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Started: 09 July 2016

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The Gift of B7
Gauda Cheese
The journey so far........

As you all probably know I'm Luke a 31 year old who got into B7 around 1990. My sister Michelle is 19 and knew nothing about B7 before she started. She didn't know about the Travis's, that Gan would die or that Blake and Jenna would bugger off after series 2. And no she certainly doesn't know about the Peckinpah Bloodbath that awaits.

For anyone who wasn't a member (or didn't lurk) and visit this forum before the changes, the last post I made on our epic journey was Dawn of the Gods. I never saved the posts so they are like a lot of 60's WHO Grin

Here is a brief rundown of what has gone before:

Michelles fave series 1 episodes were Deleverance, Mission To Destiny and Project Avalon. Her least favourite being Cygnus Alpha (she isn't a fan of religious themes).

Her favourite characters by the end of series 1 were Jenna and Vila with Gan being third.

My favourites of series one were, Raiker Likes to Play Chicken, Ultimate Tree Climbing Championships and "Playing Those Mind Games" my least favourite being the Dewey Decima System. I like to make up alternate titles.

My favourite characters have been and always will be Avon, Vila and Servalan.

Michelles faves for series 2 were Killer, Countdown and Gambit. Her least favourite were Hostage and Voice From the Past.

Her fave characters by the end of series 2 were Avon, Via and Jenna. Though Servalan came close.

My faves were Galactic Climate Change, Ohhh Look a Blast Door and Oh God I can't remember my alternate title for Gambit! Please help! My least favourite was Servalan on IMAX. I only dislike two stories out of the 52 one was Servalan on Imax the other is Dayna's Bad Romance.

Michelle likes a lot of the outfits, is amazed how many people get hit with big sticks and how much of the deaths are senseless. Theres the huge body count, the distaste at cousins kissing, the series one hug robots, Callys crazy leopard print coat for a clandestine mission, her dismay at the changes in Travis and the death of Gan.

Right now she is adjusting to life without Jenna and...... ugh that bi polar douche Blake.

Is there more? Probably and if I remember anything I shall post it, but next up....... The Harvest of Kairos!
Edited by Gauda Cheese on 10 January 2014 11:30:31
Gauda Cheese
The Harvest of Kairos


Me Jarvik. You Woman

"Dayna looks gorgeous in blue. Avon doesn't get the best outfit this time"

"Avon is hilarious in this one so far"

Michelle's reaction to Jarvik's introduction and snogging of Servalan? Total shock and awe.

"He is totally the kind of guy she'd go for"

"Again with the chest touching!"

"They're in the boxes aren't they?"

The Sopron gambit at the end "That's really clever!"

"A lot of people die sencelessley in this show"

I must admit I was a little worried about how Michelle would react to this one, though not as much as Steed's other two stories (though I think I lean more towards Trevor Travis's views on how the gender roles are presented). She loved this one as do I. Jarvik's sheer nerve and cunning, Servalan's sexyness mixed with her real cruel tendencies. The MAN Jarvik was sort of wrapped around Servalan's finger. Dayna's amazing blue jump suit and Avon the geologist.

Vila has some downright funny bits some of them subtle. "Like stealing a wallet from a sleeping old man" His sleazy smile towards Dayna on Kairos and when she asked for someone to do something he said "I think she means you" We love Vila.

Big laughs came from seeing the spider, but not because of how "crap" it looked. She rarely laughs and complains about how bad something looks. Killer is one of her fave series 2 episodes, but she heckled the costumes no end. No, Michelle compared the spider to the Hug robots and Disco Cybermen "Not threatening at all" More like lovable and cute. She did rag on the munching effects though.

Her Dayna love continues. The awesome blue outfit , her line "Nobody takes me anywhere" and seeing her beat up Jarvik.

This is a good showing for Tarrant and she liked him here. She begrudginly agreed with me that Tarrant is a better pilot than Jenna.

We spoke about this one a little afterward and agreed that this could never have taken place in series 1 or 2. The crew want to steal for material gain, Blake would never have allowed or gone for it. The moody fanatic always got his way.

We had two strong openers and two middle of the road episodes. This one? Michelle thinks it might be on of her favourites.
Jarvik is so manly, he probably has his own range of male grooming products. "Jarvik. Because you're a bloke."
Child Of Auron
I have to admit I have been lurking on this site as a guest for a long while and have thoroughly enjoyed Michelle and Luke's adventure. It has opened my eyes to things I hadn't seen or considered before.

However, I missed Michelle's reactions to Volcano and Dawn of the Gods Sad

Can anyone remember what she thought of either of them?

Continue the good work Smile
Gauda Cheese
The good new is that a very very awesome person contacted me by saying they had saved all of the Gift posts from the last forum!

I hope winnie-l doesn't mind a public thank you.

The next two posts will be Volcano and Dawn of the Gods. Would the Mods mind if I posted them all again?
Gauda Cheese


Disco Cybermen

"What is up with those pink pants. Not very good for a mission"

"Are they as bad as the leopard print coat?"


"And Tarrant's outfit?"

"Some kind of medieval jester"

And a little bit later.... "Avon gets the coolest outfits"

"I'm not sure what to make of Tarrant. Acts like a Federation person"

"The robot looks like it wants to dance. God its almost as bad as the hug robots"

"Its a whale ship!"

Prior does middle of the road again, yet its still quite watchable. Michelle liked the volcano effects and I agree, its well done. She loved it when Dayna causes Morrie to fall into it.

Now that Jenna is gone, Michelle has really latched onto Dayna and I will admit that I always liked her and Tarrant over Jenna and Blake. Everything seems more fun and interesting without a fanatic on board.

She noticed there is a different vibe on the Liberator between Avon, Vila and Cally now that Blake's gone. They seem a bit more friendly towards one another.

There's some good ideas here, everyone gets something to do, but its still middle of the road. Some of you might be looking forward to the next episode getting a thrashing from both of us but....... I really like Dawn of the Gods. Who knows maybe Michelle will get a kick out of it too or it'll turn into MST3K.
Edited by Gauda Cheese on 03 March 2014 11:41:08
Gauda Cheese
Dawn of the Gods


Someone Liked the Cage (Where is my mind part 3 & Camouflaged Box of Flashing Lights part 2)

"I like Tarrant's vest. Good colour and I like the studs"

That reaction from Michelle when Tarrant says he might have to kill Avon. Priceless.

"Oh come on Vila could have gotten out of that crappy cell. Look at him, he's just sitting there. Thats stupid!"

"Haha he's a bald dwarf!"

Wow a problem in space and no one gives the command to just fly at it! I think I'll mention shows love of flying into stuff to Michelle after the shock of Terminal wears off as that is the last time it happens I think.

I asked Michelle what she thought of this one and she said its okay, middle of the road. She liked a lot of the character moments in this one and she noticed a distinct lack of caring when Vila "died". Yes Michelle the vibe might be different and they might seem more relaxed, but they aren't really friends. I think they will be in a way later on, but not just yet.

Michelle noticed that a sample Vila was carrying was just a polystyrene piece painted black. She cackled with laughter seeing the Tharn and not because he looked bad, but because he was a bald dwarf.

After telling me she found this episode to be middle of the road I told her this one is generally seen to be one of the worst episodes. She was shocked, because to her this one isn't nearly as bad as Hostage and Voice From the Past.

I gave her a spoiler and told her that the Tharn never comes back "Oh good" was her reaction.

Someone (not me) is becoming a sucker for Avon's smile. Mich still isn't sure what to make of Tarrant. "He's like Blake, but at least he isn't a fanatic"

Next up I am eagerly awaiting Michelle's reaction to the superman known as Jarvik. "Woman you are beautiful" I love the next episode with a passion, but I have a feeling that Michelle might not like how Steed plays with gender roles. Ursula Le Guin he isn't.

Unlike me, Michelle has not seen the old Star Trek shows (only the two reboot movies) so she has never seen, heard of nor cares about the Cage (or the Menagerie). But I think a lot of you will know what I mean with my alternate title.
Edited by Gauda Cheese on 03 March 2014 11:40:52
Gauda Cheese wrote:

The good new is that a very very awesome person contacted me by saying they had saved all of the Gift posts from the last forum!

I hope winnie-l doesn't mind a public thank you.

The next two posts will be Volcano and Dawn of the Gods. Would the Mods mind if I posted them all again?

Don't mind at all - I love this thread! And huge thanks to winnie-l for preserving the posts Grin
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Travisina wrote:

Gauda Cheese wrote:

The good new is that a very very awesome person contacted me by saying they had saved all of the Gift posts from the last forum!

I hope winnie-l doesn't mind a public thank you.

The next two posts will be Volcano and Dawn of the Gods. Would the Mods mind if I posted them all again?

Don't mind at all - I love this thread! And huge thanks to winnie-l for preserving the posts Grin

I'd like to add my thanks too, as I had missed The Dawn of the Gods post. Grin
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
Gauda Cheese
City at the Edge of the World


Cleanliness is Next to Vila-ness

"Hey don't shove Vila *&^hole!"

"Oh bullcrap she went from bad girl to scared of cobwebs"

"Just let Vila have this one"

"Yeah... yeah okay"

"Wow there are a lot of good lines in this from everyone"

Also lots of laughter from both of us.

Michelle thought Kairos was better, but thats okay we're all allowed to be wrong Grin Right away she picked up on the sparkling dialogue. Cally saying she'd never tried being helpless, Dayna saying she'd have killed Tarrant if she was in Vila's place. Avon's amazing chat with Tarrant about who Vila trusts. And then you have Vila who shines through out. He gets to play the hero, but still remains true to himself. It never feels out of character.

Tarrant bullying and shoving Vila was not a huge win for Michelle since she still hasn't made her mind up about him. His apology though was greatly appreciated.

She brought up Dawn of the Gods again saying if Vila could open this mysterious door then why not the rubbish cell in Dawn?

If you are all expecting some report on Michelle's reaction to who played Bayban then forget it. She watches NuWho and hasn't really watched the old show. So she's "heard" of Colin Baker, mostly because I met him last year, but she didn't know what he looked like etc etc. But she did like him in this as the over the top villain and knew he'd die at the end. They all die except for Servalan.

She immediately caught onto the change in Kerril from leather clad vixen to vulnerable and yelping at cobwebs. She wasn't too keen on that, but I said let Vila have this one and she laughed and agreed. I couldn't help but think that brought the score down slightly for her though.

This one had it all for her, action, witty dialogue, a cool story and a final line that made her smile. So Whilst Kairos beats it for her, Michelle had to think about it for a while. Thats two big winners in and row. As far as I'm concerned the next three are damn good too (but I like all the episodes this season).
Gauda Cheese
Alright so I am able to post the first two series including Aftermath and Powerplay. I'm having a few drinks so I won't do it today, but i will post them soon.
Child Of Auron
Great work to all involved and winnie-l for preserving the Volcano and Dawn of the Gods reviews. Made me very happy!!

I too am a fan of the middle section of Series C (Dawn - Sarcophagus) so it's nice to see similar views from elsewhere
Well done Winnie!!
Gauda Cheese
Children of Auron


Genocide Jokes..... Deadpan.

"What the @%#$ did they just crack a big joke at the end?"

"Wow she's in black!"

"Dayna is the best dressed now"

"Affection for him?" "Ohhhh OUCH!"

"This is by the guy who did Voice From the Past"

"Okay cool"

"The hypnotized Blake episode"


Parkes second effort is a much better story and another in a long run of good stories for series C. Michelle really liked it and she thought Servalan was at her best in this story. She did allllll that just for the Liberator! What a bitch!

This one holds up very well too in terms of look and effects. The way the disease make up looks is very similar to Killer and that looked great so why not use it again? The model work was better and the location shots with Avon and the gang running were fantastic.

The themes of cloning and how it works had her entranced. Like the idea of cloning people without the need of eggs or sperm and just a drop of blood. How the Aurons telepathic tendencies became stronger especially between clone siblings. She loved all that stuff.

As for Zelda? "Of course she dies!" She liked the idea of there being 10 or so clone siblings that look like Cally. That is until I informed her that they were all dead. I was then told to shut up.

Michelle was surprised at the emotion Servalan showed after the death of her babies. She had trouble imagining her with any sort of heart. Mich liked that a lot.

Another disturbing part for Michelle, well apart from the genocide of the Aurons, was the crew making a joke at the end. She said everyone has moments of being a total dick in this show.

The third strong winner in a row for her. She has stopped talking about Blake and Jenna.

Next up is what may be my favourite episode in the series, followed by my third favourite episode ever.
wow, yes, that moment with Servalan feeling the death of her babies...... extraordinary stuff.

Ginka and the other guy look like they're in their own spin-off reality tv show. "If I can outdo this jerk i'll be SURE to win Officer Grade!"
I always think that the joke at the end was a little unnecessary!!!
And now onto Rumours. My favourite episode.
When Avon realises the truth about Anna.....oh what lovely big brown eyes...
I may have to watch it now.
And this is the episode where we almost get to hear some expletives...when Tarrant almost calls into question Avon's parentage. "Avon, you really are a ..."
"Yes, I really am," As he drops the poor Major to the cellar floor!
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Ellen York
I'll add to the thanks for reposting Volcano and Dawn of the Gods. I didn't get to read Dawn of the Gods on the old site. City at the Edge of the World is one of my Season 3 favorites. Vila is so cute and he gets the girl. And I have always found Colin Baker more convincing as the bad guy than as the Doctor. I'm ambivalent about Tarrant. He is a good pilot and clever (when not being distracted by a pretty face), but can be arrogant and a bit of a bully. Children of Auron is mixed. The cloning is interesting and well done, but the backstory on Cally and the Auron people is getting muddled. Cally and Tarrant were the characters that suffered the most from inconsistent writing.
President Solvite
Children of Auron is a big let down for me..

None of Servalan's actions really make sense, and the Auronar just don't fit really with what's been established from earlier episodes.. Inappropriate jokes and laughs just makes this episode awkward and one to forget..
I think COA was Blake's 7's Boys from Brazil. Can you imagine a sequel, say some 30 years on, where the academy if flooded with brilliant applicants from all over the galaxy who bear a striking resemblance to each other and a former Supreme Commander?
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