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Started: 09 July 2016

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August 2017 Fanfic Challenge
Lammas is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning Loaf Mass. This early harvest festival celebrates the first cutting of the wheat crop and is held at the beginning of August. Farmers baked the wheat into loaves which were used in Communion or allowed to go stale and crumbled around barns to bring good luck.

The word prompt this month is ... BREAD.

Much significance is placed upon the preparing and sharing of this staple. What will it mean to our heroes?

As I've been enjoying dipping into 'Letters of Note' http://www.letter..., for the second challenge write a piece in the form of a letter.

Happy writing!
Joe Dredd
"Come on, Vila," scolded Blake. "Use your loaf!"
I did not know it could physically hurt to write your name. Once, not long after we met, I never told you this, I found an empty service shaft near your apartment and I crawled into it, pulled the hatch shut and sat in the darkness repeating your name aloud over and over from sheer joy. My willow cabin. You will get…would have got the reference. Oh it hurts…it hurts Anna to admit you are dead. Even worse to imagine how you died…I can't think of that…can't let myself…I'll go mad if I dwell on it and I must not go mad.

I see you looking at me with that quizzical expression you sometimes had when you were puzzled by my actions. “Why do I never know what you are thinking?” you'd ask.

I could never tell you…knew if I ever dared to tell you you'd disappear like a mirage or vision. You'd pierce me with your gaze and see the thin, shrivelled thing that is my soul and recoil from it in disgust. I am not, have never been, a good man, Anna but I would have tried to be one for you. My only crumb of comfort is that you knew that I'd give my life for you if it was required. That when I said I trusted you it was an admission of how utterly, how completely I had given myself to you. But, oh Anna, I wish, how I wish I had had the courage to tell you when you lived. I can say it now. I love you, Anna.

It's cold in this holding cell. Were you cold, Anna, that last day? Oh my love, I can't bear to think what they did to you. I can't bear…..

Well, I will not break down. It is likely that my life will end on Cygnus Alpha. Will we then be reunited in some afterlife? I cannot believe it and even if there is something that follows on, at best, you would be an angel looking down at our separation and letting a tear fall, cooling, on my burning tongue. Not just a swindler and fraudster any more, Anna…a murderer. A place reserved for me in hell- as if hell could be worse than here. I killed the visa seller, you see. He shot me first but I shot truer. I nearly died but the need to find you kept me from that oblivion. I would seek it now. It's the course I would prefer. But instead I shall live for you as long as I can. I will live and endure and try to escape and hope one day I can exact our revenge on the brute that killed you.

It is done. My promise to you written with my blood. You will laugh..would have laughed..at the melodrama but I have only a scrap of paper dropped by a guard, a sliver of bone from a meal I could not eat and the blood from my healing wound at my disposal. I would laugh myself if this paper did not hold all I have left to live for. I will keep it on my person until either I am dead or I have killed the one responsible for this misery. A blood oath, if you will.

This I promise you, my love. I promise you.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Oh Anne, that's heartbreaking. And of course, that's the sheet of paper he's holding on the London. Clever way of incorporating the letter prompt.
trevor travis

“Not you two again!”, exclaimed Sinofar.

Giroc was less displeased. “I love his violence!”, she enthused, nodding in the direction of Travis.

Sinofar sighed. “Giroc, will you never learn? In the meantime, it poses a problem.” She addressed Blake and Travis. “You already knew our forest location, and the only other place on the planet is… oh, now there’s an idea!”


Giroc watched the battle.

Blake raised his weapon. Travis did likewise. They engaged in battle. Blake got in a clear blow on Travis. No effect. Then Travis did the same. No effect.

The bakery. She couldn’t believe Sinofar had chosen the bakery. Despite her immortality, Giroc suspected she might die before either party got in a telling blow with a month-old French stick.
Edited by trevor travis on 02 August 2017 11:43:56
Joe Dredd
...and they're off!
One day into the challenge, and we already have a heartbreaking story from Annie and LOL ones from TT and JD! Well done, you speedy lot.

(JD, I now have a mental image of you working away at further bread-related anagrams and puns. Am I right?!)
Twitter: @TravisinaB7

My views are my own
VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.
Torture Shop

Surcouf was an unimportant colony, but Blake said that the Federation had set up an ‘interrogation center’ in one of the villages of the planet. He was eager to destroy it, not only in order to prevent the citizens from being tortured but also to gain useful information from the interrogation files. For once, Avon agreed with him without hesitation. He might find a clue as to who murdered Anna.

At midnight, they teleported down in a side street behind the center. They had decided not to pop up unexpectedly in the building itself as they did not know anything about the security measures in place. Going by the primitive windows, however, there seemed to be no security measures at all. Avon began to doubt that they had found the correct building. On the other hand, the technological level of this colony was way below Federation standard.

Breaking in did not take more than a few minutes. Avon slipped through the open window and heard Blake following him. The lights were out. In the indirect glow of distant street lamps, Avon could only see a table in front of him. On the surface, a knife reflected the pale light. It seemed as if they had found the correct building after all.

However, the blade was serrated. This did not look like an instrument of torture but more like a...

Blake finally managed to turn on his flashlight.

...like a bread knife, exactly. Because it was a bread knife.

Avon looked around. There were wooden shelves on the walls, and there was a counter. The shelves were empty but small labels told Avon and Blake what type of goods were sold here: bread, rolls and cakes. No-one was ever tortured here. This was a bakery.

‘We got the wrong coordinates,’ Avon said.

‘Cant’t be. I doubled-checked them myself,’ Blake insisted.

Suddenly Avon realised what had gone wrong. ‘What gave you the idea that this was a torture center?’ he asked.

‘I saw a picture of the house front, and there was a big sign saying PAIN.’

Avon sighed. ‘Did it ever occur to you that on a planet called Surcouf, the people might actually speak French?’
Huggy...thank you for cheering me up. Loved it.
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Joe Dredd
Encore, Hugbot!

Encore du pain!
Space Mail Fraud

To: customerservice@goggle.corp
From: ttravis@yourcheapspacemail.teal
Re: My favourite spacemail account

Dear Sir or Madam,

After my official spacemail account TTravisAlpha15105@spacecommand.mil had been locked for reasons I do not wish to discuss with you, I wanted to register with your company for a new private spacemail address. I mean, a ‘Goggle’ address for a one-eyed man – that’s just hilarious, isn’t it? However, my favourite address BlackLeatherGuy@goggle.corp was already assigned to another customer. Not only that – each and every variation of BlackLeatherGuy plus a number seems to be taken! The only available one is BlackLeatherGuy666, but I am sure you will agree with me that this address would not really improve my reputation with my correspondents.

After doing some research, I discovered that all BlackLeatherGuy addresses had been registered by a certain Kerr Avon, and I think he did this on purpose to upset me. In case you do not know him, Kerr Avon is a wanted criminal, terrorist, embezzler and hacker, and I bet that you do not receive a single millicredit for the whole bunch of BLG addresses. In fact, I am sure that there is a virus running wild in your system.

Hence, I have to demand that you immediately take the following actions: (1) clean up your system and update your security (2) release all BlackLeatherGuy addresses currently held by Kerr Avon (3) assign BlackLeatherGuy@goggle.corp to me.

Thank you for your cooperation. Failure to meet with my demands would give reason to suspect you of knowingly collaborating with Kerr Avon, in which case I would have to contact shrinker@easy_denunciation.interrogation.fed. (After all, I am still a loyal citizen of the Federation despite whatever you may have heard about my alleged ‘defection’.) Surely you do not want that to happen, don’t you?

Yours sincerly,
T. Travis, Space Commander (ret’d)
Ellen York
Hugbot, you are really on a roll (oops! bad pun Wink )
Hugbot, you made me laugh twice! Great double feature. Both very clever--and so quick! Grin
Un pain comme ci et un pain comme ça Hugbot, LOL!

And Annie, you are so good in digging through Avon's mind. Oh yes, he would do so.
A good and moving story.
And of course, that's the sheet of paper he's holding on the London.

However, I can not buy that as I have a HDR screenshot that shows the paper is a kind of process chart printout...
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
It's cold and wet and tomorrow I go off to see my Sarah.
But even though I'm not exactly in the mood to write, this came to me while just sitting quietly, thinking.
Sarah would have a go at me for not producing something this month and Lurena has drawn such a lovely picture.
It's just one story this month, but it does carry on from last month's entry in the ongoing chocolate saga and this time a certain gent who you may recognise is a bit miffed.....

A Covering Letter

FAO Messer’s.
Cad and Bury
Cadbury World
Milky Way

I have been asked to write to you about the President’s concerns regarding your new product, Cadbury’s Flake.
Whilst she appreciates that only the tastiest, crumbliest chocolate is used in the manufacture of your newest confection, she wonders if you have given any thought to the inevitable outcome.
I’m afraid I have to report that apart from the crumbs of your chocolate falling to the floor, those self same crumbs have stained the President’s finest gowns.
As the Keeper of the President’s finest gowns, it is my duty to clean those garments and those crumbs have caused me hours of work to remove any stains.
I am very proud of my gowns and the skills that I have acquired over the years to keep them in tip top condition, but your new confection has caused me sleepless nights.
May I respectively ask that you find a solution to this problem so that the next time, your confection will not cause me such woes?
Perhaps a covering would be in order.
Not a covering for the President as she enjoys your delights, but for the confection in question.
Master Gary, Keeper of the Gowns
A nice chocolate covering could do the trick. You could always give it a TWIRL.


Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Ellen York
Well done, Sue! I sympathize with the keeper of the gowns, chocolate stains horribly (and I love that he is Master Gary).

Maybe that is why Avon wears black, so the stains don't show Wink
I so admire your spirit, Sue and your skill!!

Well what terrific stuff so far. Hugbot so brilliantly clever. Travis so funny.

Here's my contribution:

The longer they stayed on the planet, the more Vila noticed how sweet the air smelled, so different from the stale, thinish air on the Liberator. He found himself taking deep breaths, his head spinning slightly as he inhaled the rich oxygen mix. Soon he felt pleasantly tipsy and the sun gently warming his back helped him to relax more completely than he'd done for a long time.

It was a surprise to Vila that Avon had allowed them both to stay down for so long. True the Federation had abandoned the planet - Sidonia held little interest for it in the aftermath of the Andromedon War. High Command had ordered the destruction of the Riddium mines, its only valuable resource, when the troops were recalled to deal with the unrest on Earth The lack of Federation presence had made it safe for them to check out the rumour that Blake had made a base there, something they had quickly discovered wasn't true, but instead of demanding an immediate pick up, Avon had announced that he and Vila would stay on for a while to check things out. Just what they were supposed to be checking wasn’t clear.

Avon suddenly lifted his head like a hunting dog and Vila noticed a new scent was mingling with the smell of grass and sun and flowers. He had no words from his experiences to describe it but it was undoubtably the best, most enticing aroma to assail his olfactory system. Ahead he could see that the green, wild area they were traversing was opening on to an inhabited area and Avon quickened his pace towards it.

Soon they had arrived at homely, rustic dwelling, red and white checked coverings on the wooden tables arranged outside its white daubed walls. The door to the dwelling stood open invitingly but Avon made his way to one of the tables, pulled out one of the wooden chairs, sat down and indicated Vila should do the same.

Vila took his seat while Avon beckoned the young woman who had bustled out through the open door as they arrived and muttered something to her. She nodded and disappeared back inside.

“What’s happening, Avon? Are we eating here?”

“Oh we are indeed, Vila.” A beatific smile transfigured Avon's saturnine features in anticipation.

“What are we having, then?”

“Bread, Vila. I've ordered the house speciality. Ten different breads served with fresh butter.”

Vila's face fell. “Bread,” he queried, his voice laced with disappointment. “Of all the foods you could have chosen you've gone for that dry, gritty, heavy, brown stuff they made us eat in the Dome and on the London? Baked ten different ways? Ten ways of baking rubbish is still rubbish. You've gone mad, Avon!”

Avon's smile grew and he gazed at Vila, a trace of rare sympathy crossing his face. “I'd forgotten Delta’s never got to taste the real stuff. Just you wait till you've tried them. It'll be worth it, I promise.”

And it was. Replete, buttery, Vila nibbled at the last crusty fragment, washing it down with perhaps the nicest tea he had ever drunk. Rolls, bloomers, sour dough, baguettes, soda, vanocka, Zopt, muffins, Challa, brioche, he’d tried them all.

So this was what the revolution was all about…proper bread, for all, regardless of status. Something he could fight for at last.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
@Anniew, there's nothing like baked bread. This story made me hungry and envious of Vila for getting his pick of all of that. (Though I wonder what vanocka and zopt taste like. Wink )

I especially like these lines:
"Avon suddenly lifted his head like a hunting dog and Vila noticed a new scent was mingling with the smell of grass and sun and flowers. He had no words from his experiences to describe it but it was undoubtably the best, most enticing aroma to assail his olfactory system."
I can imagine Avon having a nose-radar for good food.
@Littlesue, a dangerous job the keeper of Servalan's gowns! But she's unlikely to dispose of him as he does seem to be able to convey her unique sense of style to the flamboyant best . Wink
Give it a twirl. Ha ha.
Catching up -

Kudos to:

Hugbot, for multi-lingual bread-based puns and space mail fraud, LOL!

Annie, for sensuous description of so many types of bread.

and especially Littlesue for managing to write another chapter in the entertaining Chocolate Saga, under the most awful of circumstances. Big hugs to you.

I've managed one ficlet so far this month (slightly inspired by Joe Dredd) - see next post...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7

My views are my own
VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.
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