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Started: 09 July 2016

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Liberator Teleport Bracelet (scratch build)
Evening all, had a go at a bracelet, using EMA tubing as in the original, and also the Horizon manual.
First cut up the tube into strips.

Then sanded the edges down.


When both rings were nice and smooth they were cut up using a mitre box and a small craft saw.


Next was to cut a bit out for the hinge.
I held the two parts together with tape so they stayed in line.


Hinge glued on with 2 part glue, and then the larger ring parts super glued on.


Hung outside whilst applied 3 coats of plastic primer.


After the primer allowed to dry over night.


And next day time to paint, using the same colour as the blasters.


Applied 4 coats to make sure it covered everywhere.


Left to dry overnight and then the trim, gold strips and button, which Martin once said was orange perspex not pink, as the studio lighting in the 70's made it look pink.
Got it from the same place as the original, and just had to cut it to size.
It did look a bit orange, so before I stuck it to the silver tape I stuck a bit of red insulating tape to the bottom of it, which makes it reflect quite well I think.


And with the added foam strip inside.


And the finished bracelet...only took me 3 days....


Hope you like it...
Wow I'm impressed. (Takes a bit to impress me too BTW). Can I ask the clasp bit? - is that just a slide together design and does it stay together when it's on your wrist?
Grin thank you..
The clasp is the original design as in the technical manual.
I did get some tiny magnets, but didn't need them as it is a good design and holds together really well.
Wow. Very impressive
Yes, very impressive. Thanks for sharing. -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
great stuff, I wish I had your practical-hands!
What I'd love to see, is a Scorpio teleport bracelet build.
Absolutely, they seem to be so rare. I'd love a Season 4 set. Bracelet gun and holster! Oh yes! Smile
The S4 bracelets were much more robust and impressive looking than the fragile Liberator bracelets.
That looks really good!! nice build Smile
Is that a Fed sidearm in the bg?
This is the one prop that the Horizon manual is actually correct on. Alas the rest seem slightly out of proportion etc. Regardless it's still an excellent reference. I just wish I could get in on a team to redo it all in colour with 100% accurate dimensions etc.

I did a few with aluminium tubing and acrylic and they look pretty good. I've also got a genuine Martin Bower.

What you have there though, is actually better with some padding added as well.

What colour did you use? Was it mission brown?
Morning, the colour I used vauxhall hazel brown metallic. Same as the blasters.
I did ask Mat Irvine about the technical manual and was informed that Paul Holroyd researched the plans and interacted with Mat and others to get them as correct as they could (there was another technical manual which was total incorrect as that one had nothing to do with anybody involved).
(Paul was actually stood behind me at the time... Smile )
Morning all, my bracelet worked well, look who it teleported to Leicester yesterday...

Brilliant work RB, wish I had known you had the teleport bracelet with you yesterday as I would have loved to have seen it when I met you for the Horizon photoshoot.
I was going to wear it Pam, but had my hand full with Orac....Grin
Ulysses3D wrote:

That looks really good!! nice build Smile
Is that a Fed sidearm in the bg?

Yes..it's the officers pistol kit I made...
Will post a photo when I get on the laptop.
RB wrote:

Morning all, my bracelet worked well, look who it teleported to Leicester yesterday...


What did you do to make it work, or was it working by accident?

Your bracelet looks very good RB! (and looks good on the actor too!) Thank you for sharing this and the postings above!
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Way to go RB. Was it a gift for Paul?

Terrific effort. How fortunate you are to be in the same country.

Could please reveal the manufacturer and colour type you used for the paint on your Bracelet and Pistol?
Morning all, thanks for the comments, the blaster is an officers resin kit I got on ebay, also took it with me and got held up by somebody......


The paint is halfords car paint, the bracelets are the same as the pistols, as when they were commissioned they thought they were all for the same group, so painted them all the same colour.
The bracelets and blaster main colour is Vauxhall Hazel Brown metallic, and the lighter colour for the blaster main handle colour is Ford Tibetan Gold metallic.
I wish I had the skills to make one or two of those but DIY has never been a strongpoint of mine. 3 days though. I cant get my head around that. Its amazing
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