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Started: 09 July 2016

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Del Tarrant
JustBrad wrote:
He could be gallant, heroic, or self centered and arrogant. It is possible for one person to be all those things, but in Tarrant's case, it really depended on who wrote the script.

When I tell people that my favourite character is Vila, they sometimes reply that I mustn't like Tarrant because he bullied Vila. But what I really don't like is being told who I should or shouldn't like, and I do like Tarrant - just not as much as Vila Wink

What Brad said above is true - Tarrant is an interesting mix of characteristics. The inconsistent writing could even be seen as a good thing, because IMO it makes make him more human than if he always behaved in a particular, predictable way. I even get why he bullies Vila (who can be VERY irritating at times) - but at least Tarrant is decent enough to apologise afterwards (City) - unlike Avon (Orbit).
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A statement of fact cannot be insolent
When I first watched the show I couldn't stand either Tarrant or Blake. Curly hair phobia perhaps. More likely it was that neither were presented as emotionally vulnerable and both clashed with the obviously emotionally vulnerable Avon. Both claimed the moral high ground- Tarrant more than Blake - which I disliked. And anyway, Avon was way cooler - bearing his scars with style not the dull medieval kit Blake affected or Tarrant's Little Boy Blue costumes.

Of course, now I'm older, I can see that Blake and Tarrant were both less self centred and more admirable than Avon- decent flawed people rather than self serving bastards. But I still love Avon best...it's just that now I acknowledge that he wouldn't have shone half as brightly - woukd probably have been rather a contemptible fraudster- without Blake and Tarrant's insistence that he did the right thing from time to time.
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Travisina wrote:

but at least Tarrant is decent enough to apologise afterwards (City) - unlike Avon (Orbit).

True that, but where Tarrant and Vila and even Blake will be held to task for their mis-steps and character flaws, Avon seems to get a 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card because he is... well... because he is Avon.
I liked the Del Tarrant character too.

I thought he was important after Blake left that you had another leader to rival Avon.

Though at times they were at loggerheads they normally came together to consult as equals at dangerous times.

Tarrant did seem to have a strained relationship with Vila and sometimes we react differently to hearing the same thing from different people. I noticed that that when Avon criticized Vila he would come back at Avon often with a clever riposte and Avon would tactically ignore and it let it pass.

However the Tarrant and Vila relationship was different and it was almost as though the Vila resented the 'new boy' Tarrant character becoming the virtual co-leader with Avon.
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