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Hunda - (Traitor)
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Deva - (Blake)
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Started: 09 July 2016

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How long a B7 fan?
Spaceship Dispatcher
Interesting poll, and I'm going to have to think about which option I choose. My first experience of watching Blake's 7 was in the mid-1990s on the UK Gold satelite/cable channel, but the first time I sat and watched all the episodes properly was when the dvds came out. But I didn't become a fan, with an active interest in learning about the show or discussing it with anyone, until I joined Horizon in about 2007 if memory serves me right...
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

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President Solvite
Been a B7 fan since its original airing back in '78
President Solvite wrote:

Been a B7 fan since its original airing back in '78

Me too, but then I am that old!

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
clanger68 wrote:

President Solvite wrote:

Been a B7 fan since its original airing back in '78

Me too, but then I am that old!

Yes, same here. 2nd Jan 1978 for me too. I spent most of the evening upto 6pm trying to get Daughter no. 1 to sleep!!
(She was only 11 months old and did not realise the importance of the situation!)
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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C Squared
I started watching last summer. So... about six months, maybe? Slightly less, I think.
littlesue wrote:

clanger68 wrote:

President Solvite wrote:

Been a B7 fan since its original airing back in '78

Me too, but then I am that old!

Yes, same here. 2nd Jan 1978 for me too. I spent most of the evening upto 6pm trying to get Daughter no. 1 to sleep!!
(She was only 11 months old and did not realise the importance of the situation!)

Yep me too, but then I'm an old git as well.

Edited by Scott on 08 January 2014 22:54:11
Since 1982, upon my return to the UK from growing up in a country where Blakes 7 wasn't shown. I started seeing various episodes on video after joining Horizon and attending the group meetings. I actually came to B7 through fandom rather than the other way round... but what choice did I have, as the Supreme Commander is my oldest friend?!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
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There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Angry Angel
I don't remember much about watching it from 1978, but I know I loved it, and was really chuffed to discover anyone (like President Solvite!) who remembered it years later.
Watched it right from the start in 1978, and so did all my school friends. We loved it, and we were patriotically proud of it - "much better than Star Trek", we used to say. There was very little home-made science-fiction on the tv in the Seventies (or now, come to that) apart from Doctor Who.
Began watching it when series 4 was being shown. Always liked it but didn't become a fan as such until the mid 1990s! My two friends at the time were Star Trek fans but I choose the rebels instead!
Edited by Cygnus-K on 09 January 2014 01:51:31
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Hawkwind / Nuclear Drive
Ellen York
More than 20 for me; I'm dating myself here. I first watched on Wisconsin public television in the late '80s. Hadn't thought about the series for years until it came up in a chance conversation with a friend (who saw it first run). I started watching again last spring, got hooked and here I am. I just talked a coworker into watching and now he is hooked too. New souls for the faith!
I got hooked in 1979, the first airing of S1 ep 2 in The Netherlands ( but I think they didn't air episode 1) in black and white! Student friends showed me tape recordings of S2 from Belgium, because the Netherlands were given S2 not before 1982, when my study time would be over. ( later I heard S3 and S4 have never been aired in The Netherlands)
So for some years I believed Star One was the finale B7 episode.
Somewhere around 1992 a friend showed me a recording of S3 from Belgium. Such a surprise!!!
And in 2004 I got my first S1 DVD, followed by S2, S3 and a very unexpected S4 !

What should I vote now? I am old enough to feel sorry there is no "more than 30 years" choice in the poll. Sad
I have the feeling "more than 20 years" somehow doesn't do justice to my fan being...
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Had to be 1985 when B7 came to Chicago. Paula was hooked from the end of TWB, I got hooked in the middle of Spacefall, watching the byplay between Jenna and Avon. - B
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
After being involved in filming at Oldbury Power Station I was looking forward to watching the Series. However I was in hospital, after a car accident, so missed The Way Back. Somehow I never saw it until the videos came out.
However, I was hooked after watching Spacefall.
trevor travis
Since January 1980 and "Aftermath" (too young for Seasons 1 & 2). I think I was a "fan" almost straight away - it seemed cooler than Doctor Who, that was for little kids (at the age of 6, you do consider yourself as grown-up!!).
Grade Four Ignorant
I first saw Blake's 7 in about 2000 or 2001, when it was repeated on UK Gold. I used to get up early on Saturday to watch Doctor Who.

I remember catching a few episodes when I got up a bit early, seeing a handful of Season D episodes, before they started over with Season A and I got to watch the show all the way through.
Gauda Cheese
Since I watched it on VHS I keep changing the year but I spoke to the old man and he and I agree that I probably started watching it around 1990. Oh how I cried when I saw the final episode and oh how I cried even more when the video store didn't have any more volumes.
A fan since 1978.
I didn't see an episode for over 20 years until like 'Grade Four Ignorant' posted above they where repeated on UKTV Gold in the early 2000's.
iirc they started around 6 or 7am in the morning.
After a week of work, getting up at that time on a weekend is dedication Smile
Henry Eggleton
Linear modular or Timey wimey?
I think it was in 2078 or is that 1978

What I do I do without choice and to save time
As Brad said in an earlier post, we started watching Blake's 7 in September of 1985. I had heard about it in passing from various Doctor Who magazines, etc I was reading at the time and when I heard it was going to premiere on our PBS station out of Chicago, I made sure to watch. As Brad said, as Blake gazed back at Earth and the moon, and said "I'll be back", I was hooked. I cassette recorded the program when they played it again and by the third showing, had gotten a VCR and the rest was history. I searched high and low to find some B7 fandom in the States and finally found Scorpio and from there found out about Horizon and the rest is history. We joined Horizon in late 1986 or early 1987 and have been loyal Rebels ever since. B7 has changed our lives only for the better as we started attending conventions, became friends with fellow fans and eventually made it over the Pond- and coming again for the 4th time in April for Clare's get-together. It's been a very positive influence on both Brad and my life and if it wasn't for Blake's 7- we would not be here today and we'd be poorer for it. Cheers B7! May we live forever or die trying! -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
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