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Started: 09 July 2016

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Tarrant's Blog
Remembering that I hadn't got around to reposting these...so here goes...

*EDIT - a pot of tea and biccies might be handy to have around if you intend to do a marathon read of this lot!*

Entry 1 - based around Powerplay...

Now I've finally got a minute to collect myself...though to be honest this cabin is a lot more basic than I was expecting. Functional, but far from luxurious. Perhaps the legends surrounding this ship are just that, legends. Half truths spread by those who would have us believe the Federation is the only authority to be obeyed. Suppose I shouldn't really complain. The fittings on their pursuit craft are even less welcoming. One benefit though, I can at last choose my own attire. Though I must say there are some rather unusual items even in that line. At least the talk of this ship being of alien origin is substantiated.

Just getting here was a trial in itself. I found myself caught up in the battle for our survival, something I now wish I'd been able to escape. However once on board it was easy to realise this ship could prove useful. Imagine then my shock to find Klegg and his men already here. They'll have to go I thought. I got rid of two without any help from those among whom I now find myself. I didn't need them then and I still feel that way now.

Avon, he's no fool. Once I realised who he was I decided to let him help me deal with Klegg and the remainder of his team. I dislike him being the only one who truly understands Zen and that irritating box known as Orac. I never did like computers. Now I don't know quite where I stand. I sense he only tolerates my presence, waiting for the day when I may prove useful to him. We're destined to clash I just know it. Perhaps he thinks that about all of us, I can't say for certain. But now I'm here I need to play my part in the crew.

And what of the others? Dayna. A good fighter, if a little naive here and there. Cally, she seems the most sensible aside from Avon's rationality. Vila, a joker yes, but Avon seems to value his thieving ways. The reason for which eludes me. He's already started to annoy me, I can tell we'll never be friends.
Edited by clareblues1 on 22 March 2014 18:50:39
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 2....based around Volcano...

Oh what a disaster. We've been chasing rumours of Blake's whereabouts for weeks. The latest of which involved a reconnaissance mission on a planet called Obsidian. To be frank I think Avon was just testing the loyalty of Dayna and myself. I hope at least we managed to achieve that, if nothing else. It surprises me somewhat that Avon bothers to try and track him down. I'm told he made a promise to return him to Earth, but I wonder is it more than that?

Just an average sort of day. We teleported down in the wrong place and then walked straight into a Federation trap. Of course I wouldn't have bothered with the mission at all, but naive Dayna thought that this friend of her father's could be trusted. He could, but not his son. We played straight into Servalan's hands and she very nearly captured the Liberator. Clearly she wants it for herself, now that the Federation fleet is in disarray. Avon ought to watch her, we all should, she's no fool either.

We hoped to find some allies on Obsidian, but instead we found polite disinterest. As for the friend, he hit the button and blew his people sky high. He said they were dying anyway, but we never did find out exactly why. I suppose it's better than being slaves of the Federation, although I can't help but agree with Vila's conclusion.

Seems Avon managed to get injured and is out of action for a few days. Extra shifts, that's all this useless folly seems to have got us. I wasn't sure at first, but ironically after this I sense Dayna and I will be friends. Cally was taken hostage and has been tending to Avon most of the time since. For his part Vila has been helping make the repairs along with the rest of us. What next I wonder? I'm starting to regret getting involved with this lot, but something tells me we're stronger together than alone.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 3 - Dawn of the Gods

Orac. Confounded thing! Even Avon didn't see this one coming. The trouble started when the ship started to veer off course. Odd, considering Zen is normally so efficient. It didn't take us long to work out that some external force was at work and as it turned out partly by Orac's doing. Apparently he got curious. I didn't think computers were supposed to express irrationality, but that's Avon's area of expertise, not mine.

And so we fell for it, literally. Turned out to be an artificially created Black Hole. An impressive feat of technology, even by my reckoning. It was at this point that Avon showed a side of his nature that I don't like. Somehow in the midst of chaos he found a survival suit and I felt compelled to insist we should fight this together, as a team. However Avon can be as stubborn as a mule when he wants to be. The sign of things to come I suspect.

Whilst attempting escape all our shots were reflected back and some robotic monstrosity destroyed the detector unit. By a slightly less than democratic vote Vila ventured outside for a closer look. It proved fatal and for a moment the flight deck was silent. I felt partly responsible and took on the duty of recovering his body with the intention of giving him a respectable send off. Relief nearly overcame me when I discovered he was alive and well. Evidently an atmosphere had been created outside the ship. Lucky Vila.

Now we met our captor, although to be honest he didn't look that menacing. That was until he waved a cane with a nasty streak under our noses. I've never felt so completely helpless in my life. From then on things just got worse. We were locked up and then Cally was taken away, but not before she'd told us the legend of the Thaarn. It would've been enjoyable had it been under better circumstances and not for Avon nitpicking the details.

Avon and I were taken against our better judgement to work on mathematical calculations. A bizarre request since this Thaarn, whoever he was, was obviously a more intelligent being. We found an unlikely ally in Groff, who helped us to escape and ultimately destroy this place beyond space and time as Cally described it. It seems while we were occupied she was having an adventure herself. In fact it was she who provided the critical link which enabled our final departure.

I'll not forget Avon's words for a while. 'We'll have to leave without her' he said. And I'm certain he would have too. Thankfully Cally made it back just in time. Now I'm torn over wondering if he would've delivered the message that we promised to Groff had I not set the course myself. Certainly it seems clear that his attachment to the crew hangs by a thread more often than I'd like.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 4 - Harvest of Kairos

I've always been a pirate at heart. Even when I was still with the Federation I made a tidy profit at my colleagues expense. Now the nearest it gets is beating Vila in our games to while away the long hours. Although to be fair I think Avon enjoys the accolade more than I do. The games are no substitute for the real thing in any case. I've always wanted to bust the Federation's most tightly guarded profit making operation, the Harvest of Kairos. Now for the first time I have a chance.

In principle Avon agreed, but insisted on retrieving something he considered of vital importance on an uninhabited planet beforehand. Even more strange that he chose Vila to accompany him. Perhaps it was just that he didn't want to go through the motions of persuading me. He knows I wouldn't have considered it a valid reason and I still don't. Vila he can influence more easily.

While they pursued Avon's quest, I sold the idea to the rest of the crew. Somewhat hesitantly they agreed. Not surprisingly we were found by a Federation patrol and forced to stand our ground. In the nick of time Avon returned, with a rock. I felt insensed that he'd put the ship at risk for that! He even insisted that Zen scan it before we could consider ourselves safe. Sometimes I wonder where his priorities lay. Certainly on this occasion he seemed content to hand over all command of the Liberator to me. But why? Whatever the reason, I made the most of it.

At last I had the chance to put my ex-Federation training to good use in battling our way to reach the Kairopan cargo vessel. However it was also clear that the Liberator needs a full crew on hand in such moments. For some bizarre reason Avon recruited Cally to assist with his experiments on the rock. Infuriated I had to almost forceably put a stop to it to save our hides. Cally has a better understanding of the ship's systems than Vila and certainly Dayna. We needed her!! I could've wrung Avon's neck I was so riled. But that wouldn't have achieved anything either.

Safely through we boarded the Kairopan shuttle, only to be ambushed. I'm a pilot, not a military strategist, but all the same I should've seen that one coming. Avon was quite right to berate me. The net result was that Servalan finally achieved her goal of controlling the Liberator. Again I felt insensed by Avon's apparent easy capitulation to her. As it worked out I was glad he decided to go off on his own when we were dumped on Kairos. I doubt very much that I'd have been able to contain my temper much longer.

For the first time I got to know Cally beyond the necessary conversation on the Liberator. She's more balanced than Dayna, who is not unlike me in certain ways. Pragmatic like Avon, I like that, caring too. Another welcome trait. We found a number of dead slave workers, clearly the result of some lethal element peculiar to this place. Turned out to be a creature that actually eats the Kairopan crystals.

A surprise to find a man I'd not seen in years down there. My old Commander, Jarvik. Seems Servalan recruited him to assist with the taking of the Liberator. Now he was challenging me to a duel, of all things! I did ok at first, but I'm no fighter either and Jarvik got the upper hand. Again I looked a fool in front of my fellow crew members, twice in one day. A bad day. Even Dayna was overpowered, though quite honestly I think she over estimates her abilities at times.

Thankfully I saved what remained of my shattered pride in getting us back aboard the Liberator safely. I wonder how Avon would've handled this if had Jarvik killed me. The Sopron, clever stuff though it turned out to be, is a far cry from a skilled pilot. As for Jarvik, we found him dead. Dayna mentioned there'd been a struggle. A pity in a way he got tangled up with Servalan. He'd have made a far better ally than an enemy.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 5 - City at the Edge of the World

Neutron blasters. A good invention, but they have an achilles heel, they require a crystalline component in order to operate at 100% efficiently. After all the battles we've got into lately, no wonder they're showing signs of wear. A few days ago they shattered completely and we were left defenceless. Naturally finding replacements became our top priority. At least Orac does occasionally have it's uses. He directed us to a little known planet, where we would be unlikely to run into the Federation. Just as well under the circumstances.

Down I went and encountered some primitive people. Simple and unaggressive in their manner, I felt no reason to be concerned. They were prepared to offer the necessary crystals we required in return for technical assistance, the kind Vila specialised in, opening locked doors. It seemed bizarre, but a fair deal, so I agreed. Then the real challenge, to persuade Vila to go down there. As Avon put it 'he's useful, but irritating'. In my frustration I got rather carried away, but eventually he relented. We needed those crystals.

On surface he signalled and Cally teleported down to fetch the crystals, nearly getting a bomb blowing up in her face as a result. I felt certain that the natives could not have been responsible for such an act and as it turned out, they weren't. I wondered for a time if Avon believed I'd sent Vila and Cally into a deliberate trap, but that made no sense, so I put the thought right out of mind. However he did make it quite clear that I could be replaced, which I didn't disagree with. To be honest I'm getting tired of these 'spats' between us and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to leave this motley crew.

No, that's not entirely true. I do feel a sense of loyalty, at least towards Cally and Dayna and to a lesser degree Vila. Avon, well, perhaps the least said. However I must say that on this occasion Dayna let me face the music alone. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised by that. Still, a lesson learned none the less. Down we all went to find out what had become of Vila. Seems he'd fallen into the hands of an old adversary of mine, Bayban. Not the nicest of people. He didn't remember me, but I'd never forgotten him. As for Vila, there was no sign.

After a struggle with Bayban and his cronies we eventually had the place secured. Vila made quite an entrance thanks to the advanced technology of Kezarn's ancestors. Seems he and Kerril had an adventure all their own too, or so he boasted afterwards. Lucky Vila again. As for the rest of us we teleported back, leaving him to decide his future, no easy task. He returned and brought the crystals with him. The day ended well, despite it all.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 6 - Children of Auron

Oh what a day! Servalan strikes again. Cally and Avon had a tiff. First time I've seen them fall out. She seemed genuinely upset too. Even Vila seemed surprised by it. Avon's too focussed on taking his revenge on someone called Shrinker. Apparently he's a Federation thug who murdered his ladyfriend. Avon! A ladyfriend? Well I'll be...!! Actually it explains a lot. Not least my having to virtually read the riot act to persuade him to help Cally's people. Sometimes he can he so pig headed. Shrinker be damned, he can wait.

We discovered the Auron's were losing a battle against some pathenogenic disease. Turns out Servalan introduced it, the devious.... All she wanted was to use their replication facilities!! Saints preserve us! Quite why she felt the need to murder the whole population I'll never know. Perhaps she thought they wouldn't help her unless pushed into a desperate situation? Who knows, but blackmail isn't a strong enough word that's for sure.

Of course the inevitable happened. We got both captured by her and infected with the disease. Cally wisely used her abilities to set in motion the means of our escape. Perhaps at times I underestimate her. Nearly getting our hides well and truly kicked, we took refuge in the replication plant. Despite being restricted to the decontamination chamber we met Cally's twin sister, Zelda. A strange moment in itself, seeing an exact duplicate of her. Even Avon seemed bemused.

Eventually we persuaded Zelda and her fellow technician that Servalan was eventually going to destroy the place with us all still inside. We were let in and assisted in carrying the Auron gene stocks. Their only chance was a fresh start in a new home. I knew straight away that I wanted to help them. Cally has saved both mine and the others lives on more than one occasion. I didn't mind repaying the debt.

By this time we were all feeling the effects of the disease. I thought my head was going to burst and nearly dropped the heavy carrying case as we teleported back aboard Liberator. Zelda, for some inexplicable reason felt a sense of loyalty to the new life still in the incubators and remained behind to attend to them. Cally desperately pleaded with her, but to no avail. Servalan destroyed the place and she was killed. I'll never forget that pale and pained expression on Cally's face as she did so. Afterwards she explained that when Auron's die the mental link is severed. I can't fully understand of course, but the description sounded traumatic enough for me to buy into the theory.

For once I'm grateful to Orac. We were prescribed the necessary medication to rid us of that disgusting disease. I say digusting...on two counts. One because it was deliberately introduced and the other...well...lets just say there were some rather nasty effects to the skin in places I'd prefer not to mention. Cally slept for hours and stirred only because we were dropping off her fellow Auron's. She took her time down there, no doubt explaining that she couldn't stay with them. There was no reason why in my opinion. Perhaps she thought we wouldn't understand, not so, at least in my case. As far as I was concerned all debts had been paid. Before we arrived the rest of us had joked about whether or not Cally would go. Bizarre how Avon can be so ironic at times.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 7 - Rumours of Death

With Auron laying in ruins, we set course for Earth to sort out this matter of revenge for Avon. Revenge...not the nicest of virtues. In fact it quite chilled me to think what he'd got planned. Avon's version of justice isn't exactly what most of us would consider palatable. Not that it bothers him what people think. He went alone and told the rest of us to maintain a constant readiness to teleport down. What was that all about I wondered? Seemed little point in querying it, so wisely I kept out of his way and after he'd gone, co-ordinated a rota with the others.

During this time I got pretty bored, to be honest we all did. I even caught Vila trying to peek on Dayna, the scurrilous idiot. She'd be furious if she found out. In the interests of peace I'll keep that to myself, but I made it clear to Vila that if he does it again I will tell her. Sometimes I wonder quite why he stays with us. He's had more than one opportunity to leave and hasn't. Maybe he thinks he's safe if he sticks with Avon. Like any of us can be 'safe' with him around.

The signal came through and Dayna and I hurried down. We found Avon...what a sight greeted us. Filthy and clearly having been subjected to torture, I won't forget that image for a while. It brought back memories of my old Federation days, though of course I never really saw this aspect of the organisation. We brought Shrinker aboard and Avon went to get cleaned up. Meanwhile the rest of us took pleasure in making this thug of a man cower for his life. He deserved every word of anger thrown at him. It was Cally who spoke out in protest and I'm glad she jolted us to our senses. If we can't restrain ourselves then it makes us no better than the Federation. Something I've since come to realise.

Avon looked tired, no, exhausted actually, when he returned. Before his visit to Earth he'd instructed Vila to set up some equipment for him. Quite what that was for I don't know. He swore Vila to secrecy too. He took Shrinker down to the same location and returned a while later, presumably the fatal deed now done. It felt cold somehow, no less so than the murders that thug had himself perpetrated, but something inside keeps telling me it was still wrong. The voice won't go away.

Bartolomew and a Councillor Chesku. What significance these people have I don't know, but Avon is giving it top priority. Apparently during the pleas for his life, Shrinker volunteered the information Avon wanted. Now we're off on a new quest, one which will take us directly to Servalan. This is madness I thought, it'll be like walking into the Lion's Den!! If we get caught, that'll be it, no mercy of any kind.

When we arrived I was surprised by how few sentries there appeared to be. Seems we'd walked straight into the midst of a rebellion. A dying communications officer guided us to where Servalan had been incarcerated. Beaten and chained to a wall, I'd never seen her looking so defeated. Strange how one imagines a person's ultimate fate and in her case nothing conceivably unpleasant would ever be good enough.

Equally bizarre how easily she was apparently overthrown too. Clearly the Federation's iron grip is slipping, if only because of the Galactic War. Avon's steely resolve made it quite clear I wasn't wanted. The immovable object. On hearing footsteps approaching we hastily readied ourselves. Being caught out in the confines of this cella wasn't something I relished. A woman stepped into view and would've attacked had it not been for my quick action.

Anna Grant. So this was Avon's former lover. Alive and apparently well, despite what he had been lead to believe. Anna wasn't quite what I expected her to be, demure and slightly built, however evidently capable. Knowing Avon as I do she didn't seem to qualify as the type of person I had imagined he would take interest in. But what do I know, obviously. I stepped back to give them space and during their exchange Cally joined me. She'd been keeping well out of his way all during this charade, not that I blame her.

Servalan provided Avon with the clue that revealed Anna's true identity. The security agent who had been 'running him', code named Bartolomew. Avon shot her dead. He had no choice, she'd have killed him that's for certain. Instinctively I raised my own gun, but there was no need. It was over in seconds. For a moment Avon looked genuinely distressed and removed his teleport bracelet. Was he going to stay behind and allow Servalan to kill him?

Seeing the obvious lack of sense in this I agreed with Cally in thinking it was about time we got the hell out of there. Dayna had instructed Vila to stand by, but unfortunately he misinterpreted and brought us back up instead. Quite rightly Cally was furious, especially when he forgot to set the inbound co-ordinates. While she hurried to reset the locater, Avon's voice came over the com system. He returned safely and explained that Servalan had threatened to send us a corpse. For some reason she didn't kill him though. I was left wondering over her motives for that. Perhaps, deep down, she has a gruding respect for Avon.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 8 - Sarcophagus

From the sublime to the ridiculous. None of us said anything, but it hadn't escaped our attention that Cally had locked herself away. I thought of going and speaking to her, but decided against it, I knew it wouldn't be welcomed. Avon evidently had been giving it some thought too and took it upon himself to brave the challenge.

Avon had wanted to pursue an asteriod in the hope finding some mineral treasure. Useful he said. I couldn't help but think, oh great, more rocks. I calculated the necessary adjustments to our course and speed accordingly. Just as we were about to sett off, Zen detected an alien ship drifting in space at a distance of two hundred spacials. That's close and quite how it had escaped detection until that point I don't know. There was something eerie about it's arrival that I didn't like.

It was about that moment when Cally had a strange reaction. Thinking back on it she must've been receptive to some alien emanation from the ship, but just didn't realise it at the time. Seemingly it affected the rest of us as well. I definitely felt an increased tension towards Avon, which I hadn't previously. Not a conscious act of will, but evidently coercion none the less.

Outvoted Avon gave the go ahead to investigate the ship. Dayna and I were left aboard to act as back up, or so he called it. At the time I took it personally, but now I see it actually made sense. Something happened while they were there, Cally started seeing things. Clearly the alien entity had already made contact with her subconscious mind. Zen detected an energy build up and we tried to teleport them out, but only Cally returned. She insisted on being sent back across and by some means, that I still don't understand, was able to bring the others. Afterwards she theorised that the bracelets may have malfunctioned. One perhaps, but not two, it must've been the energy field affecting them somehow.

By now the alien entity was set on controlling the Liberator. It used Cally to activate an artefact that Avon had brought back. This subsequently enabled the alien to take over her mind fully. Strange things started to occur and we were all affected, particularly for me in terms of heightened agression. I'm normally much more restrained. In the Old Calendar days they'd have called it demonic possession, but whatever you call it, it had control of both us and the ship.

I was left in no doubt that it would've destroyed Cally eventually and ultimately us too. According to the entity we were destined for slavery, but we'd never capitulate to that. The struggle was reduced to a battle of wills between the alien and Avon. He knew that Cally's mind was an inescapable part of it. He used this to full advantage and drove it from her, but not before it wrecked several vital systems on the flight deck.

This experience ranks as the most bizarre I've had so far with this present company of crew. But I have at least learned to be more cautious when dealing with anything unusual. Perhaps all along that is what Avon was trying to make us see. A valuable lesson learned at least.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 9 - Ultraworld

I knew I should've stayed in bed today. Ever get the feeling it's going to be one of those days? Well today was it. One conselation at least, relations between myself and Avon have settled down to their normal level again. And the day? Zen picked up a regular, but indentifiable signal, Vila engaged Orac with silly jokes and we discovered an artificial planet. Yet another average sort of occurrence in our adventures.

I apologise for the sarcastic tone, but I am growing rather tired of the constant humdrum now prevalent in my life. In fact before I recount events any further perhaps I should deal with that, offload this burden that has been gnawing at me. I can't say whether I'd be better off by myself as before, or not. Certainly I've made friends among this crew, but is that enough for me? What do I really want from life? Oh I don't know. Maybe it's the lack of excitement, real excitement I mean, not just fending off some alien hell bent on destroying us.

Real excitement is the heat of battle and the skill of evading destruction. I want to use my Federation training in the best way I can. Preferrably with them on the receiving end of my neutron blaster. I'm a pilot by trade and right now I just feel like a passenger cruiser captain, endlessly trudging along a well trodden path. A battle commander relishes the tactics of war and the challenge of survival. These people, Vila especially, would prefer a quieter life, I'm certain of that. With perhaps the exception of Dayna. I find I can identify with her more often than the others. As for Avon, he and I still don't agree over many issues, but I think at last a measure of understanding is being reached between us. *sigh* Like it or not, there isn't much I can do about it.

This time it was Avon who got curious about the new discovery. For a time our roles were reversed, he was the headstrong, charge in type and I the cautious one. Agreeing to investigate from a discrete distance we took a much needed rest period, only to be awoken by Avon. Seems Cally had gone missing. Apparently she teleported to the alien planet, but why? Whatever the reason she clearly needed assistance. There was no hesitation from me on that score. Now Avon seemed to have rediscovered his caution. Thankfully this time Dayna backed me up. We teleported into a labyrinthine complex with no idea where to start looking for Cally.

I won't bore you with excessive detail of what happened after this. Suffice it to say that once again we were facing a hostile alien force. One who knew more about us than we did them. I don't like the odds being so uneven. They'd taken Cally and transferred her consciousness and planned to do the same to us. Apparently the aliens exist solely to increase the power of something they referred to as 'The Core'. In short a living computer. Under better circumstances I'm sure Avon would've liked to remain here to study such a system, but not when they had us within an inch of our lives.

Ultimately Dayna and I caused enough damage to start an irreversible chain reaction. At least it seemed that way at the time. What we didn't learn until after our escape was that Orac and even Vila had played a significant role in the downfall of 'The Core'. I think at last I am coming to realise that Orac is an invaluable member of the team. Even if it can't do some things restricted solely to the province of flesh and blood.

Speaking of which, there is one final issue...one that is to say the least rather awkward to address. During our capture by the Ultra, Dayna and I were given an ultimatum, co-operate or be absorbed. Their request? Demonstrate human intimacy. I dug my heels in at first, there is a point beyond which I consider is going too far and the Ultra had crossed it. Dayna on the other hand seemed surprisingly keen, albeit to use the moment as a distraction for her plan of escape. It worked, but now there is a silent memory between us. We continue as normal and divulged part of what happened, but not all. Even between the best of friends, some secrets will remain just that, secret.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 10 - Moloch

Servalan, does she never give up? Apparently not. We'd been following her for what seemed an eternity. Vila started to get on my nerves yet again and this time I wasn't the only one. The ship disappeared into, well, nothing, a black empty space. Turned out to be the planet Sardos with an extremely advanced means of hiding their existence, not that I really blame them. The Federation aren't exactly the nicest of neighbours.

We followed her and found ourselves almost crashing right into Sardos. Something in the planet's atmosphere disrupted Zen's control systems and I only just managed to get us out of there on manual. Seems my pilot's skills do occasionaly come in useful after all. Just one problem, how to get down there and investigate why Servalan bothered to travel all this way. Certainly the planetary cloaking screen is interesting enough. A chance presented itself when a T-16 transporter bound for Sardos approached.

Cally teleported Vila and myself aboard and we were on our way. Until Vila got mixed up with a group of drunken convicts. My frustration with him reached boiling point while we were on Sardos. I knew I'd pushed him too far, but I still needed his help. Afterwards I didn't care what he did, if he chose to stay with his 'pal' Doran, I'd have let him. Servalan however is too important to ignore.

I tried to raise the Liberator, but unsuccessfully. This time there was no being whisked away in the nick of time and I was shot with some kind of stun gun. When I came around I had been disarmed and secured inside a compound with a dozen or more others. A Federation uniform was thrust in my face and the guard suggested very strongly that I was to put it on. What now I wondered? Vila was nowhere to be seen and the company in here left a lot to be desired. The guard walked away and joined a couple of others in harrying a blonde woman slumped in the far corner of the compound. Had I been armed I'd have intervened, but by the looks of things I was too late anyway. She died a short while afterwards.

Servalan, like a bad penny she always turns up. Somehow I avoided being seen as she killed almost everyone else in the compound and accompanied her pilots back to the ship. I heard it leave, one more lost chance to kill her I thought. I'm not quite sure if he intended to find me or not, but Vila reappeared and we set about destroying the central computer and more importantly the information it contained.

At some point in proceedings Avon and Dayna made their way down here. Presumably he figured since they'd lost contact with us that we'd been taken prisoner. Therefore the need for secrecy had evaporated. Just quite what he hoped to achieve in our place I couldn't imagine. Again I faced Doran, the sort of man I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, especially if I was a woman. With help from one of the natives we found what we'd been looking for. Inside I could hear Avon and Dayna, but... Avon was clearly being subjected to painful torture. Vila certainly took a while to open the door.

A tense exchange followed and culminated in the deaths of Grose and his men, Doran and the woman who'd helped us. Had it ended at that I'd have been content to set some explosives and get the hell out of there. What happened next almost defied belief. Moloch. Exactly what it was remains a mystery to me, but over confidence in its own abilities proved its undoing.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 11 - Death Watch *incidentally this one is my favourite*

Empty. Alone. Spent. That's how I feel right now. Resting in my cabin I think I can understand why Cally shut herself away after Auron's destruction. I cannot help but wonder if everything I've done up until now has been worth it? Was it all a waste of time? I know I'll never find the answer.

My brother Deeta, we were close as youngsters and my mind is filled with images, memories, feelings. We played together, got into trouble together, did everything you'd expect young boys to do, together. Our parents allowed us to grow up as normally as practicably possible given the restrictions imposed by the Federation. Oh how I wish I was back there now and not having to cope with this pain, this loss.

So what happened? We grew up, that's what happened. Deeta chose to leave Earth, while I joined the Federation military service. The rest is history. Seems Deeta got himself involved with the Teal-Vandor Convention and wound up being the Teal champion. I'd not seen him for years and we'd completely lost touch. Of course one never forgets, though I will admit he had slipped from my mind since I joined the Liberator.

That was until Vila learned that Teal and Vandor were once again in conflict and we chose to take a respite there. Safe from the Federation, it seemed the ideal place. During a vis-cast I recognised Deeta. He'd changed considerably since I last saw him, but that was almost ten years ago. Older, but not necessarily wiser. Deeta was to face Vinni, the champion of Vandor and the fight would be to the death.

We also learned from the vis-cast that Servalan was to be neutral arbiter. A strange choice to say the least. Needless to say Avon suspected that with her involved foul play would no doubt follow. Ultimately his fears were proven correct. I wanted to see Deeta before...well, you know. At best he only had a 50/50 chance. When I met with Max, the Teal representative, he told me that Deeta had asked not to see me. I couldn't understand why. Perhaps the thought of seeing me before the fight would create unnecessary emotion in an already charged moment. I suppose I can see the sense in that.

Max told me about the sensor net, in short a means of evesdropping on Deeta and Vinni's thoughts and actions. I wasn't certain about doing that, but I took a handful of receivers anyway. The fight was due to begin shortly and Dayna monitored Vinni while Vila and I observed Deeta. Standing outside the doorway I could feel my brother's growing exhilaration, tempered by anxiety. A duel, no less challenging than any other he's faced before. Except perhaps this time it was more blind than usual.

With the battle commenced I could feel every judgement and move that my brother made. Instinct over cold rationality. Here was the true test of any warrior, to fight with more than the sum of one's self. Reliance on the weapon alone would not win the war. Deeta cornered his opponent and a chance presented iteself. Instead he chose honour over blatent murder. You see, we are different from the likes of Servalan.

It proved a fatal mistake. The sound of that shot, defeaning, and pain, excrutiating pain. I/he fell hard and for a moment it was almost as though Deeta and I were alone in that place. Reunited at last. He spoke to me, relinquished his tenacity to take his leave. I actually felt him die and part of me went with him. Now I truly will walk alone for the rest of my days.

No doubt on Vandor the cheering was equally as fervent as the disappointment on Teal. Two thirds of their fleet and three planets Max said they'd have to give up. And who paid the highest price? I know he understood what he was doing and accepted the risks involved. As for Vinni, Dayna expressed the difference between him and Deeta, a lack of instinct. Orac suggested that the Vandor combatant was in fact an android, programmed as a gunfighter.

So this was Servalan's plan. Once the treachery was revealed a genuine conflict would erupt between Teal and Vandor. The Federation could then clean up under the guise of a so-called peace keeping operation. Very clever, but not if I had anything to do with it. I couldn't allow Deeta's death to be for nothing. Seems Avon had no desire to see Servalan increase her empire either. I was grateful for his support none the less.

Max wasn't too keen to let me fight Vinni. I understood why, but it had to be done. Dayna gave me her latest new weapon and into the fray I went. Cally, I will be eternally grateful for her telepathic abilities. I'd have stood no more of a chance than Deeta did without it. With Vinni out of the way Avon and I guided Max on how best to avoid this potential conflict. A fitting epitaph for Deeta, my one and only lost brother.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 12 - Terminal

Avon, seems I still don't fully understand him...perhaps I never will. Owing to circumstances I've had to wait to continue with this log of events. We've paid a heavy price, one that I don't consider was worth it in the end. My only consolation is that Avon feels the same way. He got us into this situation after all.

He'd been on watch for hours and banished the rest of us from the flight deck. But why? Naturally I queried it, but was given a less than satisfactory answer. Apparently he'd been communicating with someone outside of the ship and without our knowledge. Very underhand and I felt entirely justified to lose my temper with him. Even he didn't know the final destination. I've come close to a showdown before, but never quite this close. To top it all he had the nerve to threaten me, I mean really threaten me, not just a verbal exchange.

However my fears were justified when he drove us straight through a cloud of unknown particles. Whatever his goal it must be important if he's willing to take that kind of risk. To say I was happy about it would be a blatant lie, I was furious! He deliberately put the ship in danger, again something he wouldn't normally do. Next we came across Terminal, an artificial planet, which by all official accounts no longer existed. And yet here it was and also the source of the signals that Avon had been receiving.

Insisting on teleporting down alone, Avon made it quite clear that we were not to follow him. I suspect he knew that we would though. Cally and I did go down after allowing him time to get clear of the teleport co-ordinates. He was nowhere in sight, however we did pick up the trail of two strangers. Perhaps they too were trailing Avon, so we decided to follow and find out. Eventually they came upon a hatchway covering a deep shaft, but before they could enter the strangers were attacked and killed by some bizarre wild creatures.

I suppose it was foolish to think we would be safe, following this assault. Cally was hit first and then me. Eventually however we were able to get away with minimum cost to ourselves. Inside we found what appeared to be a laboratory with some sophisticated equipment, though quite what it was being used for we didn't know at that time.

Servalan. So all along this elaborate set up was her doing and again the Liberator was her target. Avon had been captured and his mind manipulated, hence all that equipment. Seems Avon really believed he'd been receiving signals from Blake, but all the time it'd been an artificially created voice pattern. Now it was his turn to be furious and he nearly lost it completely, but there was no sense in getting ourselves killed. I told him to back off since there was little to stop her putting an end to us all right there and then.

Immediately prior to our capture, Dayna had been able to make contact and informed us that the ship was in trouble. Something was causing massive structural damage and computer failure. It seemed that Terminal was to become our permanent new home from hence forth. During the confrontation with Servalan Cally and I did not reveal this information. There was every chance that even though we would be marooned, we could finally rid ourselves of our greatest nemesis. We watched as the ship exploded, leaving us with nothing but the clothes we stood in and a modest supply of provisions. It seemed as though the journey, for us, was over.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 13 - Rescue

Servalan loves to get the last laugh and this time she certainly did. Whilst the rest explored the underground complex Avon and Dayna decided to check out the ship she'd told us about. The deviousness of Servalan knows no bounds. She'd set explosives to go off if anyone set foot aboard the ship, which in turn triggered secondary explosions in the base. We were well and truly caught. Cally was badly injured and I tried to pull her to safety, but a further explosion put paid to that. In the end Vila got me out, but not Cally. I'm angry, both at myself for failing her and Servalan for causing it.

I was able to salvage my water canister, but that was all. We gathered around a makeshift campfire to keep us warm during the cold night, but we were still frozen stiff come the morning. Heading for a piece of higher ground I felt myself losing consciousness. After that I knew nothing of what happened until Avon stirred me. It surprised me that he came back, although I suspect it was motivated only by his own self interest.

Dorian. Apparently he rescued Vila and Dayna who'd been trapped by a...well goodness knows what it was. I care not to ask. We couldn't take the risk of trusting him, not in such a precarious situation. What was he doing on Terminal and how did he know we were here? We never did find out. His ship, the Scorpio, conveyed us to a planet called Xenon, well outside of Federation space. At least we'd get no trouble from them. Dorian offered us hospitality and a change of clothing, which I was grateful for. We met his companion Soolin too, exquisitely fast with a gun.

Trapped by a security door Dayna and I looked for an alternative means to access the landing bay. We found ourselves at a dead end initially, then Dayna discovered that the passageway continued down into a rocky chamber. Evidently during our explorations Dorian revealed his true intentions to Avon. He and Soolin were brought down at gunpoint and we all entered the chamber. Something inside had driven Dayna to the brink of sanity and I could feel the emanations myself.

What happened next was quite bizarre. It would appear that this chamber had somehow been sustaining Dorian for the last 200 years and that in order to continue he needed us to be consumed by what he referred to as a 'Gestalt'. Quite where Vila had been all during this time I don't know, Dayna and I left him at the security door. He arrived in the nick of time with the Federation Plasma Rifle we'd been able to save from Terminal. Avon shot the creature and it, well, disintegrated and took Dorian with it. We were frozen for a moment while the chamber relinquished it's hold on us, and I heard Soolin creep away. Xenon base was now ours.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 14 - Power

Trapped on Xenon. Sounds like the title of a bad Old Calendar vis-cast or movie as they used to call them. But trapped we were. Our former host Dorian had secured the landing bay with a nuclear compression charge. Nice touch. It also appeared that he'd been working on a teleport system and with Orac's help, Avon sussed the missing requirement, a Dynamon crystal.

Off he went, leaving the rest of us to fathom out how to get through the security door. I suspect however that Avon knew all along that sooner or later Vila would figure it out. Events that transpired later confirmed my theory. We knew nothing of Xenon or indeed if it was inhabited. The question was answered the hard way. Avon was taken prisoner by some very rough tribesmen who called themselves the Hommicks.

Alerted by a distress call Dayna and I went looking for him, but all we found was his mangled communicator bracelet. Meanwhile we apparently had a visitor on the base. Vila babbled on as usual when we returned and the intruder was identified as one of the Ceska people. Xenon it seems had been the subject of a violent conflict and now the populace were reduced to a squabble between the men and women. I was beginning to dislike this place considerably.

For the moment the security door would have to wait. We needed to find out what had happened to Avon. Despite all of our disagreements he is too useful to abandon and I suspect he thinks the same of me, at least I hope he does. The Hommicks are a force to be reckoned with when they work together. Outnumbered and cornered the three of us were taken and brought before their leader, Gunn Sarr. Not the most pleasant of men. Incredulously Dayna challenged him. Foolish, even by my standards. The battle ensued and at the time I wasn't certain how she overcame him, but I suspect Ceska involvement. Dayna was no match for Gunn Sarr if I'm completely honest.

Free once again we hastened to the base where Vila continued to work on the door. Now the Ceska showed themselves, only two remained, lead by a woman called Pella. She used her abilities to make safe the explosive device. However her intentions were not as genuine as we thought. Avon suddenly re-appeared and exposed the plot to gain access to the Scorpio. She bludgeoned her way to it, murdering her only fellow Ceska in the process. Taking the Dynamon crystal from her collar the circuit was now complete. Avon teleported aboard the Scorpio to save it from Pella's clutches.

So, with our control restored and Pella dead, the base and Scorpio were ours for the taking. For the first time we truly tasted freedom. Real freedom, not just the latest escape plan to evade the Federation. Here we were safe beyond their knowledge and reach. Perhaps now I can call Xenon home, though to be honest the company could be better. Enter Soolin, Dorian's ex companion. All during our scuffles she remained in hiding. Perhaps she was testing us to see how we'd cope in a desperate situation. Whatever her motives, she seemed to think that joining was better than fighting.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 15 - Traitor

The Federation. Is there no end to their ambition? Every habitable planet seems to be in their sights. Their latest acquisition, Helotrix. According to Orac's information several planets had fallen in recent weeks. So how were they doing it? Avon resolved to find out and there was only one way, we had to go to Helotrix.

Dayna and I prepared to go down and learn of this new secret weapon the Federation must be using. How else could they be conquering so quickly? The object of the mission was to observe only, but as we all know, things are never that simple when the Federation is involved. On the surface it emerged that there was a fault on the communication system. So we were stuck until such time as Avon fixed it.

Finding ourselves in the midst of a roundup of workers we were lucky to happen across Hunda, leader of the only rebel group still operational. After changing clothes with a couple of natives so that we blended in better, he told us that his men were fighting a losing battle. But the reason for that remained unclear until we were introduced us to Leitz, a Federation officer acting as a spy for Hunda. Or so he believed. Leitz gave us the name of the drug, Pylene 50. Once dosed a subject becomes passive and doesn't resist the Federation invasion. Whole populations were being systematically subdued and with it the Federation ruled like never before. Avon sure picks his moments. Soolin tested the communications system just as a patrol passed nearby. Thankfully we got away with it.

Locating the Laboratory we met Doctor Forbus, the inventor of Pylene 50. Apparently Commissioner Sleer was forcing him to manufacture it for the pacification programme. However it does have an achilles heel. The compound breaks down quickly which means the drug must be manufactured on the world where it is to be used. Forbus gave us the formula for an anti-toxin that would guard against being dosed, but couldn't reverse the effects. At least now we could protect ourselves. He also gave us a supply of the anti-toxin drug, which we both took after leaving.

Forbus exposed the double agent Leitz, a vile sadist he called him. The Federation is full of such thugs. How I'd love to have them on the receiving end of my neutron blaster! Hastily we returned to Hunda and supplied him with the both the anti-toxin and the revelation about Leitz. It saved his group from certain death as an explosion tore through the mono-rail they were due to attack. Servalan! How the hell she survived the Liberator disaster I don't know, but both Dayna and I saw her.

Back aboard Scorpio Avon was beside himself. I knew he'd be angered because we stayed down a little longer than we anticipated, but it was necessary. His reaction to the news of Servalan was equally intense. I could've cut the air on the flight deck with a knife. Perhaps it was just his disappointment that once again we'd failed to annihilate her or was it something else? I can't say for certain, but I know this. I saw a darkness in his eyes that I'd not seen before.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 16 - Stardrive

The Scorpio, a wanderer class planet hopper, with a drive unit that should be in a museum. Mix this with Avon's plan to use an asteroid as cover to conceal our entrance and departure from the Altern system and you have a recipe for disaster. There are times when I find Vila's flapping utterly irritating to the nth degree, but on this occasion I was inclined to agree with his caution. This was no ordinary asteroid. A fast rate of spin and extremely large size contributed to it having a minor gravitational field. The Scorpio's manouevring systems weren't precise enough to keep us from harm. We crashed into it resulting in a large gash in the stern.

During a systems check Vila got drunk, again. He seems to have been doing that a lot more recently. I'm beginning to wonder if something isn't bothering him, seriously so, not the usual petty stuff that we all have to contend with. Out of the mouths of drunks, Vila recounted an occasion where a forcewall had been used to create a safe working environment for repairs. However our ship was in a bad way and to risk our oxygen reserve would've been suicide. Avon attempted it nonetheless. Thankfully Slave does occasionally talk some sense and this time Avon heeded the advice.

With an emergency hull repair in place we started work on the main drive just as a Federation patrol appeared on the detectors. Avon and I couldn't leave what we were doing and thankfully their course suggested that we were not the target. Then suddenly and mysteriously the patrol ships exploded. That doesn't normally happen for no good reason, so limping back to base we set about going through the recorded images. It took hours and so did fixing the ship. Dayna took the first shift, followed by me and then Soolin. Eventually she found what we were looking for.

The Space Rats. I'd heard of them, but Vila had the most experience. Evidently they'd acquired the services of Dr. Plaxton, head of the Federation Space Drive Research Center to modify their space chopper craft. Now based on the planet Caspar in Sector Five, the Space Rats' home was to become our next destination. We needed the Photonic Drive if we were to stay one step ahead of the Federation's game.

Avon sent Dayna and Vila down to scout around before we brought the Scorpio in to land. The Photonic drive was too valuable to risk putting it through the teleport. Naturally it was only a matter of time before they would be captured. Avon was more than happy to use them as a diversion and although I went along with it, I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me at all. Caspar is about as unwelcoming as I imagined it to be. The perfect place for a bunch of ruthless pirates like the Space Rats.

Getting into their base proved easy, it was getting out that worried me. We tracked the energy source to the laboratory and made our own way in. Vila wasn't lying when he said the Space Rats fight dirty. Unfortunately the means of our entry provided ample opportunity for their leader to momentarily overpower me. He used Soolin as a hostage and fled.

We escaped to the Scorpio and left, but knew full well that the Space Rats would pursue us. Evidently the Federation had now also worked out where Dr. Plaxton was and came on our tails as well. With all hell breaking loose the Doctor fitted the Photonic Drive to the Scorpio main drive unit. I won't forget what Avon did next for the rest of my days. He set the drive to fire as soon as the final connection was made. I knew he was right when he said she'd be dead either way, but....AVON....!!!!
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 17 - Animals

Sometimes Avon has good ideas, sometimes he doesn't. Dayna had mentioned a scientist she used to know whose research might prove useful in our battle against the Federation's new weapon, Pylene 50. Avon sent the two of us to Bucol Two to try and find him, Justin. Seems he and Dayna had an 'understanding' while he was her tutor. This surprised me a little and bizarrely I found myself feeling protective. Some might've said jealous, but I knew better than that.

While she was on the surface, a Federation patrol appeared. Their impeccable timing never ceases to amaze me. The ship was badly hit and I was forced to abandon Dayna. I could only hope that she'd be safe down there. As if I wasn't angered enough by these events, Avon had the nerve to accuse me of being responsible for the damage!! There are occasions when I've come close to wanting to finish our disagreements right there and then and this was one of them.

Back at base and with the damage repairs underway I agonised over leaving Dayna behind. Vila went into the ballast channels to make further adjustments. Absurdly I joked about him having a hot tub when he'd finished, though to be honest I could've done with one myself. At last the repairs were complete and we were heading back to pick up Dayna.

Avon was right when he said the Federation were likely to investigate why we'd been there. Evidently Servalan obtained access to Justin's laboratory and took both him and Dayna prisoner. It was obvious that she wanted his research for her own purposes. I'm glad to say we thwarted her plans, however sadly for Dayna, Justin was killed in the ensuing battle.

These escapades that we find ourselves in are beginning to annoy me. We've made no real progress in gaining ground against the Federation and won't do unless we get some powerful allies on our side. Avon doesn't seem interested in that right now, even though we know that very soon we will be forced to relocate out of their range. Their current rate of expansion will bring them within reach of Xenon in the next two years. I can't say as that prospect enthralls me and I know the others share my concern. I wonder quite what Avon has planned, he certainly isn't prepared to share it right now.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 18 - Headhunter

Muller, Avon called him one of the great geniuses in the field of cybernetics. His wife Vena was staying on the base until such time as he could join her. A pleasant enough woman and friendly too. In fact it was a refreshing change to meet someone that I regard as 'normal' and that includes myself. Strive as we might to retain our humanity, it has to be said that circumstances frequently dictate otherwise.

Vila *sighs*, do I need to say more? His manners towards Vena left a lot to be desired. While I'd never prohibit life's little pleasures, he still could've behaved a lot better than he did. Avon's response was to send him along with me to pick up Muller. Naturally Vila was less than pleased and moaned constantly for the first hour of the flight. The journey would take at least 10 hours, so we decided to get some rest en route.

Shortly before arriving we were contacted by Muller who instructed us to teleport directly into his lab. This was a change of plan and a rather strange request. Had Avon not been so adamant we could trust Muller I'd have been a lot more cautious than I was. When I got down there Muller seemed in a state of distress, heightened by my picking up a box. After Vila teleported him I took it with me, it seemed important enough not to leave behind.

Back aboard Muller reacted violently and Vila was forced to overcome him. We thought he was dead at the time and put him in the cryo-suspension chamber. It was fron then onwards that everything seemed to go horribly wrong. Slave started showing signs of malfunction and a power surge in one of the drive units threw us off course. Avon advised to deactivate Slave and bring the ship back on manual, which we did. A little hard work Vila mocked, sometimes he just walks straight into them.

Once in orbit around Xenon the situation didn't improve. Slave was reactivated for circuit checks, but obviously the cause of the problems was still evident. The life support systems shut down completely. Vila and I tried to get into our life suits, but it was nigh on impossible in the dark and intense cold. We both lost consciousness and I didn't know what transpired from then until I awoke in the medical unit.

At some point Dayna had apparently been attacked, but by who or what? Muller reappeared, not dead after all and indeed not alive in the first place. In fact we had brought the android that Muller had spent his life creating. I felt responsible, but with Muller's actual head, I felt certain Avon would have also been fooled if he'd been in my place. Seems this android was the equal of Orac, but with extras. It fried my sidearm and Avon's too.

It wanted to join with Orac, become one immensely powerful entity. Whatever became of us, we had to destroy this thing, or be destroyed by it. Only one way, fit the head containing the restraint systems. But how to disable it and get the thing in place? Avon suggested running an electrical charge through the metal footbridge and so we set about our plan. Dayna and I hastened to the power plant while Avon set up the bridge and Vila and Soolin kept the robot occupied.

Ultimately we succeeded and Dayna destroyed the android. Avon reacted angrily, thinking he could've used it, with the restraint circuit in place of course. I've always believed that technological advances should be regarded in context of their purpose. If you create the ultimate weapon, it can only be used for one thing. Muller had endowed his creation with human attributes and perhaps after all, humanity will be the undoing of our kind.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 19 - Assassin

A message. One intended to bring about our fate. Evidently Servalan had finally grown tired of our efforts to thwart her plans. The facts we knew at this stage, Cancer - a hired assassin, five subjects - well guess who? Domo, a planet in the Sixth Quadrant and a date. Didn't take much effort to work out that a meeting was being planned.

Orac suggested we should find this Cancer before he found us, so into the maelstrom we went. Vila and Avon teleported down to the surface of Domo, though quite what Avon hoped to achieve I don't know. We've never been successful in eliminating Servalan so far, why should now be any different? While we waited for news, Dayna observed a ship leaving the planet. Curiously it left us well alone. Strange considering most visitors to this planet are either pirates or the scum of space looking to purchase slaves for their masters. None of which would potentially take kindly to our interference.

The plan seemed to work and Avon was taken by the pirates into their base. Presumably he intended to somehow reach Servalan when she arrived for the meeting with Cancer. The next thing we knew Avon was requesting a spare gun and an extra bracelet. What the hell for I wondered? Dayna went down and before long they returned with an elderly man with them. His name was Nebrox and apparently he'd helped Avon to escape. Needless to say Servalan also escaped which Dayna was far from pleased about.

We found Cancer's ship motionless, just sitting there. A trap? Of course it was, but we went anyway. After a thorough search the ship appeared empty and not surprisingly Cancer outwitted us. Piri, she saved our lives and appeared geniune enough. Certainly I was grateful for her intervention. Despite her somewhat 'fluffy' nature I liked her, so did Vila, but nothing new about that. A slave, or so she lead us to believe. And Cancer? Hardly the impressive fellow I'd imagined him to be.

The ship's controls were completely frozen and a game of cat and mouse ensued. Cancer played us one against the other, expertly trying to split us up. We'd be more vulnerable alone. It was Soolin who worked out the truth. Piri had duped us from the outset and the man we'd believed was Cancer? He was the real slave and murdered by Cancer's hand, Nebrox too. Soolin and I arrived just as Avon was about to join them and promptly dealt with the trickster and her 'pet'.

Now Servalan made her move, but left the communications open long enough for us to signal the Scorpio. They arrived in the nick of time and we teleported aboard just as Cancer's ship exploded. Another failed mission. We achieved nothing, but I suppose neither did Servalan. For small mercies we can at least be grateful.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Entry 20 - Games

More Federation murder. I wonder if the upper ranks are fully aware of what's going on? Who instigates these convenient accidents? Sleer? Admittedly she must be responsible for a lot, but even so, there's a limit to the extent of her capabilities. Having worked on the Scorpio drive systems for well over four hours I needed some rest, though Avon's interest in the Feldon power generation system inevitably took priority. One of these days we're going to be so exhausted that it proves fatal.

Avon's been communicating with outsiders again. I think he knows we don't approve, but doesn't feel that consulting us would achieve anything. I'd still prefer it if he told us, nonetheless. As for the Feldon crystals, Gerren had been providing Avon with information that would enable us to obtain the already stolen consignment. Typically however something went wrong and we had to change our plans.

Belkov is a trickster through and through. Blindly we went down under the auspices of rescuing him and subsequently the crystals. This seemed simple enough, but as I know only too well, reality is far from that. Accompanying Gerren to the surface of Mecron II we made our way to the processing plant. The noise of the operation would disguise our surreptitious entry, but unwittingly Vila gave our presence away. Having escaped and already lost contact with the Scorpio I instructed Vila to remain outside as backup. What other option was there?

Finally inside we found Belkov and as suspected he couldn't be trusted. A double cross was highly likely and it came in the form of being trapped under the launch area. I really must learn to be more vigilant. There was nothing else to do except wait. Gerren elaborated further on Belkov's plan, but to be honest it seemed immaterial now. Ironically Vila did come to our rescue and the Gambit computer gave us a way out, however we lost Gerren in the process.

Aboard Orbiter we worked our way through the challenges in order to reach the Feldon crystals, as we believed. Despite it making a change to put my piloting skills to good use, the games yielded nothing and with the Federation fleet hot on our heels Belkov attempted to use the crystals to destroy us. Avon thwarted his plan, but as the man said, end game to Belkov.
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
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