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Started: 09 July 2016

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Blakes 7 First 11
In doing a COVID-cleanse of my household this weekend I cam across old notes from 1999 on putting together a Blakes 7 football team. Here is my team. Feel free to post your own teams/propose changes to the following:

Zen – Systematic and principled. Gives just enough guidance so as not to stifle the team.
General Manager:
Orac – Has lots of connections in the business. Always seems to know a lot about other teams dealings.
As much as I think 4-4-2 is the best way to play here is a 3-5-2 system.
In goal:
Restal - Taller than he looks, with excellent hands and always willing to stay at home. Despite appearances, often keeps his head when others are losing theirs. His game has matured since early appearances where he was prone to tragic mistakes.
At the back:
Gan – you don't get any more solid than Gan
Del & Deeta Tarrant – Tall and able to deal with arial threats. Good brother partnership.
Center Midfield:
Blake (capt.)– Midfield general. Good planner and motivator. Knows when to be aggressive. Always harms the opposition and will risk all for the victory.
Avon – Takes an analytical approach, not as rash in the challenge as Blake. Although he is often a poor team player, he remains very popular with the fans.
Del Grant – Developed excellent partnership with Avon after taking some time to get used to each other.
Right wingback:
Stannis – Lots of flair out wide. Not afraid to take on anybody. Also tough in defense and not easily fooled.
Left wingback:
Ro – Despite early season indecisiveness (somewhat in the shadow of his previous team: Les Federales) has become a strong player. Quick and smart, a precision passer/crosser – like a dart from a gun. Once he shrugged off the effects of his previous club and let his native style run free, he has been a revelation.
Soolin – very quick and has the best shot in the galaxy.
Mellanby – Also quick. Very resourceful and can pull out surprises from seemingly anywhere. Lots of trickery on the ball, occasionally lightweight against more thuggish defenders.

On the bench:
Ushton – Bring him on when we need guts, strength, experience and guile to see out a match.
Kasabi – Another experienced player, similar to Ushton, but has the background info on the oppositions weaknesses. Used to coach the Federations youth team.
Cally – Quick, with a seemingly telepathic ability to know where her teammates are. On the bench due to recent performances where she disappeared from the games for long periods of time, often in a trance-like state. Kept on the bench as an observer and to relay instructions to teammates.

If we need to revert to 4-4-2, Back 4 has Stannis RB, Ro LB with Gan and Tarrant (Del) in the middle. Midfield becomes Deeta Tarrant (pushed forward for his great shot despite his attacking play being somewhat naïve), Blake, Avon and Del Grant, with Soolin and Mellanby upfront.
One Spare Part
I'd put Avon on the wing, lobbing in surprise passes to ensure he, at least, has done his bit. Jenna up front with Soolin. Dayna would be a great midfielder taking the ball from defence to offence. Blake ditto. Wouldn't have Orac or Ushton anywhere near the field with them being highly unreliable. Cally is the coach, obvs. Vila either the half time refeshments person or the linesman. Gan I would have as the ref....we can include the officials in this? Grant and Tarrant in defence. The liberator would be in goal as nothing messes with the ship except big red swirly things. The other 3 places I would give to Avalon in the midfield, with Sinofar and Giroc on a roving brief to mess with the heads of the opposition. Gooo-aaaa-lll !
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
How about Tel Varon as the ref? He seemed pretty honest and unbiased and would not just have all the decisions go in favour of the home team. With mutiods as linos. With the security robot as the "fourth official".
Servalan is the "Sepp Blatter" dodgy league administrator.
I think we need a Federation First 11 also.....
So here is a Federation first 11:
Ven Glynd and Alta Morag – Strikers. Utterly ruthless finishers. Amoral and conniving they have both mastered the art of diving and conning the ref.
Servalan – Midfield General – just loves to pull the strings.
Travis - “water carrier” box to box midfielder following Servalan's orders. Is slightly obsessed with “revenge” on Blake after being injured by a high tackle in a previous season. Great fun off the pitch – he is known as the “master of disguise” often playing tricks on his fellow professionals.
Arlen – Midfield. Has plenty of trickery – able to fool even the most cynical of players.
Raiker (on loan from the Civilian Administration team)– midfield savagery with guile in the Graeme Souness mould (similar hairdo also)
Prell – Central defender. Smart and reads the game well. Always figures out the opposition tactics.
Provine – Central defender. Has total commitment. Will slaughter millions to get the result.
Trooper Par – Left Back. Has played before with Travis – the two have an understanding and cover for each other – Parr knows that Travis will never leave him over-exposed to other teams attacking play and Travis trusts Parr to always do his job.
Thania – Right Back. Occasionally nieve – but young and still learning the system.
Security Robot – Goalie. Has the ability to trundle across the goalmouth as if on rails. Also tends to incinerate the ball rather than make a simple save. Temperamental – as all goalies are.

On the bench:
Grose and Lector. On the bench as they have recently not been team players and have been indulging in debauchery rather than keeping in fighting condition.
Mutiod (any mutoid). Interchangeable with any position. Will always follow coaches instructions but lack creativity.
Dev Tarrant. Recovering from injury – still has a slight limp. Has been known to surreptitiously attend other teams training sessions. Has often played for more than one team in a season.

Head Coach: Carnell. Always seems to know what the opposition is going to do. But doesn't always do well in the transfer market, something to do with not getting fees in advance.
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