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Apr 2018 Fanfic Challenge
The constellation Aries is represented by a ram which was sacrificed to Zeus. Its golden fleece was later stolen by Jason and the Argonauts. The fleece is a symbol of kingship and authority.

The word prompt this month is … AUTHORITY.

Dominion, power, sanction and influence; strong themes that appear in many forms throughout B7. What control will it exert in your piece?

My recent reading has been centred around organised crime so for the second challenge write a story featuring the Terra Nostra.
Vynn Glynd entered his office and switched on the light to find a mysterious woman sitting behind a desk, his desk. The woman wore a gray cloak. A large hood obscured her face. That was the mysterious part.

Glynd balked. “This is my private office.”

“I hear that quite often.”

Glynd’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The answer came in a measured voice. “I am no one, and I am doing nothing here, in fact, I am not here at all.”

Glynd grinned. “You sound like one of Bartolomew’s.”


Glynd’s smile vanished. “No one, a mistake, forget I mentioned it.”

“That depends.”

Glynd swallowed to find his voice. “On what?”

“On your cooperation. There is a prisoner I have a particular interest in.”

Glynd replied, “If this is about Blake, we’ve handled that.”

“And quite well, you and Morag have my admiration, but I refer to this man,” a slender hand emerged from the cloak to place a file on the desk, “I want him exiled to Cygnus Alpha. He is not to be executed.”

Glynd hesitantly approached the desk to peer at the file. “He’s charged with a politically motivated crime. To be sentenced to exile the political charge must be dismissed. I will require Alta Morag’s approval, I lack the authority to compel her, and she can be most difficult.”

The cloaked figure stood. “You mentioned a name earlier, by mistake, I believe you said. Mention that name to Alta Morag in the confidence that you are not mistaken, and she will agree.”

“Will she?” Glynd picked up the file. “Security is certain this man is political.”

She walked towards the door. “I AM security.”

Glynd studied the file. “You want me to let him go, to Cygnus Alpha I mean, with Blake?”

“Let him go?” The hood tilted as if the woman beneath were reflecting. “Yes, I am letting him go. Of course he won’t see it that way, but yes, let him go, and with Blake. At least he’ll have one person on the penal colony he can have an intelligent conversation with. That will mean something to him, even though he and Blake have no common ground. It is the best I can do. Good bye, Arbiter.”

As the door clicked shut, Glynd’s eyes fell to the file. “It looks like it’s your lucky day, Kerr Avon.”
Well done! I especially like the line "I am security". It's also interesting that the administration believes Avon's crime was politially motivated.
That's excellent Brad!
And I like the line: At least he’ll have one person on the penal colony he can have an intelligent conversation with.
There, she shows some mercy, something rare when it comes to Bartolomew's reputation.
But she makes sure the Arbiter will take it as irony.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
rojroj wrote:

It's also interesting that the administration believes Avon's crime was politially motivated.

Canon from Rumors of Death, so credit for that goes to Chris Boucher.
Terrific, Brad!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
That was great Brad. Bartholomew is a terrific character.
I AM security. That would be a great title.
Controlled Rebellion

“Anytime people have an authority they want to rebel,” Carnell said. “It’s human nature.”

The Federation Officers looked nervous at the very mention of the word rebel. Some of them probably were suffering physical symptoms. The Federation spent a great deal of money on mental conditioning. As a psychostrategist, Carnell had always felt this was a clumsy way to gain control and a waste of money. Behavior followed patterns-with enough information people could be easily controlled just as they were. Which is why they were here at a desolate outpost.

There were two Federation politicos with him, Durvan and Emerline. Durvan was an attractive women with rather severe makeup that made her eyes look hollow with her pale skin and red hair. Emerline was tall, with deep black skin, and an imposing manner. Durvan had been conditioned to an extent; Emerline was a true believer. Both were easy enough to predict.

“Are you certain this will work?” Emerline asked.

“It’s the strategy that makes the most sense,” said Carnall.

“But working with criminals like Bailen brothers…” Durvan was visibly shaken.

“Not a group of criminals. The Terra Nostra. Give it mystique. People respond to that,” Carnell said. They’d come out with a variety of names; tested it with the psychoadvert experts. Terra Nostra had the best results. The name stuck in the mind. Right now, that same group was creating an entire history of the organization complete with aged documents and photographic evidence.

“They deal in drugs,” Durvan said distastefully. Carnell didn’t comment on the irony of a woman’s whose very brain chemistry had been manipulated and rearrange by psychomanipulation drugs complaining about drug dealers. In the end, was it not all the same?

“Drugs, gambling, vice,” Emerline said.

“Human failings. But if we convince people it’s an organized network that makes it all the more appealing. Half of the population will be drawn to the allure of organized crime families and the other half will solidify their devotion to the Federation as the institution that protects them from vast criminal networks,” Carnell said.

And we’ll control both, Carnall though with a satisfied grin. Throw in a few outpost planets for the Terra Nostra to ‘control’. Make it all seem real.

“But to aid in the widespread distribution of a substance like Shadow,” Durvan said.

“A tragedy, yes. But then people make a choice….” Carnell said, knowing that wasn’t entirely true. Shadow was derived from lots of perfectly legal substances used by the Federation everyday. Even Durvan was walking around with a brain full of 80% Shadow even if the Federation gave it a fancier name.

“The Terra Nostra outposts will cater to every vice. Outlets for the rebellious instinct. Far better than actual rebels,” Carnell pointed out.

“There are no rebels. Merely thieves playing on discontent,” Emerline said. “Nothing of consequence.”

Carnell said nothing. He knew of Avalon. Rumors of Kasabi. Even the failed attempt of Mellenby.

He’d heard of Blake.

“Taking a handful of loosely connected criminals and projecting an organized Terra Nostra benefits the Federation. Money, for one. But more importantly-a enemy. Nothing solidifies loyalty like a common enemy. I’ve given you my analysis. It’s up to you whether or not to at on it.”

Carnell sipped his drink. He had no intentions of being here for the actual meeting.

“I have to leave,” Carnell said.

“We’ll see you at the base,”

“Of course.”

Of course not. Also according to prediction, Durvan and Emerline would not survive this meeting. Nor would the next officers sent out. Three times was the amount criminals like the Bailen brothers needed to establish the right amount of autonomy and threat to keep the Federation in check. Then they’d come to heel. The Terra Nostra would a reality.

People were so predictable.
Very nice indeed, Mrs Bookmark! And well done for getting both prompts into one story!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
“Who listens to me ever?”

Amateurs...they’re all amateurs. Blake poncing about like he could control the Terra Nostra...The girls laughing at me when I said I was scared of Space Rats. They haven’t a clue how things work. Not even Avon. Oh he thinks he’s hard...reckons he knows what being a criminal’s all about. People I’ve worked with, they’d have him for breakfast. Well they would if he wasn’t as mad as a super nova.

If they listen, I’d could tell them a thing or two.

Take this Keiller bloke...dodgy...very dodgy... nearly got Avon and Soolin killed but Avon is still determined to go ahead with his plan. It’s greed see. He’s greedy is Avon. Soolin too for all she boasts about her gun skills. Offer her enough of the yellow shiny and she’ll purr at you like a pussy cat. Never get too greedy, not if you want to succeed and live to thieve another day, that’s my motto. Know your limitations.

Take the Terra Nostra. You’d never catch me doing business with them, no matter how tempting the pay off. Out of my league. I’ve always aimed for a small, steady return for my thieving: a hundred credits here, a hundred there. Avon now...he thinks he’s cautious but he’s all for the big reward and he’ll gamble everything if he thinks he can make enough from a scam...and when I say everything, I mean all our lives. Not interested in the small stuff, our Avon. Doesn’t fit in with his self-image. He’s like Blake in that. You don’t believe me? Then tell me why else Blake’d decide to destroy Star One! Had to be a grand gesture to be worthy of his Rebel Highness. That’s probably why he left us. Knew we’d never agree to back him on another big sabotage operation so he’s off seeking allies who will.

A coward that’s what they think of me. A coward and a fool. It’s no secret. They tell me to my face. “Idiot” is one of the kinder insults. Even the rat in the box thinks I’m a loser.

So, if I’m such a loser, how come I was a successful thief for all those years? Well okay I got caught a couple of times so you could say I wasn’t entirely a success but I was enough of a nuisance to the Federation to warrant exile to Cygnus Alpha. That’s not a punishment they dole out to petty criminals, you know. Even Avon says I’m a good thief...but he doesn’t get me anymore than Blake or Tarrant do.

I don’t volunteer for missions because they’re never properly planned. There’s no sitting down and working out risks versus advantages. It’s: “For the revolution, Vila.” “I’m bored...let’s do it!” “I say we need to, so don’t question me.” Yeh. Like I’d willingly risk my life for any of those reasons.

If you asked them, they’d all tell you it was fear that made me come back to the Liberator after that crazy stuff with Bayban. “Quaking in his boots he was” ...that’s what they’d say.. And in a way they were right. I was scared... but not of being alone or of the possible danger. I was scared rigid I’d be bored.

Thieving, it’s more than a way of life to me...a lot more. If you’ve never planned and executed a professional theft you haven’t lived. The excitement. The buzz when you’ve pulled it off. Better than...well you supply the cliche. It’s better than anything. What would I have had to do on that perfect planet except play happy families with Kerril? And how soon would that have palled? I tell you I’d have been climbing the walls within a month...assuming there were any walls to climb. I’d probably have had to build one...

It’s because I’m a professional that I know it’s going to end badly. It’s a trap. Got to be. Keiller? Wouldn’t trust him further than I can throw him, so.... you get the picture. He’s a bit of a porker.

Avon keeps saying he’s prepared for a double cross but he’s dazzled by the thought of all that gold. We’ll be lucky if we escape with our lives and I’ll bet a bottle of Soma we never see a penny.

Amateurs. But who listens to me?
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
And so our intrepid heroine's adventures continue...but Avon is beginning to ask questions......

The Adventures of Soolin:
Part Seven
A Matter of Authority
(Act 1)

“What’s going on, Soolin?” Avon asked.
“On?” Soolin replied innocently, selecting another chocolate from her box of Milk Tray.
“Yes, on. I’ve been checking some of the systems on Scorpio, and Slave has been most informative.”
“Checking the systems…or checking up on me..?”
“And the others. These forays to fetch more ingredients for Dayna’s so called sweet tooth…it’s a cover.”
“A cover…?”
“All right, a ruse then. Do you want to tell me about it?”
Soolin studied him.
They were alone in the main rest area, but that didn’t faze Soolin at all.
“There’s really nothing to tell.”
“Yes, really and I wasn’t aware that we needed your authority to carry out these...forays.”
“So these visits to the silver topped cane man; Freedom City, Cadbury World…”
“All places on which you have left your mark. Mr Cad and Mr Bury were particularly petrified that you were about to put in an appearance. Your reputation really is quite fearsome.”
“So, all these trips are just to…”
“Gather information; about you, about the others, about Blake. You wouldn’t chide me for that, would you? After all, there is a saying... If you know the enemy…”
“You think of me as your enemy?”
“The jury’s still out on that count,” she smiled, selecting another chocolate.
Avon looked deeply disturbed. He sat down.
“I had no idea…”
“Besides, I’m also repaying a debt. After all, it was my fault that Dayna finally managed to get her hands on those Revels that you had so cunningly locked away.”
“You said yourself that they were out of date…”
“Maybe so, but I think that I am on the verge of locating the man who can tell me where those Family Packs of Revels are coming from…and then we are even.”
“Yes, even. Would you like one of these?” she asked, offering the box of Milk Tray to him, “Oh these came from those two delightful gentlemen, Mr Cad and Mr Bury. Apparently Dorian would often visit them to obtain me a box…or two.”
“Dorian? Now why would he do that?”
“To keep me on side. There were times when I could have so very easily have killed him…and felt nothing. So perhaps you should take note…”
“Maybe I should.”
“Another interesting snippet; while on Freedom City I had an offer for a change of employment. He was most persuasive, and as far as I know, that offer is still on the table, so to speak.”
Avon was stunned. “Who?...”
“It’s not important. One other interesting fact, it would appear that the Federation’s Pacification Programme is causing great consternation among the Confectionary Producers...they are rapidly going out of business, and their shareholders are equally mollified.”
“Out of business? All except those wretched Revels producers…”
“Maybe Orac may know who they are.”
“Why would Orac even want to know?”
Soolin smiled, “Perhaps you should ask him yourself. Maybe you could even charm him into disclosing everything he knows.”

To Be Continued
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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And Orac decides to become helpful...In the second part of Soolin's adventures this month..
With a piccie by Lurena

The Adventures of Soolin.
Part 7
A Matter of Authority
(Act 2)

“All right, Orac, what can you tell me about the company that makes these Revels?”
+The original Revels were made by Mars Inc. But their production facility disappeared from Mars orbit many years ago, hence Cadbury taking over…+
Avon was stunned, “Mars orbit? But that’s where that planet Terminal was originally.”
+Indeed, it is possible that when the Federation took Terminal they may also accidently have taken the Mars Inc Facility...”
“I wonder…” Avon began, but his thoughts about Blake’s assertion that he had found something that would make them both rich, had been an electronic dream, hadn’t it?
“Avon, do you know anyone called Keiller?” Tarrant asked, his voice echoing over the intercom.
“Should I?”
“Well, he knows you. Something about Gold. Says you may be interested...Old Friend.”
Soolin looked at Avon, “An old friend? And one that is still alive? Now that must be a novelty…”

“Because your friends rarely get to see old age.”
Avon smiled back, “All right, I’ll speak to him.”
“Is that wise? He may be using this as a ploy to track you down.”
That was a possibility, “Then I’ll make sure he doesn’t.”
“And the Federation Pacification Drug?”
“I have something in mind, but I need to locate the ingredients to make the antidote…”
“And, of course, the facilities to produce it. Vila may not be too pleased if you take over his laboratory; kicking him out like that. He may never speak to you again!”
The thought ‘Be thankful for small mercies’, popped into Avon’s head, “He’ll understand. It’s for the good of the citizens of the Federation…”
“Or just good for you?”

“Excuse me interrupting,” it was Vila at the door, “It’s just that Dayna wants you to know that if it is anything to do with Terry’s All Gold…she’s in.”
“Maybe you should speak to this Keiller,” Soolin suggested, “If only to placate Dayna’s inquisitiveness.”
“Do I have your authority?” Avon asked, “I wouldn’t want to come between you and that man that you are trying to track down? The one who you say knows where these Family Packs of Revels are coming from.”
Soolin sighed, “He can wait.”
“And then we’re even?”
“As even as we’ll ever be. By the way, would you like this last chocolate from my Milk Tray?”
Avon accepted the offer…and then regretted it.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Soolin smiled, “I didn’t realise that it was the coffee one……….”
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
I’m really getting caught up in this saga Sue.... next chapter soon please..
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
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