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Started: 09 July 2016

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How was this B7 special effect accomplished?
I've been rewatching B7 as I do.... well, constantly frankly, and my gaze keeps being drawn to the visual effects shown on the monitor screens that flank either side of Zen's main screen on the flight deck. There are two screens on each side, typically with moving multicolour changing effects that seem to be liquid. Sort of like a lava lamp effect, some oil-using illusion, or maybe just it's a lightbulb under some cut coloured plastic pasted to a rotating orb or something.

This :




In some of the episodes the visual effects are even more striking, more futuristic and cool to watch basically. And the best thing is that they are in motion always, which is an important trait I'm hoping to replicate.

I know budgets were tight so however they did it, it didn't cost much and perhaps I'd be able to have similar at home.

While I lack a Deep Space Vehicle of Zen's stature, or any stature, I do have these big windows that I've already put frosted white window vinyl up in right on the glass, turning bright piercing sunshine into a sort of soft white glow. It strikes me that I have more vinyl (this stuff is total privacy screen yet lets maybe about 30% light transmission. Well, LED lights are cheap and plastic things that either float or maybe rotate could be cheap. Ideally not just low cost but also low power too; not looking to heat up the place.

Anybody have any clue as to how this special effect was achieved on the show, or more to the point how a reasonable facsimile of it might be rendered real now by any of us who aren't looking to blow piles of cash, but are willing to cut vinyl and buy knick-knacks in order to do something similar?
I'm just taking a wild guess but could it be that the BBC used one of these 1950's colour wheels used on Christmas trees as a prop? They had a wheel of acetate or something similar in yellow, red and green, and maybe blue if I recall. I wonder if they used something on that design which would rotate and cause different colours to appear on the wall?

Anyone else willing to venture a guess?
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Excellent. Thank you. I will hunt in that direction. Yeah, something was moving around for sure, overlapping effects often. Maybe for some they had these wheels just slowly moving in different orientations. I only have the depth of the window frame to work with but maybe I could get something like a hamster wheel for particularly skinny hamsters and then affix coloured transparent things to each, hoping for or creating intentionally a tiny breeze in the window.

I think I just want my own Liberator really.
You are funny, Psychostrategist!
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Psychostrategist wrote:

I think I just want my own Liberator really.

Don't we all!
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A statement of fact cannot be insolent
I wonder if Mr Irvine would know?
Mind you, knowing the BBC it would have been cheap.....
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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You can get colour changing LED lightbulbs to screw into a standard light fitting these days (I say screw; they might be bayonet cap, I didnít look that closely). They come with a little remote control. Would that be any use?

Good luck!
Psychostrategist, I am pretty sure the originally effect was produced by so called "GOBO" stage lightning instruments.

Nowadays they would probably use mood light panels.
Perhaps it is worth googling for "mood light panels" or "Mood light strips"?

Come to think of it, a "light organ" is also often used in B7. Gambit in Games was a light organ.
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