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Horizon Advent Calendar 2018
My country is an hour ahead to yours; tomorrow I'll be very busy and I probably will forget to post my contribution if I don't do it now.
So here I open the next door (18 December):

Did you know that there is quite a difference in the way in which some prefer to present themselves to Santa?


Or: A certain rather nice computer expert just did this!


And as an extra, here is my favourite Christmas song.

(I would not mind to sing it with this ensemble and I even would not mind Servalan listening to it too)
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Joe Dredd
Day 19!

I know what we've all missed most about not having B7 Monthly on the newsagent shelves is the "Vila's Gags" feature, so here we go!
Joe Dredd

Did you hear about the Federation trooper who fell into a rock grinder on Mecron II?
He's perfectly fine now.

Richard Yeoman-Clark provided the Special Sound for all of series 1 and part of series 2, so David Maloney always kept him on speed dial. It was his Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

Vila and Gan raced up a hill.
"If I'm first, I'll scratch my name in the dirt patch at the top," called Vila.
Gan shouted back, "And if I get there first, I'll rub it out!"

Travis is making a documentary series about stealing pursuit ships. He's just shot the pilot.

Jenna asked Blake to pass her the lip balm, but he accidentally handed her the superglue. Now she's not talking to him.

If anyone out there is from Auron, raise my hand!

Vila's a workaholic. Any time someone asks him to work, he starts drinking.

Whenever Dayna sings, she gets a bit selfish. It's all mi-mi-mi.

Professor Ensor always said 70 was the new 50. No wonder he lost his driving licence.
Joe Dredd
Joe Dredd
Joe Dredd
Help Vila to feel safe!

Turn "VILA" into "SAFE" by changing one letter at a time.
Each change must make a new (real) word.

Joe Dredd
What comes next in this sequence?

PA, B, B, D, O, R, S, W, H, PP, ?
Joe Dredd
Blake, Orac and Avalon all had their names in episode titles. Can you find the name of a minor character from S1 hidden in one of the S3 episode titles?
20 December

Just a little fun....

Avon: We’re done for! We’ll never survive this…
Blake: We’ll not only survive, we’ll beat the Federation this time for sure.
Jenna: I can’t believe it! How could you get us into this mess. Avon’s right, you’re obsessed!
Blake: We’ll be victorious!!!
Villa: BLAKE, you told the Intergalactic Bake Off Committee that we’d challenge Servalan’s Christmas Pudding with a Yuletide Log!!!
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
Travis stood in the snow of Theta Deltiri 6 surrounded by Mutoids. His mission was to capture Blake and his crew. He wasn't sure exactly where they were but knowing his enemy he was sure that Blake would have split up his party .

Cally was watching Travis and reporting telepathically to Blake and Avon about his movements. Avon was concerned that she was overly impressed by Travis's planning.

"Servalan's here."Cally reported describing the ruthless Supreme Commander's clothes in vivid detail to Jenna. Both rebels were impressed at how easily she glided over the rough terrain in her high heeled boots, her furs draped to afford maximum protection against the weather.

The Mutoids had built a defensive wall surrounding the command area claimed by Travis. They had laid traps along the approaches and prepared their weapons and ammunition for a siege.

Blake had spilt his party. Cally had been left as a scout to watch the Federation base. Avon was in command of Dayna, Tarrant and Vila.
Jenna was in command of Gan, Soolin and Avalon.
Blake had Tyce, Kasabi and Del Grant under his orders.

They waited in the cold for the optimum time to strike .


The sun crested over the horizon, temporary blinding the Federation guards. With a whoop, snowballs from both the left and right flanks pounded into the base. Mutoids fell over themselves as their serum-depleted bodies struggled to retaliate in kind.

Avon using Orac's designed trebuchet flung bucket loads of snow at the shuttles preventing them being used as cover.
Servalan proved to be as deadly a shot with a snowball as she was glamorous. She single-handedly took out Cally and all of Blake's team, making a special effort to destroy Kasabi. She then turned her attention to Avon and company guarding the catapult. Dayna and Vila mounted a spirited counter-attack using Dayna's latest model, snow packed around an ice core, eventually driving her back.

The ground was soon littered with broken snowballs and the smashed walls of the Federation snow fort. Jenna's team eventually managed to break into he fortress and take Servalan hostage.
Travis was still screaming orders when Sinofar and Meegat declared Blake the winner. Giroc declared Vargas as the Lord of Misrule for the remaining days of the Old Earth celebration. Servalan, Travis and the Mutoids had to cook what President Sarkoff described as a Midwinter feast for Blake and his crew.

Vila had found some mistletoe and was currently snogging Soolin behind one of the shuttles, meanwhile both Avon and Servalan were missing. Jenna stood near the Terran greenery but Blake appeared to be either unaware of the significance or was pining for Avon.

Servalan and Avon re-appeared when the feast started. Her furs were covered in snow and she had a cat got the canary smug smirk on her face.

Blake handed a tankard of strong ale to Travis and asked, "Same time next year?"

Travis just glared with his one eye. "I'll get you for this Blake!" as he brushed away ice from his leather uniform.
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Joe Dredd
Unfortunately my modem has stopped working following a hail storm and I can only post using my phone. I’ll have to cheat and paste a link to someone else’s brilliance instead, so here’s the
B7 Book of Dinosaurs. There’s several other amusing bits and pieces if you search his site using the B7 tag.

trevor travis
THE EVENT: Emergency storyboard planning conference.
THE VENUE: Og’s shed, down the bottom of TT’s garden.
THE DATE: Late on December 22nd, 2018.

“Og, we’ve got a problem.”

“Oh no, a problem? Me worried. Have they run out of my inflatable Dayna dolls?”

“No. I’ve stocked up on those for you for the next five years, although I wish you’d stop throwing them off cliffs.”

“Me glad. What’s the problem, Trevor?”

“I’ve run of ideas for this year’s Horizon Advent Calendar. I left my entry until right at the end of it, to give myself plenty of thinking time, but I’m still stumped.”

“Me forget. What have you done before?”

“Well, an alternative end to Blake, to celebrate its 33rd anniversary, in which you were part of the crew…”

Og interrupted TT. “Me remember that one. Me got to charge at a lot of Federation guards – that was fun.”

“And then I did a tale to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Orbit… “

“Me didn’t like that one as much. It took weeks for that 70 kilos of fur to grow back.”

“Sorry about that Og. Next up, I had Avon shooting Santa, in a metaphor relating to how Blake’s 7 ruined my Christmas as a child viewer back in 1981…”

“Me not remember that one.”

“I don’t think you were in it. It concluded Roj Bear stained with Santa’s blood, and the crew of Scorpio stealing Santa’s Space Sleigh and Christmas being cancelled for all children forever more.”

“Me think that sounds a bit dark. What came next?”

“My alternative Warlord, again on the exact anniversary of the episode…”

“Me really enjoyed that one. Me remember the scene where me had to scare Zukan, by lulling him into thinking me was going to ram my horns right up his…”

“Yes, I know, I know, this is PG-13, you know.”

“Me had to do that scene seven times, because the first six times me… er… *accidentally* did ram my horns up his…”

“He was certainly Zu can’t by the end of that ordeal. But that was my last alternate take on the December episodes of Blake’s 7. There aren’t any more, so this year I need to do something different.”

“Me will think of something, but me need food. Me hungry.”

“It’s OK, the pizzas have just arrived. I’ve got your favourite – six meat feast pizzas. Eat up, Og.”

Twelve seconds later.

“Me liked those. And me have thought of something. Me think you’ll like this…”


It was Christmas Day. And they had decided to celebrate on the Flight Deck of the Liberator.

“Gentleman”, said Servalan, “please be seated. Dinner is served.”

The Mutoids brought in a fabulous spread of food, while Servalan raised her glass.

“I’d like to propose a toast, following the complete success of Project Avalon. Live long the Terran Federation…”

“The Terran Federation”, chorused Travis and Carnell.

They clinked glasses. Servalan saw Travis looked reflective. “What’s on your mind, Space Admiral Travis?”

“Sorry, Madam President. I’m just thinking how things could have been so different had I not consulted with Carnell…”


Travis was using Servalan’s office. It was the most private and restricted area on Space Command HQ.

“Carnell, you’ve had a chance to read the file. What do you think about Project Avalon?”

“I’m impressed, Travis. It’s very intricate – plus I like the bit about the interrogation table. I wish I could spot a flaw to increase my fee, but in all probability, it will be a success.”

“Something still makes me uneasy. Blake has this habit of wriggling free at the last moment. What happens if he somehow thwarts my plans once more?”

Carnell ears pricked up. “What would he do if he could?”

“He’d turn it back against me - he’s done it before. He’d use the Avalon android against me.”

Carnell smiled. The solution was simple, while he would receive extra payment, after all.


Avon was examining the inside of Avalon's head, having removed a portion of plastic and hair.

“Can you reprogram it?”, asked Blake.

Avon considered for a moment. “No. A few minor functions, perhaps, not much else.”

“That's enough. Jenna, take us back into the precise orbit we were in. Cally, I want an exact locator fix on that laboratory. We still have to get Avalon out of there. By the way, since when has Gan been female, and why does she look like Bella Emberg?”

It Jenna who answered. “The BBC insisted that Gan was re-cast as a woman for the purpose of this fan-fic.”

“Oh well”, said Blake. “It’s a Christmas tale, so I guess there had to be some snowflakes in it somewhere.”


Blake watched Avon as he worked. He suddenly saw a look of concern on Avon’s face.

He saw the reason for that. Avon had unearthed a second purple ball inside Avalon. His meddling had triggered a mechanism to crush that ball. And there was no way he could stop it…

“We’re dead”, stated Blake. Those were the final words he ever uttered.


“I must say, Travis”, said Servalan, chomping on a piece of turkey. “Your self-doubt saved the day. Had Project Avalon failed, you would have been placed on suspension, while my subsequent annexation of the presidency is unlikely to have occurred. What do you think of the wine, Carnell?”

“It has… it has… a bouquet, Madam President. I must say the whole meal is ravishing… almost as ravishing as the host.”

Servalan blushed. She liked it when Mr Smooth paid her compliments.

But, it was the last thing he did. Suddenly, both Carnell and Travis collapsed, with smoke rising from their bodies. It was a death that Servalan had never seen before.

A new voice spoke. A voice from the grave.

“You forgot one thing, Madam President.”

She stood up and whirled around. “Yes, Avon?” He was holding a box. Even with the sudden turn of events, she stayed cool.

“TT and Og always contain at least one twist in their stories.”

“And what was the twist in this one? I see the rumours of your death have been greatly exaggerated.”


“We’re dead”, stated Blake. Those were the final words he ever uttered.

In that instant, as the mechanism crushed the ball, Avon jabbed the middle button on his jacket. A gas mask came up to cover his face.

He saw the others suffer a horrible death. But he survived. Avon smiled, from behind his mask.


“You didn’t think the buttons on this top were just for show?”, asked Avon.

“Very resourceful, Avon.” Servalan clicked her fingers. “Mutoids!”, she commanded.

No-one responded. Avon grinned. “They’re also dead, thanks to this.” He held up the box. “Before you ask, it’s called IMIPAK. I stole it off a Beta-Grade Technician called Coser. It kills everyone who has been marked on a set frequency at the touch of button. Travis, Carnell and the Mutiods were all on the same frequency.”

“I like it – extremely neat.”

“I though you would.” He turned a control. “It’s now set the frequency I marked you with. All I have to do is press this button and…”

“I see. What do you want, Avon? You could have killed me by now if you wanted to. You’ve kept me alive. Why?”

“If I told you this had a range of half a million spacials…”

She looked amused. “You believe you have power over me?”

“Probably. Here’s the deal, Servalan. I get the Liberator, plus 500 million credits. And you leave me alone. If you don’t, I just have to move into the same solar system as you, and press this…”

“And how do I know you won’t kill me, anyway?”

“While you’re president, I’m safe.”

“I see.” She only needed a few moments of reflection. “It’s a deal. But, Avon, before you teleport me down to the nearest Federation stronghold, I request one thing…” She produced a piece of mistletoe. “After all, it is Christmas Day.”

He found himself drawn to her lips, and they kissed.

Straight away, he realised something was wrong. He tried to jab the button on the box, but his fingers were already numb. She grabbed the device and threw it onto the couch.

He was completely paralysed. “Poison on my lips”, she cooed in his ear. “It causes paralysis within seconds and death within a minute. You see, Avon, TT and Og often contain a second twist in their stories.”

Avon slumped to the floor.

“I think that concludes today’s business”, Servalan said, as Avon took his final breaths. She turned to face Zen. “MAXIMUM POW…”

“Not quite, Servalan…” It was Vila, and he was accompanied by a shaggy, hairy creature, the size of a man.

“What is that?”, she exclaimed.

“It’s Og, the co-author of this fan-fic”, stated Vila.

“Hold on, Vila”, pondered Servalan. “How did you survive?”

“Er, Og, how did I survive?”

“Me explain later.”

Servalan pressed on. “And if neither you or Avon died, then how come Travis didn’t realise your bodies were missing when he took control of the Liberator?”

“It’s a plot hole”, mused Og. “But me think it will give them something to discuss on the accompanying Advent Calendar discussion thread.”

There was a loud crash.

“I think that’s the sound of the fourth wall, completely toppling over”, said Vila. “It can’t take any more.”

Servalan was getting exasperated. “Look, what are you two doing here? You’re spoiling my moment of glory.”

Og smiled. “As it’s Christmas, me and TT have been really extravagant and included a third twist…”

Vila produced the IMIPAK box from behind his back and pressed the button. “And this is it!”

“NO!!!!”, screamed Servalan. Within seconds, her body was a smouldering mess.

“Nasty”, said Vila.


The Liberator was strewn with dead bodies, and it took Vila and Og some time to shift them all. Finally, it was done.

Vila broke into the drinks cabinet, and poured an adrenalin and soma for both Og and himself. They sat on the couch.

“Set the course for Gardinos, Zen”, commanded Vila. “Standard by six.”

+CONFIRMED+, said Zen.

“Hold on”, said Og. “Me have a better idea. Vila, we should go to set course first for Bucol-2.” Vila looked curious. “Me have a few buddies on Bucol-2, who need a trip to a new home, while it’s also the current location of Bayban the Butcher, and me think you’ll be interested in Kerril, his female hired hand.”

“Kerril, that’s a nice name…”

“She has nice legs, as well.”

“Now, you’re talking, Og. Zen ignore my last command and set course for Bucol-2 instead. A little detour before we reach Gardinos.”


“Merry Christmas, Og”, said Vila, clinking his glass into that of his companion.

“Merry Christmas, Vila”, replied Og. And then he turned to face… you…dear reader. “And me wish Merry Christmas to everyone on Horizon.”

And Vila, Kerril and Og lived as happily as was possible in the Blake’s 7 universe, until Vila and Kerril were massacred by Federation shock troops ten years later. Og escaped with a flesh wound.


Edited by trevor travis on 23 December 2018 07:45:20
Merry Christmas. While this isn't exactly a Blake's 7 story...
Okay, it exactly IS NOT a Blake's 7 story, but for all of you missing a Doctor Who Christmas special, here's a short one.

A sign at the head of the corridor read, St John’s Hospital - Quiet, Terminal Wing.

One of the dark and silent rooms filled with a soft, pulsating blue light. The flashing light was accompanied by a strange whooshing noise that sounded altogether unhealthy and drowned out the steady staccato of beeps and pings from a pair of life monitors surrounding an elderly woman lying in her bed amid a tangle of sensor cables and IV drips.

The aged woman cracked her eyes open at the whooshing sound, just in time to see a large blue box materialize. She smiled through the pain, ever present despite the steady flow of painkillers that did more to numb the mind than ease the body.

A white haired man in a black coat stepped out of the box. She greeted him. “Grandfather. You’ve regenerated.”

“Many times since last we met. Don’t look so surprised, I did promise to return one day.”

With great effort she managed to answer, “You nearly left it too late. This is my twelfth regeneration. I’m Susan number thirteen. This is the end of my story, Grandfather.”

“Was it a good story, Susan?”

“Yes it was, Grandfather. I found love, a family, and a people who need me.”

He offered a warm smile. “Good, but do you have any regrets?”

“Only,” she paused to cough, and again to catch her ragged breath once the coughing was done. “Only one. My work here isn’t finished.”

“That’s my girl, thinking of others, right up to the end.”

“And what of you, Grandfather. Did you ever find someone special?”

He pursed his brow. “Susan, as you well know, everyone I have ever met is special.”

“You know what I mean, Grandfather. I’ve no time left for riddles, so tell me plainly.”

His eyes were suddenly far away. “Yes, there was someone special. She died in a library a long time ago. I couldn’t save her. I saved all of Gallifrey, I saved Clara, though I had to defeat Rassilon himself to steal the remedy, but I couldn’t save River. I swore I would never let that happen again, so here I am.”

“Everyone dies eventually, Grandfather, even Time Lords, even me, you know that.”

“I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to take it lying down.”

Susan struggled to take in enough breath to say, “And yet you came to say goodbye.”

“I don't do goodbyes. I came because it’s Christmas.” He laid a small metallic disk on the bed. “Something for you, from Gallifrey. I picked it up while I was saving Clara. Actually, I saved Clara while I was picking this up for you. Two stones with one bird, and all that.”

She smiled. “Don’t you mean two birds with one stone?”

“Not in this case. You see, it was some bird. Some bird, indeed.”

She examined the disk. She had no idea its function, but it did bear the seal of Rassilon. “The Time Lords let you take this?”

“In the same way they let me take the TARDIS, yes.”

She ran her finger over the disk, examining the runes. “That sounds like quite a story.”

“Billions of years in the making. It did rather put me behind schedule. Sorry I came so late.” He snapped his fingers and the door to the blue box opened.

She looked up. “You’re leaving, aren’t you. You can’t summon the courage to stay to the end of my story, can you?”

“If you never read the last page, the story never ends. I will return one day. Until then, carry on in your beliefs and... You know the rest. Speaking of rest, I’ll let you get some.” The Doctor bent low and kissed the thirteenth Susan on the forehead.

Susan closed her eyes. When she opened them again she was alone. She began to wonder if he had ever really been there, and then her hand brushed the disk. There was a clasp. She passed out trying to summon the strength to open it.

The beeping of the life support monitor became a steady drone, the flashing light a flat line. And then, all was quiet. The silence was broken by the slightest of noises, a faint metallic click as the metal disk opened to reveal a clock face, and a strange golden light filled the room.

A dozing security guard startled awake at the sound of footfalls. He spied a young woman with jet black hair. “Here, miss, it’s well past visiting hours.”

“Sorry,” the young woman replied. “I dozed off. I do apologize, but unless I’ve broken some law, I’ll be on my way. I’ve a great deal of work yet to do.”

“Just let me sign you out. What’s your name?”



“Fore…,” she paused. “Call me Susan Fourteen.”

The Blake's 7 Gang's Annual Christmas Newsletter (2018)

Well, another year has nearly ended and it's been a busy one for our gang. The Muller android, or Muller as we call him, has finally been installed with a new head. The original android head, as you all know, just wasn't up to snuff, so we had repairmen come and fit Muller with a bright shiny Christmas tree ornament in size XXL and that seemed to do the trick. He is back to his old self, giving out hugs and after much schooling, has learned manners and now asks politely for Orac. We haven't given it to him yet, but with all the nice behavior of late, why not? What could possibly go wrong?

Og has been making strides too. We felt it necessary to bathe him and got all of our gear together only to find out Og had eaten the soap. Well, that took care of teaching him to brush his teeth. And besides, we got a really nice bubble show whenever he hiccuped. After finding yet another bar of soap, we stood him in a wash tub and scrubbed and scrubbed. After half an hour with a sturdy scrub brush and the garden hose, he was presentable for the Holiday season. A giant, industrial hair dryer and a few broken combs and brushes later, we find out he's been 'ginger' all the time and what a surprise that was to say the least! Who'd have thought?

Brian the spider is faring well. He made the school football team and actually scored a goal or two playing the rival team, Cancer's Crabs. It's a bit hard for him, being called a spider, and only having the four legs, but we don't draw attention to that as he's such a good sport. Brian has been busy helping out in the kitchen of late and in the drawing you can see he is clutching one of his creations, a home-made Kairopan-dy cane. He just can't get enough of those sweets. We've had to hide the rest so we'd have some left for the Holidays. And he's such a noisy eater. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! Bless.

The Moon Discs are thriving. They have gravitated towards a new leader of their clan, a giant Christmas pudding. Oh, the endless singing we hear now! We don't have the heart to tell them that the pudding is not of their race! I think it would be safe to say they all have 'visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads' now.

Algae the Decima is a real scamp. He loves to run around with his little hammer and knock things to pieces. What's that he has now? Oh, it is a Project Avalon purple plague ball. How nice! I hope it's just an amazing re-creation as we wouldn't want Algae to drop it and spoil the Holidays. I've told him to put it away carefully as you never know if Og might try and eat it! Really, you have to watch them every moment.

Well, that is the long and short of our year. I hope the next year brings the same fun and happiness as this one has. Can you believe it, this is our 40th newwletter and still we continue on! Here's to 40 more years and plenty of smiles and joy in our Fandom. Cheers and Happy Holidays.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.

Here we are at TARDIS con 2018 with none other than Jason Haigh-Ellery, founder and executive producer for Big Finish. Jason asked us to convey his best wishes for the Holiday season to all of our Horizon Forum members and to remind us all that they haven't forgotten Blake's 7 at Big Finish. New sets of boxed adventures will be available in 2019, along with a novel. So it will be a Happy New Year after all!
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
The alternative Christmas Miracle?

“You’ve killed Santa!”

“And that surprises you? The fool materialised on my flight deck....”

“Our flight deck”

“Shut up Tarrant. He gave no explanation for his presence and refused to stand still when ordered...”

“He was unarmed...”

“You demonstrate daily how easy it is to conceal weapons about your person, Dayna. I couldn’t take the risk he wasn’t doing the same....Why are you staring at me like that...?”

“Have you run out of depilator? You’re looking a bit....”


“Hairy? I’ve never looked hairy in my....Vila...you’ve doctored my supply haven’t you? Wait until I get my hands...”

“No honestly Avon. Soolin..help...I really haven’t touched his....Anyway he’d never have grown a beard that long in ten minutes.. And look, its white.”

“Vila’s right Avon...there’s a mystery here. How long have you worn glasses?

“Glasses?” Avon fumbled at his face in confusion with hands that were suddenly encased in white furry gloves. “I don’t wear....”. His voice trailed off and fascinated, his companions watched as his black leather jacket turned red and a jaunty pointed hat arranged itself becomingly around his hair.

“Orac,” Soolin demanded, slamming the key decisively onto its case. “What is happening to Avon?”

I would have thought that was obvious...+ the computer replied.

“Well it isn’t. Explain, please.”

+I am simply not interested in supplying you with information that your limited brains are capable of working out for yourselves. The logical alternatives are within the bounds of human reasoning. I suggest you consider them and leave me in peace to reflect on those matters which are not.+

“Orac.....you....”Avon advanced on the computer with what seemed like murderous intent, only to stop short and let forth a series of deep, body shaking laughs “Ho ... Ho...Ho...”

The others stared in disbelief.

“You ...you sound like .... “ Vila blurted out. “ Oh my, Avon, I think you’re turning into Santa.”

“ Don’t....Ho..Ho..Ho..be ridic...Ho...Ho..” Avon yelled, the “Ho Ho Ho’s” emerging involuntarily like hiccups even as he raged. He clapped his hand over his mouth as if to prevent further from escaping. A sudden movement by Slave’s station startled them all and with a shake of its horns the large ruminant that had been nuzzling the computer stood up and gave Orac an exploratory lick before nudging Avon. Caught off balance, Avon clung onto the creature’s horns to prevent himself from falling and, in a blink, they had both disappeared.


During the next twelve hours Orac proved unhelpful. The slobber from the reindeer had, it claimed, gummed up its works. Reluctantly, the crew returned to Xenon to decide on their next move.

Sometime in the night, they each awoke to the sound of jingling bells though there was nothing to be seen and in the morning each found a package on their bed wrapped in bright paper. Inside was a full pardon, signed by the President himself.

Shortly after this, it was announced on the Vid channels that the former President Servalan had been discovered on Hellotrix where she had been masquerading as Commissioner Sleer. She had been arrested and her illegal Pylene 50 programme shut down. Further, plans for democratic elections were now in place. It was expected that one of the candidates to run for the Presidency would be the former leader of the Freedom Party, Roj Blake who had recently returned to Earth with his partner Jenna Stannis.

What had happened to Avon remained a mystery for a while. It only began to make sense when Soolin told them that on Gauda Prime, Santa wasn’t a jolly white haired man. His alter ego, the Krampus, or Papa Crimblecheeks, was a terrifying creature who delighted in punishing naughty girls and boys as much as Santa liked rewarding good ones.

And then Vila received a message via Orac suggesting that they pay a visit to Kahn.

So they did. But what happened there is another story.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
I can't draw, I can't screen capture or manipulate images, but I can have a go with photoscape....
So for everybody on this forum, this is my Xmas card to you all...

Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Hidden Names, Hidden Identities

As promised, here is the solution to the Word Search on Day 13:


(click on image to enlarge)

The names and alternative names hidden in the grid were:.

Disentastra - Terminal
Kline - Docholli
Shivan - Travis
Silmareno - Horizon
Sleer - Servalan
Sula - Anna
Terra - Earth

Did you find them all?
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A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Musical Quiz!

The titles of several B7 episodes have appeared in song titles (or vice versa). Which B7 episode titles appear in the following:

1. Queen's _________ Queen
2. Europe's Final __________
3. Mike Oldfield's Moonlight_________
4. Patsy Cline's Love Letters in the ___________
5. John Lennon's Mind ____________
6. Rolling Stones' Emotional ____________
7. Judas Priest's __________ Gate
8. The Orb's Adventures Beyond ______________
9. Spandau Ballet's __________ (always believe)
10. Frankie, Jennifer and Huey's ___________ of love
11. Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith's ________ing Banjos...
12. ... which was used without permission in the film _______________

Answers on Boxing Day!
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A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Here are the solutions for the cryptic B7 quote stick people drawing puzzles:

1. I'm in hell and it's full of Avons. (Vila in DotG)
2. When Avon holds out the hand of friendship, watch his other hand. That's the one with the hammer. (Vila in Killer)
3. I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid and I'm not going. (Avon in Horizon)
4. You wouldn’t know where to start. (Soolin in Headhunter)
5. Brains, but no heart. (Avon in Star One)
6. Some days are better than others. (Forres/Grenlee in Rumours)
7. I’m not very keen on water sports, even at the best of times. (Avon in Aftermath)
8. Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people. (Avon in Mission to Destiny) Blatantly obvious, isn’t it?
9. That's the trouble with heroics, they seldom run to schedule. (Avon in SLD)
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