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Started: 09 July 2016

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Ebay purchase - I've been a naughty boy
I've never been to interested in replica props but in a fit of madness I've just bid & won a replica Federation Trooper rifle, which was on Ebay. I paid 80. I think I may be a bit mental (Mrs Wall is not too impressed)
But it looked great in the pics & I've always loved the design.
The seller has been in contact & because I'm working all weekend he's arranged free TNT delivery for this coming Monday (my day off)

Once it arrives I'll take a couple of pics & share them on here - Mrs Wall has demanded that I promise her this is not the start of a new obsession for me that will end up filling our house up with wall to wall (no pun intended) props, tee hee.

Please, please, please DONT make me aware of any Liberator guns that are available ;-)
Baltech Budapest
Is that the one with the lights and sounds I saw on eBay?
No I'm afraid not- That one went for a lot more money- That would be really cool to own that one.
Baltech Budapest
wall1885 wrote:

No I'm afraid not- That one went for a lot more money- That would be really cool to own that one.

Still, all B7 merch is good if you are lucky enough to get your hands on it. Enjoy Smile
saw that advertised - very nice! good purchase! I have a libby one, now need a clipgun!
Oh dear, that's done it!! You've let some B7 "stuff" into your house!!

Thin end of the wedge and all that ... within a year you'll be remodelling your living room to look like Xenon Base!
@exterminator - you were right
I now I have 2 different makes of Liberator Teleport bracelets in my collection plus
1 Servalan blaster resin kit
1 Travis blaster resin kit
1 Federation Officer blaster resin kit (I have yet to put these together)

where will this end???

I'm now looking for ideas on how to create a Federation Trooper uniform (With badge- the helmet can wait, for now)
President Solvite
Do share some pictures of your new acquisition..

I'm sure others on here will be happy to advise on trooper uniforms Smile
ok here's my first go at posting pics on here.
I have 2 Liberator bracelets one has a velcro fastening & foam inner lining, this was the first one I bought. It came in a nice little box. I bought all of my replicas from various Ebay sellers.
Unfortunately I have no info about who created any of these.

While I was chuffed with my bracelet, it wasnt until I bought a second one that I realised that the first was not as good as it could be. The second one has no lining & the end clips in together giving a very tight fit, very similar to one of Martin's designs. The bracelets are a slightly different colour as are the pink/orange communicator buttons.

The Federation Gun is well made but is left handed (easily changed I know) & has a working extendable arm.

The 3 resin kits are from Century Castings - when these first turned up on Ebay at the start of the year I kept looking at them. When I finally decided to buy them they disappeared from sale. I contacted the seller & she advised that some potential copyright issues had been bought to her attention & until these were resolved she was not willing to put them up on sale. They reappeared a couple of months later so I assume all issues have been resolved. I havent had time to put the resin kits together yet.








Nice collection ... welcome to the slippery slope!!

"There it is!"
Wall1885, was the teleport bracelet you were more pleased with, the one from Century Castings?
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
Be aware that Martin Bower may not be very pleased about this, however due to copyright law, these are model 'kits' and are also not exact replica's so technically that normally means they fall outside of copyright infringement(like cheap look-a-like mega brix(lego rip offs for example)).

Myself I'm also very tempted, especially seeming as the Federation Trooper rifles now look like a long wait for a train that's never coming. This is a shame, since I paid Martin for all the building materials so he wouldn't be out of pocket. Alas the purchase for a single rifle makes it not worth while, hence I've been waiting on 2 other interested buyers so we can all purchase a 3 batch lot to make the cost acceptable(I also have the main issue of the overseas postage costs which affects the max price I can pay). I have been tempted to purchase a set of three and be done with it, but that would get me into trouble.

Now to go and remodel the living room to look like a replica Scorpio flight deck. Smile
only the 3 blasters shown in their boxes are Century Castings.

I have no idea who created the Fed Rifle or either of the 2 Teleport bracelets.

The bracelet with the foam inner lining & velcro fastening is the poorer quality one (although I intend this criticism as no disrespect to its creators hardwork).

If I didnt know better I would say that the other (better) bracelet could almost def be one of Martins. The work is to a very high standard in materials, paint & decorative add ons & IMHO is as close to the real thing as I'm likely to see.

Both bracelets appear to be made from the same type of tubing but its the construction, finish & fixings that show them as being very different quality.

All have been purchased by myself from Ebay and unfortunately none of the sellers have given me info about any of the original sources.
so if anyone knows where I can purchase a Liberator gun, let me know Grin
superb pics!
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