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Started: 09 July 2016

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SC's Scorpio 'scratchbuild'.
Space Chopper
Thanks everyone! I finished adding the external details today, and applied a preliminary coat of primer, to check for surface defects and provide a key for the main body of paint. I've used Army Painter Skeleton Bone, as it wasn't dazzling white, and seemed to be similar in tone to the final colour. I decided to take some pics for you, as now it's all the same colour, you get a better idea of what the finished result will look like. It needs a light sanding in one or two places and re-spraying there before I apply the final colour, but I was actually amazed by how well it all came together. Even my wife, who must've thought I was crazy sticking all sorts of weird bits together for ages, thought it looked like a commercially available kit.

A view along the starboard side, showing all the added panels and details- the antenna is resting in place for the photo.

Head-on, and it already looks imposing.

The port side, again showing all the added details.

I'll be going back to work tomorrow, so it may be a week or so before I have any more pics.
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
That's looking fabulous, SC!
Space Chopper
Many thanks, purplecleric- I've been tied up with a lot of stuff to do offline, so Scorpio had to take a back seat for a while. I hope to resume very soon, and will show you the finished results as soon as she is painted and photographed.
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Space Chopper
OK, it's been quite a while, but I've finally completed my Scorpio build! The model was sprayed with Montana Gold Terra acrylic spray to get a nice, solid base colour. Then I mixed some Dark Earth and Black acrylic, and diluted the resultant mix with water until I got a nice wash, which then went into all the panel lines and recesses to get a nice shading effect. Next, teh model was dry-brushed, first with matt Stone acrylic, then matt Golden Brown, to bring up the highlights, and after that, individual panels were picked out in red-brown, terracotta, yellow ochre and neat golden brown to give a 'patchwork quilt' effect of different panels that had been replaced after numerous repairs. After the yellow 'go faster' stripes were added and washed down, and the 'scorpio' transfers printed and applied, the whole model was dry-brushed silver to show paint scratches and general wear-and-tear, and then I got out my trusty Tamiya weathering powders, and used a greasy, oily colour to brush on some soot stains and exhaust marks around the engine openings. The drive nozzles were made using transparent corrugated plastic, backed with reflective metal foil, over which was put a layer of diamond-effect plastic sheeting originally meant for sugar icing moulds. The resultant effect looked like the 'ford fiesta headlamps' that can usually be seen on the studio model. Now, the pics!

Side view, the starboard side.

close-up of the communications array, showing the weathering and detailing around that area and the engines.

Rear view, showing the engine outlets.

Side view, port side.

Nose-on, zooming into shot.

Close-up of the flight deck and conning tower, showing the detailing that I spent ages putting on!

Close-up of the port side cargo bay, showing the docking hatch and surrounds.

As I said at the start of the thread, this isn't 100% screen accurate, but to my mind, it captures the spirit and feel of Scorpio, and although it took me ages to finally complete, I've thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I may even get my hands on a Saturn-V rocket and have a bash at doing a Feddy Pursuit Ship!
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Superbly chopped, Mr. Chopper! A lovely job, if I hadn't seen your progress I would have thought you had been building a kit.

So, Pursuit Ship next, eh? I look forward to seeing that!

"There it is!"
Space Chopper
Seeing the amazing stuff you've built, complements from you are praise indeed. I have to finish painting my Crooked Dice figures first, but a Starburst class Pursuit ship is definitely on the cards for a future project.
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Oh, wow!

The finished result has been worth waiting for. I'm amazed at all the intricate detailing.

Thank you for sharing it with us, and I look forward to seeing the next project.
Very impressive work, Space Chopper!
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Looks amazing, congratulations.

Dorian would be proud.

A tricky build executed superbly.

I can't believe you have bent that Star Wars 'base' kit to your will and produced that, fantastic stuff.



Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
Joe Dredd
Very impressive!
very well done. The scorpio is not a straightforward model to build. the more you look at it the more bits and pieces you notice.
Space Chopper
Thank you everyone, you're too kind. For anyone who wants to attempt the same build, here's a list of the kits and bits that I used...

Star Wars Republic Star Destroyer (Forward section of hull, engine interiors, flight deck conning tower, main weapon and various detail parts.

Easykit snapfast Millennium Falcon 1:241 scale (Detail parts)

RAF Refuelling Set, 1/72 scale. (Communications antenna and detail parts.)

US Aerospace Ground Equipment Set 1/72 scale (various detail parts and panels.)

Panther Tank- 1/76 scale (Various detail parts and secondary weapon.)

10 thou and 30 thou plastic sheet (surface panels, aft engine section and mid-section, weapons pod and landing gear bays.)
0.5mm plastic rod (Antenna and various piping details)

26mm solvent weld pipe (construction core of engine section)

Montana Gold
Terra aerosol acrylic paint (main hull colour)

transparent corrugated plastic, diamond-pattern sugar icing plastic sheet, metallic foil plumber's tape (Engine outlets)
Edited by Space Chopper on 15 May 2015 10:41:53
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Very impressive!! Lovely! Thank you SpaceChopper for the lovely pix of Scorpio, too!

clanger68 wrote:Dorian would be proud.
LOL! But yes, Dorian would be proud, if not jealous & try to nick it for himself.
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