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Horizon Advent Calendar 2018
Joe Dredd
This is the thread for posting the calendar entries in. Contributors, please post your entry on the assigned day, whenever convenient. (If anyone has any problems, please contact any of the moderators.)

There are still days open for anyone who wants to join in. Just add your name here: Click!

Please post any comments on the Advent Calendar comments thread (Here).

My thanks to all the volunteers. We all hope you enjoy our contributions. Please keep in mind that we don't know what each other will post, and every entry is a surprise. If two people happen to have similar ideas then that is just a cause for extra celebration as "Great minds think alike" and it's great to have people with great minds in our club. No one should fret if someone else posts your idea first - that wouldn't be fun at all. Don't worry about it and just post your entry.

Lastly, don't forget that the 24th is a designated "free-for-all" day so if ANYONE gets inspired and wants to join in, please do - that's what the 24th is for!

Regards to all,

Joe Dredd
Hi everyone,

It's 1st December! Let's open the first little door.

Oh look, it's a puzzle.

Puzzle 1

Draw horizontal or vertical lines to join the matching pictures. No lines are allowed to overlap. No diagonal lines are allowed.

Here's an example to get you started:

True confession time: I was going to make this using some B7 rubber stamps I have, but I ran out of time. The cute little B7 figures are stolen from the recent Oric game, © José María Enguita 2017 (see here: Oric game).
Joe Dredd
Got it? Okay, try the second puzzle:

It's the 2nd of December in Australia......

My crossword has a theme and is a dedication. There's no prize for guessing who it is dedicated to but you may wish to announce who it is in 'secret' text in the comments thread.

If you copy the crossword and the clues to your computer (just drag and drop onto your desk top) you will be able to print them out. (EDIT - Travisina said right clicking on the image and selecting 'view image' then printing makes the image fit better on the printed page.)

Many thanks to Travisina for doing a test run for errors.



Edited by Tyce on 02 December 2018 11:18:19
Well, here we are.
The very last instalment of the Revels Saga.
It started in May 2016…in response to the May Ficlet Challenge prompt ‘Blake’.
For reasons known only to myself…and I can’t remember why, the Revels advert came to mind; the one where two chaps are in South East Asia playing a form of Russian Roulette…with a packet of Revels! The winner chooses the dreaded coffee one, but wins because he likes coffee!
And so, with that scenario in mind…Blake offered Avon a choice of sweets from the packet that he had procured from a recent planet visit and Avon ended up with the coffee one; the one that he hated because he had been force fed those whilst being interrogated by the Federation.
Since that fateful day, the Revels Saga has run parallel, sort of, to the series, but unlike the series, it didn’t end at Gauda Prime…
Instead, it has ended with Blake finally taking his battle to Earth; Avon finally having a planet where no-one can touch him and Servalan?
Yes, well, you can’t keep a good ‘bad person’ down.
She’s still intent on regaining her power…but that’s another story!!!!
And again, Lurena has worked her magic and produced 2 piccies!!

The Revels Saga Finale
Part Six

“So, she’s left you then?”
It was Vila, joining Avon on the balcony, overlooking the sweeping scenery.
Avon nodded ruefully.
“Still, she’ll be back,” Vila said, sipping his glass of champagne.
“How can you be sure?” Avon asked, casually brushing aside Vila’s offer of a glass too.
“Oh, a monthly supply of Milk Tray from Messr’s Cad and Bury. They were really taken by our blonde gunslinger. Tarrant will pick them upon his way through.”
“That’s convenient.”
“So, let’s see; Tarrant is settled, Dayna’s found her ideal job and you’ve got what you’ve always wanted. A nice quiet planet, with money rolling in and no-one to touch you. Yet, you don’t seem pleased.”
“She’s still out there, Vila.”
“We think…”
“Oh, she is. Servalan has enjoyed power for far too long to give it up that easily.”
“How do you know she’s still alive?”
“I just do….”
“By the way, Soolin asked me to give you a message.”
“That’s nice of her.”
“Hmm, I thought so too. Well, she said to tell you that if anything happens to me...she’ll come gunning for you.”
“I wouldn’t have expected anything less…”
“So…what are you going to do now?”
“What I’ve always done,” Avon turned away from the view, “Be here to get Blake out of whatever mess he gets himself into…Besides, Orac has intercepted some rather worrying business transactions.”
“Really?” Vila replied absently, sipping his champagne.
“It seems that someone is acquiring several small confectionary producers…”
“Not Servalan, surely?”
“Possibly. And with that sort of power…well she could blow Blake’s dream of a Federation run by honest men right out of the water.”
“Eh…you’ve lost me,” Vila confessed.
“If she can somehow manipulate the sweet supplies to Earth…”
“What? Withhold them?”
“There will be riots on the concourses of every Dome City. Blake won’t stand a chance! What can we do?”
“Increase production, when the time comes. Which it will, eventually.”
“But if it is Servalan…she could come gunning for you…and me!”
“My Hero. She will have to find us first. But I will be ready and I will be waiting.”
Vila didn’t quite like the sound of that and decided to change the subject.
“I think I may well have some good news for you, by the way. Soolin and I have spent some time going through the archives of this place and we have found something that may interest you.”
“Really,” Avon said in a bored tone.
“It’s to do with these,” Vila said, producing a packet of Revels from his pocket.
“Oh no, Vila.”
“Look, all this started because Blake stole some packets of sweets and then asked you to choose one...”
“Don’t remind me, “Avon shuddered at the thought of that confounded coffee flavoured one.
“What you didn’t know, was that one of those Revels was actually quite easy to distinguish; the chocolate one. And I’ve made you a whole supply of them. They are called Galaxy Minstrels.”
“Just chocolate. Ideal for all those people who don’t like the coffee flavoured Revels because of the bad memories.”
Avon shuddered again, as he recalled his time in the Federation interrogation suite and being force fed the coffee Revels.
“For me?” Avon asked.
“Yes,” Vila said, taking another packet of sweets from his pocket and opening it.
Avon hesitated as he reached in to take one of the sweets.
“Look, they are all the same; round slightly flattened ones. That’s how you know what you were getting with the Revels.”
“You did?”
“Yes, but Blake had snaffled all those before he asked you to choose.”
Avon stared at him.
“Go on…choose one.”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Look, there’s no catch. Why don’t you try one and then…”
“And then what?” Avon asked, still not sure about this packet of Minstrels.
Avon almost smiled.
Vila beamed with delight and then leaned over the balcony, both thumbs up.
“Okay ladies, he loves them. Let’s get the celebrations started.”
Below him, the red fur clad ladies hoisted bunting and switched on the illuminations around the lake.
“Vila, they are not exactly disagreeable, so why the fuss?”
“Because, you old stick in the mud, we are having a party to celebrate.”
“To celebrate what?”
“Finally finding something that you actually like!”
“I wouldn’t go that far…”
Suddenly music filled the air.
“What’s that?”
“What’s a party without music?” Vila shrilled, dragging a bewildered Avon down the stairs and out into the garden. “It’s some beat combo Dayna found…the Dudley Simpson Orchestra!”
But it was to no avail. As Avon emerged into the brilliant illuminated garden, fireworks suddenly lit up the sky.
“A party?” Avon asked, still somewhat bemused, “For me?”
“Yes, celebrations all round…come and join the REVELS!”

Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
For the 4th day of Advent let's have a Holiday Carol sing-a-long. Here are four new Blake's 7 themed songs to sing at your next holiday gathering. And-a-one, and-a-two, and-a-three....Sing! And Happy Holidays, my friends!

Moon Discs we have Heard on High
(Sung to: Angels We Have Heard On High)

Moon Discs we have heard on High
Singing Christmas lullabies
Shining, crystal cactus plants
Singing other-world descants

Ah- ah-ah-ah- ah
Ah ah- ah- ah- ah
Ah ah- ah- ah- ah -Auronare
They are telepathic

Ah ah- ah- ah- ah
Ah- ah- ah- ah- ah
Ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- Auronare
They're the telepathic race.

Come! Let's sing to your gal Cal'
She has always been our pal
Come! Oh Moon Discs, ply the sand
(as) She has 'Freddie' in a pan


Oh, lift your voices up as one
As we meet the morning Sun
Shiny Moon Discs, shiny plants
Gather all and sing our chants


Kerr Avon

(Sung to: Jingle Bells)

Down on Gauda Prime
Where the Scorpio has crashed
Is our Del alive?
Or did he get quite smashed? (hee hee hee)

Avon's on the run
With Orac as his guide
Through the trees they find the Base
All Hell breaks loose inside! -Bang!-

Kerr Avon, Kerr Avon, why did you shoot Blake?
Don't you know you ruined our Hols
By making that mistake! -Bang!-

Kerr Avon, Kerr Avon, why did you shoot Blake?
Don't you know a friend from foe?
You fool! For Heaven's sake!

Vila's on first watch
Their choice for that quite bad
Soolin, Dayna sleep
What fun they all have had

Fliers overhead
Blake, Tarrant finally meet
The Feds may win, I'm sad to say
Oh, won't this be a treat! -Bang!-

Kerr Avon, Kerr Avon, why did you shoot Blake?
Don't you know you ruined our Hols
By making that mistake! -Bang!-

Kerr Avon, Kerr Avon, why did you shoot Blake?
Don't you know a friend from foe?
You fool! For Heaven's sake!

Dorian, Dorian
(Sung to: Silver Bells)

Dorian, Dorian, what do you have in your cellar?
Dorian, Dorian, why is a Sea Devil there?

Down on Xenon, in the crew room, Soolin greets them with wine
No idea that Dorian's 'different'
Bathe and shower, change of clothes -done- this might just work out well
Until Dayna finds 'Bruno' down stairs

Dorian, Dorian, what do you have in your cellar?
Dorian, Dorian, why is a Sea Devil there?

Vila gets drunk, finds a Fed gun, this will be his big day
While the others get 'sorbed by the Gestalt
Dayna's frightened, Avon shoots back, Dor' collapses in pain
Now the crew take control of the Base

Dorian, Dorian, what do you have in your cellar?
Dorian, Dorian, why is a Sea Devil there?

I'm Dreaming of a Fifth Series (My personal favorite!)

(Sung to: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas – with apologies to Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosie Clooney and Vera Ellen!)

I'm dreaming of a Fifth series
Just like the ones I've read in zines
Where our heroes come back
To fight the Hommiks
Or Decimas – if those would please

I'm dreaming of a Fifth series
With every fibre of my being
We can re-write history it seems
And be happy with our fevered schemes

I'm dreaming of a Fifth series
With every fan fic that I write
Where we bring our guys back
And even Del Grant
To fight the bad guys left and right

I'm dreaming of a Fifth series
And hope Big Finish thinks the same
May our wish be granted post haste
And we get a series to our tastes
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
On the 5th day of Advent Blake wishes everyone Happy Rebel Holidays and gets into a festive mood!

"Help! Help! I'm being decorated!"

"Too late. I am decorative now."
Advent Calendar day 6.

This is an not new, nor is it something I can take credit for (or is that 'criticism' for... LOL) but it's a bit of fun - and to my knowledge the only time someone has written a song about B7 (with the exception of Brad and Paula's wonderful carols of course). :-)

Edited by Tyce on 06 December 2018 04:44:57
(Inspired by our recent rewatch of Sand, and recalling the old proverb that some people can only be happy when they are unhappy. And I'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be one of those stories that only sounded good in my head).

The weather outside, frightful.
The fire, delightful.
Of course, when I say fire, I’m using poetic license, as it sounds so much nicer than terraforming geothermal heat exchanger, which we’ve reversed the field on, and keep at minimum power so it only heats the base. Where was I? I’ll start again.

The weather outside, frightful.
The fire, delightful.
Since we’ve no place to go.
Let it snow.

“Ah, Councilor Exposition, a word? Have you any idea where Commissioner Sleer is off to in such a hurry?”

“No idea, Secretary Foreshadow. Do you think it has anything to do with that strange message we received from Colonel Klegg?”

Secretary Foreshadow’s eyes widened. “Colonel Kegg sent that, the youngest, yet meanest member of the Klegg family, far more sadistic, soulless, tougher, and smarter than Section Leader Klegg of the Federation Death Squad?”

Councilor Exposition frowned. “Yes, I believe that’s right, but surely that’s my area of expertise. You stick to foreshadowing. I recall Commissioner Sleer assigned Colonel Klegg to find a replacement for Pylene 50 after those rebels concocted an antidote.”

Secretary Foreshadow grew reflective. “I wonder if Colonel Klegg has made a breakthrough, if something has gone wrong, or both? Is that better, Councilor?”


“And I wonder why, if they have a terraforming geothermal heat exchanger, they still have snow?”

Councilor Exposition waved an admonishing finger. “Don’t over do it.”

* * * * * *

Vila puzzled. “It’s the holiday season back on Earth. We should be partying. Why are we going to a cold, miserable, snow covered planet anyway?”

Tarrant answered, “Oh, do keep up, Vila. Possible vague scientific breakthrough, Servalan is going, do we want her to have it or do we want it for ourselves. You know, the usual.”

* * * * * *

Servalan scowled at the empty corridor. “No official escort? Colonel Klegg’s reputation for efficiency must be exaggerated.” She set off. Two decorative and wholly expendable staff officers fell in step behind her.

Festive music and bad singing could be heard in the distance. Servalan followed the noise to a large central hall where a Yule themed party was in full swing. Civilian scientists and Federation officers, many of whom were out of uniform, were dancing badly, singing even more badly, and drinking quite well. Alas, Servalan was in no mood to give them points for One out of Three.

A young woman came bouncing up to Servalan proffering a bottle of bubbly. She wore a Federation officer’s hat and had a scar over her right eyebrow. “Welcome! Have a drink, friend.”

Servalan adopted her sternest countenance. “I am Commissioner Sleer, and I am not your friend, as you will soon find out. I demand to see Colonel Klegg at once.”

“Sleer, baby, I didn’t expect Chauvinism from you. I am Colonel Klegg! Have a drink.”

“You’re Klegg? Then perhaps, before I have you shot for dereliction of duty, you can tell me what the hell is going on here.”

“Hey, Sleer, honey, you wanted a stronger pacification drug than Pylene 50. We got it for you. This whole planet is literally covered in it. Look at us, have you ever seen such a happy group of stuffy scientists and sadistic stormtroopers? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

* * * * * *

Avon studied his scanner. “We’ve arrived in perfect orbital position. Good work, Tarrant.”

Tarrant set the automatics and stood. “Shall we, Avon?”

Dayna and Soolin rose as one, though it was Soolin who spoke. “Oh, no. You two aren’t going down alone. Not with your combined histories with Servalan. Tarrant, don’t think for a moment we’ve forgotten what happened on Virn.”

Avon said, “We’ll all go. Servalan’s ship is already on the planet. Orac can operate the teleport.”

Orac whirred, as if clearing his throat. “I would advise caution. Soolin is to be complimented on reminding you of Virn. Like the sand planet, there are trace elements of a strange life form, in this case exuding a unique chemical pheromone.”

Avon sneered. “We’ll be careful, and we’ve all been inoculated against Pylene 50. Let’s go.”

Following the sound of festive music, they soon arrived at the grand hall. The room was full of revelers, but their eyes were drawn to one figure in particular.

Avon asked, “Are you all seeing what I’m seeing?”

Tarrant replied, “I see it, but I don’t believe it.”

Servalan was perched on a table, dancing wildly to the festive music. Seeing the crew of Scorpio, her eyes lit up. “Avon! Tarrant! Darlings! Just what this party needs.” She hopped down from the table and darted across the room, taking the taciturn computer expert by the hand. “Come on, Avon, let’s cut a rug.”

A young woman wearing a colonel’s hat and a broad smile approached Tarrant. “Oh, Sleer, baby, these must be the rebels you told me about. If that’s one’s Avon, this one must be Tarrant. Come on, curly, show me some of those famous pilot moves. Let’s dance.”

Soolin and Dayna had drawn their guns, but had not fired. “We’ve got the drop on them.”

“But we don’t know what’s going on,” Tarrant replied. “Perhaps if Avon and I keep them occupied while you three question the troopers and scientists for clues to the mystery drug? Just for once dance?”

Vila beamed, “Right, looks like I get my holiday party after all. Come on, girls!”

Dayna whispered, “Who do you want to shoot first?”

Soolin answered, “Don’t tempt me.”

A little later…

Avon sat on a large divan. Servalan sat in his lap, her arms draped across his shoulders. Tarrant and Colonel Klegg sat next to them, similarly entwined, their lips locked together in a seemingly endless kiss.

Avon looked into Servalan’s eyes. “This isn’t right.”

“No, it isn’t.” She leaned close.

Avon added. “Something is wrong with us.”

“Yes.” She nibbled at his ear. “Do you want to leave?”

“No!” This came from Tarrant, who had to break free of Colonel Klegg’s embrace to answer. She grabbed his head in both hand and planted another fierce kiss on him.

Avon nervously glanced around the room, but all was well. Vila was drinking with some ratings, Dayna was chatting and laughing, yes, laughing, with a young Federation scientist. There came the retort of gunfire, and then an answering shot, but it was only Soolin and a stormtrooper taking turns shooting glasses off each other’s heads.

Avon recalled Orac’s warning. “It’s the snow. It wants us happy. It must feed on positive emotions.”

Servalan beamed a smile, her nose crinkling in such a cute way that for a moment she didn’t look homicidal at all. “Right in one. You are the clever one, aren’t you? It took me two whole days to work it out, even after Virn.”

“You’ve known, and you haven’t acted? Why not?”

“Oh, Avon, I was waiting for you. By the way, when I asked if you wanted to leave, I didn’t mean the planet, I meant the party. There’s an empty storage room just down the hall.”

Even later…

“Oh, Avon, darling. Have you ever been this happy?”

“Once,” he replied, “It was a lie, as is this, I suppose.”

She slowly shook her head. “Not entirely. One of my decorative young scientist has deduced the nature of the snow. While it’s true the snow creature feeds on positive emotions, the chemical pheromone the snow exudes suppresses only negative emotions. It does nothing to positive emotions.”

Avon puzzled her meaning. “Not exactly Holiday Cheer in chemical form, is it? It looks like you’ve failed to find a replacement for Pylene 50.”

Servalan snuggled close to Avon. “Oh, but I haven’t failed. Normal people naturally want to be happy. Even Klegg is happy. Just look at you and I, sitting here canoodling when we’d rather be killing one another. Freed of our negative emotions, our positive emotions run rampant. The fondness we feel for each other is real. Freed of such abstract concepts as duty and responsibility, we can experience true happiness; love of our fellow man, and love for each other without apprehension, mistrust, jealousy, fear of betrayal, ambition, greed, or the need for…”

“Revenge?” he asked.

“Dayna hasn’t tried to shoot me once.”

He studied her blissful expression. “Have you ever been this happy, Servalan?”

“Never. Kiss me, Avon.”

“Well, if you insist.”

Not that much later…

Vila was still drinking. Tarrant and Klegg were still at it. Dayna was dancing with a young scientist. Soolin was on the divan with a handsome young Federation officer. She offered a sigh of profound contentment.

Avon and Servalan stood in the middle of the grand hall staring at each other. Each sighed, not in contentment, but in frustration.

Servalan spoke. “What is wrong with us? Have we developed an immunity to the snow’s influence?”

Avon looked into her eyes, but the magic, or chemical reaction, or whatever it was, had waned. “Perhaps people like us are not meant to be happy.”

“Oh, Avon, there are no people like us, but you are right. I loved you far more when I could also hate you. Kissing you was so much sweeter when I was planning your death while wrapped in your arms.”

“I know what you mean. I will never forget that feeling on Hal Mellanby’s base, kissing you passionately while my hands inched towards your throat.”

A tear came to Servalan’s eye. “Is there nothing we can do to regain that special feeling we once held for one another?”

Avon smiled. “Well, now. Since you asked….”

Ice cold air flooded the base. Heads began to slowly clear. Avon stood at the computer control terminal wearing a smug expression.

Servalan asked, “What did you do?”

Avon turned to her. “My little Yule present, just for you and I. I reset the field of the terraforming geothermal heat exchanger and cranked it up to full power. The base is cooling, the planet warming. The snow is melting. It’s working already. Do you feel it, the hate, the rage, the contempt for all humanity rising within you?”

She smiled. “I do! I’ve never felt such bitter resentment! Oh, thank you, Avon.” She threw herself into his arms. There followed a passionate kiss. He felt the point of a knife at his back. She felt his fingers wrapping around her throat. The kiss renewed with even greater passion.

When the kiss finally broke, Avon held her close and glared at her in that very special way. “Do be careful until we meet again. I can’t bear the thought of anyone but me killing you.”

She replied in kind. “I shall not rest until I have utterly destroyed you and all you hold dear.”

They kissed again. Avon reluctantly broke the embrace. “We’d best move. It’s only a matter of moments before the shooting starts. When the fighting begins in earnest, I shall be aiming for your head.”

“Oh, Avon, you always know just what to say. I want you to know, of all the men in my life, I’ve never hated any of them the way I hate you! Thank you for restoring my lack of faith in humanity.”

“Servalan, I totally despise you with all my heart, and shall do so forever.”

“Merry Christmas, Avon.”

“Happy Hanukkah, Servalan.”
Edited by JustBrad on 09 December 2018 03:51:23
OK. Originally I had planned Something a bit more ambitious. Unfortunately, computer problems have prevented me from doing so. So instead, here's an alternate ending to the Big Finish audio story: The Magnificent Four. While I like the story, I don't like the ending (as Avon is written like the series 4 Avon, and I don't like series 4 Avon, so here's Avon written like he was in series 1-3):

"Avon, you saved my life, didn't you?" Cally asked.

"To step off the platform, you had to pass through the forcefield keeping the rest of us safe. And as you did so, it registered your bracelet." Avon explained. "The Liberteen's systems correctly summarised that there was a man overboard and reeled you back in."

Cally laughed. "When did you work that out?"

"It was a long time ago. One day I was wondering around the Liberator, and I thought of an interesting experiment: What would happen if a hole was ripped open and somebody was ripped out of the ship?"

Cally nodded. "So how did you find out?"

"I put a teleport bracelet on the body of Tarvin and threw it off the platform." Avon explained.

"And it landed back in the teleport bay." Cally realised.

Avon nodded. "One of the things I did on the Liberteen, was reconfigure the forcefield so that it only read our bracelets. In case our new allies didn't work out."

Cally sighed in relief. "I thought You had only figured it out shortly before I stepped through the forcefield!"

Avon grinned. "That's something Blake would do, but not me."

Cally gasped. "Blake would never do that!"

Avon glared at her. "Are you sure about that?"

Cally opened and closed her mouth a few times before throwing her arms up in frustration and left the teleport bay. Avon smiled in self-satisfaction.
Ellen York
The official start to my Christmas season for the last 20 years has been the concert put on by the student chorale at the local university. I adore Christmas music and it is a fun show with both old favorites and less common pieces. Some of the songs are audience sing-alongs (no, I didn't sing the B7 versions). I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but a crowd of several hundred is sufficient camouflage for my lack of talent. At the end of the show they hand out small bells and everyone jingles along with Jingle Bells and Sleigh Ride. So to get you in the Christmas spirit here is one of my favorite versions of Sleigh Ride. Have a virtual bell and jingle along.

*12 december
Look, Santa brings you a present!


Or...er...is that the real Santa???
Oh well, never mind.

Wouldn't you like to have a 2019 B7 calendar on your start screen, or as a printed version hanging on your (room 100??) door? Safe download here! Unzip and it is ready for use/print.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
2 mins past midnight on 13th Dec, and waaaaaay past my bedtime, but I wasn't sure if I'd have time to post this before going to work tomorrow. So here it is now:

Hidden Names, Hidden Identities


(click on image to enlarge)

Some B7 characters and planets had more than one name. Hidden in this grid are 14 names.

7 of these names are:


The other 7 are the names by which each of these characters or planets was better known. Can you find them all?

Words can read in any direction, and some letters may overlap. Answers on 24th December.

Have fun!
My views are my own.

VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
This is set during series 4, a little while after the events of Traitor. It is shamelessly sentimental so if you buy into it you are probably in the wrong universe!

A Christmas Miracle?

“Ho, Ho, Ho,”said the intruder.

“Who the hell are you?” Avon trained his gun with menace at the humanoid who had appeared suddenly on the Scorpio flight deck. “And what is that…creature.. doing here?” he added as a large horned animal materialised beside it.

“Pooping apparently,” Vila offered helpfully, earning himself a poisonous glare, although that was indeed the case. “Like the red ensemble,” he continued chirpily to the intruder who sported a full white beard and was clad from head to toe in red flannel edged with white.

“Thank you,” said the intruder, patting his ample stomach. The animal pawed the metal floor with a scraping sound, distributing the poop liberally and completely destroying one of the sun loungers with its hind hooves. Dayna swiftly vacated the other. Soolin had already moved to Avon’s shoulder and her gun was also pointing at the intruder but the latter seemed unconcerned by this dual threat and reached his hand out towards the creature.

“Quiet Rudy,” he said. The animal nuzzled him affectionately, lowered itself to the floor and began licking Slave with a lengthy, pink tongue.

“ I like red,” the intruder continued, indicating Rudy’s nose which was glowing scarlet, “as you can see. Sort of warming for the time of year don’t you think?”

“Time of year? Warming? We’re in space. Ambient temperature and no seasons to speak of,” Avon expostulated testily. “ Now what are you and that …thing…doing here, besides polluting my flight deck?”

“Our flight deck,” Tarrant called out from his position at the controls of the ship.

“Not the time Tarrant,”muttered Dayna who had edged around the animal, narrowly avoiding its horns and squeezed in beside him.

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” the intruder offered again, with slightly less ebullliance.

“Stop that,” Avon snarled. “ ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ is not an adequate explanation for your presence here. I ask again, who are you and what do you want with us? You have three seconds to answer before I blow a hole in your gut… I warn you I’m not a patient man.”

“ Better do as he says mate,” Vila advised. “ Avon always keeps his word.”

“ One…”

“I’m Father Christmas.” The intruder interrupted Avon’s countdown and then stared at the incredulous faces of the crew. “Father Christmas. Surely you’ve heard of me? I’m here to grant you a wish each.”

“This has to be a Federation trap, Avon,” said Tarrant, voicing the general suspicion.

“ Yes.” The word was hissed out as only Avon could hiss it. “Did Servalan send you?” His finger on the trigger tightened ominously.

“Servalan. Certainly not. I only grant wishes to good girls and boys.”

“Well that definitely rules Avon out,” Vila remarked to the room.

They were surprised when Father Christmas shook his head and took a step towards Avon.

“Stand still,” Avon warned but the other smiled at him, locking Avon’s gaze, and to everyone’s amazement, Avon lowered the gun.

“You do your best,” Father Christmas said gravely. “ Even when it’s not been easy. And when it matters, you usually do the right thing. You get your wish.”

“And what will that be then, Avon?” Soolin asked with dry amusement as she holstered her own weapon.“Rich and powerful so no one can touch you? Servalan’s head on a platter?”

Avon seemed to be looking past them at something none of them could see.

“Cally,” he said.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
I showed this little Russian animation on Blake's 7 origins to some people at CA 4.0, but then I discovered the version with English text.

So here it is: "Creation of B7". Enjoy. Smile

And behind the 16th door there is ...

... a quiz! Can you identify the following Blake’s 7 quotes? (Click the pictures to see a larger version.)









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Joe Dredd
Thanks to the vagaries of the international dateline, it's the 17th in Australia. I'm opening the door...!

As usual, you can click on the picture to see a larger version*.


*Yeah, like it's worth looking at!!
Joe Dredd
Hugbot's game is so addictive, I had to give it a try too.

And the phrase is...?

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