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Started: 09 July 2016

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Federation Logo
Steve White
I've been working my way through Blakes 7 on DVD at the moment, (It occurs to me that this must be the first time i've done this since the series was first shown Smile )

Had a free five minutes this morning and inspired by my recent viewing activity I knocked up the Federation logo. Its simple, but I do like it...


If anyone could use a larger (around 3000 pixels wide), clean version let me know.
Steve White
Im also working on a clean version of the season 4 logo.

This is as far as i've got at the moment...


I'm stumped with trying to find the font they used when they designed the logo. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated...
nice and crisp images there Steve!
Steve White
Thanks, hopefully I can find out what font was used so I can complete the series four version. Meanwhile I thought I'd have a go at the series 1-3 logo instead...


If anyone can use a large (3000x2000), clean (backgroundless) version of the logo for any projects they might be working on, let me know...
Edited by Steve White on 21 April 2014 16:22:32
Looking good Steve...
Ian Kubiak
Hi could I get a large Hi res image of your work. Please direct message me.

Many thanks

very nice, similar one used in Death to the daleks, so the dr saves the federation ...
Grade Four Ignorant
On a tangent, does it annoy anyone else that the letters are off-centre on the Season D logo?
Ellen York
Grade Four Ignorant wrote:

On a tangent, does it annoy anyone else that the letters are off-centre on the Season D logo?

I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it; but now it is bugging me Grin
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