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Started: 09 July 2016

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June 2020 Ficlet Challenge
Just Lazing

I like being alone on the flightdeck; feet up, glass of soma to hand. I’ve certainly earned it tonight. That was a close call, but we managed to get our winnings stowed away - and Orac restored to full size - just in time. Avon had better not snaffle my share while I’m on duty.

Maybe Blake intended this as some sort of punishment. “Well,” he said, “since you’ve had such a nice quiet time, you can take the first watch.” That was him trying to be sarcastic. Avon laughed, the girls sneered, and I just picked up Orac and complied.

After setting course for Goth, Jenna and Cally went to change into more suitable outfits for a rough-sounding planet. It’s a shame, they looked nice, all dolled up for Freedom City. I wonder what they’d have thought if they’d returned to find Avon alone in the teleport bay. Sorry - Vila’s dead. He got fried playing speed chess in the casino. Talk your way out of that, Avon!

There was no real danger, of course. Chess is just chess, and I could have beaten the Klute without help. But I have to maintain my act, so I let Orac dictate the moves that would lead to a draw. I’d already fooled Krantor and Avon into thinking I was drugged – though I nearly gave it away with my rapid ‘recovery’. That was a slip, but luckily they didn’t notice. People see only what they expect to see: drunk Vila, frightened Vila.

Avon may have half-guessed the truth; there’s something in his smile. Not much gets past Avon, he’s not blinded by rebellious zeal like Blake and Cally. Jenna is sharp, but blinded by her disdain for me ever since we first met in the holding cell. And it’s surprisingly easy to fool Orac.

“Orac, Blake was implying that I’m lazy. Why does he think that?”

“How many reasons would you like?”

“Never mind. Tell me, what did it feel like to be miniaturised?”

“I do not feel. Although…”


“It was a worthy experiment, but not one I wish to repeat: being incognito, my vast capabilities... unrecognised.”

I know what Orac means. Because that’s me: pretending to be small, hiding my true self under a guise of laziness. It’s interesting how much you can observe through half-closed eyes, how much you can hear while feigning sleep, how much you can learn when pretending to be stupid.

Everyone’s asleep now, and I’ve finished the soma. Time to practice my skills: sleight of hand, juggling, tumbling, conjuring, patter. The others have no idea how much effort this takes, how hard I work. I let them see only foolish Vila, cowardly Vila, lazy Vila.

It's working well. Even Avon hasn’t wondered how a Delta grade thief can play expert chess. He doesn’t know that an electronic set is standard issue for all puppeteers.

“Orac, do you fancy another game?”


My views are my own.

VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
That's really good. I love they way you portray Vila!!
Ellen York
I like it, Vila working had at being seen as lazy.
This month’s epic combines both prompts into a two part story, which follows on from last month’s invasion of the butterflies……
With two lovely pics by Lurena.


Gone but Not Forgotten…

“Did you get it?” Blake asked.
“More than enough,” Avon replied, “And you?”
“I knew an out of the way place like this would have them. Will you be able to make the device work?”
“Oh yes, better than before….”
Both Jenna and Cally watched in silence as the two men hurried from the teleport section.
“They seem to have forgotten someone,” Jenna remarked.
“Try Vila again,” Cally urged.
They both activated the teleport controls: nothing.
“How much do you bet that he’s taken off his bracelet?” Jenna ventured.
“But why would he do that?”
“Because he was having too much fun??”

Both Blake and Avon were deep inside the innards of the device, totally oblivious to the fact that one of their number was missing.
“Excuse me,” Cally began, “But we have a problem…”
“So do we,” Blake said, “and the sooner this is fixed the better.”
“It’s Vila. He hasn’t returned..and before you ask, we’ve tried the recall button several times,” Jenna explained.
“Wasn’t he with you?” Blake asked Avon.
“No, I thought he was with you after he expressed the view that looking for 3 core electrical wiring was a waste of time….”
“I don’t believe this; he told me that he had better things to do as well. He’s still there. We have to go back and get him…”
“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Jenna said, “I expect both you and Avon were spotted. I think it better that Cally and I go.”
“But Jenna, that place was…”
“I’m fully aware of what that’place’ is like; remember as a free trader I had occasion to visit it. Besides, both Cally and I are quite capable of looking after ourselves.”
Blake looked up from the device he was inspecting, “Well, if you’re sure?”
“Oh we are,” Cally replied sweetly.

They found Vila quite easily; exactly where he said he would be; in the Casino, playing cards and losing…
Vila looked up from his hand of cards, “Well, if it isn’t my two lucky charms. Pull a seat up ladies. Waiter, drinks all round.” Vila turned to Jenna, “Did it work?”
“Like a dream,” she replied.

Part Two
All work and no Play…

“Will it work?” Blake asked.
“Like a dream,” Avon replied, closing the covering plate, “And the best thing is, it’s cordless, which, means we can get to every nook and cranny and make sure everything is gone.”
“I think we should try it out, just to make sure.”
“Go ahead, and then we can find out exactly where Vila is and why neither Jenna nor Cally seem to be in any rush to contact us.”

“So Avon’s gadget will make life easier, will it?” Vila asked, between sips and waiting for the next hand to be dealt.
“He says his cordless vacuum will make light work of anything left behind by those creatures,” Jenna replied.
“It seems such a shame that those beautiful creatures had to go back to their planet,” Cally sighed, recalling the butterfly.
“Blake wants to make sure that we deep cleaned the ship, just in case anything thing was left behind and hatched out,” Vila murmured, reaching for his next hand of cards, “And I’m afraid that gadget of his was going to make life easier ….for you two.”
“So you said,” Jenna smiled.
“How long have we got?”
“That,” Cally replied, twirling the three teleport bracelets round her fingers, “Is entirely up to us, isn’t it?”

“They must have found Vila by now,” Blake was saying.
“One can only assume that he is being very cunning and evasive...”
“You mean, he’s hiding.”
“Isn’t that what I just said? I think it’s time to try and contact them again, or one of us will have to go down…won’t he?”

“Well ladies, you certainly changed my luck. I think it’s time we cashed in these chips and then find out if Avon’s gadget has worked.”
Jenna and Cally concurred, especially as the other card players appeared to be just a bit miffed that this man with his two beautiful ‘lucky charms’ had cleaned them out!

“Oh, were you trying to contact us?” Jenna asked innocently, staring at the two men standing by the teleport console, both looking most displeased.
“Well, we couldn’t exactly leave as Vila was on a…..” Cally tried to think of the phrase, but couldn’t.
“She means a winning streak,” Vila beamed, holding the bag in his arms.
“And what about all the work up here?” Avon demanded.
“Oh, have you finished then?” Vila asked.
“Yes, “Blake said, still eyeing the trio with suspicion.
“So that gadget of yours worked then?”
“Which is more than can be said for you!” Avon retorted.
“Well you know what they say…all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…Come on Ladies, let’s go and count our winnings…”
Blake stared in utter disbelief as the trio wandered off arm in arm.
Avon was perplexed.
He turned to Blake, “Who is Jack?”
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Ooh, Spaceship Despacher, I liked the Shrinker one a lot! It was so chillling! Are we going to see any more of Mr.Loth?
Spaceship Dispatcher
GanMiniMe wrote:

Ooh, Spaceship Despacher, I liked the Shrinker one a lot! It was so chillling! Are we going to see any more of Mr.Loth?

Thank you! Well now, I don't imagine Mr Loth went through all that to retire to Freedom City, so there's every chance he'll turn up again, sooner or later... Grin
Spaceship Dispatcher
Travisina and littlesue - both of those ficlets are fantastic, looking at an aspect of Vila's personality from two different but positive angles! Grin
Loads of brilliant entries this month! I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but just slipping in under the wire...

The teleport effect had barely worn off before Avon angrily shook the shrinking figure who had materialised beside him. “Now where’s Tarrant?” Purnell recoiled even more than he had on being forcibly teleported off the Liberator.

“I left him here...” he stammered.

“Avon! How nice of you to drop in,” interrupted a cool, familiar voice. Purnell stopped; Avon ignored him, turning instead to the newcomer.


“Yes,” she agreed. “You weren’t expecting me?”

“I was expecting Tarrant. He,” Avon indicated Purnell in disgust, “Left him here. Apparently.”

“Yes, he did. And then I found him. Did you particularly want him back?”

“I suppose you’re going to tell me it’s too late?”

“Not at all. I shall be only too happy to reunite you. And perhaps the rest of the Liberator’s crew... would you ask Cally and Dayna to join us?”

“What about...” Purnell choked to a halt as he felt Avon’s gun digging into his back; hurriedly, he changed his query. “What about me?”

“You’ve been very useful,” Servalan told him consolingly, making the faintest signal to her waiting men. Several guns were lined up in the direction of the captives. “You might as well drop your gun, Avon. You won’t be needing it.” Silently, Avon threw down the weapon. “Now; the others?”

“You seriously expect me to call them down here?”

“If you don’t want me to have you shot.”

Avon treated this suggestion with contempt; Purnell, terrified and still in possession of Tarrant’s stolen bracelet, had no such compunction. He fumbled to activate the communicator.

“We need you down here, now!” he called.

“Avon?” It was Cally’s voice; but Avon remained mute. Servalan, her patience strained, took a step closer and grabbed Purnell’s wrist.

“I’m afraid he’s otherwise engaged,” she told Cally. “Avoiding a firing squad. He might need your help.” There was a shocked silence; Servalan smiled. “It’s really very simple. I want you all down here. Avon doesn’t seem inclined to ask you to come.”

“If I have no choice in the matter,” said Avon suddenly, “Cally, your presence and Dayna’s is required if I am not to be summarily shot, it seems. Tarrant has already been captured. Get Orac to operate the teleport. That will leave the ship completely unmanned, will it not? Which I believe is what is wanted.”

There was another silence; then Cally answered slowly. “Yes.”

“You needn’t bring your weapons,” added Servalan kindly. “After all, I’m sure it would only hold you up.”

“We’ll need time to connect Orac to the teleport system.”

“Very well. But I suggest you don’t take too long.”

“We’ll try our best.” That was Dayna, trying unsuccessfully to hide her fury. There was a wait which seemed to take longer than it really was; then she and Cally, too, appeared.

“Excellent. I was beginning to wonder if you had changed your minds,” Servalan greeted them.

“I wasn’t aware we had a choice,” replied Cally coldly.

“Well. We’re all here.” Avon’s face remained impassive, but nobody contradicted his statement. “What are you going to do now?”
Well, I think June has definitely been Vila’s month, hasn’t it? With some excellent exceptions of course. Wonderful how all the different Vila stories show slightly different sides of his character. And, thanks to Stormypetrel’s entry, it looks like he may have at least one chance to save the day next month!
Travisina, so clever, tidy, expertly characterised

Ganminime - great as always

Space Dispatcher Mr S Loth! Great stuff

Little Sue always so much entertainment.

Stormy - great cliff hanger

Thank you all
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
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