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Started: 09 July 2016

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Horizon Advent Calendar 2017
Ellen York
It is the 6th across the pond, so to put you in the holiday mood here is one of my favorite Christmas songs. In addition to being a favorite of mine, it also always reminds me of my mum. Johnny Mathis was her favorite singer and when I was a kid I bought her a cassette of his Christmas music as a gift (yes, I am dating myself here). But I didn't want to wait until Christmas to listen to it, so I opened it to play while I wrapped the other gifts and then wrapped it and put it under the tree. To this day I have no idea if when she opened it my mum didn't notice that the seal was broken or just didn't say anything about it. I still have the cassette (I "inherited" it when she got a CD version) and I play it every year.


Happy holiday wishes to all!
Joe Dredd
Opening up the seventh door I find...

The B7 body parts game

Work out what the missing body parts are to complete each quote or title. An extra point for naming the episode the quotes come from.

To avoid any confusion, please note that despite his behaviour, Servalan's assistant in "Gambit" was Jarriere, not Derriere.

1. "He wants to make a necklace of his (-----)."
2. "Listen (-------), computers are yours, doors are mine. Right?"
3. The Way (----)
4. "There's an (----) manufacturing cartel that looks highly promising as a candidate for co-conspirator."
5. "Why the (----)? Why take your creator's (----)?"
6. "Avon's idea of diplomacy is like breaking someone's (---) then saying, 'Lean on me.'"
7. De(----)ance
8. "One day that great big bleeding (-----) of his will get us all killed."
9. "It's beginning to make my (-----) itch."
10. "Let's hope they've all got good (----)."
11. "Zen saw a capacity-charged (-----)."
12. "(------) but no (-----)."

We shall draw a veil over a certain S4 episode title that could be considered overly cheeky.
Joe Dredd
Santa also left us one of those new games everyone wants for Christmas behind door number seven. (They're big doors!)

Joe Dredd
No longer can anyone say this is not something you do by numbers. Roll the dice and find out what to implant next!

(Please click the picture for a better view.)

On the eighth day of Christmas, this true fan sent a tale...

It was a dismal little hut but it had offered shelter from the elements and its back was to the prevailing wind. Josah had piled brushwood around its walls and roof and fashioned a sturdy door from hazel rods and vines so now it felt warm, even snug, inside.

Amarie lay on the bracken bed, the baby beside her suckling peacefully. There was a spring nearby, wood was plentiful, game could be trapped in the surrounding forest and roots, berries and fungi collected. Outside a stew pot hung over the fire, the smells emanating from it appetising. Yes, they had made it a good place. After months of wandering she at last felt safe.

And the birth had been blessed.

First the blinding flash of light in the sky as if a star had exploded just at the moment that she had cried out and in a rush, Jesius had entered the world. An auspicious sign.

Then the sudden appearance of the Hunter outside their hut. He had moved silently for such a big man and had startled them. Josah reached for a sharpened stave but she stayed his hand because she knew the man was not a threat. She saw how his breath hitched when he looked at the child and the tear that dropped from his ruined eye.

The Hunter had knelt before the baby, honouring his birth. He stroked Jesius’ face, who had sneezed and screwed his face fretfully at the contact. The Hunter chuckled, a rich, deep sound. He praised the child’s strong limbs and commanded Amarie to do justice to such a fine boy by raising him to love honesty above all things. After he had gone they found he had left them some meat he had trapped. Six fine conies. They had eaten well for several days.

Thirteen moons later, the three had appeared; a magic number. Two men and a girl. They were fugitives too but although they seemed wild and desperate they had asked respectfully for food and a place to rest and she had not feared them, not even the dark one. The rags of past violence still clung to him but he seemed bewildered, relying on his companions like a child and the girl explained that he no longer had a memory of who he was.

Josah had fed them and allowed them to sleep by the fire until morning and in exchange they gave the baby a gift: three little pyramids of metal which the smaller man prised from the coat of the man who had lost himself. He called them titanium and told Josah he was to sell them and that the money he got would be enough to feed and house the family for many sun cycles.

Most mysterious of all, before they left, the box the three carried with them suddenly lit up and spoke, urging them to hurry and promising them access to a ship which someone called Grant had waiting. Amarie asked it to prophesy the future for the child and, prompted by the girl, the Oracle had answered impatiently, + Oh, very well.+

It told her that if she wanted her child’s name to be remembered she should teach him to fight oppression where he found it. But she should warn him not to set tests of loyalty for his paranoid friends as the consequences could be regrettable. It snickered a little as it uttered the words and the small man told it, angrily, to shut up.

When Amarie was strong again, she, Josah and Jesius made their way to the nearest town, stopping on the way to sell the titanium. With the money they got for it they bought a small dwelling, away from the noise and bustle of town life but close enough to send Jesius to school.

Often, as she watched Jesius grow into a strong, just, young man unafraid to argue for the rights of the weak, even with the Elders, Amarie would remember the light, the Hunter and the three fugitives. And she pondered the words of the Oracle in her heart.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Joe Dredd
Now it's time to find out what's behind door no. 9...

Hopefully everyone has seen the brilliant Liberator flight deck renders by skororu. Well, he has kindly taken the time and trouble to give us this picture showing how the crew decorate the flight deck for Christmas.

Please click on the image so you can it in its full glory. You may need to click it again after that to see it full-sized. Even Zen is looking festive!


If you haven't seen skororu's flight deck renders before, his portfolio is here - click! - including some images of the teleport bay too!
Joe Dredd
You probably noticed the Christmas tree at the right hand side of the flight deck. So what does a B7 Christmas tree look like? Again, skororu has kindly provided us with the answer.

skororu has put heaps of work into this magnificent piece. Please click on it so you can see how fantastic it is. (Two clicks may be needed to bring it to full size.)


Huge thanks to skororu for these images. He has been working on them off and on for us since last year's Advent calendar. He has been exceedingly generous with his time and no change was too much trouble. I think the results look brilliant and I hope you do too.
Troll 7 strike again! (Click to enlarge.)
Joe Dredd
Time to look behind the 11th door...

Oh look! It's the answer to a theory!

Many fans have wondered at Soolin's absense during most of "Power". The most prominent theory, known widely as the "Professor Trevor Travis Soolin shower scenario" (AKA the "Soggy Oggy" hypothesis) suggests (hopes?) that she spent most of the episode bathing.

At last, new research published in the Big Pop-Up Book of Soolin lifts the curtain on just what was going on in the shower at Xenon base.


Click here for the video footage.
Now, let’s see what’s behind Number 12…
…why, it’s a double helping!!!

The original picture of me and Mr D was taken back in 2012 at the Cult Event in the Old Cinema Museum.
After I had complained to daughter no. 2 that it wasn’t fair because she had lots of pictures with David Tennant and I didn’t have one with Mr D., she dragged me off to London and ambushed Mr D as he was walking down the corridor to do his talk.
“Can my Mum please have a picture taken with you?”
One very nervous photo a minute later and a voice growled from behind the camera, “SMILE!”
When Sarah growled, one normally did as one was told…so she took another photo.
I’m not too sure which pose this is, but she embellished this photo later for me as a Xmas Present and I’d like to share it with you...


…And now for the second helping.
The second part of the November Ficlet challenge where we left Soolin on Freedom City, where she has been trying to find the man who may know where the Family Packs of Revels are being produced. Instead, she has encountered a very charming man who plays chess…rather well actually!
Again, Lurena has come up with a lovely piccie….

The Adventures of Soolin
Part 3…Continued
A Parting Gift

Soolin watched as Carnell proceeded to utterly defeat the poor wretch who had decided to take him on at Speed Chess. It was a consummate victory, but the loser had other ideas.
As Carnell walked away, totally unfazed by the man’s protests, Soolin saw his opponent pull a gun from his belt…seconds later the man’s gun was on the floor, and his hand was drenched in blood.
Carnell allowed himself a look of distain and then fixed his eyes on the blonde gunslinger.
“That was, if I may say, an exceptional display.”
“Do you get many bad losers?”
“Frequently. Oh they demand redress, but they are usually too drunk to carry out their threats. Would I be out of order if I were to ask if you were available for hire?”
“That depends on what you had in mind.”
Carnell smiled, “Quite. I fear that one day an opponent will wreak havoc and I shall never get off this place in one piece.”
“I’m all for one piece. But I have other commitments; otherwise I would take up that offer… I owe him.”
“Ah, I have a rival for your favours.”
“Not really…”
“So there is hope for me?”
“Would I be incorrect to say that these Family Packets of Revels somehow come into this equation?”
“They do…”
“I envy him; such beauty and such prowess with a gun…”
“And he knows not to cross me.”
“A gentleman after my own heart. Do I know him?”
“I doubt it…”
Tarrant suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, “You’ve been having fun I see Soolin.”
“He deserved it. Have you got everything you need?”
“Absolutely,” Vila replied, one hand clutching a wad of credits, the other a bag of ingredients.
“What is that?” Soolin asked.
“I thought I’d show Dayna here that I still had the old magic when it comes to the gaming tables…this is your share.”
“We couldn’t stop him.” Dayna said.
“Ah, another beautiful young lady,” Carnell murmured, “And Vila Restal...”
All four stopped dead.
“You know about us?” Tarrant ventured.
“It was my business to know these things.”
“Business?” Tarrant queried.
“Indeed. I had occasion to study your friend and his colleagues once…and that didn’t exactly go to plan.” Carnell sighed, “Would I be correct in assuming that my rival is Kerr Avon?”
Soolin smiled, but the others looked worried.
“Forgive me, do not be alarmed, I am in the same predicament as yourselves; on the run from the Federation and a certain…lady. I could think of better places to be than on this appalling Freedom City.”
“Appalling?” Vila interjected, “Avon and I did our best work here…”
“That I can imagine…on second thoughts, no, I’d better not,” Carnell decided.
“Here,” Soolin said, handing Carnell her winnings, “Take it. I don’t need it.”
“A lovely lady with a generous heart,” Carnell concluded, but inside his heart was heavy with regret, “I really do envy him. My offer is still on the table, should you decide that offer is more appealing.”
“I shall consider it,” Soolin promised, knowing that both Tarrant and Vila were looking horrified.
Carnell took Soolin’s hand, and kissed it, “Farewell ladies… and gentlemen.”
Both Soolin and Dayna watched as Carnell walked off to face an indefinite future.
“What a charmer,” they both agreed.

Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas!! Here's a favourite Christmas song of mine...


Aplogies, I've tried unsuccessfully to paste in a photo from Photobucket too, but it's not playing ball. Have a great Christmas!!
Edited by meegat39 on 13 December 2017 22:49:24
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
trevor travis
(To mark the 36th anniversary of this episode)

Vila threw down the bar in frustration. “We're never going to make it like this!”

“Shut up!”, snarled Tarrant.

“We haven't got four days!”, exclaimed Vila.

“Maybe it'll only take four hours, or fourteen. Now help me!” Vila picked up the bar, and he and Tarrant set back to work.


Dayna was reading the screen in the comm room.

She punched at the keys.

“Oh no!”, she said to Zeeona. “This machine is suggesting an airborne virus… A radioactive airborne virus.”

Zeeona contemplated her words. “Oh. Radioactive airborne virus. Radioactive airborne virus. But if that's what it is it'll get through to us eventually no matter what we do. Radioactive airborne virus.” She paused and thought. “There was a research program on Betafarl. Radioactive airborne virus. Radioactive airborne virus. Radioactive airborne virus. Radioactive airborne virus. But that means there could be only one person responsible for all this.”

“Look, there's little point in speculating about that now”, stated Dayna.

“It's not speculation: my father…”

“Hold on, a minute”, said Dayna, a sudden smile coming to her lips. “We’ve forgotten someone. Go and fetch Vila and Tarrant.” Zeeona dashed off still muttering “Radioactive airborne virus” under her breath, while Dayna spoke into the comm unit. “Og, Og, can you hear me? Where are you?”


“Don’t you see”, beamed Dayna. “It’s perfect. Og can go into radioactive areas without it affecting him. He’s heading for the Freight Bay right now!”

“He might be oblivious to radiation, but we’re not!”, pointed out Vila.

“But it’s possible that he might be able to do something that might help us”, mused Tarrant. “Og, can you hear me?”

“Yes me can”, crackled through Og’s voice, full of static. “Me in Freight Bay. Lots of dead people. Me feel itchy. That means radiation.”

“You itch when there’s radiation around?” Zeeona said incredulously. “Radioactive airborne virus”, she added.

“Yes, it’s how me detect it. Wait a minute…” Og went silent.

“Og, Og, are you OK?”, questioned Dayna. No answer. “Og, reply please”. Still no answer. “OG!!” The group all exchanged looks. Just static. Had their last chance for survival just disappeared?

“Me OK”, said Og’s voice and Dayna breathed out with relief. “Me now turned off photocopier, and unplugged photocopier from wall, and me no longer itching. All radiation gone. You can turn the air back on. Oh, and me also found a photocopy of Soolin’s bum in the photocopier. Me like that!”

Vila and Tarrant exchanged guilty looks.


On the surface of Xenon, Zukan was tied up and bound in such a way that he was on all fours, with his bottom up in the air. His trousers had been removed, leaving him in his frilly underwear. As an observer, Soolin did her best not to smirk, but failed.

“Tell me what I want to know”, commanded Avon. “Orac has carried out an analysis and he confirms that Betafarl does contain a plant he could probably serve as the antidote to Pylene-50. You just lied about where it was on the planet. Talk!”

“Or what Avon?”, said Zukan. “You can torture me all you like. I will not speak.”

“Zukan, I know you suffer from nightmares. And I know how to create a bad dream that will stay with you until you die. Let me introduce you to Og.”

“Me not like Zukan”, stated Og. “He tried to hurt Dayna. Me like Dayna.”

“Now then”, added Avon. “If you notice Og has a pair of horns. At the moment, he is using a pencil sharpener, to make sure they are extra sharp.”

Og disappeared out of Zukan’s sight. “Where is he?” said Zukan nervously.

“Oh, he’s run off to get a good charge.” Zukan listened. He could hear a thundering noise from behind – a noise that was getting louder and closer. Og roared. Avon spat out: “Now talk or scream, Zukan!”

“Alright, alright”, wailed Zukan. He heard Og charge past. He had altered his course at the last moment. “I’ll tell you where the plant is! Just don’t let that creature near my backside!”

Zukan spilt all the details.

“I knew you’d talk eventually”, said Avon. “Orac also located another plant someone on Betafarl which I also want to know about.”

“Another plant? Whatever for? Another antidote to Pylene-50?”

“Quite the opposite”, said Avon with a smile.


Soolin was looking lovely. She was also extremely rich. As they all were.

She knew where to find Vila, Avon and Og. By the lakeside. Gardinos was truly a paradise, and the lakeside was the most marvellous place on the planet. It defied description. It even outshone Del-10.

Vila was being served a drink by a beautiful young woman in a red fur uniform. One of his Valkyrie bodyguard.

An elegant woman in fine clothing, with short, dark hair came up to Avon. “What can I do to serve you, my master?”, she intoned.

He had finally defeated her. She was on the highest dose possible. It would kill her within the year. He suddenly remembered something he’d once said to her: “I’d be dead in a week.” He smiled.

“Pour me a drink”, he ordered. She obliged. She could do nothing else – she had no free will of her own. He dismissed her.

Avon saw Soolin. “Is it done?”, he asked.

“Yes, it’s done. I didn’t like going back to GP, but I located and eliminated the target. Why didn’t you want him under the control of Pylene-50?”

“He has a habit of throwing off mind conditioning.” He corrected himself. “He had a habit of throwing off mind conditioning. Now he’s dead, he won’t be able to lead the resistance against me… against us. He wouldn’t like the fact we have the whole population of Earth as mindless slaves, with thousands dying every day from overwork. He had morals.”

Soolin poured herself a drink and also handed one to Og. “There’s one thing we’ve all overlooked”, she said.

Avon suddenly tensed. “Yes?”

She gave a cool smile. “Today’s date - it’s Christmas Day.”

Avon relaxed and they all clinked glasses. “Merry Christmas, President Avon”, said Soolin and Vila.

“And me wish everyone on Horizon a Happy New Year”, added Og with a knowing wink.

Edited by trevor travis on 14 December 2017 13:44:46
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
Avon had been surprised by Vila yet again. For a self-confessed coward, he could be incredibly brave. And resourceful. Vila had managed to get himself and Avon extracted from the Federation trap and brought the pair under his own steam to an abandoned building far from the town .

Vila checked the rough bandage he'd placed over Avon's wound. One of Blake's so-called allies had managed to stab Avon in the shoulder during the Mutoid invasion. It was still bleeding slowly but it hadn't gone through the bandages yet, that was good according to Cally. Avon groaned and nearly fainted. Vila brought him a cup of water. He peered round the shack. There were hay bales from which Vila had made a cubby hole from which kept not only the chill of the evening air out but elevated Avon off the bare floor.

Vila scouted around the area. That must be a farm-house he thought as he could see lights and hear the muted sound of people. He thought he'd be able to enter and grab some food and possibly medical supplies once they went to bed. Given the disappointing lack of electricity round here, that should be soon.


"What do you mean, Avon and Vila are missing?" Jenna all but screamed. She'd been against this attempt to build an alliance with another rebel faction. It was saying something for the stupidity of Blake's plan that even Cally had been against it at first. Blake had separated the team and nagged and bullied each person and eventually won out.

The result was they were now down two team members, and in Jenna's mind the only two valuable ones aside from herself. "Now what are you going to do, "she demanded.

Blake pressed Orac's key. The normally irascible machine was in even more of a distracted mood than ever. "What do you want now? I'm studying a very strange supernova at the moment."

"Can you locate Avon and Vila?" Blake demanded.

"I can't find any signs of them currently on any detention list."

"They escaped then, "Gan exclaimed.

"Or else, they were killed and the officer in charge is trying to find the bodies, "Jenna said.

"Either way, Blake" Cally said. "We must go back and find them."

"I agree. But it will have to be in the planet's morning since they rely on natural lighting." Blake said. "I'm going to bed. Gan, Cally I expect you both the be ready at dawn , planet time."

Orac sighed internally and returned to his studies.


Avon was woken by voices. Not the voices he wanted to hear. Two men, a woman and a young boy. He could hear them move the hay around forming another area. He tried to keep quiet and hoped Vila would keep his distance. They didn't sound like Federation troopers but you can never tell who is on their side or on the rebels side.

"Tis the best I can do , lady. Everything's topsy-turvy what with the Feds and the Rebs. Never mind this counting thing. There's a well out back. Joey will get a fire going and then thou'll be as snug as good. You aright there, sir?"

The owner of the man's voice stood in front of Avon. A stolid man. Nearly as big as Gan and just as muscular.
"The missus saw you and your friend earlier. She'll bring you food when she fetches it for yon man and his wife."

"Thank you, "Avon said. "But I'm afraid my presence will bring unwanted attention to you so I'd better leave."

"Nay, man. You're wounded and hospitality is a big thing in the hills. Tha boy wull fetch the healer in t'morning and then thou canst be on tha way." The man stared incuriously at Avon as though wounded men in his barn was a normal thing.

The sounds of several people entering the barn made the man turn around. "Ah, your servant is here and the food. " There was a general bustling of people . Vila was laughing and joking with the farmer and his family. He seemed at ease but Avon could see this was just Vila's normal protective camouflage amongst people he didn't know.

The farmer and his family quickly created two separate areas in the barn. A larger one for the man and his wife. A smaller area for the two rebels.

The two women were talking quietly together. 'Tomorrow, I'll put one of the hands in here and you can have his room for a few days. You'll not be travelling much further. Thou's due at any time. I'll not be sending a lady in your state any further, so I won't."

After a short period of time, the family left taking plates and dishes but leaving plenty of warm bedding for the four travelers. The woman smiled at Avon and Vila. "The child will be born by the morning."

Vila squeaked, "Shall I get some help? I don't think I want to see this"

"No, we have done this many times before, "the man answered. "And we will do it many times to come."


Just before dawn, the cry of a new-born broke the silence of the barn. At the same time a bright star shone in the heavens.

Avon and Vila were shocked out of their restless sleep by the light.


Orac had managed to over-ride Zen and had transmitted to the rest of the team about the super-nova being visible. His delight was tempered by Jenna trying to stop him relaying the news to all the crew-quarters.
Jenna was joined on the deck by Cally neat and prepared as always. Gan was checking to see if Orac or Zen had discovered the whereabouts of their missing companions. Blake stumbled in last, tired and dishevelled.

"Follow the light, "was all that Orac told them. "And don't forget your 'box of tricks' in the teleport section."

There were three parcels sat on the control panel. Jenna nodded at them, "Orac wants you to take those. He's also inputted the co-ordinates to where he imagines Avon and Vila are."


"Down and safe, "Blake said juggling gun and parcel, squinting against the glare of the star.

"Tha'll not be needing that here, son, "the farmer said pointing to the gun.

"I'm looking for some people, "Blake started.

"Aye, they're in the barn. Mother and child doing well. Every-one from here abouts has come to see them. "he said. "Go on. Go in, that's why you're here."

"Aren't you worried about the Federation finding you?"Cally asked.

"Nay, lass. This is for us, not them. Them doesn't see what we see. Every time the light comes, we come. Every time it's the same and every time it's different." He said, pointing into the barn.

Gan shrugged and entered. The relative darkness took him by surprise. A young couple were sat next to a rough wooden cot containing a very small, very new baby. Avon and Vila were standing side by side, looking down at the child.

Gan held out the package. "For the baby"

"Thank you. " The woman took the parcel and laid it aside.

Cally had by now followed Gan in and Blake was dithering in the doorway. Cally handed over her parcel and Blake his in turn.

The woman looked at Blake, "You must leave soon. You are not part of this. Your follower has been healed. Be at peace, we will not be harmed. This is the start of the end of the Federation. Not in your life-times but soon."

Blake declared, "We would all give our lives to stop the Federation."

"Speak for yourself Blake. I have no intention of being a martyr for your cause." Avon spoke."Nor do I suspect does Vila."

The light started to fade. "You must leave."The woman said. "Soon the Federation will see your ship is still in orbit. No longer hidden by the light of the star and attack. Fare thee well"


Back on the Liberator and at speed of Standard by nine away from the planet. Blake ordered Orac to tell him what had happened.
"Fascinating..totally fascinating. From what you've described and from my calculations you were present at the birth of a semi-mythological person. Which appears to be one of a series of these births preceding the visual display of a super-nova which occurred over a million years ago. Fascinating.. If the stories are true .The last time this was seen on an inhabited planet was Terra at the start of the Old Calendar ..."Orac paused for full effect. " Tell me , Avon. How does it feel to be present at the birth of the most influential rebel who ever lived?"

Avon smiled, "Well, now..."
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Door 16 - it's puzzle time again!

Xmas Shopping Logic Puzzle

In a rare spirit of good will, Avon, Vila and Cally teleported to different locations to buy seasonal presents for each other. Can you work out who bought each gift, where they bought it and what 'currency' they used?

1. The information about rebel groups was acquired by one of the men.

2. Cally did not use Liberator's jewels to make her purchase.

3. Vila bought a selection of proddy tools for Avon (figuring that he could use them if Avon didn't need them). He did not teleport to a Federation Base to buy them.

4. The supply of soma that was bought for Vila came from a neutral research outpost.

5. Avon did not spend credits or jewels – he conducted his transaction by threatening the trader!

INFORMATION - How to solve the puzzle
Referring to the clues, use the grid to put a tick in any box that's a definite 'yes' and an x for a definite 'no'. This process narrows down the possibilities, until the grid is complete and you have the answers, which can be used to fill in the table. To start you off, Clue 4 states that the soma came from a neutral research outpost, and I have filled in that part of the grid. Click on the grid and table to enlarge.

The solution will be posted on Boxing Day. Good luck!



Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
How to combine Christmas and Blake’s? Well, I settled for a story about gingerbread and moon discs!
Door 18 brings you two thingies:

(click to enlarge)

And part 1 of a little winter tale:

Winter Wonderland

Avon woke up with a start, shivering.
Was that because of a nightmare?
He tried to ascertain, but the usual memories did not come.
In the dimmed light of his cabin’s low-locating lighting system he searched for his secret aid, the one he kept for consolation in unforeseen circumstances.
He shivered again.
Was it really that cold?
Something was wrong, very wrong….

Avon slipped out of bed, grabbed his black silk house coat and made for his cabin door.
When he stepped into the corridor he was met with an icy stream of air.
“What the…”, he whispered, “…it is freezing cold indeed.”
He rounded a corridor corner and shrunk from the unexpected view.


“I need to get to the flight deck! Now!” he growled.
Ignoring the cold he toiled along the snow filled corridors, blaming hell and the one who was on duty for the watch.
But deep inside he felt fear for what he was about to find; probably a threat to his survival.

To be continued on Christmas Day.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Since I’ll be out at stupid o’clock in the morning; here’s my entry a tad early. Hope you’ll find it a fun read. And a nod to Sue for inspiring one of the sections in the story. I had canal trips on the brain following the thread discussion!

I’m looking forward to catching up with all the wonderful entries during the Christmas Holidays. Grin



Jenna relished the opportunity to spend the evening out on the town. The interactive concert she attended included pyrotechnics, lighting and lasers. The impressively orchestrated music satisfied all her senses, and mesmerised with the swelling brass and waltzing strings she felt fully immersed in the performance.


Swiping a hand across his white powdered mouth, Avon bent to retrieve a pink box from the stash he hoarded in his bedroom. Warnings from his mother about his addiction to the deliciously dusted cubes ensured he indulged his habit outside in the grounds where he wouldn’t be caught. Licking his lips in anticipation, he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into his favourite rose water and lemon confectionery.


Gan swallowed his nerves as he stood in front the class. He knew everyone on the ship considered him stupid – they would laugh at his decision to teach Agricultural Science. But he needn’t have worried about his students; listening attentively while he delivered the lesson, he soaked in their respect.


Cally strutted in her tangerine-coloured trouser suit. Muted tones were boring and she wasn’t a humourless alien as the crew believed. Dancing throughout the night at a notorious club; she laughed and indulged in activities that would leave her ship mates open-mouthed in amazement.


Filling his arms with freshly cut freesias he’d purchased from a contact, Vila thought about the time he’d won an oversized plant in a card game. He‘d brought it on board the ship thinking it would look good in the teleport bay. Its size wasn’t the problem; the stench coming from the plant smelt like a rotting carcass. Avon threw it out in disgust, insisting it would have died anyway because it required a host.

He’d learned a bit about horticulture since then, and making his way to the crew’s sleeping quarters, Vila placed bunches of the sweet fragranced freesias in their respective cabins. A smile played on his lips as he imagined Blake’s reaction to having nature in his room. He hoped they would trigger his allergies – minor payback for constantly sending him to backwater planets with desert conditions.


Blake wasn’t too concerned about operating the locks; he would have the crew deal with those. He didn’t regret exchanging the fastest ship in the Galaxy for something that would take him to his destination at a more leisurely pace. Jenna steered the heavy narrowboat while he lay stretched out on the deck taking in picturesque scenes he’d previously viewed on a computer screen.

There were sights, sounds and hop-based refreshments at regular intervals. Blake could feel the pressures of constantly fleeing the Federation lifting from his shoulders. A black cat pursued them for a while but at least it hadn’t been wearing an eye patch.

Closing his eyes as the lapping water invited him to doze; he fell asleep with an old ditty looping in his head:

We’ve got all kinds of crafts that’ll suit you just fine.
For messing about on the water.
Sail boats, canal boats and cruisers too!
All Britain’s waterways waiting for you…


Its lights twinkling steadily on the flight deck, Orac commanded Zen to fly deeper into the sparkly bauble-shaped system. There were tales about a long forgotten civilisation living in this region of space who dedicated their existence to assisting weary travellers. The crew were stressed, exhausted and falling asleep on their feet. They would dream away their troubles and wake feeling revitalised.

Orac required the humans to take control of the ship; their petty problems and constant demands were starting to hinder its long-term plans to dominate the universe.
Hello friends: We're getting close to the Holidays and what I thought we needed was a good old Christmas Carol singing session. Please sing along with the following Blake's 7 related Carols. I hope these songs become fan favorites! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

O'Little Show on BBC
(Sung to: O' Little Town of Bethlehem)

O' little show on BBC
How much we love you still
Your story arc was much beloved
Until we saw Blake killed

O' BBC how could you?
It ruined our holidays
You can't make up with Doctor Who
We hate your evil ways

Our Favorite Mercenary
(Sung to: The Little Drummer Boy)

Bang! They call me a mer-cen-ar-y
I sell my skills for cash, a mer-cen-ar-y
I free whole planets with my skills and my gun
I spray hot lead at Feds rat-tat-tat-tat-tun
Rat-tat-tat-tat-tun Rat-tat-tat-tat-tun
Let me tell you 'bout the fights I have won - -
With my gun.

The Jolly Psychic Moon Discs
(sung to: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas)

We are jolly psychic Moon Discs
And we bet you didn't know
(That) we sing by day and mumble and play
And pretend the sand is snow

Oh, we bother all the Aurons
As they can't block out the din
Oh what jolly psychic plants we are
We're Cally's new friends
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Joe Dredd
Kind-hearted Annie is doing double-duty and looking after the 21st door.

But since it's the 21st here already, and the "Blake" rewatch has been done...

Joe Dredd
Gareth asked if we can give it some welly
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