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Started: 09 July 2016

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Jul 2019 Fanfic Challenge
Well, here is my little effort….and it turned into a two parter (again!). With another picture of our heroes by Lurena…

Weather Permitting
Part One

“This is supposed to be Spring? The start of the growing season?” Vila sniffed as another drop of water dripped down his face. The rain was torrential, which puzzled the others somewhat as five minutes previously it had been a blazing hot day.
“This isn’t right,” Blake said.
“Yes, well, why don’t we discuss this fascinating weather problem over in that house,” Avon replied, “Maybe whoever lives there can explain what the hell is going on!”

“So you’re not Federation?” the man asked.
“No,” Vila replied standing by the fire trying to dry off, “we…”
“…were just passing,” Avon put in.
“Our rather wet friend over there,” Blake continued, “was extolling the virtues of your wine.”
“Really?” The man looked at Vila, “He doesn’t look...”
“..The sort of clientele to which you are accustomed.” Avon smiled, “Appearances can be deceptive. This wine…”
“..Is highly prized by the upper echelons of the Federation,” the man informed Blake, “I’m Dion, the owner of this particular vineyard.”
Blake looked at Avon, “I presume that you are familiar with this label?”
“He would be,” Vila mumbled.
Dion looked out the window at the hail stones now hitting the surrounding vineyards with a vengeance, “Well, there won’t be any wine this year; what with the weather as it is. The vines are dying out there. We contacted the Federation about that station, but we never heard back.”
“Station?” Blake queried.
“Yes, the weather station in geo stationary orbit; put there by the Federation so that they could continue to enjoy our wine.”
“So why don’t you go and check it yourselves?” Avon asked.
“Don’t have the knowhow or the wherewithal; that’s why we have tried to contact the Federation.
Blake looked at Avon, “We could check it for you, couldn’t we Avon?”
Avon stared back at him. For someone who was totally opposed to the Federation, Blake had the unnerving habit of assisting people who actually supported it.
“Could you?” Dion begged.
“Yes, go on Avon. You never know, we might even get a few bottles of wine out of it,” Vila smiled.
“How about a case?”
“Well now…”
“Go on…and hurry up. I’m sure it’s getting colder…”
And Vila sneezed.

Part 2

“When he said weather station I imagined it was a satellite,” Blake remarked, looking at the large space platform slowly turning on its axis.
“But it isn’t alone,” Jenna said, “There appears to be a small ship docked with it, and according to Zen there are two life signs over on the station.”
“I’m sure he said the station was unmanned,” Blake murmured, “and that he didn’t have the wherewithal to check it.”
“That may explain why his call to the Federation went unanswered,” Avon suggested.
“Sabotage? Who would want to do that?”
“Perhaps the insignia on that ship may answer that question.” Avon’s eyes narrowed, “Orac?”
+The insignia is that of Ceraon; no doubt a rival vineyard, + Orac informed them.
“Maybe we should go and find out,” Cally said, fastening her gun about her waist.
“And quickly,” Avon smiled, “Vila is saying something about brass monkeys…whatever that means.”

Cally stood quite still as she got her bearings. It was dark on the station, even the twinkling lights from the control panels did little to illuminate the place.
She put her hand up.
‘There are two of them.’
Her voice echoed in Blake and Avon’s heads.
‘By the airlock; waiting.’
“An ambush?” Blake whispered.
Cally nodded and then slowly and stealthily, made her way along the corridor to where the two interlopers were.

The first man was dead before he could get off a shot, the second one soon after. He was sent sprawling against the wall; the gaping wound in his chest testament to Cally’s prowess.
“Yes, well...thank you for the warning, Cally,” Blake said.
“Indeed,” Avon murmured, “I’m glad that you are on our side.”

By now, Vila was shivering.
Even the thermo blanket provided by Dion did little in the way of warmth.
“You know, I think I’m coming down with something. First all that heat, then that torrential rain and now six foot of snow outside the door. Someone has really got it in for you and your wine.”
“How about some warming Rum Punch?”
“I don’t mind if I do,” Vila replied taking the proffered mug and almost spilling the contents as a shiver ran down his spine.

“Vila’s complaining,” Blake said.
“So what’s new?” Avon murmured, running a probe down an open control panel, “That explains it. A signal blocker, put there by one of those men no doubt. No messages out; none in… ”
“And the extreme weather?”
“Oh, just a simple matter of undoing whatever those two did…” Avon said, pushing the panel back into place and walking towards the main computer banks.
Blake smiled. There was that air of superiority again.
“I checked those men; no identity papers,” Blake said watching with fascination as Avon’s hands sped over the keyboard...
“There. I’ve restored the connection to the weather control. It may take a little time, but that should get the growing season back on track.”
“That won’t go down too well with that rival company.”
“Naturally. Keeping the Federation supplied with fine wine is a lucrative business.”
“You don’t approve I take it?” Blake asked.
“Since when have you ever asked for my approval?”
“Avon, destroying that business won’t destroy the Federation. They’re just trying to survive. I won’t take that away from them.”
“Very commendable,” Avon replied, “Well now, I believe that I have a case of fine wine waiting.”

“I’ve got frostbite,” Vila moaned, still wrapped in the thermo blanket.
“I’m sure Avon didn’t deliberately take his time,” Jenna countered.
“Hmm... Still the vineyard is saved, despite that weather. Now, do I get to sample that vintage wine?”
“Oh no, you’re far too ill for that,” Cally informed him,” I think a nice hot drink and complete rest…”
“What?! I stayed down there so that you could keep in touch with Dion. ..”
“And from my understanding, you almost drank his cellar dry,” Avon said.
“All in the line of duty,” Vila complained.
Cally handed Vila the hot drink, “And this is all the thanks I get? Cheers!”
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/

“I think I’m dying”

Exhaustion gripped him again, and he tumbled into unconsciousness, the bright lights of the ship stolen away. The sounds around him fed into his dreams, the rain and the thunder pulling memories from where they had been stashed securely in years past.


He was back in the tunnels, hiding from the task masters. They’d seen his profile, his Delta rating, and had set him to tasks deemed to be correct. To menial work. But Vila wasn’t going to put up with that, even as young as he had been. For days he had hidden in the tunnels, easily outwitting his ‘superiors’, easily taking what he needed from where ever it was.

They had checked his profile, and assigned appropriate people (based in turn on THEIR profiles) to watch him. Their mistake. The profile was a lie – not everyone wanted to show the authorities who they were and what they could do.

Around him the booming came again. He was only thirteen, and had never been so far outside (if under) the dome before. The tunnels had provided shelter, access and a training ground, but now they provided something new – hell. Away from the protection of the Dome, Vila could hear thunder for the first time, and he was sure the world would end.

Another clap of thunder sounded, and Vila desperately tried to turn. The narrow tunnel did not give quite enough room, but he couldn’t go forwards, not without progressing into the maw of whatever creature was creating the sound. He scrabbled against the concreate walls, ripping his fingers raw as, terrified, he tried to flee back towards his foes. They would only lock him up again for a while, but surely death awaited him here, should he continue in the dark.

Another boom, and Vila let out a small cry. He was stuck, half turned in the tunnel. His flashlight had rolled from his hand, and impotently smashed. There were sounds, something was coming in his direction. He could hear… things. He could see nothing. He strained more, trying to turn. Water was filling the tunnel too, and something brushed passed him, something also fleeing the source of the noise.

There was a sound of something breaking, something shattering. The creature was coming.

He awoke with a start.
“What was that?”
“Just some glass breaking,” replied Dayna.
"Imagine you're standing on the edge of a cliff."
"As long as you're not standing behind me."
@littlesue - poor Vila!

Like the view of the federation citizens just trying to make their way :-)
Edited by JohnMax on 30 July 2019 13:17:15
"Imagine you're standing on the edge of a cliff."
"As long as you're not standing behind me."
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