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Started: 09 July 2016

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Season D rewatch - D4 Stardrive
Travisina wrote:

On the radio the other day they were talking about a 'handschuh... something-something-something' which means 'a glove to wear when you're playing snowballs', which was calling somebody a coward. Fantastic!

If you can access BBC iPlayer, this was the programme it was on - an entertaining show about Words and the Meanings:

Thanks for the link; that was hilarious!
The word in question was Handschuhschneeballwerfer, which literally means 'hand shoe [= glove] snow ball thrower', i.e. 'someone who wears gloves while throwing snowballs' (thus implying that this person is a big girl's blouse). However, this is not an 'official' term. You can of course make up monster words like this one and they would be understood, but no-one actually uses them. I have the feeling that the Handschuhschneeballwerfer stems from a fad 20 years ago when it almost became a national pastime to come up with new and 'funny' insults for softies and cowards. While Weichei ('soft egg') and Warmduscher ('someone who only showers with warm water') made it into everyday language, the rest was never actually used and is now mercifully forgotten.
It is of course possible to make up extremely long words by joining nouns, but it is not very practical. It is mostly used in legalese or for comic effect.
I was marveling at 'Flugzeugtrager' when I suddenly realized it is a literal translation of the English 'Aircraft Carrier.' Works both ways, I suppose.
Thanks Hugbot for the explanation and the link, superb! I've forwarded it to my niece, who's studying in Berlin - I think she'll find it entertaining as she learns to speak German...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Lurena wrote:

meegat39 wrote:

trevor travis wrote:

meegat39 wrote:

Avon is brooding and imo he has already made the decision to sacrifice Dr Plaxon if necessary...

His hand is forced. No point them all dying. But his callous reaction is shocking.

I don't think so. His eyes tell another story. He is pretending not to care but really what he is saying is I had to sacrifice her so now let's pretend she never existed because I don't want to think it about it or her.

That is my take on it too Meegat.

Thank you for your opinion Lurena, I had a feeling you might agree
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
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