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Started: 09 July 2016

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Federation Guard build..
Morning all, after getting a good offer on a cast of a guard mask, and waiting for it to arrive through customs, it arrived, so though a photo tour of how the build progresses.

So here goes.......This may take a while.....

Whilst waiting for the mask to arrive I found a vintage JB climbing helmet on Ebay,
So striped the insides and the old iffy foam lining out..


The straps were held in with rivets that left holes that were milliputted up.


After a couple of weeks the mask arrived......


Now playing with the idea of building a flip up mask version...


Then had a play at bending perspex, this was a off cut from when I was replacing a window on the boat, seems to bend ok when helf over the gas stove for a while.


I read somewhere that they were painted in Flat Black, I have a tin of flat black that I use for the inside of telescope tubes, so gave the helmet and mask a coat. (also helps to see all the defects that need sorting out..)



Meanwhile....... A bag of plastic buckles, a thick bit of coffee tin foil freshness seal, a glue gun and a model globe of the Earth...


Cut out the coffee lid, and shaped round the Earth.



Then hot glued the foil to the buckles.


Then dribbled hot glue onto them. (not as easy as it looks)


Painted gloss black and then sprayed with silver metallic.


Need more silver on them as I tried one on a black backing and you can't see it...

President Solvite
Ahh another in depth modelling thread.


Err Please excuse my ignorance, what is the purpose of the buckles??

It is early Sunday morning here, and am sure you will explain at some point..

Looking forward to the next installment. Smile
Only need one, it's the badge for the headband, they were made the same way with the same stuff, except instead of the coffee lid foil they used thin copper plate, but didn't have any.....
President Solvite
Ahh great, I suspected perhaps but was curious for the multiple badges.. I guess spares are always handy if anything goes wrong or breaks.. Or maybe you're planning to outfit a squad?


Do keep us informed, I love threads like this, keep the updates coming.
They were 99p for 10 on ebay.....so shame not to use them all....Smile
President Solvite
Quite, waste not, want not!


Sure you may have takers for any spares that you may have on here!
Update, sprayed half the badges to make them more silver.


Then filled and sanded a bit more, then cut out the eyes and tea strainer hole, easier than I thought.
Just drilled a hole in the corners and used the coping saw to get somewhere close, and a file and 80 grit wet n dry to get the shape.


Next after 2 days of shop hunting found a tea strainer that will fit.

Pliers and force..


So this is how far I have got.

Morning all, update now I have a sort of internet signal...

After a bit of sanding and painting with actual flat black paint, and bending the rings round an empty gas bottle.
And the 0.9ND light sheet arrived...

So a quick mock up.


The water effect sheets arrived from Hong Kong and also the double sided clear A4 adhesive sheets, they trap a load of tiny air bubbles when putting it on, but made it a bit hazier....


And a quick mock up so far,


Testing with scrap acrylic to get the mask to lift up.

Judge Minty
Looks Great!
Very good RB. I'll be interested in seeing how the helmet progresses. -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Thanks for the great in depth building process. I myself have the mask now and am looking forward to putting a trooper mask together. The main point to note is that in the series the colour looks to be more like a matt or perhaps satin finish than a gloss finish. Most people seem to like the gloss look though.
Turns out the flat black I got from craftmaster paints is their 'interpretation' of flat and not actually flat, so had to strip back and start again, now using the correct paint and mat lacquer.
Will update as soon as I upload the photos to the bucket..
Afternoon all, so here is an up to date update...

After playing with a set of dummy rings to work out how to get the mask to flip up, worked out it is going to be like this... (also got some brass round head vintage bolts and nuts for the fittings)


So with bated breath got out the drill and drilled the correct bands I made.
To make sure they were spot on, drilled one, then placed it on top of the next one and drilled through that one into the new one, so when the bolt is fitted they all align up.


A rough mock up with the correct rings.


So after taking it all to bits again and putting another coat of flat black on and clear mat lacquer, assembled, and fitted the mask on.
The mask is screwed through the inner ring into the mask as the felt and badge cover this up.
Need to fix the badge the right way up and also use something stronger than double sided tape, and also trim the felt down so it's central.


So getting there, now need to work out how to get the rear bands to stay in position when you flip the mask up, and also find something to line the inside of the helmet with, some kind of padding and a chin strap I think.
Judge Minty
Looking great!
Steven Sterlacchini

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