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Hello everyone. I'm a long time B7 fan (since the start really) but relatively new to B7 fandom so excuse my ignorance about certain things.

I attended a "Space 1999" convention the other weekend and was struck how friendly and informal it all was. There were lots of panels, autograph sessions, displays of models and costumes etc. and a Saturday night banquet with a member of the cast at each table. I've been to things like London Comic Con and Collectormania before and these things are great, but so, so busy! I just thought it would be wonderful to have a weekend in the company of the wonderful B7 cast (and behind the scenes people).

What I was wondering was - has this kind of event been held before? I thought, with the cast meeting up these days to do the audios, they might be open to the idea.

What does everyone think? Is it feasible? Would you be interested in such an event?
Hi lusketyre. I'm always glad to answer questions about potential Blake's 7 conventions. Yes, we've had two mini-cons, thanks to our esteemed member, Clareblues and her minions.

The first one was held in Oxford in 2011. It was a two-day affair and had guests Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, surprise guest Stephen Greif, and members of the Big Finish team. Suffice it to say it was a great time and a very intimate affair with only about 35 attending. But what a weekend. You can read about it and see photos of it on this Forum by clicking on this link:


We then had another mini-con in April of 2013, held at Steventon, Oxfordshire. Our special guest this time was BBC model and effects expert, Mat Irvine. He brought along many genuine props and models for us to see. You can read about that and also see photos of this fan gathering here:



The second link is the actual review of the day with photos too.

I cannot say for sure, but rumours have been circulating about a proposed mini-gathering of Blake's 7 fans for 2015. Stay tuned to this Forum for news when it breaks! But all in all, if you can attend one of these gatherings, I can almost guarantee a good time will be had by all. We (Brad and I) have been to both meetings and have had the time of our lives talking about our favorite subject, Blake's 7, and getting to know our fellow fans, old and new. -Paula
Edited by BradPaula on 04 October 2014 23:46:30
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Thanks Paula - loved seeing the reports and photos. I just think, with Big Finish getting the cast together regularly, maybe it's possible to have the ultimate "Blakes 7" convention sometime. Imagine a guest list like...

Gareth Thomas
Paul Darrow
Jacqueline Pearce
Michael Keating
Jan Chappell
Sally Knyvette
Steven Pacey
Glynis Barber
Stephen Greif
Brian Croucher
Matt Irvine
Chris Boucher

How wonderful would that be?!
I agree it would be some con there, but somehow I don't see that happening any time soon. But we do have the Big Finish days and often they have Blake's 7 talent there. I guess that's something! BTW: I've been a fan for so long, I've met everyone but Chris Boucher on your list- and I'm very glad of it. -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
It WAS some con!

Horizon's Deliverance '98, the 20th Anniversary convention, had all of the above as guests, apart from Paul, Steven Pacey and Glynis. The guests also included the actors who are sadly no longer with us: Peter Tuddenham and David Jackson. Behind-the-scenes guests included Sheelagh Wells, Mat Irvine, Stuart Fell, Brian Lighthill, Brian Clemett, Mike Tucker and the late David Maloney. There was everything - panels, autograph and photo sessions, exhibitions of models, costumes and artwork, charity auction, guest workshops, costume competition, a cabaret given by some of the guests, ample opportunity to chat to the actors in the bar...
This was an old-style convention, run by fans. Organising it took a helluva lot of work by a lot of people - all in their spare time. It would be great to have another one, but the chances of getting so many actors etc together is pretty slim - even some of the Big Finish recordings don't have all the actors together at the same session.

The professional autograph conventions (Collectormania etc) are okay for what they are, but fan run events are much more fun. So as Paula said, keep an eye out for for another mini gathering in 2015. It won't be on the same size and scale of Deliverance, but we'll have a great time!
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Alex Cairns who used to organise the annual Cult TV convention that used to happen every October is [;anning to organise a one day event in November 2015. This was a wide ranging con catering to a broad spectrum of fans. But there were usually one or two B7 related guests at these events. So watch this space!
Thanks for the information, Richard, and please keep us informed! -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
BradPaula wrote:

Thanks for the information, Richard, and please keep us informed! -Paula

Will do, Paula
I gather Cult TV 2015 will take place on the weekend of Sat/Sun 7th/8th November 2015 in Telford, Shropshire.
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