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Started: 09 July 2016

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Pursuit Ship hanger
I've been having a ponder about the Pursuit Ship. How big is it? How do folk get in and out? And how does it land?
I've always imagined them as being quite small (i'm ignoring the nose to nose with the Liberator in "Duel", as that was a case of putting two studio models of different scales together) as you only ever see the bridge, which seats three, is quite cramped and there doesn't seem to be any exit.
Offering this 1/72nd X-Wing pilot up to it, its far too small. But the 1/44 figure next to it looks much more like it.
As to how they get in, i'm thinking some sort of hatch, like topside on a submarine.
And as for landing, i'm saying they don't - they rest in a cradle affair.
To depict both, i'm going to adapt this old piece of scenery i've got. I threw it together years ago as a backdrop to photographing my Ma.K armoured suits, but now i'm going to widen it and deepen it so the ship can fit in there.


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