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Started: 09 July 2016

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Apr 2019 Ficlet Challenge
‘Our first concern must be to see that he has justice.’ Ven Glynd - The Way Back

The word prompt for this month is … ARBITER-GENERAL

Let’s have some courtroom drama, B7 style!

April, of course, begins with April Fool’s Day so for the second challenge, imagine how that may manifest among our crew.

My apologies for the late posting.
“We’ve a problem. He’s disappeared. I think it’s time I did too.”

The slight figure on the vid screen spoke with an authority which belied her youthful appearance. Ven Glynd looked thoughtful, weighing the situation.

“Is your brother still visiting Havant for treatment?”

“He is.”

“Good. We have the means to convince him. Right, my dear...Send me all the details. It’s time for you to die.”

“Sending now. The procedure...will it hold?”

“Oh yes. Mental implantation rarely fails. Poor Del will be convinced his sister has been tortured to death and he will blame Kerrvasan for it. Where will you go?”

“Ganymede. Its Governor and I have an acquaintance of some duration and his plantation is a perfect hideaway. When he returns to Earth, I shall accompany him as his wife.”

“A sacrifice...”

“Yes....but I shall find ways to amuse myself. I’ll arrange to leave immediately. Just make sure you trace him quickly and get him out of circulation. I don’t want my cover blown.”

“Consider it done.”


“Senator Rontane? This is unexpected.”

“The matter is urgent, Ven Glynd..It concerns the embezzler, Avon Kerrvason.”

“Not a problem...His trial is scheduled...the outcome beyond doubt..By this time next week his execution will have taken place. Problem solved.”

“His father is expressing....concerns...no doubt instigated by that hysteric he’s married to. Nevertheless it raises a difficulty. As he’s a major contributor to the Administration, the President is, naturally, keen to accommodate his wishes. “

“And those are...”

“No death penalty and the removal of any link to the family...”

“ Mind alteration...?”


“You do realise he’s managed to embezzle 50 million credits? It’s a capital offence. We haven’t been able to trace the money either. And he’s refusing to talk.”

“He won’t be able to spend it on Cygnus Alpha. By the time you’ve played with his mind, he won’t even recall that he had the money. Charge him with attempted fraud. His father’s rich enough to cover the losses.”


“ Is that him?” The podgy, self-satisfied Senator leant forward uncomfortably in his seat to get a better look.

The Prisoner stood at the podium, erect, but passive. He seemed disinterested in his surroundings, withdrawn. He was not tall but there was something distinctive, patrician even, in his appearance, despite the drab prison garb he was wearing. His face was pale, a purple bruise disfiguring one cheek, his expression set.

“Yes.” In absurd contrast to his overweight companion, Senator Rontaine was lean, vulpine and he wasted few words.

“Doesn’t look much like his father...”

“Favours his mother’s side I believe.”

The two Senators were interrupted as the Clerk to the court stepped forward. “Now be silent. By the authority of the Terran Federation, this tribunal is in session,” he announced.

There was a rustle of movement around the area, quickly stilled. The Prisoner appeared not to notice, his gaze blank, inward.

“The Arbiter will permit submissions,” the Clerk continued.

From her raised dais the Arbiter, a middle age woman, elaborately coiffured, raked the court with stern eyes.

“Bring the accused forward,” she said and the guards moved the unresisting prisoner to face her.
“ Kerr Avon, you are charged with....”

“ Bit close to the original...that name..isn’t it?” The pudgy Senator looked slightly alarmed. He held his hand in front of his mouth to disguise he was talking, speaking in the softest voice,

Rontaine kept his attention on the proceedings but whispered a reply from the corner of his mouth. “Necessary. The closer to the original, the less likely the implant will break down. Don’t worry. They’ve concocted a convincing back story for him. Disaffected Beta grade....Parents both dead... Brother killed in an industrial accident.”

“And....the Grant girl...”

“Oh he thinks she’s dead as well. Over zealous torturer. They arranged for her brother to visit him and give him the news. I understand Grant threatened to kill him for causing her death. Rather amusing... Good God...”

The last words were spoken aloud, startled from him as the Prisoner’s stony indifference shattered as the sentence was pronounced...

“ No...death...the sentence...execution...You must....” he screamed.

The Senators and Court Officials drew back in alarm from his wild gesticulations while the guards surged forward, pinning his arms. A hiss from the syringe one of them held and he slumped bonelessly.


“Well that was unexpected.” Ven Glynd nursed his glass of expensive brandy as he viewed the record of the trial. “Death wish do you think?”

“Possibly.” Senator Bercol took a large mouthful from his glass and then rested it on his ample stomach as he swallowed slowly. “He told a guard he was coming back. Revenging the death of his girl, or some such nonsense.”

“From Cygnus Alpha? He’ll be the first then. Refill?”
Edited by Anniew on 03 April 2019 14:44:00
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
So now we finally know why Avon's brother called Avon, 'Avon'! Quite chilling to see how many people had their memories faked by the Federation, but given the methods we have already seen in the series, it is very convincing.
Wow Annie, that is a wonderful, well thought-out, very dark story.
Something very believable indeed.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
Thank you Annie. That was epic.
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Joe Dredd
purplecleric wrote:
The word prompt for this month is … ARBITER-GENERAL

I am the very model of a Feddy Arby General,
I'll sentence you to Cygnus A then decide I should rebel

etc, etc, something about my hypnotic suitcase, looking different the next time you see me, etc.

The JD do-it-yourself filk entry.
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