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Started: 09 July 2016

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Tabletop or Handheld
Tabletop Tabletop 50%[1 Vote]
Handheld (Conventional) Handheld (Conventional) 50%[1 Vote]
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My DIY joystick project from long ago
Dear Horizon,

A few years ago, some of you may remember I embarked on a one-man quest to design and develop an arcade-quality Atari-compatible joystick controller, which any gamer from the home computer revolution (from circa 1977 with the release of the Commodore PET to 1995, when Windows 95 became the standard for many computer users worldwide) could afford. Well, after those few years (and the purchase of MANY arcade machine parts - mainly buttons and joysticks), I have narrowed down the final two designs and I cannot decide which one to go for, so I ask you to vote. There are two styles: A tabletop style (used in the Greek "Pac-Man" and Italian "Albatros" controllers) and the conventional handheld style (used in the Suncom TAC 2, Competition Pro, Zipstik, etc.). I will be posting my progress in this thread when time allows - I can guarantee that the joystick used will be a Sanwa Denshi JLF with a shaft cover and red ball-top handle, with two OBSC-30-CW buttons in red (30 referring to the button's diameter in millimetres and CW referring to the clear white outline).

Tabletop on the top, handheld/conventional on the bottom (I was planning on including a third "compact" form factor similar to the Suzo Arcade with a minimalist layout but no enclosures are the right size to accommodate it).



sooper mouse
I don't like tables.
I have concluded that Jenna is Blake-aware, Blake is Avon-aware, Avon is self-aware and Gan is rarely aware. Vila is merely wary. Cally is frequently more away than aware.
Well, that was quick! Smile
President Solvite
Ahh the good old table top joystick..

Are you planning to add some sucker feet to your table option Sweevo?
If I can find some, yes (more so if the enclosure by itself doesn't hold up).
Looks like handheld (I asked on World of Spectrum and Lemon 64 as well) appears to be the dominant desire. I will update as the project continues. Smile
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