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November 2017 - Artwork Fanfic Challenge by Lurena

For our November artwork prompt, Lurena has sent us this picture of Avon and Vila. What's going on?
Post your stories here!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes

“Avon what the hell are you doing here? You said you didn’t want to get involved”
“Vila, as usual you’ve found yourself in an untenable situation of your own creation, it’s a dead end just the airlock and they are on the way, it constantly staggers me how you’ve survived this long, you don’t have your teleport bracelet so get into this”
Avon took down a space suit from the rack next to the airlock and tossed it to Vila.
“Oh there’s no way I’m going outside I’d rather it was just all over, besides there won’t be time”
“GET IT ON” growled Avon. “You’re not going outside, once it’s on I’ll hang you up on the hook all you have to do is go limp something at which you excel. With the visor down they’ll just think it’s just another empty suit!”
“That’s ingenious, but what about you?
“Well firstly it’s not me they’re out to get, but Orac is waiting to teleport me away.”
It was about an hour before Soolin arrived on the Scorpio’s flight deck closely followed by Tarrant, Avon casually looked up “well?”
“I can’t believe it, it’s just like you said he seems to have completely vanished” said Soolin.
“I told you he’s like a ghost you’ll never find him if he doesn’t want you to, a bets a bet so I suppose you’d better pay up” said Avon allowing himself the briefest of smiles.
Meanwhile in the bowels of the ship very near one of the secondary air locks a strange noise that could almost have been snoring drifted from a standard issue space suit.
That’s a lovely story Blakesheaven.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Getting in under the wire here.

“Urghhh. What was that?” Vila gazed in disbelief at the empty space suit he was clutching, aware that something unpleasant had just brushed against his ankle.

Avon, too busy scanning the surrounding terrain with his gun raised, did not even glance in his direction.

“Concentrate Vila,” he hissed. “Keep your hands on him. If he gets free..”

“There’s nothing here, Avon.” Vila struggled to explain, wondering if he was going mad. “It’s...it’s empty. The suit is empty.”

Avon snorted in disbelief but before he could turn to look he noticed a slight disturbance in the trees below the rocks where they were sheltering. “Have you been drinking again?” he snarled angrily over his shoulder as he meticulously scoped the terrain for further signs of movement, “People don’t just disappear,” he added contemptuously bending his head to mutter into his bracelet. “Blake, Blake. Damn you, you’d better get here soon or you’ll be picking up a couple of corpses or mad men. Vila’s already starting to hallucinate. And I think they’re about to attack.”

Vila glanced down horrified, at the empty suit he was holding and shuddered. “I mean it Avon. One minute I was holding him, her, it...whatever it was in the suit and the next minute it sort of deflated and I felt something slimy brushing my leg. Look..”

“I haven’t time to indulge your nonsense, Vila. I need to keep an eye out to stop them getting behind us. If they do that we’re finished don’t you understand? Look out...” Avon’s protest ended in a shout and he simultaneous let off a string of shots as he pushed Vila to the floor. Another space suited body plummeted from the rocks above. Vila crawled to the edge of the prominence that he and Avon were hugging and peered over. He blinked. He could swear a green oozy substance has crawled from the suit as it hit the ground but before he could remark on this the familiar whine of the teleport engulfed him.


“It’s true,” Vila protested loudly, defying the universal disbelief of his flight deck colleagues. “One minute I was holding onto a guy in a space suit that Avon had stunned and the next....it was empty.”

“ The only way that could happen, Vila,” Avon said, coldly and precisely. “is if we had encountered a race of slimy, alien shape shifters....or if you had imbibed too freely from that flask of Adrenalin and soma you always carry. Now I wonder which is the more likely scenario?”

It was unfortunate that Vila was rather too busy during the events of Star One to recall this conversation.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
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