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Avalon - (Project Avalon)
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Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
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Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
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Hunda - (Traitor)
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Deva - (Blake)
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Started: 09 July 2016

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Horizon Advent Calendar 2016
Just for fun: Instead of three wise men; here are three homespun cracker jokes. No waiting for the answers; just scroll down past the spoiler section and feel free to roll your eyes.

Q1: How does a cat ensure chart success?

Q2: How does the galaxy organise a party?

Q3: What's the shortest month of the year?



Q1: Autotuna

Q2: Plan It.

Q3: May

Merry Christmas to everyone on Horizon! xx
How many seconds in a year?


12 (2nd of January, 2nd of February....)

Merry Christmas, everyone!
I had started a few other sketchbook drawings but Blake is the only one I managed to finish in time.
(The others may appear later. I spent all last night working on one that was a little more elaborate, but... it still needs some work. BUT it's still Christmas Eve here though. *rolls up sleeves*Pfft )

Haha! I just noticed that Blake and my Avon avatar are staring each other down. Wink
Edited by Rainesz on 24 December 2016 17:47:13

Jenna wishes you a merry Christmas and wants to let you know she's still out there-- fighting the Federation.
I had delay in getting home, so I have to catch up with all things that happened here the last few days and sadly, I could not even complete what I had in mind to post here for Christmas. ( I'll keep it in mind for next year then, OK?)

I hope you like this belated contribution I put up for you on youtube

And for those amongst you who could not find time for the jigsaw puzzle; once completed you see this image:

And there are two memory games: Match the Christmas costume with the B7 character and Matching pairs of Liberator corridors waiting for you.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
4x4 Connections Puzzles - The Answers

For the sake of those avoiding spoilers, the answers have been hidden in invisible ink. To see them, highlight the area below each grid.

The grid contains four groups of four related items. What items make up each of the four groups, and what is the connection between them?
(Click on the image for bigger picture)


1. Planet names that featured in their episode titles
Cygnus Alpha

2. Computers

3. Ships
Space Princess

4. Planets that featured in the final episode of each season
Star One
Gauda Prime


1. Characters who play chess

2. Characters who keep pets
Ensor (goldfish)
Krantor (cat)
Cally (moon disc)
Tynus (crickets)

3. Characters whose actors played a different character in an earlier season of B7
Soolin (Mutoid)
Shrinker (Senator Bercol)
Toise (Pasco)
Klute (Decima)

4. Characters who kiss Avon!
Anna Grant


Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
by ZEN1

Highlight the area under each question to reveal the answers!

1. What did Vila fail to take down with him to the planet Kezaarn?
A: His gun kit B: His tool box C: A tracer
C: A tracer

2. Blake was a record breaker in this episode!
A: Bounty B: Breakdown C: Deliverance
A: Bounty

3. What year did Blake’s 7 start?
A: 1977 B: 1981 C: 1978
C: 1978

4. Only crew member never appears on any of the B7 DVD disc covers. Was it:
A: Gan B: Cally C: Soolin
B: Cally

5. How many episodes began with the letter S?
A: 3 B: 5 C: 7
C: 7 - Space Fall, Seek Locate Destroy, Shadow, Star One, Sarcophagus, Stardrive, Sand

6. Who was said to be Chevron’s “wife”?
A: Dayna B: Inga C: Hanna
A: Dayna 

7. This was said to be an obsolete civilian cruiser.
A: The London B: The Ortega C: The Star Queen.
B: The Ortega

8. Servalan was the only one of the B7 cast to appear on a Cinema Screen during an episode. Which episode was that?
C: Voice from the Past

9. The only episode where Scorpio was seen to fire its weapons.
A: Games B: Rescue C: Stardrive
A: Games 

10. Starburst Class, Hunter-Killer class and Mark Tens are all makes of what?
A: Federation Pursuit ships B: Federation rockets C: Andromedan ships
A: Federation pursuit ships 

11. Whose nickname was “Old Star Killer”?
A: Fleet Warden General Samor B: Travis C: Star Major Hunda
A: Fleet Warden General Samor 

12. At the start of Gambit, what did Servalan pass to Jarriere?
A: Her drink B: A red face mask C: A white dove
C: A white dove

13. “The only game of skill in this establishment”. What was it?
A: The Big Wheel B: Speed Chess C: Cards
B: Speed Chess

14. Where would you find “a marshy area” some 207 miles west of a dome complex?
A: On Malodar B: On Earth C: On Helotrix
A: On Malodar

15. Who dropped her drink in astonishment?
A: Verlis B: Cancer C: Piri
A: Verlis

16. What did Servalan steal from Dayna’s bedroom cupboard?
A: Perfume B: A gun C: Jewellery
B: A gun

17. What did Cally shove in her silver boots?
A: a colour photo of Avon B: A sketch of a place she use to know C: A B&W photo of Docholli
C. A photo of Docholli

18. Where was Scorpio en route to before it collided with the Asteroid?
A: The Altern system B: The 12th sector C: Andromeda galaxy
A: The Altern system 

19. Who was said to have been “a fluffy-cheeked amateur”?
A: Blake B: Bayban C: Doran
A: Blake

20. What was the flight time across the prohibited space zone?
A: 100 hours B: 120 Hours C: 150 hours
C: 150 hours

21. What was Liberator's destination before it was re-routed to Terminal?
A: Disentastra B: XK47 C: Calipheron
C: Calipheron

22. “Well, yes. It’s very nice, very nice indeed!” What was?
A: Gold tiara given to Jenna B: Dorian’s wine cupboard C: Sarkoff’s antique collection
A: Gold tiara given to Jenna

23. “An unidentified ship has been detected in unauthorised geo-stationary orbit!" What ship was that?
A: Liberator B: Scorpio C: Pursuit ship
B: Scorpio 

24. Which of these guest actors did not appear on the VHS cover of Gold/Obit?
A: Egrorian B: Keiller C: Servalan D: Pinder
A and D: Egrorian and Pinder

25. “Is that what I think it is?" What was it?
A: A spaceship B: A recreational aid C: A trap waiting to fall
C: A trap waiting to fall.

26. Who said she liked "watching old films”?
A: Jenna B: Soolin C: Sleer
C: Sleer

27. “I can see it! My god, it’s too late!" What was it?
A: The approaching Ore carrier B: the approaching Nova Queen C: Space Command HQ
A: The approaching ore carrier

28. Who “burned” the Presidents garden?
A: Bek B: The Gardener C: Hanna
A: Bek 

29. What did Rai deliver to Servalan’s desk?
A: Micro tapes B: Clinical records C: S&D log
A: Micro tapes.

30. “Another of Blake’s little schemes he hasn’t thought fit to tell us about!” What/who was the intended target?
A: The Federation repair and supply base B: Space Command HQ C: The Federation weapons development base
C: The Federation weapons development base

31. What caused the distress signal to start in the alien cryogenic capsule?
A: Faulty rocket boosters B: Fault on the Auto–Navs C: A fault in the anti-grav gyro
B: Fault on the auto–navs. 

32. Zen warned that “Life support systems will cease to operate in ________ seconds”. How many?
A: 15 seconds B: 18 seconds C: 20 seconds 
C: 20 seconds 

33. “I still don’t think Zukan told the Federation." About what?
A: The wine B: The base C: The food
B: The base

34. How many alien ships were confirmed destroyed in the intergalactic war?
A: 300 B: 400 C: 600
C: 600

35. “Our relationship is more ________” What was it?
A: Recreational B: Mechanical C: Nonexistent
A: Recreational

36. Who ruled the tents of Goth?
A: Rod B: Tara C: Gola
C: Gola

37. How many episodes began with the letter P?
A: 3 B: 4 C: 5
B: 4 - Project Avalon, Pressure Point, Powerplay, Power

38. “They’ve got nothing to lose.” Who hadn’t?
A: Blake, Avon and Jenna on the London B: The crew of the Ortega C: The Time Squad aliens 
A: Blake, Avon and Jenna on the London

39. How long does a day last on Saurian Major?
A: 29 hours B: 36 hours C: 40 hours 
B: 36 hours

40. “I think it’s just what it appears to be.” What was it?
A: An obsolete civilian cruiser B: A played out old pleasure cruiser C: An old Wanderer class.
40. A: An obsolete civilian cruiser. 

41. Where would you find this: RT 277?
A: On a door B: On a troop transporter C: On a car
C: On a car

42. Who was the fourth person to be shot in the Gauda Prime tracking station?
A: Deva B: Blake C: Klyn
A: Deva

43. How old was Vila when he was first sent to a penal colony?
A: 14 B: 19 C: 21
A: 14. 

44. This one took a shine to Vila.
A: Kerrill B: Pella C: Zeeona
A: Kerrill

45. How many passengers were on board the Nova Queen?
A: 2000 B: 3000 C: 4000
C: 4000

46. What did Zen do in Aftermath that Orac had previously done in Orac?
A: Trade insults B: Ignore each other C: Communicate through each other.
C: Communicate through each other

47. This one eventually hitched a ride aboard a Trantinian planet-hopper. Who did?
A: Jarriere B: Docholli C: Cambrill
B: Docholli 

48: Blake held Travis’ arm in this episode.
A: Gambit B: Orac C: Star One
A: Gambit

49. Tarrant’s Liberator handgun failed to fire in which two episodes?
A: Dawn of the Gods/Sarcophagus B: Volcano/Ultraworld C: Powerplay/Rumours of Death
A: Dawn of the Gods/Sarcophagus

50. What did Vila retrieve from his boot?
A: a device for opening locks B: a flask of soma C: a piece of kairopan
C: A piece of kairopan


Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Joe Dredd
Here are the answers to my remaining quiz questions. Highlight each one to reveal the answers.

7. The lady is 24 years old.

8. Mike = 1,000. The words are from the NATO phonetic alphabet and the first letter of each is a roman numeral: L(ima) = 50, etc.

9. The next letter is A. (It's the second alphabetic row of a QWERTY keyboard, reading from right to left.)

10. Cormorant. (Look at all the double letters in the list of animals, e.g. Raccoon has "CC" and "OO", giving you the 'co' beginning, etc.



i) Jan Chappell
ii) Brian Croucher
iii) Vere Lorrimer
iv) Paul Darrow
v) Jacqueline Pearce and Steven Pacey are both valid answers.

13. She tweeted "OMG" (O = Oxygen, Mg = Magnesium)
None of our heroes went without this Christmas:
In the Secret Seven Yule Lads' draw:

Orac gave Soolin: a framed copy of Elizabeth Browning's poem, " How do I love thee?"; some diamanté shorts; lip gloss; a computer guide for dummies; acne cream; a glass penguin filled with coloured sand; a loofah.

Dayna gave Vila: some Kristimas socks; a vino-to- go portable wine glass; a stress sausage; instant regret chilli chocolate; a packet of tums; Michael Rosen's poetry anthology 'Don't Pour Gravy on the Baby; a Rubix cube.

Slave gave Avon: 'Master Song' by Leonard Cohen; Bulgakov's 'The Master and Margarita'; Russell Crowe's ' Master and Commander'; Wagner:'The Master Singers'; a painting by numbers Old Masters kit; a Masters Degree in Finance from Trump University; a Master Sport rowing machine.

Vila gave Orac:
1.A challenge- only a genius can say these words really fast: eye; yam; stew; peed.
2. A joke: An electron and a positron go into a bar.
Positron: "You're round."
Electron: "Are you sure?"
Positron: "I'm positive."
3. An infinity cube so it can observe the Universe without endangering the crew.
4. Allergy to idiots pills.
5. A selfie stick.
6. Desk top Light up Christmas tree with USB key
7. Plug in speakers for disco nights on Xenon.

Avon gave Tarrant: 'Deserter Stories' by Frederick Harold; a Pumice stone; an ant farm; a packet of beef jerky; a 'grow your own crystals' kit; a 'manly man' apron; a pair of gloves.

Tarrant gave Slave: a 'Stop Bullying Me' sign; 'Escape from Slavery' by Frederick Douglass; a pack of stick on gems; a sack of coffee beans (to grind for Avon's morning coffee); a tin of chrome polish; a gallon of lubricating oil to celebrate the season; a set of numbered balls to turn it into a Bingo number machine.

Soolin gave Dayna: a quarter staff; a copy of 'The Tempest'; a programmable tattoo gun; a fidget cube; a bar of scent-killer soap; Manolo Blahnik shoes; ghost hipster briefs.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
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