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Started: 09 July 2016

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B7 Advent Calendar 2019
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
Rescue on Noba Kirihimete

Blake was enjoying working with this group of rebels. In size and attitude, they resembled the Decimas. Blake still felt a tinge of unease with what had happened on that un-named world. He looked again at the shock troops he was supposed to command.

On many other worlds, the green and white uniforms would have blended into the snowy background, but the bright red detailing looked highly conspicuous. Still, they appeared to be keen to fight the Federation and many of them already had scars proving their worth as warriors.

Blake was waiting for Avon and Vila to join him and Cally. No doubt Vila would be complaining about the temperatures. At least this planet was warmer relatively speaking than the planet he had snatched Avalon from. He mentally cursed because he couldn’t remember the name. There were so many gaps in his memory. He was unprepared to ask as he imagined the mingled looks of pity and concern from his crew. Avon’s would be a picture of contempt. Orac would be no use either as they didn’t have the irascible computer at that time.

Avalon had asked Blake for his aide in helping this group. Avon had called Blake “weak” for “allowing his mis-placed guilt” to come running every time Avalon needed assistance. Avon had made it clear that he thought Avalon was using Blake and the Liberator as her own personal transport. Blake had spent some time explaining that helping such small acts of rebellion would spread the word of Blake and the resistance better than a single strike at Centero or Saurian Major would. Avon merely scoffed.

Avon strode across the snowy field looking every inch an Alpha. Until his boot sole contacted ice, he slipped and spent several seconds regaining his balance. The small warriors sniggered at his discomfort. Vila seemed enchanted by them.

After several hours of tense negotiation, the plan of attack was made. Avon was impressed that they had actually decided what to do rather than make it up as Blake blundered through yet another simple concept before making it fail totally. Of course, Avon mentally amended, failure wasn’t merely an option with Blake. It was a certainty.

The plan was simple. (And so were the people involved, Avon’s inner snark pointed out.) Using indigenous transport, small groups would approach the Federation headquarters. They would disperse to form a loose ring then under cover of night, Vila would open the outer doors. Several of the team had been used as slave labour to build the outer area, so they had a rough idea where the detention block was. They would then systematically search to find the prison area, where they would liberate….

“Who are we looking for anyway?” Vila asks.
The little freedom fighters looked at each other and in overlapping voices named, “The Big Guy”, “The Father”,” The Red Man” “The Hoe”. It seems each diminutive rebel has his or possibly her own name for their leader.

“What does he look like? “Avon asked in his most reasonable voice. The leader assured them that since several of them would be in the rescue party, Blake and his crew did not need to know what he looked like.

Avon pulled Blake aside, “I think this is a trap. A federation trap.”

Blake looked surprised, “Why would you think that?”

“We don’t know this person’s name or what they look like. We are going into a federation compound. Hastily built, if you believe what we’ve been told. “He paused somewhat dramatically.” Hastily built around a base that’s been here for several decades.”

“We know the federation is expanding out this way. Avalon said so, “Blake replied. “So of course, they’d be looking for exploitable worlds.”

“Did you consult with Orac or are you taking Avalon’s word alone for this venture?”

“Orac came to the same conclusion, “Blake’s defence was rather stilted. Avon suspected Jenna had been the one who questioned Orac on the matter. He had a healthy respect for her intelligence. She didn’t want to lose command of the Liberator easily. The chime of Blake’s bracelet broke the tense moment. “Blake.”

“Blake, it’s Jenna,” the pilot said. “A ship is approaching from the direction of Space Command. Can either Avon or Cally be spared? I’d like another pair of hands in case there’s trouble.”

“I’ll send Cally back. I need Avon more than her. “He toggled the switch on his bracelet. “Cally, please return to the Liberator. Jenna will brief you when you get back.”

He heard her voice in his head, “Of course, Blake. We should have expected trouble from the federation. “
Avon schooled his features, but Blake could read him easily, “It’s probably just a routine patrol.”

“Or it could be Travis. This kind of thing is just part of his playbook. Ever thought of that Blake?” The computer expert replied.

“We’ll follow the plan.” Blake decided. “If you have any objections, then I suggest you get Jenna to teleport you back and send Cally back down. Choose quickly, it’s nearly nightfall.”

“I’ll stay. “

“Just so you can say ‘I told you so’?”

Avon smiled, “I’m not risking my life purely to prove you wrong.”

“Let’s get going then, “Blake decided.

“Are you going to tell Vila? Or don’t you think he should get the option to leave you offered me?”

“We need Vila. You could easily be replaced by Cally. Or Gan.” Blake snarled.

Blake called everyone together and announced they were proceeding with the plan. Several of their diminutive allies rushed off to get the transports.

The three rebels looked at the provided transports. Each looked like a box of wood on two pieces of metal curved slightly at the ends and it was yoked to 8 quadrupeds. There were three benches in the transport. One behind the animals where a driver would sit. One immediately behind it. The other further back. All three looked unpleasantly uncomfortable. The animals were nosing at the snow obviously looking for food. One of the animals raised its head. Vila jumped back in alarm, “Avon, it’s got branches on it.”

Avon looked more closely at the animal as well. As a Dome dweller he didn’t recognise it either. He wasn’t going to show how scared of it he was, though. He had to prove something to Vila. Blake looked concerned but was resolute. “I’m sure its safe, Vila. Sit with your back to it if you have to.”

Vila decided to be independent for once, “I want to see where we are going, Blake.”

“And so, do I” Avon announced.

“Ok, you two travel together. I’ll go in a different cart, “Blake declared and strode off to the one that was furthest away from the group.

Vila picked up his box of tricks and looked at Avon. Avon pointed at the closest one, “That one will do.” Gingerly they climbed in and sat down. Two of their new allies joined them in the body while a third climbed onto the front seat and grabbed some reins. The animals took off at a steady ground covering pace. Before long they had left behind the open space and were in the depths of a forest.

Avon found the swaying of the cart relaxing and managed to doze off. He woke with a start as the carriage stopped sharply. His head was on Vila’s shoulder, a small patch of drool marked the thermal suit. Vila wasn’t intelligent enough to notice Avon thought but looking at his crewmate who was smirking at him, he had to review that thought.

The sun was going down as Blake’s allies rushed around doing what was needed so Avon and Vila stayed put. A substantial snack was given to both of them. Vila hesitantly poked at his until one of the gnome-like creatures told him it was vegetarian. The potable liquid was to Vila’s regret water.

A huddle of green-clad warriors was forming around Blake. A babble of noise surrounded them as Avon dragged Vila over.” We’ve been through the plan, “Blake protested. “We don’t need to go over it again.”

“We have to do this tonight, “the little leader pronounced. ”Everything we’ve worked for needs this. If our mission fails, our plans fail, our planet fails…All will be loss and confusion. The resistance will fail as well. “

“I’m not certain that the failure to rescue of one man, however important you think he is, is going to stop the movement that we are part of, “Blake said sharply.
The diminutive fighters glared at the impervious rebel leader. Avon sighed, “Yet another group you will alienate if you are not careful.”

A small voice audible only to Avon and Vila said, “This is for us, not you. You don’t see what we see. We’ve been fighting for more years against tyranny than you will ever experience. “

Avon glanced to where there should be a brightly clad warrior next to him, “Is this the latest in a long number of re-occurrences?” he asked quietly. But there was no-one there. The small person had moved off into the darkening night to join the main force.

A single star lit the night just above the horizon. Then a flurry of others as the winter sky revealed itself. The snow sparkled on the trees. There were soft sounds as they walked over it towards the chosen outer gate. The noise of a security robot passing was the signal for the rescue to start. It took seconds for Vila to crack open. “Well done Vila, “One of the fighters congratulated him. Vila smirked, pleased. Avon realised Blake rarely noticed when the Delta grade did his particular type of magic, let alone thank him.

Vila pushed the door slightly open as two of their allies slipped through and checked the surrounding area. They beckoned the rest through. Blake pushing to be at the front. One of them lead the way on stealthy feet.

To Avon’s muted surprise, these people were good. They quartered the area quickly and efficiently. Cally would have been impressed if she had been here. They were nearly an hour into the mission when the first problem happened. There was a discussion about which way to go.
“Well, this way is clear" one said.

"Recognize the area?" Blake asked.

“I’m not sure. I was never in this area before. “he admitted. ”None of us have.”

Blake huffed out a sigh.

“Did you not listen earlier?” Avon asked. “Which part of he's never been inside central did you not understand, Blake?”

Vila was thinking, “If it’s built to the usual configuration they have in Delta Domes, we need to go that way.” He pointed down the clear tunnel. “The detention blocks are generally on the north side of the complex.”

“Got any better ideas, Blake?” Avon asked leading the way down the tunnel. It seemed Vila was right. But somehow, minor miracles happened all the way to the prison cells. Security robots were no where to be seen. Doors opened with only the slightest use of Vila’s particular persuasion. The usual compliment of guards were not at their posts.

Avon was more worried now. Even Blake seemed on edge. “Are we going on or shall we get Jenna to pull us out now?” Avon’s voice cracked slightly.

“We go on. “Blake decided. “It’s simple enough to break in now. Obviously, the lack of security is due to the low risk rating of this planet. The federation must believe the locals to be incapable of having enough bravery or skills to attempt to force their way through.”

Avon spared him a single withering glare, “Breaking into the detention area is not my idea of courage.”

Several minutes later, they entered a familiar looking area. Blake strode over to the computer terminal and started to look for their missing person. His guide was stood by his side. They looked at several files before, “There he is. D24, Klaus S.”

Vila rushed to the door and started to open it. There was a dejected figure sat on a chair. He looked up as Vila pushed the door fully open. He had white hair and a short beard. His eyes twinkled as he saw the people outside the door, “Ho, ho, ho. Just in time, lads. Is everything ready at base to commence operations?”

“No-one is going anywhere, “ The voice of Travis came from the open door of a nearby cell.

Troopers rushed out and pointed their weapons at the Liberator crew and their allies. Avon glared at Blake while dropping his gun. Travis caressed Blake’s neck with his artificial hand. “It’s a shame the Supreme Commander wants you to go to trial. I’d rather put you down like the rabid animal I know you are.”

“Big words Travis, “Blake retorted.

One of the mutoids handed Travis the three teleport bracelets. “Oh yes, the Liberator. I’ll need that too.” He threw two bracelets at the lead mutoid, “You and that one. Now who’s going to contact Jenna to ask for help?” He looked at Avon and disregarded him. “Vila. Vila. Vila. You know the penalty for rebellion amongst the Delta grades. No show trial for you. No hope of memory modification or pyscho-surgery. No cozy prison planet. Hanging if you’re lucky. Botched hanging if you’re not. “ He paused, “So are you going to call or not?”

The sudden snap to attention of the troopers took the pressure off Vila as Servalan swept in, her coterie of aides following. Her pristine white gown shimmered and glowed in the harsh lights of the base. “Congratulations Travis. Most of my staff were certain Blake would go for something big, but you chose this insignificant planet and it’s pathetic rebellion attempt.”

“Ho, ho, ho. It’s time for us to leave. Work to do and not much time if I’m to get started by nightfall, “the white-haired man spoke. His followers started to disperse as troopers and mutoids tried to detain them. “Run along lads, I’ll be at the sleigh in time.”

Travis spluttered, “You are not going anywhere. You’re a traitor to the federation. As are Blake and his crew. All of you will face justice.”

The man shook his head. “Have you learnt nothing, Travis. This planet isn’t one of your toy boxes. And I’ve tolerated your federation for too long. “He snapped his fingers and troopers, mutoids and aides disappeared. “Now, for you two. You’ve both been naughty. So, it’s coal for you. “Servalan shrieked as her dress was covered in black sooty marks. The she and Travis disappeared.

The walls of the base were slowly vanishing as well. The man produced the tree teleport bracelets and held them out. “On the whole, you three have been nice. As have your friends so you will get presents.”

Vila smiled, “Thank you Santa Klaws.” Avon and Blake looked puzzled.

“Always the child remembers.” Santa said. “Now I have my tasks. The time for playing is over. It’s time to end the federation as all empires must fall.”

A sleigh drove up to the man. It was laden with presents. Boxes and parcels wrapped in bright paper, ribbons and bows spewed from sacks in the back. Blake could see weapons hidden amongst dolls and balls. The lead animal threw up its head and its nose started to glow red. The man sat down and clicked his tongue. The animals started to trot and gather speed until the sleigh lifted off the ground.

“Blake, Avon, Vila, come in please,” Jenna’s voice broke the stunned silence of the three man. “There’s several pursuit ships heading towards the planet. Are you ready to return or not?”

“Yes, we rescued who we were supposed to. So I guess we completed our mission successfully, “Blake confessed. “Bring us up Jenna.”

Back on the ship and heading away from the planet, most of the crew started to leave the flight deck for their off-duty time. Avon sat down in his usual seat and started to check the systems. Vila sat next to him pulling a small flask from the depths of his pockets. “Night-cap, Avon?”

Avon took the flask and drank a healthy swallow, “Tell me Vila. What’s the deal with coal and presents?”

Vila smiled, “Check the end of your bed tomorrow. Night Avon.”

Avon sat in the comparative silence of the flight deck. His musings were interrupted by the report of a ship passing close to the Liberator. It was deemed to be not hostile and when ZEN magnified it, Avon could see the figure of a fat man sitting on a sleigh pulled by 9 quadrupeds. He smiled.
Edited by Vanessa Doffenshmirtz on 23 December 2019 22:46:38
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Joe Dredd
Well, it's the 24th December here in Australia, so I'm throwing open the last door to the free-for-all. Post 'em if you got 'em!
Joe Dredd
Tarrant has been checking out what Dorian's other secret:

Have we got a video?

(Sorry this is so short. I ran out of time. Massive thanks to my son for the technical wizardry. Maybe the rest will be Part Two sometime...)
Here is one of my favourite cartoons by Michael Hather, drawn for my Shadow magazine way back in the day!!!

Merry Xmas to all my B7 friends!!!
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Well, we have a December prompt, so it seemed only reasonable to respond. What dream does Jenna think is worth having at this time of year?

“Give us visual, Zen.” Blake watched as an image of the planet below appeared on the viewscreen; he felt the accusing eyes behind him even before anyone had spoken.

“That’s not Del 10!” exclaimed Vila.

“As usual, you are wrong,” returned Avon. “That is Del 10. What you have failed to take into account, any of you, is that it is currently their winter season." He gave Blake a pointed look. "We are, after all, behind schedule.”

The Liberator’s crew stared speechlessly at the snow-covered planet Zen had displayed.

“Zen, what are the atmospheric conditions?” Blake, only too aware of the reason for their late arrival, was determined to try and make the best of things.

+Sensors indicate minus temperatures, breathable atmosphere. No hostile life forms exist.+

“Well, that’s something, I suppose.” Jenna looked no more enthusiastic than the others, even so. “It’s not quite what we were expecting...”

“You can say that again!” Vila was still disappointed.

“It has your mountain scenery, Vila,” Cally pointed out, as Zen showed them a close-up.

“But it’s all covered in snow. It’ll be freezing! Maybe I should stay and work the teleport...” Realising from the looks he was getting that he might have competition for that particular job, Vila upped his protests a notch. “You don’t want me down there. I’d only spoil it for the rest of you. I’ve told you before, the cold affects my chest...”

“Not to mention your brain,” murmured Avon. Vila glared indignantly; but, perhaps luckily, Blake broke in before he could come up with a suitable reply.

“I thought we had agreed to forget about that. Nobody was at their best on Exbar; not even Travis...”

“Which is probably just as well." Avon remained unimpressed. "I accept that lack of oxygen may have provided an excuse on that occasion..."

"Thanks," said Vila hotly.

"...But I am still waiting for a plausible explanation as to why you so recently decided to follow Blake's instructions to divert to that asteroid, when he was clearly out of his mind. If you wish to blame that on the cold, I will happily instruct you on the correct operation of the ship's temperature controls. It would be preferable if we could avoid any more situations in which the main players display such a conspicuous lack of sense."

"Shut up, Avon." Vila sounded almost fierce; Blake, too, looked annoyed.

“Stop it,” said Cally firmly. “This is the reason we came to Del 10; we are all in need of a rest, and you are just going out of your way to prove it. You three are obviously the worst affected; so you should go first. Jenna and I will work the teleport.” Blake opened his mouth as if he was about to object; Jenna interrupted him neatly.

“You don’t usually have a problem with leaving us on teleport duty,” she pointed out. “Quite the opposite. We’re getting quite good at it by now. You might want your thermal suits on down there, though. It looks a bit cold.” She and Cally stood, arms folded, waiting.

"Well, it's what we came for," Blake said, after a pause. "It can't be that bad."

"Your optimism astounds me." Avon was still unenthusiastic, but something in the way Cally and Jenna were looking warned him that there could be worse alternatives to accompanying Blake, however reluctantly. "Still, if you insist..."

Vila observed this capitulation in dismay. "But it's snowing," he wailed.

"Then it'll be nice and seasonal for you," said Jenna unconcernedly. "Snow in winter. It's traditional. You might even enjoy it."

Nobody looked convinced; but resistance was clearly futile. Wordlessly, unwillingly, the nominated landing party went in search of their thermal suits.

It seemed to take some time for them to get themselves ready; but they eventually appeared in the teleport section, where Cally and Jenna were waiting at the controls.

"Orac says the drop in temperature on the surface leads to an increase in the atmospheric beta particles present during the winter snows," Cally informed them, as they slowly equipped themselves with teleport bracelets. "So the delay has really worked in your favour."

"Really," said Avon coldly. He stepped resignedly into the teleport bay, where Blake joined him. Vila hesitated.

"Are you sure there isn't somewhere a bit warmer we could go instead?"

"You won't mind the cold once you've had a good dose of those beta particles." Blake sounded annoyingly cheerful; almost as if he was trying to convince himself as well. Both Vila and Avon regarded him with ill-concealed disgust.

"I'm sure that you will all feel much better for the change of atmosphere," Cally assured them calmly. "Now; are you ready?"

Vila reluctantly stood beside Blake and Avon; Blake nodded.

"Put us down."

Jenna teleported them before there could be any further complaints. She and Cally exchanged smiles as the three figures disappeared.

"I have said for some time that we are in need of rest and relaxation," stated Cally solemnly.

Jenna nodded. "Yes," she agreed blissfully. "And now, at last... Peace. If not on Earth, at least on the Liberator. Just what I’ve been dreaming of." Her smile grew broader. "So..." She paused for effect, seeing Cally's eyes were also dancing with amusement. "Exactly how long do you think we can get away with leaving them down there?"
And just because: it is, after all, the time to eat, drink and make merry Smile And if I’m not clogging up the Advent Calendar, I’ll be having to do real work! So the best of the season to the lot of you. Cheers!

Ten Green Bottles: A Counting (or should that be drinking?) Song

Ten green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Ten green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
I’ll be waiting there to catch it,
And then I’ll drink it all...

Nine green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Nine green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
I wouldn’t mind a refill,
So then I’ll drink it all...

Eight green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Eight green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
I can just about still catch it,
Suppose I’ll drink it all...

Seven green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Seven green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
Well, I nearly caught it,
You can’t win them all.

Six green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Six green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
This time I’m sure I’ll catch it,
Although I’ll have to crawl...

Five green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Five green bottles... Hang on. Is that right? Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five... yes, five... green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
Then I might as well still drink it,
Shame to waste it, after all...

Four green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Four green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
Maybe I should leave it,
Before this starts to pall...

Three green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Three green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
It’s probably going to hit me,
Lying here asprawl...

Two green bottles, hanging on the wall,
Two green bottles, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
I’ll give it one last go,
And try to drink it all...

One green bottle, hanging on the wall,
One green bottle, hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
It’s medicinal, isn’t it?
Because I don’t feel well at all...

All join in for the last verse... with the notable exception of our previous soloist...

Now there’s no green bottles, hanging on the wall,
No green bottles, hanging on the wall,
So there's no green bottles to accidentally fall,
There’s just one green Delta...
Oh dear.
Ellen's link to Nicola Mody's lovely fic Let There Be Light reminded me that there is a pic to accompany it:

(click to enlarge)
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Posted on behalf of Andrew Shenton:


Avon is assembling a Christmas tree on the Liberator. Whilst putting the finishing touches to his festive creation, he realises with horror that there are no fairy lights. Vila suggests he adds these by cannibalising Orac but Blake points out that the machine is vital to the crew’s continued survival. Servalan meanwhile orders that her officers redouble their efforts to destroy the Liberator crew when she forms the opinion that certain recent depictions of Santa Claus bear a striking resemblance to Vila. She is concerned that these will have an adverse effect on the people of Earth, as they may remind them that Blake and his crew are still alive and at large. Senator Bercol scoffs at Servalan’s fears, telling her that such connections are tenuous, especially since Vila is far more likely to be stealing Christmas presents than giving them.

Orac finds out about Servalan’s instructions by intercepting Federation communications. Her orders give Blake an idea. He suspects that Santa’s elves are deeply resentful because they are unemployed for virtually the whole year and will probably make willing recruits to his cause. Blake is also keen to know out about the power provided by the reindeer that tow Santa’s sleigh, which would seem to defy all the established laws of physics. If he can learn more about these secrets, it may be possible that the speed of the Liberator can be enhanced significantly. Blake recognises, too, that the isolation of the North Pole would render it an ideal base for his operations. Jenna adds that it will make a great parking spot for the Liberator as the snow will cushion any landing if one ever has to be made. Blake asks Cally to broker a deal with the elves but Gan insists on joining her, just in case the elves turn difficult and they need some friendly persuasion.

Unbeknownst to Blake, Travis has enlisted the help of the psychostrategists and has anticipated the crew’s every move. He is revealed to be Santa in heavy disguise and the elves are actually Travis’s mutoids. The real Santa is hiding on Giftstation Four. Santa and his elves arrived there some weeks earlier as part of their Christmas preparations in order to track down some unusual presents for the good children of Earth and took refuge on the station when they heard that their base at the North Pole had become occupied. Using the electronics within some of the most advanced toys available anywhere in the galaxy, Avon creates a clone of Servalan, which he intends to use to persuade Travis that a truce had been reached between the Federation and Blake. Blake himself is unconvinced by the ruse and tells Avon that the time of year on Earth is Christmas, not April Fool’s Day.

In order to enter teleport range of the North Pole, Jenna has to employ all her skills as a smuggler and pilot to ensure that the Liberator is not detected. Travis, though, has problems of his own. The mutoids rebel when they discover that Santa’s reindeer can travel far faster than their Federation pursuit ship, which has a maximum speed of only standard by ten! What’s more, whizzing round the Earth delivering presents to the whole world in one night sounds much more fun than trying and failing to kill Blake every week. A particularly disgruntled mutoid kills Travis by pushing him into huge tub of glitter.

Santa and the real elves are delivered safely back to their home in Lapland but their Christmas preparations are now seriously behind schedule. Blake saves the day by arranging to have all Santa’s presents delivered via Orac’s carrier beam which Avon has reconfigured specially for this purpose. Orac is initially irritated at being used for such a trivial purpose but his mood lightens when Vila promises to tell him some festive jokes and the crew sing, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, to him. Everyone agrees that this will be the best Christmas ever!


Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Blake's 7 Cursor Pack!

Available again after a long break (and two Horizon website upgrades), you can once again change your mouse pointer icons to B7-themed versions!


Click HERE to download the images and installation instructions updated for Windows 10.
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Iain Short
Anyone thinking of turning off their 'phone over Christmas might wish to consider one of these as their voicemail message. https://www.youtu...UtkbHL2tZg

Peter Tuddenham was such a talented voice artist. And an all round lovely chap.
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Twas the night before Gauda, and all through the ship,
The viewscreen was empty, not even a blip.
The weapons were hung in their chargers with care,
In the event that GP was a snare.

The crew were nestled all snug in their beds,
While dreams of freedom danced in their heads.
And Orac in its hand case and I with my drink,
Had just settled down for several nips and a wink.

When from Slave arose a loud burst of chatter,
I sprang from my post to see what was the matter.
Away to the viewport I flew like a flash,
And dropped the last of Dorian’s wine with a crash.

The stars in the black of infinite space
Gave lustre to Scorpio’s bow and my face.
When what to my tipsy eyes should there appear,
But a small planet hopper, and seven reindeer.

When I saw its driver I started awake,
I knew in a second it was our Roj Blake!
Faster than pursuit ships, his coursers they came,
And he charmed and seduced and called them by name:

“Now AVON! now JENNA! now, VILA and GAN!
To Control and Star One and Earth, we’ll take all,
Now blow away! blow away! blow away all!”

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the hull,
Clacking and scratching and then a short lull.
I reached for the comm and was turning around,
When through the airlock came Roj Blake with a bound.

He wore leather and fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all filthy with blood, dirt and soot.
A scar he did bear across his left eye,
But I hadn’t sobriety or nerve to ask why.

His teeth, how they glittered! His grimace how scary!
His cheeks were like apples, as red as a cherry.
A rifle was slung ‘cross his shoulder and back,
And bundles of weapons poked out from his pack.

He still had his curls, though now pepper and salt,
And he’d gotten a paunch where his belt was still much too taut.
He smelled like wood smoke and quite frankly was ripe,
And when he tugged on one sleeve, out dropped a pipe!

Now Blake was supposed to be ashes on Jevron,
But this was no more a ghost than Avon was Chevron!
He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head,
And gave a hearty laugh that melted my dread.

He spoke not a word—not a shred of oration,
No rhetoric, speeches, nor fond salutation.
He set down his cache, for the girls and the boys,
A great big arsenal! A huge stack of toys!

He bit on a finger and gave me a grin,
And I knew in the morning I’d need lots of gin
To help me explain what had happened tonight—
A stash of new weapons, still shiny and bright?

Then a sparkle and shimmer in the corner of my eye—
Meant Blake teleported without a goodbye.
Had this been a dream, or was I out of my tree?
And then I spied Orac and shoved in its key.

“Orac!” I shouted, “Are you responsible for this?”
“Of course I am not!” it replied with a hiss.
“Was that really Blake?” I said. “That really him?”
“You don’t need me for a question that dim!”

“You’re no help,” I grunted, and looked for my wine,
But finding it wasted, I went to recline.
I spied through the viewport Blake’s ship and reindeer,
The lead one a spitting image of Serv—I mean, Sleer.

I have to admit this sight gave me a start,
But I knew it was Blake—I trusted my heart.
And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,

Seasons Greetings from Paula, Brad and the 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy


Happy Holidays from Jamie McCrimmon, aka Fraser Hines and us.


Merry Yuletide from Katy Manning, us, and Richard Franklin aka Jo Grant and Capt. Yates/Trooper from Aftermath


And a very Happy Fedmas from us, Louise Jameson and John Leeson, aka Leela/Pol from Blake's 7 Big Finish 'Logic' and K-9/ Pasco and Toise

May all our dreams come true in the New Year. Peace!
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Seasons Greetings to you all!

Here's a little present for you in this link.
Download is safe and will be available until the end of next week;
you'll find a printable B7 calendar (or use it as a wallpaper on your screen) this time a not-so-normal one, the images are from funny outtakes, enjoy!
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