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Started: 09 July 2016

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"Bohemian Rhapsody" movie - opinions?
Dear Horizon (and fellow Queen fans),

I am thinking of going to see the new Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody at the insistence of my cousin and parents. However, as a lifelong Queen fan, I have my doubts about the movie's quality assurance and accuracy - how well does it depict the band, and most importantly, how far does it go into the uncharted territory of its main subject, the late great Freddie Mercury? Is it worth viewing? I fear that if I go to see it, then my vision of a Queen movie will be shattered like a broken pedestal. On the other hand, it might just be what I've been waiting for.

Yours sincerely,
One Spare Part
A few of my friends have been to see it. I asked them the same question since I had the same doubts. It doesn't go into depth into his "private" life too much. Neither does it take a swipe. It is more of a tribute to Freddie. Not a brilliant film but Queen fans will enjoy it. If you want the dirt digged up you will have to go elsewhere. That sums up their opinions, I think. Is that reassuring?
If it helps I have been given some very positive reviews since this was posted originally. Appreciations of the sound experience as well as the visual.
Edited by One Spare Part on 09 November 2018 13:30:55
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
I haven't seen this film yet.
But whilst on the Azura cruise ship a few years back, they had a Freddie Mercury Tribute act on. I was bit apprehensive, but Dearest had seen the same guy on the Oriana the year before.
I don't know the chaps name, I'll have to look it up, but as the audience came into the theatre, I could see parents with their children right down the front.
I thought 'What on earth will these children think?'
I needn't have worried.
On came the guy, looking and sounding like Freddie and he was marvelous with those children, chatting away with them as if their parents weren't there!
The house band were doing their Queen bit and they were fabulous. The lead guitarist, as Brian May, got a standing ovation as did the chap who was Freddie.
Those children became Queen fans that night and if we ever go on a cruise again, and this chap is on, I'm going to be in the front row this time!!!
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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trevor travis
Sweevo, it's wildly factually inaccurate, but it's a good film.
Factually inaccurate? I'm surprised considering it had the band's backing.
One Spare Part
sweevo wrote:

Factually inaccurate? I'm surprised considering it had the band's backing.

Maybe they needed to alter the timeline on some events for dramatic purposes. I don't think it is done out of disrespect.
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
One Spare Part
Ok. Just got back from seeing the film. Yes some things happen out of time but it is definitely to make it work as a piece of drama. Am sure this was explained to the band. The film makers have 2 hours to tell a story and it needs to make sense.
I can accept that having seen the film. No it isn't brilliant but if you are a Queen fan you WILL like it if not love it. It does capture the feel of the band. And being a soppy sod, I could have cried at the end if I hadn't been in company...when I watch it again solo , I will. People love Freddie; they love the band, the music. This is not bad as films go, as a tribute to Freddie it is ok. Nobody wants to see anything negative about Freddie...he is too loved. As a reminder of how brilliant the band was, this film is great.
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
I love Queen (and Freddie), but have no real urge to see the film. I'd rather re-watch this short YouTube documentary on the secrets behind Freddie's legendary voice - Click!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
My opine? It was a kind of accelerated story that drew most of it's drama from the acting more than anything else. Really think Rami Malek carried a lot of the film on his shoulders and it lived by the acting and enthusiasm where it could have died by the story. It was just an okay focus on the story of Queen carried nicely by the acting. I did not regret seeing it at the theater at all, though. I'm really squishy when it comes to Queen and as I get older I get sadder about Mercury so this hit the weepy points as well.
I can understand why it got poor reviews. Viewed purely as a film, it’s not marvellous, and if you’re not a Queen fan, I don’t think there’d be much in it for you. But if you are a fan...there’s a lot to enjoy. The actors are all good (superb, given some of the clunky material they’re working with) and the music is just spectacular.
Gauda Cheese
Really enjoyed it. Saw it with the family.
I saw it yesterday and I may be getting old but it totally got me. Yes, it wasn´t a precise biography and the wild parts of Mercury´s life were not shown that explicitly but was that really necessary? I thought about it more as about a movie about Queen than just Freddie Mercury and the final 20 minutes was one of the best endings ever.
Don´t be Lasagne
Mind blown when I found out Brian May also has a PHD in astrophysics.
It is good but not a masterpiece. Rami Malek did his best but he does not look like Freddy so much. I think that the script lacks an idea that would make it more sophisticated movie.
Travisina wrote:

I love Queen (and Freddie), but have no real urge to see the film. I'd rather re-watch this short YouTube documentary on the secrets behind Freddie's legendary voice - Click!

Quite so.
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