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Started: 09 July 2016

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Sep 2019 Fanfic Challenge
Joe Dredd
That rare beast, a sequel that lives up to the original.

And given the wailing sound is a key part of the story, it's obvious the names Walsh, Lyon, Shira, Austin, Maris and Sym have been anagrammed from Maims stay; ruins harshly wails on.
This month I have combined both prompts into one story which is in two parts.
First…the surrender prompt
Then second…the sound prompt….
Once again, despite her local bank being blown up, Lurena has supplied the piccie!


Part One
Surrender or Die

They stood transfixed at the cave’s entrance as it soared above their heads; but the light from the sun hardly penetrated the darkness inside.
“Are you sure that this is the place?” Avon asked.
“Orac was quite insistent; this is the source of the anomalies.” Vila replied, looking at the small device in his hand.
“And since when have you ever wanted to confirm Orac’s suspicions?” Tarrant ventured.
“Especially as Cally was quite adamant that she wanted no part of this…investigation,” Dayna put in.
“Well, as we are here,” Avon said, peering into the darkness, “maybe we should see exactly what it is that interests Orac so much.”
Tarrant’s gaze fell upon a stone plaque, beautifully carved with strange signs.
“What do you make of that?”
“Linguistics is not my strong point,” Avon replied, as Vila swung a torch over towards the enigmatic stone, “You certainly have come prepared, Vila.”
“You know me, Avon, always ready for any emergency. Could that be a warning?”
“Beware all who enter here?” suggested Dayna.
“Or maybe even, welcome,” Tarrant smiled, “Come on, let us explore this cave and see if we can find exactly what it is that Orac finds so fascinating…”

“It’s a door,” Vila announced, sounding just a little disappointed.
“And a very substantial door,” Avon observed.
“Who would put a door here, in the middle of a cave?” Tarrant said out loud.
“That’s exactly what we asked…”
All four spun round to come face to face with several men, all armed and all decidedly threatening.
Avon stepped forward, “And what were your conclusions regarding this cave and that door?”
“Well, it’s obvious,” the apparent leader replied.
“To you maybe,” Tarrant said, stepping alongside Avon, “but you obviously have the advantage over us.”
“That stone plaque, it’s something along the lines of this is The Cave of the Lost Souls.”
“Lost souls?” Dayna asked.
“It’s the burial ground of those who lived on this planet; and where there are burials…there’s treasure.”
Vila turned to look at the door and memories of Kerzan and Bayban came flooding back, “Oh no,” he murmured.
“Now,” the man began, “We have a problem. We’ve tried to open that door…”
“And I presume you haven’t been successful,” Avon said.
“But maybe you could be? I notice your friend over there has come prepared.”
“One of his less annoying habits…”
The man didn’t find Avon’s attitude to his liking. He raised his gun, “You will surrender your weapons and your friend will open that door…”
“And what do we get?” Tarrant asked, already knowing the answer.
“You get to live of course!”

Part Two

Sound of Silence

Cally had overheard everything.
“Cave of Lost Souls? Does that mean anything to you, Orac?”
+I shall endeavour to locate the relevant information, but I believe it would be prudent for the Zen computer to run a deep scan of the immediate area+
+Lost Souls tend to not want to be found+

“You heard him, there’s a graveyard behind this door!” Vila complained, loudly.
“And a great deal of treasure,” Tarrant reminded him.
“You’ve only got his word for that. Look what happened with Bayban…and what did he mean about the Cave of Lost Souls?”
“I presume that you have tried to open this door?” Avon asked casually, aware that there was a gun barrel lodged in his side.
“We were thinking about it then our scanners picked up your ship and we thought we’d let someone else do the hard work…”
“That’s most gracious of you.”
“Can he do it?”
“Eventually; you have to encourage him.”
“What if I threaten to shoot you?”
“I presume you want this door opened? Threatening to kill me would be counterproductive.”

“Are you sure, Orac?”
+The record is most succinct. The door was opened and those who opened it were killed by the device guarding that door. +
“But someone must have survived to tell the tale?”
+Indeed and there was a good reason why. +

Avon noticed that Vila had stopped his investigation of the lock, but only for a moment.
Had he heard Cally’s urgent message?
Obviously Tarrant had. He’d looked briefly in Avon’s direction, just as Dayna had.
The lock clicked.
“Done it,” Vila said nervously looking at Avon.
“Okay, open it,” the man demanded, roughly pushing Avon aside.
“If you insist…” Vila murmured.

It was a low whisper, which gradually grew as more voices joined in; a haunting, beautiful melody.
“I’ve never heard anything like it……”the man said, almost mesmerised by the sound emanating from within the sealed tomb.
He and his men crowded around the entrance to see what it was that had captured their attention, when suddenly…
“DOWN,” yelled Tarrant

For the entranced men it was too late; the sound wave that had begun so gracefully had suddenly erupted and caught them in its murderous embrace.
Vila didn’t want to look. His eyes were firmly closed and his hands were clamped over his ears. It was only the gentle nudging of Dayna that persuaded him to open his eyes.
“It’s all right, Vila. It’s over.”
“What was that?”
“A weapon primed to destroy anyone who dares to disturb this tomb,” Avon explained.
“But the door?”
“Closed now, Vila,” Tarrant said, “Avon managed to slam it shut.”
“But not until it had done its work,” Avon explained,
“But the treasure….” Vila wailed.
“We don’t need it; let those poor souls in that catacomb keep it for eternity.”

“Thank you for that warning, Cally,” Tarrant said.
“You should thank Orac,” Cally smiled, “It managed to surmise from the records that the last person to open that ‘tomb’ has escaped that weapon because he was profoundly deaf.”
“And no-one will have to face it again,” Avon said, “Dayna made sure of that…”
“Enough explosives to bring that entire cliff down,” Dayna beamed.
Avon was thoughtful, “All that remains… is the sound of silence.”
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
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Brilliant sequel Travisina

Sue, enjoyed your story. Very clever.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Joe Dredd wrote:
... it's obvious the names Walsh, Lyon, Shira, Austin, Maris and Sym have been anagrammed from Maims stay; ruins harshly wails on.

Blimey, Joe - how do you do that? It was just a random selection of names (actually, as I'm crap at finding names for people/things/places, two were named after former work colleagues) - but I'm beyond impressed at the way you anagrammed them appropriately. Kudos!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Great stuff. Sadly, I timed out on my idea this month - just as I was hit by inspiration I was also hit by perspiration and a stinking cold!

Good tales all!
"Imagine you're standing on the edge of a cliff."
"As long as you're not standing behind me."
Great stories from everyone this time round- I’m afraid I couldn’t quite get in under the wire this month, but I enjoyed reading them all!
JohnMax wrote:

Great stuff. Sadly, I timed out on my idea this month - just as I was hit by inspiration I was also hit by perspiration and a stinking cold!

This was me, from January to July! Not the stinking cold, but I have a notebook full of unfinished ficlets, each having missed the deadlines wooshing by...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
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