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Started: 09 July 2016

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40th Anniversary Rewatch - D1 Rescue
I watched it on the plane back home - I only saw it once before and was terribly disappointed and upset by Blake not returning (I was sure it was a trick by Servalan and thought the actor would be back for the season after maybe doing something else for the 3rd season - I knew nothing of series history then...), and then by Cally dying. And I didn't like this episode at all, I remember - it seemed so much worse in quality than Terminal or Deathwatch.

I was a bit afraid to rewatch but it felt much better this time. But there were some things which I still thought atrocious:
- The monsters.
- Acting in the action scenes - by everyone.
- Avon's hair. Especially when combed - aaaargh!

The rest was pretty good! I liked Dorian - he was VERY easy on the eye, especially in that figure-hugging dirty coverall. Smile And he was cool, mysterious and ambiguous.

I liked the part on Terminal (except monsters and action scenes). I liked Avon being in denial but clearly caring for everyone - shielding Dayna, coming back for Tarrant, going back for Cally and obviously witnessing her death - and his terse "Yes I'm sure" was heartbreaking. And then he blurted stuff about her to Dorian.

The irony of him pushing everyone away in Terminal - he was prepared for his own death but instead Cally died whom he thought to protect. Sad

I LOVED Vila in this! I watched Power after and Vila was great there too. Avon whom I loved got broken and died at Terminal, it was no joy to watch him now - he only started to come back and grip me again in "Headhunter" and later, as I remember.
But I now see Vila coming to his strength and practically carrying the show.

Dayna, on the other hand - they really let her character down in S4. She's useless in Power too and let me not even mention Animals. Sad

Avon and Dorian interplay was great! Avon was desperate to do anything for the group's survival and reverted to his old motto "the only way to obtain wealth is to take it away from somebody else."

The end was confusing to me: who was that young man in the end? Bruno?
And I didn't realize that was Sea Devil until I read discussions here but damn! Here he is! Wink

Travisina wrote:

How come Vila's got a new outfit, but the others are dressed as they were in Terminal?

I knew it! I guessed that Vila sneaked a bunch of clothes off the ship, along with Orac - including Avon's black leather tunic which Vila would hoist on Tarrant in 4.3. So now he could have changed into something more comfortable. Wink

Travisina wrote:

One Spare Part wrote:

Why is Dorian filthy?

1. It's part of his disguise
2. He's been cleaning out the glycolene tanks

3. His moral corruption is spilling out and staining his clothes.

JustBrad wrote:

Lurena wrote:

TARRANT Where is Cally?
AVON Cally is dead.
TARRANT Are you sure?
AVON ....Yes, I'm sure.
DAYNA He went back in.
TARRANT You wanted to be a hero too?

Not a sympathetic remark by Tarrant.
What else could Avon react than saying something about Orac and not giving away his emotions.

Avon will be irritated and he will be extra sharp from then on.

Avon always needs an excuse to be a hero. Recall Horizon.

Exactly. He needs those excuses even internally, for himself. Here Tarrant just made him sound them out.

One Spare Part wrote:

It must have been hard to come into an established set up like B7 and make your own mark. Kudos to Glynis B

Oh yes! She's the rare case of a female character starting as "decorative" but then growing ever stronger and forcefully claiming her place under B7 sun. Pity she had only one season.

littlesue wrote:

Oh no...while I was bathing...I missed that scene AGAIN!!!!!

And he says it sooo dramatically too! As if him bathing is something very intriguing and important. Wink
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