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Started: 09 July 2016

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Rating the episodes
I'm watching an episode a day to try and get to Blake on December 21st, this being my first complete series rewatch in over 6 years.

Today I reached Orac, so I'm a day behind but I'll catch that up.

Series A, scores on the doors -

The Way Back 10
Space Fall 8
Cygnus Alpha 6
Time Squad 7
The Web 7
Seek-Locate-Destroy 9
Mission to Destiny 9
Duel Terry Nation 8
Project Avalon 8
Breakdown 6
Bounty 4
Deliverance 5
Orac 6

It becomes crystal clear after Avalon that Nation is struggling with coming up with 13 scripts in a short period of time. Bounty is the only episode I really have any problem with, its just so BORING!
This is stupid!
Last year we had a discussion based on this scenario:

"Suppose a TV exec told you that they'll be re-showing B7, but they are restricted to 12 eps per season, rather than 13. You have to choose which ep to drop from each season. What would you choose? Your least favourite - even if other people really liked it? Or the ep that if dropped, would have the least effect on overall series continuity and character development?"

I'm guessing your choice would be Bounty? I don't find it boring - I rather like the politics (Federation without the intervention of Servalan/Travis), the location and costumes. I like the bit of Jenna back story, and there are good character interactions and some cracking dialogue.

Apart from that, I don't disagree with your ratings overall.

And if you'd like to add to the above discussion, the thread is here: Which Episode Wouldn't You Miss?
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There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
trevor travis
My updated marks out of ten:

A1. The Way Back 10
A2. Space Fall 10
A3. Cygnus Alpha 9
A4. Time Squad 7
A5. The Web 7
A6. Seek-Locate-Destroy 10
A7. Mission To Destiny 7
A8. Duel 10
A9. Project Avalon 9
A10. Breakdown 7
A11. Bounty 8
A12. Deliverance 8
A13. Orac 8

B1. Redemption 8
B2. Shadow 10
B3. Weapon 9
B4. Horizon 9
B5. Pressure Point 7
B6. Trial 9
B7. Killer 8
B8. Hostage 6
B9. Countdown 9
B10. Voice From The Past 4
B11. Gambit 9
B12. The Keeper 7
B13. Star One 10

C1. Aftermath 10
C2. Powerplay 10
C3. Volcano 7
C4. Dawn Of The Gods 7
C5. The Harvest Of Kairos 9
C6. City At The Edge Of The World 10
C7. Children Of Auron 9
C8. Rumours Of Death 10
C9. Sarcophagus 10
C10. Ultraworld 7
C11. Moloch 9
C12. Death-Watch 10
C13. Terminal 10

D1. Rescue 10
D2. Power 8
D3. Traitor 9
D4. Stardrive 7
D5. Animals 4
D6. Headhunter 9
D7. Assassin 8
D8. Games 7
D9. Sand 10
D10. Gold 10
D11. Orbit 10
D12. Warlord 9
D13. Blake 10
Edited by trevor travis on 13 November 2016 21:03:48
Still a day behind in the attempt to reach Blake by 21st December.

Anyway, Series Barry -

Redemption 9
Shadow 6
Weapon 8
Horizon 6
Pressure Point 9
Trial 7
Killer 8
Hostage 5
Countdown 7
Voice from the Past 6
Gambit 7
The Keeper 5
Star One 10

Whilst there is nothing as dull as Bounty there are a couple of stinkers here - Hostage is so laughably bad as to be very enjoyable - CRIMOS! CRIMOS! The Word THE WORD. Its like sing-a-long The Sound of Music for me, maybe we should all watch it at the same time and throw some polystyrene rocks down hill at the appropriate times.

And for the episode that sets up the series finale The Keeper is just boring, its very well directed by Derek Martinus but the script just doesn't do anything.

At the other end of the scale Redemption is wonderfully OTT, Pressure Point has that great twist and then tops it off by killing Gan and Star One is magnificent.
This is stupid!
Angry Angel
You've got a point about Hostage, though I find there's a lot to enjoy in Keeper, especially Jenna. Definitely can't agree on your scores for Shadow and Horizon, two of my favourites. I love the complicated plot in Shadow that gives everyone something to do, and the more psychological drama of Horizon as everyone tries to persuade Ro as to what side he should be on. I'd probably give them a 10 and 9 respectively. Star One is definitely one of the best of the whole show though.
Well i made it,

Aftermath 8
Powerplay 9
Volcano 7
Dawn of the Gods 7
Harvest of Kairos 5
City at the Edge of the World 6
Children of Auron 7
Rumours of Death 8
Sarcophagus 6
Ultraworld 5
Moloch 3
Death-Watch 9
Terminal 10
Rescue 9
Power 7
Traitor 5
Stardrive 6
Animals 7
Headhunter 9
Assassin 7
Games 8
Sand 9
Gold 9
Orbit 6
Warlord 5
Blake 10

What a ride.
This is stupid!
I originally gave Harvest Of Kairos a 5. Now, after watching it again, I think I'm going to give it an 8/10. Was far more enjoyable than I remember it being and I like the actor playing Jarvik.
ScorpioSurvivor81 wrote:

I originally gave Harvest Of Kairos a 5. Now, after watching it again, I think I'm going to give it an 8/10. Was far more enjoyable than I remember it being and I like the actor playing Jarvik.

Harvest is certainly a story of highs and lows and almost nothing in between.
Updated List:

The Way Back 10/10
Spacefall 8/10
Cygnus Alpha 7/10
Time Squad 6/10
The Web 7/10
Seek Locate Destroy 10/10
Mission To Destiny 7/10
Duel 10/10
Project Avalon 10/10
Breakdown 6/10
Bounty 5/10
Deliverance 9/10
Orac 10/10
Redemption 5/10
Shadow 9/10
Weapon 7/10
Horizon 6/10
Pressure Point 10/10
Trial 10/10
Killer 8/10
Hostage 8/10
Countdown 8/10
Voice From The Past 3/10
Gambit 10/10
The Keeper 8/10
Star One 10/10
Aftermath 9/10
Pressure Point 10/10
Volcano 8/10
Dawn Of The Gods 7/10
Harvest of Kairos 8/10
City At The Edge Of The World 8/10
Children Of Auron 7/10
Rumours Of Death 10/10
Sarcophagus 10/10
Ultraworld 8/10
Moloch 7/10
Death Watch 10/10
Terminal 10/10
Rescue 10/10
Power 9/10
Traitor 8/10
Stardrive 8/10
Animals 8/10
Headhunter 8/10
Assassin 8/10
Games 9/10
Sand 10/10
Gold 10/10
Orbit 10/10
Warlord 9/10
Blake 10/10

A few clunkers here and there but most of it is quality entertainment, particularly that last series.
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