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Started: 09 July 2016

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Josette Simon in the Two Ronnies?
I hope someone here can settle a question for me - is this Josette Simon in an uncredited role from a 1983 Two Ronnies episode http://youtu.be/R...DG1f0?t=2m. Whoever is playing the island girl is not listed on the IMDB entry here: http://www.imdb.c...tt0798284/. Given that Ms. Simon is such a big cheese in black theatre etc these days I wonder if this is a youthful indiscretion or simply mistaken identity. It is a poor vhs copy by the looks of it, so you have been warned!!
Don't know about The Two Ronnies, but she was on The Emma Thompson Show.
That's kind of my point: the sketch on Youtube manages to be both sexist and fairly racist. Emma Thompson's famously unfunny sketch show rather prided itself on not being either.

I'm intrigued that this one seems to have gone under the radar but I think it is her in the clip...
holy crap, I think you're right!!

somewhat taken aback by the sudden appearance of the Tardis, too *lol
President Solvite
It was a different time, I guess I was recently shocked when watching the worlds top 50 music videos (or similar) of how MTV refused to play Michael Jackson's Billie Jean hit from the early 80's as MJ was black..

I expected this blatant behaviour back in the 60's or 70's but the 80's??

It does look like Josette though.. but as you say the video quality isn't good .

The two Ronnies were big those days and I guess it was a way to get noticed. Even if some of the material seems quite risque by today's standards
Here is Ms. Simon in the far more politically correct Emma Thompson show. http://youtu.be/L...cI?t=4m35s
Edited by robbo223 on 17 April 2014 21:11:04
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