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Started: 09 July 2016

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New DVD's!

Mod edited by JustBrad to make the url clickable.
Edited by JustBrad on 22 February 2018 01:47:20
It is just a rehash of previous releases. Nothing new. I bet the DVD menus are the same too. Some new episode commentaries would have been nice.

Won't be buying.

My advice would be buy the Dutch complete series set instead which is much cheaper to buy off eBay. I seen them sell for around the 30 mark.
I noticed the complete series set being advertised on Amazon. As you say it will be the same content in a new shiny box. Had there been any new material - documentary for e.g. - I am sure someone from this fan club would have heard something about it on the grapevine. I have been buying the original BBC 04/05 releases second hand from Amazon, as I have the Dutch releases but they have basic menus and no extras at all. They are however as you said much cheaper for anyone who just wants to watch the episodes and is not bothered about the extras
Grade Four Ignorant
I'll only buy it if they eliminate that annoying audio dropout when Avon and Tarrant are talking on the flight deck in Terminal.
Grade Four Ignorant wrote:I'll only buy it if they eliminate that annoying audio dropout when Avon and Tarrant are talking on the flight deck in Terminal.
?! Hello - where exactly is this "audio dropout" please? (can you quote the words just before it?)
Endless Midnight
It's when Tarrant says "You've changed course?" to Avon on the Liberator Flight Deck, in one of the early scenes. The dropout makes it sound more like "You've changed -ourse?" The video release didn't have it, just the DVD.
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