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Started: 09 July 2016

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April 2017 - Artwork Fanfic Challenge by Lurena
Oooh so clever Sue.....you and a Lurena are a hell of a team...
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Ellen York
Late to the party and probably not doing justice to Lurena's lovely portrait, but I had trouble getting into Servalan's head.

Servalan leaned back on the sofa and admired the ruby red wine glistening in the crystal goblet. Both wine and goblet had been gifts from members of the High Council eager to curry favor with the newly appointed Supreme Commander. She smiled to herself in satisfaction; rank truly did have its privileges.
Very nice vignette, Ellen!

I'm even later to the party - didn't think I'd get anything written for this artwork prompt, but just managed to scrawl this today (hurrah for Bank Holiday weekends) - apols if it's a bit rough around the edges.

In Memoriam

For several hours, the others shunned him. Everything had been lost with the Liberator; their possessions, the stores of wealth - the ship itself they had lost it all. He had lost it all. Only Vila would occasionally meet his eye, his expression silently accusatory. Perhaps he had anticipated some sort of gratitude for retrieving Orac, but he should have known better than to expect it from Avon.

Avon now sat alone in the control room, making a half-hearted attempt to investigate the computer systems. He could hear the others outside, talking in low voices about equipment, food, medical supplies. Eventually he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, replaying in his mind the end of the Liberator. The way it had broken up, the final explosion. It was fitting that Servalan had perished together with the ship she craved for so long.

He allowed himself to remember her hazel eyes regarding him over a glass of Hal Mellanby's fine green wine. Mauve was not a colour that suited her, but the dress was a flattering style. She was fresh from showering, and he caught a scent of light soap and powder. A young, girlish fragrance Dayna's cosmetics that seemed at odds with Servalan's seductive smile, her low voice offering temptation, the taste of her mouth when he kissed her.

Suppose he had accepted her offer?

They were evenly matched, both beautiful and amoral. They were worthy enemies, they could have been extraordinary lovers. With the Liberator they would have ruled... she would have ruled, there was no doubt about that. But he had no taste for leadership, had never wanted power. He would have been content with the wealth and safety she was offering. A snap of her presidential fingers would have delivered Shrinker to him, so he could exact his revenge for Anna... and discover the truth about her? It would have been better to find out sooner, rather than later. Servalan was more honest; she made no pretence about her ambitions, her desire for power, her desire for him.

Imagination our only limit...

"Avon?" Cally's voice interrupted his thoughts.

He opens his eyes and looks up at her. "I was thinking."

"What about? You had the strangest expression on your face."

"Can you read my mind?"

"You know I can't."

Avon smiled. "Blake. I was thinking about Blake."


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There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
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