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Started: 09 July 2016

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September 2017 Fanfic Challenge
I love Autumn. For me, it represents a fresh start; new shoes, new pens and clean pages full of promise in a new note book. The American term has a more pessimistic tone.

The word prompt for September is … FALL

A season, a tumble or decrease, the descent into sin, to be captured, defeated or to die in battle.

A friend recently ran a workshop about rewriting fairy tales. For the second challenge, let’s have some scenes from Blakes7 fairy tales (although I suspect there will be few happy-ever-afters.)

Have fun!
Joe Dredd
"Once upon a time there was a bald dwarf named Orac..."
purplecleric wrote:

The American term has a more pessimistic tone.

Which is allegedly just a coincidence to our having our elections in the Fall.
Diving back in after a couple months of writer's block.

Teacher smiled at the shining young faces sitting at their desks. “Let us begin your first day of Freedom School with a story. Would you like that?”

Eager young faces nodded their approval.

Teacher began.

“Once upon a time there was a man named Blake. He was a rare man with rare ideas.”

There was a collective gasp. The children had heard of Blake, of course they had.

“Blake may have passed through history unnoticed, except that he had some rare friends: Avon the genius, Jenna the pilot, Vila the procurer, and Cally the mystic. Blake also had a mighty alien ship, far stronger than anything the Federation had. Blake, the rare man, fought the Federation with his rare friends and his alien ship. He spread his rare ideas, waging war on Federation Oppression. He fought to take over the Central Control Computer. He forced President Servalan into hiding.”

Teacher noted that some of the children struggled to keep their lower lips from wobbling. These were youngsters, some of whom came from sheltered backgrounds that knew nothing of freedom fighters or galactic wars. A small hand went up. Teacher acknowledged the worried young face with a nod. “Yes?”

A small voice asked, “Please, teacher, I don’t want to hear this story, unless it has a happy ending.”

Teacher smiled. “Why it does have a happy ending. Blake was killed by his own ally, and all his rare friends died.”

A cheer went up amongst the children. There were cries of, “Death to all resistors!”

Teacher called for quiet. Another hand went up. “How did Blake lose if he had rare friends and a strong alien ship?”

A young boy raised his hand

Teacher smiled, “Stand and report like a good solider.”

The boy stood. “Blake was flawed, a resistor from birth, that’s what rare means. He was strong, but the Federation was also strong, and in the right.”

Teacher nodded. The lad sat down. Teacher asked, “Any more questions?”

The boy asked, "You said Blake fought oppression. What is oppression?"

Teacher replied, "A figment of Blake's rare imagination. Any more questions?"

A hand went up. Teacher nodded. A young girl asked, “Why is it called Freedom School.”

Teacher smiled. “Because we will take care of everything as long as you obey. We will choose a career for you, educate you for that career, find a mate for you, tell you what to do, what to think, and provide for your every need. You will have freedom from want, freedom from hunger, freedom from making all the tough decisions that make people unhappy. You will enjoy all the freedoms of a Federation citizen, as long as you perform the one duty the Federation asks of every citizen, and cling tight to the most important freedom of all, Freedom From Thought. ”
...and they're off! Barely has the ink dried on the challenge when we have a droll flash fic from Joe and a suitably grim story (see what I did there?) from Brad.

Kudos, chaps!
My views are my own.

VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Joe Dredd
With his neat beard and suave manner, the man looked like a prince as he sat in his high-backed chair, but he was in fact the story teller.

"Welcome to Hugbotanory," he said in his quiet soothing voice. A smile crept into his eyes as he opened the enormous storybook. "Are you all sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin."
Joe Dredd
The Black Tower

Once upon a time, the evil black-hearted sheriff locked the fair maiden up in a tower on top of high quarry. Her father could not rescue her as he was lame.

Instead, he summoned her brave and noble cousin to rescue her, knowing of the chaste and innocent regard they had for each other in younger days.

As soon as Blake arrived at the foot of the tower he shouted up to the top window.

"Throw your hair out the window," he cried, but her golden tresses weren't long enough.

"Throw Inga out the window," cried Jenna, with a helpful gleam in her eye.

Oh dear, children. This story is not going quite as I expected. We had better find another one.
That was amazing JustBrad. Love it!
If you couldn't tell, James Thurber and Terry Pratchett are two of my idols.

A blonde woman in a hooded red cape walked through the forest carrying a large basket. Suddenly, though not unexpectedly in this genre, a large wolf of questionable reputation sprang out from behind a tree. He was dressed in black, wore an eye patch, and had a large gun where his right fore paw should be.

“My!” the blond girl cried, “What a big eye patch you have!”

The wolf growled. “Never mind all that, we've only got five hundred words. What are you doing in this sector of the forest. The truth now, or I'll eat you all up.”

“I'm on my way to the hidden rebel base near the village of Gauda Prime with a basket of armaments.”

The wolf knew he could eat her all up then and there, but that wouldn't make for a good story, and besides, he might catch the rest of the rebels if he went to the hidden rebel base, which really wasn't all that well hidden. Knowing he might need help if he did find more rebels, the wolf enlisted the help of the only forest creatures unswervingly loyal to the Federation Forest, the Gnus.

As the blond girl in the red hooded cape skipped away humming a merry tune, the wolf took a short cut through Hyperspace and arrived near the not - so - well - hidden - after - all rebel base well ahead of her. Soon the Gnus arrived in their ships to support him.

The wolf saw the blond girl skipping down the forest lane, past a large sign that read, “To The Hidden Rebel Base.” The wolf looked up and down the path, but could see no other rebels. It would be a feather in his cap (if wolves wore caps), to capture more rebels, but it was late, he was hungry, and the story teller was rapidly running out of satire. So he ate her all up.

Curious, the wolf looked in the basket. He saw a large explosive with a digital display that read: Self Destruct Engaged. 3-2-1- and then there was a wolf shattering kaboom.

The blond girl in the red cape was no more, but when she died, she took a whole squadron of Gnu ships with her.
Edited by JustBrad on 02 September 2017 01:52:31
Joe Dredd
Canny Day

Kit Kite was a jester in the court of King Merybn. Every day he would don his multicoloured costume and amuse the court with his jokes and foolish antics, and every day the King would beg Kit to tell the one about the dog.

"Okay," Kit would smile. "My dog's got no pancreas!"

"How does he synthesize polypeptides?" the King roared, laughing in anticipation.


Little did the court know however, that Kit was also secretly a spy.

After the incident on Goth, Blake had realised how useful it was to have fools and jesters carrying information. Everyone knew that people in science fiction couldn't go more than five minutes without running into one medieval world or another. It was something to do with wearing pelts and drinking ale from pewter tankards and mucking about with bows and arrows, leaping out of trees and wrestling other fellows and so on. Having buxom ladies in lace-up bodices around the place didn't hurt either, at least in some peoples minds.

Blake was so taken with the idea that he informed Avalon at once, though he was a bit disappointed that they did it by vidcast. In keeping with the theme, Blake had wanted to tattoo the message on top of Vila's head. Fortunately for Vila, Avon had pointed out that Vila's ever-thinning hair would be a liability. Avalon agreed with Blake's plan however and the idea was put into practice immediately.

Things started well for Kit once he was recruited, but recently his usual contacts, Goodrock and Nikrep, and Merriberri their handler, had been replaced by new people. Kit thought Urp, the new handler, was okay but he was still to make his mind up about Toksi and Gingfield.

After months without any activity, Kit had almost forgotten about his secret role. Like everyone else at court he was swept up in the preparations for the Prince's third birthday. The grand chamber was festooned with decorations and the kitchens were full of activity and exotic foods. There were intricate sugar sculptures to amuse the adults and lots of lollies for the children to gorge on after the official festivities. Presents arrived from all directions. There was even a strange packet of biscuits delivered by an exotic oriental gentleman.

Kit was therefore not surprised when he was told he was needed. He suspected there might be something in the wrapper of the biscuit packet. And indeed, it was so. Kit was being sent two pieces of information. The real information had to be passed on to the next link in the network and the fake news had to be spread about to fool the Federation. Kit wondered if he could somehow reduce the fake news to 140 characters and broadcast it on trumper. He'd feel like a twit going on trumper (and vice versa) but it shouldn't be too hard to do it anonymously, he thought. After all, when most people trump they don't want anyone to know who did it.

Kit met with Toksi in secret to learn the whereabouts of both pieces of information. He thought he had it memorised perfectly.

"I've got it!" he cried. "The capsule with the false new is in the smarties from the party; the hobnobs from Oddjob hav the clue that is true! Right?"

"Right," said Toksi, "but there's been a change. They dropped the hobnobs from Oddjob all over the floor!"

Kit couldn't believe it. "They dropped the hobnobs from Oddjob?"

"Yes. And replaced it with some revels."

Kit still couldn't believe it. "Some revels...?"

"With a bevelled edge."

"Revels with a bevel," echoed Kit, trying to get it straight in his mind.


"But," asked Kit, "did you put the capsule with the fake message in the smarties from the party?"

"No!" explained Toksi. "The capsule with the fake message's in the tall, short allsorts near the dolly mixtures with the lolly fixtures! The revels with the bevel have the clue that is true!"

Kit's mind was awhirl. "The capsule with the fake message's in the tall, short allsorts near the dolly mixtures with the lolly fixtures; the revels with the bevel have the clue that is true."

"Yes, it's that simple!" smiled Toksi. "Just remember that."

Unsurprisingly, Avalon decided to disband Blake's network shortly after. Farewell, motley crew.
Joe Dredd
Great story, Brad! Let me be totally predictable and say it just goes to prove no gnus is good gnus.

JustBrad wrote:
The wolf growled. “Never mind all that, we've only got five hundred words.

Joe Dredd
P.S. I bags "Blake's Seven Dwarves"!
Joe Dredd

"Somebody's been eating my porridge!" cried Blake.

"Somebody's been eating my porridge!" cried Jenna.

"My lettuce and kale breakfast smoothie is untouched," smiled Cally.

"Somebody's been eating my porridge!" cried Avon.

"Somebody's been eating my porridge!" cried Vila.

"BURP!" said Gan. "Any more porridge?
Joe: Love Danny Kaye.

For those of you who don't know what we're talking about it, do yourself a favor and watch this, for The Court Jester.

Edited by JustBrad on 02 September 2017 03:11:09
Bravo, JD and Brad! What a great way to begin a Saturday morning!
LOL-ing at your stories (I love Danny Daye, too - genius)
My views are my own.

VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Joe Dredd
Travisina wrote:(I love Danny Daye, too - genius)

I knew you'd get the Canny Day/Danny Kaye reference. I hope you got the GBBO references too!
Ok chaps I'm hanging up my pen. No way I can match such brilliance!
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Joe Dredd
Oh no, Annie! We look forward to reading your stories too.
Thanks Brad and Joe for kicking of the challenge with such entertaining ficlets. I've been chuckling away as I read.

Looks like September is going to be a fun month!
Travisina wrote:

Bravo, JD and Brad! What a great way to begin a Saturday morning!
LOL-ing at your stories (I love Danny Daye, too - genius)

Re Danny Kaye....I'm now singing..'The King is in the altogether....'
Now that's an idea for a very naughty fairy story....but I'm too much of a lady etc etc etc......
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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