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Started: 09 July 2016

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The Gift of B7
Gauda Cheese
Travisina wrote:

Gauda Cheese wrote:


Michelle really liked this one and yeah the robot made her laugh, but not because it looked bad, but because it looked too damn cute!

"Is that thing supposed to be menacing?"

"Ha yep!"

"Looks like it wants to give robot hugs"

... and is now referred to in our household as the Hugbot 9000.

Thank you for providing such an entertaining thread - and to winnie-l for preserving it!


I can't wait to tell her that!
I've just been reading the Project Avalon novelisation.... the description of the security robot in that is much better, but hard to reconcile with the knowledge of the robot we actually saw on the tv episode! Smile
Gauda Cheese


Space Jesus (Enemies Can't Figure Orac Out part 1)

"God what are they wearing!"

"Whats with Blake's sleeves?"

"Is Avon wearing leather?"

"Thank you Jesus" Me

"I was totally thinking that!"

"They have all that space in the prison cell, but they decide to sit really close"

"Why doesn't that guy go with them?"

"Because the plot needs him to die"

"Oh God" Said in a way that meant "I should have guessed that!" When the Liberators sister ship came up on the screen.

Michelle fricken loved this one as I knew she would. I was thinking she might figure out who was behind it as soon as she saw the attacking ships, but nope it wasn't until she saw Space World. Mind you she didn't notice the Outers wearing bracelets or the guards carrying the same guns.

Michelle needed to give me a running commentary on the clothes the crew was wearing and she hates Cally's shorter hair.

She was thrilled to learn about the builders of the Liberator but...... Why was it abandoned!? Tell me now! Poor girl.

And she noticed Jenna and Avon sitting rather close in the prison cell without me needing to bring it up littlesue Smile

Vila getting out of his cell pretty quickly made Michelle smile and we had a few laughs here. "Have you considered amputation" is one of my fave lines in the series.

I was asked which seasons were my favourite to which I replied D (yep I'm one of those!), followed by C.

And so begins our trek through B season.
Gauda Cheese


Angry Blake's

"Blake's an ass now and look at him! Everyone's at the controls while he sits on the couch giving orders!" Michelle I love you for that.

"I bet they're in cahoots with the Federation" Close Mich close.

"Der I even tried calling his name"

"They are wearing Karate outfits!" Mich

"I thought they were dressed like Luke Skywalker" Me

"Aren't they supposed to look like a cactus?"

"Is Vila having sex?"

Many comments made by both of us for this one and that is very understandable because Shadow feels very.... full. I asked Michelle what she thought of the first non Nation script and she agreed that there seemed to be more going on. Then she wanted to know if other writers are brought in, but more importantly if Nation writes some more.

Cally was super awesome in this one and Michelle really dug it as do I. Will she notice that Jenna and Cally become teleport controllers? Probably.

There were a few times she said some things about Blake, but "ass" is the only cuss word I'll use here. Needless to say she's not liking him very much. Her Avon enjoyment is rising, RISING I tell you!

I think Shadow is a fun episode and Michelle did too. It's not Boucher's strongest work, but he'll get better still in about one episodes time. Tomorrow (fingers crossed) Michelle meets Brian Croucher!
Gauda Cheese


Dude Where's My Travis?

"What? ...... What?........ huh what? ....... Who is that!?"

"Keep watching"

"But but....." Then Fen says his name "No way!" Presses pause "This time you answer me whats going on with Travis?" Okay so I told her, just this once.

"I love the outfit Servalan is wearing"

"Me too!"

"No you don't, you like how she looks in the outfit, where as I LIKE the outfit"

" God she (Servalan) likes to touch!"

And later

"She's a total bitch!"

I like Weapon a lot. Much happens as in Shadow, but its more focused. Michelle and I laughed ourselves silly with Avon's wonderful dialogue and we both agree that red leather is awesome. The others go for looser fitting costumes, so Avon goes tight leather! I think my dream conversation would be between Avon and Number 6. Battle of the individuals!

Carnell... Michelle really really liked him and said "He'll be back for sure" I didn't have the heart to deflate her.

If Michelle had noticed Servalan's flirting and touchy feely-ness before, she REALLY noticed it here. After shooting Travis in the back she called her a total bitch!

We paused this part way through and had a short silly conversation about our day using Fen hand motions.

As for Travis mark 2..... she was not happy. She liked how Grief portrayed him better. I don't think she'll come around on Croucher, but I think she'll dig Trial.

A mixed reaction from her, mostly due to Travis, but we enjoyed watching this together over a bottle of red.
Gauda Cheese


The Expendables (Lets Fly Through It, Just Relax part 4)

"Ugh just man up and save your damn fiance!"

"Haha, this is like Bounty all over again for you"


"Blake is such a dick!"

I like this one and its a break from dense episodes. Michelle also liked it but Rowe really annoyed her just like Sarcoff did in Bounty.

We like the back and forth between Blake and Rowe and we howled at Vila's reaction to work.

For me this is Priors best episode though Crotch Robot is pretty watchable as well. His other scripts...... well I only dislike one of them but you know.

On a lark I asked Michelle who her two favourite characters were now. Oh. My God. It happened. Finally! As I knew it always would. Number one is Avon! She doesn't know when it happened, but he gets all the best lines and is the most interesting person on the Liberator. The second fave? Cally! Michelle flip flopped on her quite a bit during series A, but she's finding Jenna to be a bit bitchy. She will love the Avon/Cally stuff. Third is Vila.

Not much else to say here, Horizon isn't bad, but its not ground breaking either. Its.... solid.

Mich has to be up early tomorrow for work, otherwise we'd have watched Pressure Point tonight. I however don't work Sundays. Poor girl.

Tomorrow night, Michelle gets her heart broken a little.
Gauda Cheese
Pressure Point


The Many Deaths Of Oleg Gan

"Like he can talk! He's got the biggest vendetta ever!"

"That hat is perfectly shaped on her head"

"Oh god she's wearing that outfit to catch the rebels!"

"Blake's full of himself" Right after he said "I think, I can do it"

"Gan should be more careful"

"Yeah! Jenna to save the day"

"What?..... What? no! but but... no!"

Suddenly remembering this is a sci/fi show and anything can happen "He's not dead right?"

"Yes he is and no he never ever comes back sorry bub" Gave her a big hug

"Blake should have died instead!"

Well I love Pressure Point and Michelle reluctantly told me it was good. Before the end she was really enjoying the story. Michelle liked knowing a little about Servalan's past and Vila was hilarious in this one "I'm about to set a new galactic record" & "Ooooo its a tough one, maybe 30 seconds?"

Servalan capturing Kasabi in her white outfit reminded her of Cally sneaking around in a leopard print jacket. She likes the clothes, but some of their mission choices really are silly.

And then there was Gan's death. He'd dropped down the rankings for Michelle in favour of other characters, but she really liked him. He was the nicest person on the Liberator and she was pissed off that out of all of them it was he who died. Oh yeah the water works came out, but she was bloody angry. She had a slim hope he'd be back somehow so I had the unfortunate task of telling her he's dead for good and never coming back.

As someone else here said, I remember this one vividly as a kid, well not all of it, just the part where they crossed the forbidden zone through to the end. Now Michelle knows that no one is safe.

One thing I forgot to mention in Pressure Point!

When Vila and Avon are going to teleport down, Jenna in a sexy kinda voice says "Good kuck Avon" Michelle wanted to know what the hell that was about! No good luck to Vila just "Ooooooo Avon Goooood Luck"
Gauda Cheese


Giant Spit Ball

"I swear there is some sexual tension between Jenna and Avon"

"I'm getting quite used to him (Travis) now" And admittedly his first three entry's into season B are pretty good, though Weapon is jarring on first view.

The first genuine burst out loud laugh moment Michelle has had from the series has come from Zil! She'd giggled a few times at things like the fighting, boat ship and the hug robots of season A, but this was the first time she thought something looked incredibly lame.

Other than that this is a pretty good story. Michelle liked the political maneuvering with Servalan and the trial stuff with Travis.

She believe that there is a thing going on between Avon and Jenna and I'm wondering what she'll make of the Avon/Servalan and Avon/Cally relationships in season C.

Next up a season favourite of mine.
Gauda Cheese


Die Nice People DIE!

"Oh look Michelin men"

"Those guys look like chocolate owls"

"And those guys look like squashed marshmallows"

"Well um at least the stories good" Me

"Yeah it is"

"Do you have any popcorn as we watch this autopsy?" Michelle made me laugh with that one.

I love this story and happy to report that Michelle did too. We've known Avon has a pretty good understanding and dislike of Vila and with one of my fave scenes in the series, Vila shows Avon that he knows him pretty well too. Michelle liked this very much. Vila is more than a "coward" and petty thief. He's also as distrustful of people as Avon is though I doubt either one would acknowledge that they have anything in common.

The episode is filled with sparkling dialogue, mostly from Avon and Vila which had us smiling throughout. Whilst Michelle may have laughed at some of the costumes in this story she thought the makeup on the corpse was great as well as the effects of the disease.

How long though will it take I wonder for Michelle to notice that the ladies are going to be doing very little for most of the rest of the season?
Gauda Cheese


Crimos Where Art Thou? (FLY. AT. IT. NOW! Part 5)

"Scuba baddies!" Me

"They should start putting those bracelets on their ankles"

"The Crimo died from a rock to the leg!"

And of course the comment I was ever so hoping for....

"Ew, thats his cousin right?"

Hostage is an episode that is pretty damn solid if I do say so myself.... until Travis and the Crimos chase after Avon and Blake. Horrible looking rocks with hilarious running away, Travis screaming for his Crimos and Blake kissing his cousin.

Michelle told me to shut up a couple of times during this as she was enjoying it. Then we laughed ourselves silly by the end. We agree that its an enjoyable enough story, until the Benny Hill stuff begins.

For me though its a horrible use of Vila, but they needed him on the planet for Travis to torture..... so why not give him a door to unlock or something? Otherwise putting him on watch is "Suicide" as Avon said in the final episode. I brought the subject up with Michelle and she agreed with me. Cally would have been the better choice. As yet she hasn't noticed the sidelining of the two lovely ladies, or if she has then she hasn't brought it up.

We're watching Countdown in about an hour or so.
Gauda Cheese


Oooooh Look A Launch Door!

"Avon is in the red leather again" Mich

"Red leather, check it and see"

Michelle mumbling "I got a fever of a hundred and three"

"Thats right you wouldn't understand Blake, because the only lady you can get is your cousin!" Yeah Michelle really doesn't like Blake much anymore.

Apart from me doing a rendition of a Foreigner song and Michelle's brutal zinger at the end both of us were pretty quite for this one. Why? Because its awesome. If the last 10 minutes of Hostage suck, then the beginning of this episode with its fighting and action more than make up for it.

Michelle knew the bomb was never going to go off, but the journey was a lot of fun. The hunt for Provine, the revelations about Avon's past are really great. She liked knowing Avon wasn't all heartless.

We both agree it was a shame that Provine died. Like Raker he would have made a great recurring baddie.

If she liked this then we can't get to Rumours Of Death fast enough!

I've been wondering when Michelle would notice that Cally and Jenna stay on the ship a lot and she brought it up in Countdown. At least Vila had something to do this time. She can understand why Jenna might stay on the ship, being the pilot, but Cally is supposed to be a freedom fighter. I asked when this occured to her and she said for the last couple of episodes. I believe her.

I joked that Vila could have been in full camouflage in Hostage and still gotten caught, whilst Cally could go about in a leopard print jacket and evade capture.

She agrees that the two most interesting characters are Avon and Vila with Blake being given things to do, because it's his show (not for long!)

I'm looking forward to finishing off the season..... sadly the next episode is one of the two I don't like. Shevan Strikes! Ugh!
Gauda Cheese
Voice From the Past


Servalan in IMAX

Sensing my frustration Michelle asks "Is this one of the two you hate?"


Michelle doesn't dislike this one as much as I, but we talked about it a fair bit afterwards and she can understand where I was coming from.

Why show the painted rubbish backdrop? Why not teleport near the airlock? That looked decent. Actually why not just Teleport into the dang base?

Vila is too stupid in this one. Ugh.

Why does Travis teleport down to the planet? He has Cally and Avon at gun point. Teleport them down, leave the crew to the Feds and bugger off in the Liberator!

Why do Avon and Jenna hand out the teleport bracelets to the others? Because they listened to an obviously hypnotized Blake? Stupid!

The crew going along with Hypo Blake is crazy! They let people on the ship, they don't try hard enough to break the conditioning before teleporting him down to the meeting.

I could hear Michelle groaning at the hypnosis stuff all through the episode and she said "Just break it already!"

She was annoyed she didn't guess who Shevan was "You can't predict everything" "Yeah true" Michelle did roll her eyes at Travis appearing again, but she won't have to wait long. He'll be dead soon. Me thinks she's sick of him. She does like Servalan though.

The one cool part? Servalan on the big screen then the Fed troops appearing. That looked awesome. We were both very impressed with that.

The caveat to all this? Gambit is next and that episode is amazing.
Gauda Cheese


"Lady in Red"

"Servalan's in red this time!"

"Oh yeah"

"Ew shut up bro"

"That mirror effect is really good"

"Travis can't fight"

Three double acts in one episode and how I love it. The double dealing with Crantor and Servalan for her was the highlight and whilst I do love the Avon and Vila team up I think she's right.

Servalan was devilishly good (yeah I know, bad joke) but wow stunning in the red outfit. Michelle loved her costume in this one.

Jenna and Cally having a bitch fight was hilarious. "10 credit touch" had us both howling.

Michelle was all set to put this episode down, because of the costumes, but was quiet once it was explained. It wasn't silly sci/fi costumes like in Killer this time.

And who doesn't just love Crantor? We thought he was great and its another instance of a good character making only one showing.

The part where Travis has his arm removed is really well done as is the mirror communicators.

The most dated part about the episode is the computer chess.

Only two more episodes til we get to the better half of the series. So excited. I'm glad we started 2014 with a classic and not with the next one.
Gauda Cheese
The Keeper


Medieval Jaundice

"God they use sticks to hit people all the time!"

"Hey that old dude has a necklace thingy"

"Look Vila doesn't have an icebox anymore" Me

"Yeah now it looks like a bathroom heater"

The Keeper isn't perfect, but just like most of Prior's episodes, its middle of the road and serviceable.

Michelle and I discussed the scene between Travis and Servalan and we agree that Travis decides to go off and ditch Servalan right after Servalan makes it clear she won't share Star One. Look how he pulls away from her after he's scolded for over reaching.

She knew Travis wasn't in the first ship and she guessed as soon as she saw the old man "DOWN BELOW!" that he was the one with the secret. On both counts Michelle agreed with Avon, blast the damn ships!

What did surprise her was Rod losing the challenge, then the Sharl dying right after him.

One thing we both want to know is did Keating do all those tricks himself? It makes sense that Vila would know how to do all of that stuff, but more impressive if the actor does too.

Next up is Star One which is a damn good story and we plan on watching it tomorrow night.
Gauda Cheese
Star One


Galactic Climate Change

"Wow you just know what the first episode of season three is going to be about!"

"Michelle something you asked me about is going to happen"

"What? WHAT?"

"Keep watching"


"Holy crap Travis is dead!"

Michelle totally loved Star One. She loved seeing Cally get some action, she loved Avon and Travis having a tête-à-tête. "I don't have a heart!" Travis has Blake all figured out, but Avon? Move or die!

She thought Blake was dead for a moment there, then she thought Travis was dead. Avon shooting him and saying "He is now" got a hell yeah type reaction from her.

I teased her about the aliens I said "Something you asked me about is about to happen" And I wouldn't say what. Then she figured it out a bit later "Aliens!"

Something I had to pause and explain to her was intergalactic travel, how long it'd take even for the Liberator. I also had to make it clearer about the purpose of the mine field, being a deterrent and all of that, but as we watched she got it no problem. Everything is explained.

"For what it's worth I have always trusted you from the very beginning" Michelle saw Avons reaction and said "Come on you do have a heart! Wow that meant a lot to him didn't it!?"

One of the main strengths of the show for Mich is that the main villain is a woman and like me she loved those scenes of Servalan's rise to power.

While she loves Vila she was glad he didn't go to the planet. We both think that he should never go down to a planet unless they need something opened or stolen. Otherwise whats the point? He is a thief, not a fighter.

The alien ships being models from previous episodes was something she didn't even care about. Too engrossed in the story.

And finally Blake cannot destroy what he wants the most because of an alien invasion. Yes Michelle, the good guys rarely win or have things turn out how they would like it.

Next up? Aftermath or Avon's Bringing Sexy back
Gauda Cheese
Season B roundup

Michelle's top three stories were Killer, Countdown and Gambit. My God I cannot wait to show her some Bob Holmes Doctor Who.

Her least fave being Voice From The Past and then Hostage.

For me its nearly the same as Michelle's with Oooooh Look A Launch Door! Lady In Red and Galactic Climate Change

And as stated before I only dislike two stories. Servalan in IMAX SUCKS! That's me being nice.

By the end of Season B Michelle's top two characters were Avon and Vila, followed closely by....... Servalan!

Roll on Avon's 7! Actually I'm going to write that..... Now...
Gauda Cheese


I'm Avon. Kerr Avon.

"I really like her (Dayna) so I'll probably never see her again"

"WHAT!" The reaction to Avon and Servalan kissing.

"Keep watching"

"I'd be dead in a week" "He is awesome"

"I love Servalan, she's such a bitch!"

"Oh my God is Dayna in the next episode?"

"She's a regular now"


"What did you think of that one?"

"Was really good, but..... where the hell is Jenna and Blake?"

Whew, am I one excited B7 fan now as Michelle and I enter into my favourite half of the show. Nearly all my favourite stories are in the next two seasons and I cannot wait to see what she thinks of them.

Michelle loved Dayna right from that start and didn't expect her to become part of the crew. Another highlight for her was the magnetic scene between Servalan and Avon. We discussed it afterwards and she thinks Avon's chemistry with the shows lead villain is much more interesting than with Blake. Also Michelle's theory that all the chicks dig Avon is pretty much cemented now.

Usually I won't give her any clues as to what will happen in the future, but I did have to tell her up front that Jenna and Blake never appear again. Okay I kinda lied, but I didn't want her to ask me about it every episode. She is very disappointed that Jenna will never be seen again. No really, you should have seen her face fall, it was worse than telling her that Gan was DEAD dead and would never ever come back again. As for Blake? She couldn't care less.

Now lets see what she thinks of Tarrant... Jenna's replacement (sorta)
Gauda Cheese
Whew! Now I think all of the episodes are all posted. Tonight Aussie time, Michelle and I will hopefully watch Sarcophagus.

We're both going on a road trip next week to Canberra to pick up my new car. It'll be an 8 hourish drive back to Melbourne and I suggested that maybe I bring along some Blake's 7 audios?

She said yes! Whooo! I suggested Armageddon Storm, since she loved Countdown and Rumours and also Warship to bridge the gap between seasons. I might bring Fractures with too if it arrives in time.

Okay Mods if I do manage to listen to these stories with Michelle then is it okay to post her thoughts in this thread rather than make up a new one? Any posts about them will probably contain spoilers.
Angry Angel
Gauda Cheese wrote:

She said yes! Whooo! I suggested Armageddon Storm, since she loved Countdown and Rumours and also Warship to bridge the gap between seasons. I might bring Fractures with too if it arrives in time.

Okay Mods if I do manage to listen to these stories with Michelle then is it okay to post her thoughts in this thread rather than make up a new one? Any posts about them will probably contain spoilers.

I think that sounds fine, just post a spoiler warning before them, a nice big one for Fractures as people are less likely to have heard that yet. Have fun!
Gauda Cheese
Angry Angel wrote:

I think that sounds fine, just post a spoiler warning before them, a nice big one for Fractures as people are less likely to have heard that yet. Have fun!

Don't worry I'll put a nice big Spoiler warning on them.

As for right now though its time for the gift that keeps on giving. About to sit down with the Mich for Sarcophagus.
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