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Started: 09 July 2016

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Grade Four Ignorant
I was wondering if anyone else here listens to any Science Fiction based podcasts, as they've slowly become a crutch that helps me through my day at work. Right now I'm hooked on the Star Trek: Enterprise review show Previously, in the Alpha Quadrant... and Two to Beam Up, where a long time fan and his Trekkie-in-Training wife make their way through the classic Star Trek. Both shows are immensely fun.

Anyone else listen to any similar shows? Or can anyone make any recommendations?
Gauda Cheese
I dug Shake and Blake..... half the time, they hated some of my favourites.

Otherwise I don't listen to many Sci/fi podcasts. Lots of other things though.
http://stwco.word... Stuff and things written by me.

My podcast: http://GATM.buzzs...
Mainly "Radio Free Skaro" these days, plus "Toby Hadoke's Whosround" which obviously has Blakes 7 relevance sometimes with cast and crew from "Doctor Who" who were also in Blake. There's just been a fabulous interview with Rio Fanning for instance (from "The Children of Auron"Wink. I listened to all of "Bigger on the Inside" which led me to "Shake and Blake", but I didn't really get on with it.
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