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Started: 09 July 2016

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July 2021 Ficlet Challenge (belated)
I knew there was something I’d forgotten this month - my apologies. AngryAngry

The phrase prompt this month is … BIRDS OF FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER

And for the second challenge:

What if some of our favourite quotable lines were literal? Imagine ‘frying eyeballs’… or the more humorous ‘throwing nuts at each other’.

Happy writing!
Apologies accepted Purplecleric!
Thank you for the new challenge.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Bit of a delay as Lurena has been having internet problems and scanner problems so no piccies as yet, but hopefully will follow.
So, this time, a two parter for both prompts...

Birds of a Feather

“So, what’s this place?” Vila asked.
“A museum,” Avon replied in that bored tone of his.
“And why are we here?”
“Because Blake is meeting someone and he wants to make sure that you don’t get into any trouble while we are waiting. Besides, he thinks that you need some cultural input.”
“Me? Cultural input? I’ll have you know that I have quite a lot of cultural input.”
“That’s your opinion.”
“For instance, look at this thing.”
Avon was indeed looking, “So?”
Vila scrutinised the label, “It’s called a Walnut Whip...and it’s the last surviving example of its kind.”
“It’s a lump of chocolate with a nut set on top. Hardly cultural.”
“That’s your opinion. I reckon someone would pay a great deal of money for that…”
“Don’t even think about it.”
“No. Now let’s see what other cultural delights await us in this museum.”
“I think your idea of culture is fundamentally different from mine.”
“For which I am totally grateful.”

Where Vila had gone, Avon had no idea.
Not that he was worried. He was now able to admire some of the more ancient artefacts in this museum.
Right now he was standing admiring a small framed canvas depicting a woman with what he considered an enigmatic smile.
“Beautiful, isn’t she?”
“It depends on your idea of beauty,” Avon replied absently.
He turned to look at his new companion, whose gaze was still fixed on the artwork.
“She’s called the Mona Lisa.”
“Did you know that there are people who would pay a fortune to possess this picture?”
“Indeed? Like whom?”
“A client of mine. But this artwork is well protected. Only a genius would be able to bypass the security systems.”
“Really? How much of a fortune?”
“Two Hundred Million credits.”
Avon tried to hide his sudden interest, but it was too late. His new friend saw the smile.

“I wonder why it’s the last one?! Vila asked no-one in particular.
“Because the place that makes them has closed down. Some sort of dispute between the owners. Do you know that people are prepared to pay an absolute fortune for that confection?”
“Then maybe we should oblige them. But we need an expert in alarm systems and the like.”
Vila sighed. Maybe Blake’s idea of cultural input was about to pay dividends.
“This fortune? Just how much of a fortune?”

The museum had been quickly cleared.
Something about a security breach…except that two groups had somehow managed to evade the enforced departure.
Avon watched with a satisfied smile as his computer reprogramming had resulted in the Mona Lisa being removed from the wall.
Vila was likewise pleased as the glass case lifted from the Walnut Whip and the chocolate treasure was quickly packed away.
As both groups made their getaway they both collided in the main hall.
“What the?”
But the conversation ended abruptly as Space Commander Travis came into view with a small army of Mutoids.
“I’ll take those gentlemen, if you don’t mind. I’m sure Supreme Commander Servalan will be most pleased with your efforts. I knew that someone would be unable to resist temptation. What is it they say? Birds of a feather flock together? Mutoids! Arrest them…all of them. Even those two at the back.”
But it was too late; two of the flock had teleported away!

Part Two

The conversation with Blake hadn’t gone well.
“What? The Mona Lisa? Are you mad? What on Earth is a Walnut Whip?”

And so Vila and Avon found themselves in the Walnut Whip manufacturing plant as Blake tried to explain to the two bickering brothers that resuming production would greatly decrease Servalan’s chances of making a fortune from the last ever Walnut Whip now in her possession.
“With!” the first brother insisted.
“Without!” the other declared.
“Why don’t you just diversify and make both?” suggested Blake.
The two brothers halted their arguing.
“Why didn’t we think of that?”

Suddenly, from one side of the building came a familiar voice.
“Blake! Now I have you. Surrender or…”
“You’ll have you come and get me,” shouted Blake as he threw himself behind a pile of packing cases.

“What’s happening down there?” asked a not very inquisitive Avon.
Gan, who had decided to join the adventure, was looking through the window of the office above the factory floor.
“Well, Travis is behind one lot of packing cases and Blake is behind another…”
“Well now, unless they’re planning to throw nuts at one another…”
“Um…Travis just did,” Gan informed him.

“What is he throwing at us?” Blake asked the first brother.
“Nuts,” he replied, “Walnuts, if you must know.”
“So where are ours?”
The second brother sighed, “This side is the Whip side; no nuts.”

“Where are you going Gan?” Avon asked, just a little alarmed by Gan’s sudden change of mood.
“Blake’s in trouble. I’m going to help. I wasn’t the champion discus thrower for nothing…”
Vila looked puzzled, “Why don’t we just get the Liberator to teleport him out?”
“Where’s the fun in that??!!” And he was gone, to join the fray.
“Did he just say fun?”
Avon nodded, now taking an interest in the events unfolding on the factory floor.
Vila was still confused, “What’s a discus?”

They soon found out, especially Travis, as Gan picked up one of the Walnuts and hurled it back…straight into Travis’ good eye. The second one hit him squarely in the chest and he fell back.
“Mutoids…retreat!” he shouted, “If it takes all my life...”
But a hail of Walnuts stopped him in mid flow.

“Good job, Gan,” Blake smiled, grateful for his colleague’s intervention, “And what happened to you two?”
“We were busy, weren’t we Vila?” Avon explained.
“Busy? Oh yes, very busy.”
“We worked out that if these two gentlemen settle their differences and start producing these Whips, either with or without the said Walnut, they will render Servalan’s acquisition worthless.”
Blake accepted that, for the moment, “And the Mona Lisa?”
“I’m sure Vila knows an erudite forger...or two.”
Vila smiled, as he was handed the first Whip to come off the production line.
“Oh yes, definitely. I don’t suppose you two brothers have considered a mint whip, or a chocolate orange one.”
Blake pressed the intercom on his bracelet, “Four to come up Cally.”
“….Or how about salted caramel…”
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Ellen York
I love it! Smile Avon and Vila being sneaky and Gan gets to be the hero for once.
Such a delightful and clever response to the prompt. I loved it too
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
That was wonderfully funny! I think you’ve gone some way to curing some of the symptoms of my very blue Monday. And that must have been Travis’ most humiliating defeat to date!
Ellen York
GanMiniMe wrote:

That was wonderfully funny! I think you’ve gone some way to curing some of the symptoms of my very blue Monday. And that must have been Travis’ most humiliating defeat to date!

I almost feel bad for him. Talking to the purple ball in Project Avalon and now talking to walnuts Sad
Ellen York wrote:

GanMiniMe wrote:

That was wonderfully funny! I think you’ve gone some way to curing some of the symptoms of my very blue Monday. And that must have been Travis’ most humiliating defeat to date!

I almost feel bad for him. Talking to the purple ball in Project Avalon and now talking to walnuts Sad

How about it, Purplecleric? A ficlet challenge where we have to create the most humiliating defeat of Travis ever? Although I think Littlesue has set the bar very high...
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