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Started: 09 July 2016

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Horizon Advent Calendar 2017
Joe Dredd
Hi everyone,

This is the thread for posting the calendar entries in. Contributors, please post your entry on the assigned day, whenever convenient. (If anyone has any problems, please contact any of the moderators.)

Please post any comments on the Advent Calendar comments thread (Here).

My thanks to all the volunteers. We all hope you enjoy our contributions. Please keep in mind that we don't know what each other will post, and every entry is a surprise. If two people happen to have similar ideas then that is just a cause for extra celebration as "Great minds think alike" and it's great to have people with great minds in our club. No one should fret if someone else posts your idea first - that wouldn't be fun at all. Don't worry about it and just post your entry.

Lastly, don't forget that the 24th is a designated "free-for-all" day so if ANYONE gets inspired and wants to join in, please do - that's what the 24th is for!

Regards to all,

Joe Dredd
It's 1st December! Let's open the first little door.

Oh look! A game!

Many people are familiar with the ancient Celtic game of Pictionary. Otherwise known as 'Divorce-ionary', the rules require one player (the 'artist', 'drawer' or 'doodler') to draw three random squiggles then berate their partner for not guessing the indecipherable mess is meant to represent "dialectic materialism", "inexactitude", or "a cow".

In the far-flung future however, people will grab their graphite writing sticks and play the infinitely-more civilised game of... GRAPHITE WRITING STICTIONARY.

The category is B7 EPISODE TITLES. Can you guess which episode each drawing is meant to represent?


(As always, click on the pictures to see them properly.)
Joe Dredd
To start you off, the first one is 3-13, "Terminal".

01- Terminal
Joe Dredd
02 -

Joe Dredd
03 -

Joe Dredd
04 -

Joe Dredd
05 -

Joe Dredd
06 -

Joe Dredd
07 -

Joe Dredd
08 -

Joe Dredd
09 -

Joe Dredd
10 -

Joe Dredd
11 -

Joe Dredd
12 -

Joe Dredd
13 -

Joe Dredd
14 -


That's the last one!
Hello all! Happy 2nd of December!

Today's entry is something I worked a fair bit on:


Nothing to download - it should run in modern browsers just fine. The only thing I'm not necessarily happy with is the URL, but please don't let that stop you from sharing the link. High scores are local to your computer.

Ready? Let's play! http://burgers.ca....com/game/
Alright, here's my entry. Episode 12 of Blake's 7 Continues. I had planned for this to be more epic and longer. Unfortunatly, a combination of computer errors and time, forced me to write a VERY short episode. Fortunatly, there is only 1 episode left before Blake's 7 Continues is finished.

A Visit From The Anthropomorphic Personification of Kindness and Giving.

Everyone knew that Liberator was the fastest ship in the galaxy. Everyone was wrong. The fastest ship in the galaxy was the Dasher, which visited every planet, every space station, and every ship in a single night, albeit only one night a year.

As Dasher pulled up alongside Liberator, the red suited, white bearded gent at the controls peered at the vessel. “A System DSV class battle cruiser? Are you sure about this ELPH?”

The Empathic Locator of Pure Hearts brought up a list of names. The white bearded gent sighed. “Oh, this lot. Well, beggars and choosers, I guess when you're in charge of deciding who is Naughty and who is Nice in the second calendar, you have to adjust your standards. Initiate docking protocols.”

As the white bearded gent strode onto the flight deck, he spotted Vila. As it was the middle of the ship's sleep cycle, the self proclaimed Delta Grade was standing watch while the remainder of the crew rested, although in Vila's case both 'standing' and 'watch' were giving him far too much credit.

The white bearded gent spotted a full glass of soma next to some biscuits. “For me? How thoughtful.” He took a bite out of a biscuit, set it back down, and smiled. “That always gives them a thrill.” He picked up the soma and downed it in a single gulp.

He reached into his bag, pulled out a bottle of Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon, and set it down next to the snoozing thief. “There you are lad, try not to drink it all in one go.”

The computer flashed. An odd, menacing sphere appeared over the flight deck, pulsating, and buzzing, as if whispering. The white bearded gent said, “Zen, my young electronic brain, if there's any more of that a certain semi sentient ship's computer won't be getting the memory upgrade he so desperately wants.”

The sphere vanished. A panel opened. The white bearded gent inserted a 100 terabyte memory upgrade and closed the panel.

Moving down the corridor he came to a room. Inside he found a suit of studded leather hanging up, waiting for its owner to awaken. The white bearded gent laid down a small box marked, 'Acme Proddy Tool Corporation Deluxe Kit,' and exited without waking the dark haired man sleeping in the bunk.

In the next room he came to, a dark skinned woman slept soundly. The white bearded gent laid down a box. A label proclaimed, 'Andromedan Stealth Haversack! Activate the stealth generator (batteries included), and the bag will reflect ambient light, seeming to disappear. Amaze your friends by producing large items like vases, bouquets of flowers, or plasma grenades from seeming thin air.'

In the next room a curly haired young man snored loudly, smiling brightly even as he slept. The white bearded gent frowned. “Not exactly a Nice List gift.” He laid a book on the night stand, 'Cheat Codes for Computer Generated Board Games. This book guarantees you will Win at Life!'

In the last room the white bearded gent deposited a small sketch entitled, 'Auron Sunset.' He regarded the sleeping figure and sighed, “Sorry, lass, may this bring you some comfort when you need it most.”

Back aboard the Dasher, the white bearded gent checked his star map. “Next stop, Space Command Headquarters. Bring up the Nice List, ELPH.”

The white bearded gent was greeted by a blank screen. “No one? Why am I surprised? All right, we'll skip Space Command again this year. Bring up the Nice List for the next stop.”

The screen flashed. “Only two names? What's wrong with the galaxy these days? Let's see here, two on the Nice List, both young ladies, one wants a Revenge Model Fully Automatic Repeating Plasma Blaster... I don't like the sound of that, but she is on the Nice List. What's the other want? Ah, a retrofit Self Destruct Atomizer for her blockade runner. Alright, set course for Gauda Prime. On, Dasher, et cetera.”
One the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
One crossword puzzle....
(Double click to enlarge, right click to copy to your computer, then print.)



Many thanks to Travisina for giving my crossword a test run. :-)
Edited by Tyce on 23 December 2017 05:46:58
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