). Once out of there (and with the Liberator's sister ship blown up), we were on our way to fight the Federation once more. Oh, God, here we go again...

15. Shadow

Worst. Day. Ever. Why? Two words: Space City. Blake wanted to strike up a deal with the Terra Nostra - of all people! Gan tried to call him out on it but Blake "persuaded" him that they could manipulate the Federation more easily that way. I wanted to go see Space City for myself but was prohibited from doing so - Blake said my vice of drinking would have compromised the whole thing. That didn't stop him, Avon and Gan from being captured, though... maybe it did. Cally got possessed - again - and Orac went bats*** crazy. I had a bit TOO much to drink, and when I woke up, everybody except for Gan treated me like they wanted me dead! OK, maybe I made a mistake by going out on a drinking spree, least of all without Gan, but it's not like the others are perfect! Blake doesn't seem to give a damn about our needs anymore, he only wants to win. Avon's getting snappier and more condescending by the day. Jenna's a fool in love with an even bigger fool - they're (mostly) judgemental (this part of the log has been censored by Orac at the request of Kerr Avon). Cally... I still don't get her. Speaking of which, Blake, Jenna and Avon freed her by teleporting to some desert planet called Zonda (with TWIN Suns) to encounter "Moon Discs" to free Cally, or some s*** like that. I don't know. I really don't want to talk about this day anymore.

@madhacker Avon, why are you looking through my private log!? VR.
@fingers Your ramblings amuse me - is staying alive too hard for you? KA.

16. Weapon

IMIPAK. Sounded like a dream - a handheld weapon with an infinite range that could "mark" your opponent for death (quite literally) and kill them at the push of a button. We got it from this Beta guy named Coser, who had a bond slave called Rashel with him. Turns out he handed it to a clone of Blake, who later handed it to Servalan and Travis (why do those two keep interfering with my life? I've got nothing to do with them!), who killed Coser. Sounds pretty ironic to me, a bit like the Frankenstein monster analogy. Blake, Avon and Gan also got marked but they were able to beat Servalan and Travis once again (not surprised there), and the IMIPAK weapon was left to the Blake clone and Rashel. Just another typical day for me, really.

17. Horizon

Don't get me started on this place. Blake disregarded our wishes for a holiday - AGAIN - this time because he was curious about a ship that was heading for a planet called Horizon, possibly the most primitive planet I've ever been to since I boarded the Liberator. Blake and Jenna went down and discovered a mining operation... and got captured. Gan and I went down to see what happened and guess what? Same thing happened to us - Gan got tied to a gate outside the main city and I ended up joining Blake and Jenna in the mines, mining some kind of hazardous material called Monopasium. Cally, too, got captured. You'd think that by the first sign of something going wrong, additional precautions would have been taken. I'm beginning to think Blake's going insane. Finally, Avon went down on his own and took out most of the guards protecting the place. As soon as I heard that familiar voice, I made a break for it out of the mines. With all of us back on board the Liberator, Blake freed the ruler, some chap named Ro, from the Federation's power, and inspired him to rule independently. Stupid, stupid, stupid place and I'm never going back again.
Another serving of Vila's entries. Smile

18. Pressure Point

...Blake's been starting to p**s me off lately. I may be a Delta, but I'm not stupid! He's been obsessed with taking out the Federation control centre since we got Orac. He and Gan went down to meet with a resistance leader called Kasabi, whose unit had been wiped out by - you guessed it - Servalan and Travis. Only her daughter, Veron, survived - and then Kasabi bit the dust, too. We managed to make our way to the blockhouse housing the Federation computer core... but found nothing. Turns out that it was moved 30 years ago to an even MORE secure location, while the Federation have been advertising this as the "real" place. Jenna saved us, thank goodness - she even threatened to kill Servalan (I wish she had done it, though), and we escaped... but Gan died trying to help us escape. His last words were: "I'm not worth dying for!" - that's not true, Gan. That's not true at all. :'(

19. Trial

Travis is on trial... and Blake's gone off to contemplate his actions following Gan's death. I'll follow him in his fight but I'm not sure if I'll forgive him. I don't feel like talking right now.
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