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Started: 09 July 2016

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Steve White
Been watching Blakes 7 from the start over the last couple of weeks, for the first time since it was shown all those years ago...

Kicked off season 2 of Blakes 7 with Redemption tonight.

It starts off so well, but the last 20 minutes degenerates into a runaround (although the location work is done really well)

Bert the miner from the Doctor Who story, The Green Death) shows up just to explain the plot and then get killed... Other than that nothing really happens.

Nation could have carried over the exploding Liberator storyline for weeks rather than resolve it immediately, it would have made a great story arc with the threat of destruction hanging over the crews heads...

And they should have made more of the System. The reveal of the people who created Liberator was too important to just kill off in the latter half of a single episode. Their presence underlines that Liberator is an alien ship and that Blake and Co are simply invaders...

Im sorry to say that all in all i felt it was a wasted opportunity. Sad
Space Chopper
Bert wasn't the only Dr Who alumnus in this episode either- both ladies from the System have also appeared on the show- the lady with short hair first appeared in Genesis Of The Daleks as a Thal revolutionary, and the other one was Cassia (Nyssa's evil stepmum) in Keeper Of Traken. I did like the use of sets- using a brighter, more gleaming power station (Was it a nuclear plant?) for the System really brought home the cold, clinical technological feel of the System society- and the use of night footage of runway lights helped to convey the size of the station as they entered it. The first half of the episode had a wonderful WTF element to it- what was happening to the ship, and who was responsible, and I admit that I didn't mind the runaround towards the end, although it would probably have been better as a two-parter, so that the escape wasn't shoehorned in. It was a clever resolution that Orac's prediction was actually about Libby's sister ship, the DSV1- this pre-destination paradox was handled better than many similar plotlines that Steven Moffat likes to experiment with in Who, so there is that going for it.
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Steve White wrote:

Bert the miner from the Doctor Who story, The Green Death) shows up just to explain the plot and then get killed...

The fate of many an extra in Sci Fi Television in the 70's. (See cross reference: Red Shirt).
I thought Sheila Ruskin was much better in this than Harriet Philpin, whose clipped Dalek like delivery really grated on me. Interesting that alien races from the future love to dress up in lycra and spandex!
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