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Jan 2019 Ficlet Challenge
"There can be no justification for deliberate murder." Blake - The Way Back

The word prompt this month is ... JUSTIFY

To show or prove to be right or reasonable, be a good reason for, declare righteous in the name of God or to adjust a block of text. Our characters justify their actions in many ways throughout the series. Are they right, or being reasonable?

For the second challenge:

The beginning of a new year comes with the promise of a fresh start and the intention to make changes. What resolutions would our heroes make and how would that change them?

Happy New Year to you all, and Happy Writing!

How can I justify the killing of all these people?

Thatís easy: They were evil-doers. Rebels. Dangerous terrorists.

But were they really?

They did not live up to their reputation when I met them. Instead, they looked like a pathetic gang of petty crooks. My men gunned them down in a matter of seconds. I canít believe they posed a threat to a society as powerful as the Federation.

My first doubts arose when I saw Serv... Commissioner Sleer frantically searching the base for Orac. (Note to myself: I must stop thinking of her as Servalan lest I accidently say it out loud. People who do so have a tendency to disappear.) Was this alleged super-computer the real objective of her plan? The way she caressed that plastic box made it look so. After all, Orac is an instrument of power; the very thing she needs to get back to her former position.

Our prisoner is sowing more doubts. Iíve been interrogating him for three days but I have the feeling that it is actually him who is in control of the situation. He seems to be cooperative and wilfully answers all my questions but in doing so he is trying to convince me that I have not been an instrument of justice but a tool for restoring the unlawful reign of the usurper.

Today, he has given me a secret code to hack into the audio system of Orac. I could hear ĎSleerí talking to it and I recorded her treacherous words.

Now I have proof of her real identity and her future plans. Nonetheless, I do not dare to arrest her. She has got her henchmen everywhere. As long as she is alive, they will support her. However, if she was dead and proven to have been a traitor, none of her supporters would want to be associated with her. Suddenly, they would always have been against her.

I know what I have to do.

How can I justify her death?

Thatís easy: Shot while trying to escape arrest.
Edited by Hugbot on 03 January 2019 21:19:00
Brilliant Huggy, bravo!!
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
The Final Resolution

I gave my life to the Federation, military school, service as a foot soldier, duty as a section leader, then off to officer cadet school, the academy, slaving away as a junior officer while senior officers took credit for my hard work and blamed me for their failures, and finally a field command of my own. You see, I wasnít born into privilege like Fleet Warden Samar orÖ others I could name. I worked my way up, I earned my rank and privileges, climbing from trooper recruit all the way to Space Commander, as high as anyone born outside the elite can dream of rising.

Yes, I gave my life to the Federation, doing the dirty work that needed doing on Zercasta and Auros. They talk of the innocent people I killed. Well, those Ďinnocent peopleí were harboring rebels, rebels who were killing my troopers. I put a stop to it and restored order. I saved lives, the lives of my fellow soldiers, the only lives that matter.

And they court martialed me for it. She court martialed me for it.

No, thatís not quite fair, she court martialed me because she needed a scape goat, someone to blame for her mishandling of the Blake affair, but thatís not quite fair either, is it?

What a bitter irony that thanks to Blake I escaped judgement. I even forgave her. I found the secret of Star One on Goth. I tested her. Would she share the power, giving me credit for my hard work and allowing me to share in the spoils, or spurn me, take it for herself and cast me asideÖ again.

I tested her.

She failed.

I was a fool.

No more.

I hereby resolve to right all wrongs, claim what is mine, and take my revenge. If this is what the Federation has become, a corrupt cancer thriving on the hard work of the dutiful, then it doesnít deserve my loyalty. I have kept the secret of Star One for myself. I have made contact.

I understand their goal. I donít care. In fact, I approve. All I ask is that they grant loyal troopers a soldier's death in battle, and let me live long enough to see Blake and Supreme Commander Servalan dead. All I ask is that they leave me alive until it is finished, until I am the last human alive.

After that, they can kill me. I may even take my own life. I think it would be a fitting Final Act.
Edited by JustBrad on 11 January 2019 19:42:37
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