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Started: 09 July 2016

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The Subterrons in Project Avalon
Do we actually see any Subterrons in Project Avalon, or are they only mentioned for context?


AVON: There are humanoid creatures called subterrons. They live in caves. Quite what that says for their intelligence, I really wouldn't know.

BLAKE: Why are the Federation there?

AVON: Minerals. About thirty years ago it was discovered that deposits were seeping down into the ice and forming gem stones of outstanding purity and hardness. They are called 'Ice Crystals'. The Federation uses them in heavy duty lasers. They are mined by the subterrons as a slave labour force.

BLAKE: Ahh, that is why Avalon is here.

AVON: Perhaps, but the ice crystals are unique and as such quite valuable.

BLAKE: No, Avalon has started resistance movements on a dozen Federation planets.

AVON: Another idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation.

I presumed those shot in the opening scenes were Avalon's human crew, and we never actually see any humanoid Subterrons.

But then I read at hermit.org:



Inhabitants of the unnamed planet on which Avalon was working when captured by Travis. One died during a test of the virus with which Travis planned to eliminate Blake and his crew. About a dozen working with Avalon were wiped out by mutoids, including Terloc, who had informed Travis of the meeting place. The only survivor was Chevner, who acquitted himself well in helping Blake rescue "Avalon" but was killed aboard Liberator, probably because he might discover (or actually had discovered) that 'Avalon' was in fact an android.

Avon referred to the Subterrons as "humanoid creatures", but Travis requested "a human" to test the modified Delta 706 virus.

I guess it's open to interpretation, but I'd presume that an experienced rebel leader like Avalon (who started resistance movements on 12 planets) would have an experienced human team around her.

So, presumably many of those shot would have been Avalon's human crew. And maybe some of her team were Subterrons, but there's no way of knowing. It all depends on Avon's comment about their intelligence level, which is unknown.

Any thoughts?
Another question is whether Chevner, the only survivor of the opening shootout, was human or Subterron.

JENNA: Are you sure that they took her to the Centre?

CHEVNER: They abandon the outer complex when the Long Cold sets in. Anyway, the main interrogation units are in the Centre.

BLAKE: That's where she'll be all right. Have you ever been inside the Centre?

CHEVNER: No. I helped build the outer complex, but the labour gangs were restricted in their movements. I don't exactly know my way around.

Again, it seems open to interpretation. Working in the labour gangs suggests he might be Subterron, but not conclusively. On the other hand, he does seem to know Avalon quite well, suggesting that he might be human.
I've always thought these where the "Subterron's" in Project Avalon


A few figures appear to have their faces completely covered up! Maybe these are the "Humanoids" in question

Nothing like the 1st cuppa tea in the morning
ZEN1 wrote:

A few figures appear to have their faces completely covered up! Maybe these are the "Humanoids" in question

You may be right. That would explain why some of the rebels have their faces visible, while others do not. Either that or they're very cold humans.

There does seem to be a human "labour grade" population on the planet.

TRAVIS: Oh, I'll need a human to assist in a test. Check with the detention block, see if they can give you someone.

MUTOID: Any special characteristics?

TRAVIS: No -- an ordinary unskilled labour grade will do -- an expendable.

MUTOID: If there isn't one in detention?

TRAVIS: Then detain one!

So, Chevner could have been a human labourer who somehow joined the rebels.

I guess human labourers would have been required to build the Federation complex, while the Subterrons worked in the mines.
That sounds like a good theory (1) the Subterrons are those with their faces covered and (2) Chevner was a local labourer who joined the rebels.


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