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Started: 09 July 2016

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Which Type do you Collect ?
DVD? DVD? 20%[1 Vote]
Blue Ray ( including 3D & 4K ) ? Blue Ray ( including 3D & 4K ) ? 0%[0 Votes]
CD ( Stories )? CD ( Stories )? 20%[1 Vote]
All Types ? All Types ? 60%[3 Votes]
Total Votes : 5
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What other shows or films do you collect?
HI all B7 fans
As the BBC just re-leased full 4 season in one box for 40 birthday which I got on Monday even when I had older four boxes .
I was just making room to put my new set on my DVD & Blue ray shelf's that I had smile to my self at how many I now have..
So here is my collection so far ;-)
Every Doctor Who DVD and Blue ray released in the UK PLUS some USA too.
All Dr Who spin off too.
99% all Hammer Horror DVD & Blue Rays from the 1940's to 2010
99% all Universal Horrors DVD & Blue Rays from 1920's to 2017
Sherlock and homes films and TV shows in DVD & Blue Ray
I have also got ....
Many TV sit coms sets and films on DVD and Blue Ray.
Carry On films
Bottom sets
Blackadder set
Lost in Space set
Joe 90
Also many Xmas TV shows and films
and others

I also collect 3D Blue Rays too including two Doctor Who stories and others ....

So what type of collection do you have if any?
Primarily DVD's and CDs.

We are fans of the great (lots of Shakesepare) and the not great (lots of cheesy 50' sci fi monster movies.

We are also huge fans of Big Finish.
Dr Who stuff, all varieties including original props and costumes, Gerry Anderson material, replica puppets from original moulds, just picked up an original design sketch for Captain Scarlet 1966! most Trek, Hammer stuff, especially film posters, ITC series, The Champions etc, old movies, especially the old scifi monster movies, just got KONGA with Michael Gough chewing the scenery!
As my husband (JustBrad) states above, we have an eclectic range of tastes. We also are up to date with all the Blake's 7 Big Finish discs and books and have a large number of Doctor Who, and other Big Finish discs. We're huge fans.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Classic Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Italian low-budget exploitation/gore movies (known as "video nasties" in the UK), Studio Ghibli movies - I don't care about format because I put them on my hard drive anyway. Smile
Nice to see that I'm not the only one that goes above others in collecting .... I have also have got hundreds of Doctor Who toys, books, models etc... ( dozens of Cybermen, Tardis, around 500 Daleks, 30 K9's and others ) I also have some items made for me that was in Dr Who including Sea devils gun, Sonic lance from Cyberman story and Gun from Daleks story....
I also got signed DVD's with Doctors and other people in the show or help to make it... I also got signed photos of 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th doctors plus some other actors in Dr Who Hammer horror and even B7 ..... Unsure
I also have dr who BJ's socks covers etc.Hammer Horror socks and other items of fun..... YES COMPLETELY MAD Grin
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
I've got all the Buffy and Angel. Working on Dr Who. I don't have B7 because I haven't found a source in North America that wasn't silly pricing and they are available on YT so I'm not too worried about that.

I may have a lot of Dr Who and B7 on one of our hard drives as I know Dr D was downloading them for me at one time along with both versions of The Prisoner. I need to look at the drives and see just what is on them.

I'm currently collecting the MCU and DCEU movies. I have 3 Loki Funkos, 4 Tony Stark/Ironman, 2 Groots, 2 Deadpools and a Jareth. I also have many action figures of both Loki and Tony. I'm a FrostIron shipper.

Star Wars wise..I'm short of some of the newer stuff.

eta..I also have Star Wars, Dr Who and Deadpool monopoly sets.
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Child Of Auron
Far Far too many to list. Some examples

B7, Doctor Who, Sapphire & Steel, The Avengers, Are You Being Served?, Allo Allo, Frasier, Melrose Place, Dallas, Dynasty, The West Wing.

They are just examples of the TV shows I have.

All are on dvd
Child of Auron -I love Sapphire and Steel, I have a fan story of mine signed by Joanna...(The Way Out, in the Visitor zine)-the audios are very good too, with David Warner. have you seen the Omega factor? excellent show
Child Of Auron
I have to admit that I haven't listened to any of the Sapphire & Steel audios. Maybe a little closed minded but my experience of audio stories of favourite tv shows has been rather a let down with the 90s Pertwee Who and the B7 Barry Letts stories.

So jealous you got to meet and get an autograph of La Lumley - she is a goddess in everything she does.

The Omega Factor? No - I will have to look that up
Child -some of the SandS audios are excellent, The School, The Surest Poison, the one set in the Lighthouse (very violent and disturbing tho that one) Second Sight, very weird. Perfect Day. My fave is Zero, set on a space shuttle, Mark Gatiss an excellent Gold. David Collings back as Silver in some stories. He and Gold together in Zero is wonderful!
I spent 3 hrs on a train with La Lumley...was amazing
Know what you mean about the Letts stuff, Ghosts of N space is dreadful, and as for his B7 stories, yuck! And he had the cheek to criticise my writing on Logic of Empire, possibly because it was so well received.
The Omega Factor was a BBC psychic adventure series, James Hazeldine and Louise Jameson, some excellent stories
Many, many DVDs (and more recently, Blu-Rays) of genre TV series and movies - SF, Fantasy, Action, Comedy...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
DVDs and Blu-Rays....many box sets are only on DVD so I have more of those.
Those sets are, however, very expensive so I watch the show or a movie first and then decide if I will buy it. The last thing i bought without previously seeing was "24", not even sure why but I loved it and I am glad I bought it.
Most of my collection is sci-fi but I have a lots of classics, too.
Many 90s shows, including the best one, Babylon 5, where I am anxiously waiting for the HD version. Also, Stargate Atlantis, Farscape, Buffy, Angel...newer one is Fringe, which I watched first and then bought it on DVD. AND I bought also that amazing soundtrack.....i still have CD player in my old car, so.... Grin
Don´t be Lasagne
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