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Started: 09 July 2016

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Diana Rigg RIP
trevor travis
Gutting news that Dame Diana Rigg has died at the age of 82.

A hugely celebrated and successful actress, who of course, was Emma Peel in the Avengers.
Very sad news indeed.

I seem to remember that there is a wonderful close-up photo of Dame Diana on stage with Paul Darrow in 1965, in Paul's autobiography.
"Time really is getting short, you know..."
One Spare Part
A fabulous actor with a great range. Incredibly skilled. Such a loss.
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
i can't believe she has died so soon after Honor Blackman. I was only watching her only a couple of days ago in All Creatures Great and Small the remake version. it seems unreal. I always see her in my mind's eye as young, like she was in The Avengers. Same with Richard Beckinsale and James Beck - though, of course, they both died young.
Gutted.... but... not only did she have a good innings, she was still batting to the very end, and hit a six in one of her last major roles in Game of Thrones.
She actually appears in projects that don't have a release date until next year.

RIP, Dame Dianna. And well done. Well done, indeed.
The Avengers was too early for me yet recall an impressive performance in James Bond.

Like others saw her in GOT too.

Always to me seemed a nice person as well as a good actress.
Absolutely devastated! She was such a role model for a young girl as Mrs. Peel. She was to me! And her work on Game of Thrones- she out-shown all the other actors! So sad. What an actress! RIP

The problem with aging is that parts of your childhood keep crumbling away and this was a big part of my childhood- Mrs. Peel / Diana Rigg
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
rip, my fave bond film...and nell gwnn in Morecambe and wise
RIP. I loved the way she played Emma Peel, so cool. Apparently she got the role because she hit the hardest during the audition.



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