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Started: 09 July 2016

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Did Avon love Blake (non romantically)
As a side note, I think Avon can be emotionally fickle, changing how he feels about someone to love, hate or indifference in the blink of an eye. I think he had faulty emotional wiring in his brain.

P.S. I love these discussions. It is so nice to have a group of people to talk to about Blake's 7. Smile
"You'd never get a cat to be a servant. You ever see a cat return a stick? "Hey, man! You threw the stick, you go get it yourself! I'm busy! If you wanted the stick so bad, why'd you throw it away in the first place?"
Maybe Avon just didn't think emotions were that important. Or only where they involved certain reliable people - he only ever seemed to rely on a small handful of people in his entire life. He explicitly stated that he didn't view demonstrating emotions as important or necessary. And regret was even less important.
sooper mouse
I think he did, and it bothered him that he did, and wasn't sure what to do about it.
That's why he kept trying to run away from Blake but never did.

When Blake has a problem he calls Avon. They touch- a lot. They like sparring, and anywhere where they are together for more than 10 minutes they end up being close together.
Compare this with Avon' attitude towards everyone else. Even with Cally, in the beginning of Sarcophagus when he goes to check on her, it's Cally that gets close to Avon, not the other way around. he keeps his safe distance.
But he doesn't do that with Blake. He wants to protect Blake, and Blake does the same with Avon. It's instinct, it's not even thought.
sooper mouse
meegat39 wrote:

Panna wrote:

Does anyone think that Blake loved Avon-non romantically? If so, was that his downfall?

I don't think there's any doubt, after all that "Avon, I was waiting for youuuuuu" says it all really. When he should have stopped he kept going and his dying word "Avooooooon". Also in Countdown when he threatens Del Grant to ensure Avon's safety. I think that Avon and Blake both respected and valued the other (and more), the main difference is that Blake was more honest about his true feelings.

it's very obvious Blake was happy as hell to see Avon.
Although I like Avon, and Paul Darrow's interpretation, I don't find it a very serious character
In fact, I don't think that there is a very sophisticated characterisation of any of them, and of their relationship
There is a fragrance of (I'll allow myself to say) naive approach in making characters, plots, dramatic moments etc...
But I think it is a plus for Blake's 7
Like it more for that Smile
Oh, what a question! The most important one of the series, one might argue.
I think that Avon (non-romantically) loved Blake and hated both Blake and himself for it. Blake obviously had profound effect on Avon: Avon's life was caught in Blake's in such a way that Avon couldn't disentangle it.

Avon built this shell around himself, but being around Blake eroded it. Avon liked to think himself immune to irrational caring, to altruism, but Blake saw through it and made him act "out of character", so to speak. As with "automatic reaction" in The Web. And Avon could never accept it, but also could never break from Blake's spell.

Avon was actually pretty deep under this spell for most of the 1st season. Yes, I think Avon loved Blake from Time Squad and onward. Breakdown was the 1st time when he tried to break free and realized he couldn't. His chat with Vila about the reasons he stayed with Blake was Avon sounding his thoughts against Vila. They were the same - he liked Blake and he had nowhere to go, which Breakdown made clear. And in Star One he sounded it again: "I won't to be free - of him". Reminded me of this moment with Spike from "Buffy": https://i.imgur.c...aktsRv.gif

Avon not looking for Blake enough?

But he was! But Terminal made big difference. In 3rd season Avon started out looking for Blake and chasing every rumour. After Volcano it's not mentioned for a long time but it didn't mean it didn't continue. I saw it just as not shown on-screen as irrelevant to the current plots.

Same with Vila drinking - we only see him drink in a few episodes but I bet those weren't the only occasions of him indulging. It's just a recurring background event. Same with Avon searching - it's in the background, probably rumours dried up so they had nothing to act upon for a while.

But we know Avon had Orac searching all the time, that's why he picked up messages about Terminal. The way Avon rushed after this trail proved to me he was starving for rumours by that point and really really wanted to find Blake.

But Terminal changed everything. Chasing Blake lead to losing Cally and Liberator, and also to losing Avon's... let's call it mental health. He would be extremely reluctant to go after another Blake rumour after this, unless he had nowhere else to go. Which what happened in Blake.

I'd put it like this: before Terminal Avon would chase a trail even if it's 99% a trap or blank. After Terminal he would only chase a trail if it's 99% not a trap or blank.

Did Blake love Avon? Did he wait for him?

I'm not sure. Avon wasn't nearly as important for Blake as vice versa. Blake just didn't have time or resource for personal things: he was devoted to the cause, he was the cause. He became a function, a tool for revolution, and couldn't afford to be just a person.

He did care for everyone in his crew, including Avon. Was there anything more? Maybe, as no one challenged him as much and got under his skin as much, and Blake needed that to ground him.

But Blake didn't look for Avon. Didn't try to contact him in any way. He did his revolutionary thing in other places and with other people. Deva on GP sounded almost like Avon replacement.

I wish I could interpret Blake's "I was waiting for yoouuuu!" as "I was waiting for you all these years" and not as "I was waiting for you to come to my base since I picked up one of your crew and realized that someone with Orac was able to chase my random-course flyer". I'm leaning towards the latter.

Maybe Blake didn't want to go back to Liberator because he felt they all were fed up with him after Star One. It's a tragedy either way. And I'd argue that Blake as well as Avon had a death wish in "Blake" - so being like that took a toll on Blake.
I think so. I'll go one step further and say that a part of him started to like him right from the early days of their partnership. There's quite a bit of evidence that they mean a lot to each other - Avon's arm around the shoulders to comfort Blake in Pressure Point; Avon always saying he wants to be free of Blake or he doesn't trust him, and yet he stays with him and supports him in tough times and searches for him constantly after he leaves; Blake telling Avon he's always trusted him from the beginning; the heartbreak at the possibility Blake has betrayed Avon in the final.I also think Avon was especially touched by Blake saving him when he was injured in one episode, despite his snarling at him to leave him and watch himself instead.

How I view Avon is that when he thought Anna had been murdered he closed himself off as a form of protection from further pain. He decided he would be a loner from then on. His sarcasm and sharp words serve as his armor and ensure he pushes others away from him. Try as he might he couldn't deny that he was liking Blake and he could see that Blake genuinely liked and trusted him too.Part of Avon hated both himself and Blake for that I think. Blake ruined his plans for a life of solitude, cynicism, and telling himself that being alone is best.

Blake wasn't really phased by Avon and kept trying to make him see he saw the man beneath the protective facade. Nothing Avon did ever really made Blake hate him and cut ties with him. Yes they argue(fiercely at times)but neither gives up on the other. The do disagree and Avon is certainly right to be cautious and wary over some of Blake's reckless behaviour, just as Blake is right to keep an eye on Avon, but they balance one another out and need each other.
"I want to be free...of him."
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