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Started: 09 July 2016

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Jun 2019 Fanfic Challenge
M1795537 OC Virn
Thanks, AnnieW. Coming from you that's praise indeed. Love your stories.
I started writing this on the first evening of our holiday, 1st June. And then I heard the sad news Monday evening…but I kept writing as this seems to help a great deal, and it does feature that rather nice computer expert…in a way….

This story continues from the February prompt where Servalan experienced the Tunnel of Love attraction. It seems she has a business proposition, but will the Amusement Park from Hell actually allow her to get to the board room???...
Lurena is on a rather hectic concert tour this month so hasn’t been able to supply her usual piccie……

All the Fun of the Fair

Juggling Act

Servalan thought that she had left the Ringmaster back at the Tunnel of Love Ride, but here he was, waiting casually for her to approach.
“Excuse me, lovely lady…”
“Commissioner Sleer, if you don’t mind.”
“But of course, my sincere apologies for my faux pas. You intrigue us…me.”
“I believe that I have an appointment…”
“You do, but we have a new attraction for you.”
“I really do not think…”
“But it may be beneficial to you and, ultimately, to this Amusement Park. We wish your considered opinion.”
“Very well; where is this new attraction?”
“Why, it is just over there…” The Ringmaster graced her with a low sweeping bow and then pointed an elegant gloved hand towards the three brightly coloured tents over in the distance. “This way, Madam, for the thrill of your life!”

She hadn’t noticed them before, but the three garish tents with their banners unfurled, billowing in the breeze, did make for a fascinating sight, especially as there didn’t seem to be a breeze of any kind actually blowing.
“What trickery is this?” Servalan asked.
“Trickery? My Lady, this is merely an illusion…it creates uncertainty in the minds of those who come here. And you do want uncertainty for all those that you intend to send here, don’t you?”
“I haven’t agreed to anything…yet.”
“Oh, but you will…”

Another nondescript hologram guided her to a seat in what could only be described as a balcony overlooking the three interlocking circus rings.
Servalan looked around her; she was an audience of one.
Suddenly a spotlight lit the middle of the interlocking rings and the Ringmaster bowed to her.
“May I introduce our first act for your perusal? A Knife Thrower of great skill. Please allow him to demonstrate.”
Servalan watched as the performer went through various routines and she was grateful that no-one else was involved as he threw the knives at a revolving upright platform that steadily increased in speed.
She involuntarily shivered…or was it really getting cooler?
“And now…Commissioner,” the Ringmaster declared, “Our Sharp Shooter. Most adroit with all weapons. And deadly. He has yet to meet his match…”
The next ring was lit up and Servalan was treated to a spectacle of gunplay as the sharp shooter showed his skill.
“And now, “The Ringmaster said, as another spotlight lit up the third ring,” Our final act. One which we think will interest you.”
“Really,” Servalan replied, her patience with this strangely attired hologram beginning to wear thin.
“May I introduce….”
“This is most tiresome,” Servalan began,
“Please Madam, I think you will appreciate this particular act…May I present…The Juggler.”

Part 2

A figure suddenly appeared in the ring before her.
In its hand it held a glowing sphere which it threw up in the air…and then another sphere and then another. With consummate skill, the figure juggled the three spheres.
Servalan seemed puzzled.
The Ringmaster stood just below her and began to explain.
“This is or has been your life; juggling your hopes, your fears, your aspirations, your duty, your ambitions; even your desires. From when you were a cadet up until…now.”
“I would be very careful what you say…”
“Of course, we all have secrets. Secrets that must be managed every day.”
“You waste my time. I was under the impression that I had an appointment with whomever or whatever controls this so called Amusement Park. Unless I return within a specific time period, my Guard Commander has orders to wipe you and this infernal place off the face of this planet. Do I make myself clear?”
The Ringmaster smiled.
“Perfectly. But you must admit that you, too, are a juggler of infinite skill. See how each sphere is perfectly balanced; cast into the air and expertly caught. Does it not fascinate you? Especially as the Juggler now has even more spheres to manipulate. It’s an exercise in hand, and eye, co-ordination…”
Servalan returned her gaze to the juggler. It was fascinating and mesmerising. Each sphere rose and fell with perfect timing, gathering speed as the juggler continued his ‘act’.
“…but it only needs a momentary lapse of concentration…”
Suddenly, one of the spheres hurtled towards her, only to be caught by the Ringmaster.
“A highly charged bolt of energy, Madam. One slip…and you are destroyed.”
Servalan composed herself. It wouldn’t do for whoever was operating this killing machine to see her unsettled.
“Well thank you. That was most interesting. Now, I do not like to be late for my appointments and I have much to discuss with my new partners.”
“You seem to believe that an agreement is imminent,” The Ringmaster suggested.
“Oh I think we can come to some arrangement that will be beneficial to all concerned. Now if you don’t mind…”
The Ringmaster gallantly escorted her from the ‘box’ to the entrance of the Marquee.
Servalan stopped.
He was standing by the exit, arms folded.
“Why ‘Avon’, we meet again.”
“Aren’t you interested to know what that sphere was that almost took your head off?”
“Are you concerned? You counterpart in the real world would be most surprised by that. Have you met yet? That would be interesting to witness; a cold hearted computer genius and a computer generated hologram with a heart.”
‘Avon’ shifted slightly. “I take that as a no.”
“You may take that anyway that you like, but I do have important business and it does concern your counterpart and his colleagues. The sooner that business is concluded, the better.”
And Servalan sauntered off, back towards the Amusement Park, leaving ‘Avon’ and the Ringmaster to ponder their fate.
“Well?” ‘Avon’ asked.
The Ringmaster threw the sphere towards his associate.
‘Avon’ caught it in his right hand. He looked at the sphere and smiled.
“Just as I thought.”
The Ringmaster looked puzzled.
“This sphere…it’s me; Kerr Avon. She only has to make one mistake with her juggling act and I…he will kill her.”

…And in a darkened corner, lined with ancient arcade games, long forgotten by the original builders of this park, was a glass sided case. Inside was a wooden figure of a man; a man with a grotesque countenance. White, with garish colours emphasising his features; his attire somewhat worn, but that of a long time past Harlequin. He was sat on a throne, his wooden hands clutching the ornately carved arms.
His jowly face was set in a wide grin.
And he was laughing; rocking backwards and forwards in his dimly lit case…laughing.
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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