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Horizon Advent Calendar 2016
I am always in awe of our artists. Drawing a human figure is an astonishing ability, and portraying someone in a recognisable way is beyond me. As I already mentioned in the Valentine thread, the only thing that I can draw is a little troll who serves as my personal coat of arms since approx. 1978. So I give you ...

... Troll’s 7! I just hope I won’t get hit by street signs from all over the world ...











*Opens the Advent calendar door for the 13th to reveal her contribution*

A short story and, of course, a little drawing to go with it. I hope you like it. Smile

It had been a long time since religious institutions had been banned in the Federation but some of the old rituals still had their uses and the Federation had twisted them, as they had with so many other things, to suit their purposes.

The yearly address of the old Earth royalty at Christmas in what had once been called ‘Great Britain’, for example, was something that Servalan saw some practical use in. Reinvented as the “Presidential Message of Federation Unity” it provided an ideal platform for her to reach the people and ensure that she was heard clearly even on the outer planets. It was important in these early days of her reign to make sure that her presence was felt and this would be the perfect show of power. Her face would be broadcast on every vidscreen in the Federated Worlds (and a few more as well if her technical staff did their job of hacking into the systems properly).

Servalan understood the importance of appearance in these matters. There were problems of course, thorns in her side that would have to be dealt with (she frowned as she thought of one group of thorns in particular) but it was all a matter of maintaining the proper sense of dignity and decorum in public and that was something that she could do well.

She stood in the quarters of her presidential palace and inspected her reflection in the mirror as she put the final finishing touches to her latest stunning outfit. Yes, very well indeed. Wink

She thought briefly about some of the other old traditions. As the president of the Federation she now had access to the restricted information on the old stories and rituals surrounding the forbidden festival of “Christmas” and at this moment in time she found herself thinking of one story in particular; “Santa Claus”.
A kind old man who delivered presents to well-behaved boys and girls on Christmas Eve so that they would wake to find them in the morning. It was a ridiculous story thought Servalan. Still, she knew exactly what present she would have wished for. Fortunately, as the president of the entire Federation, she didn’t have to rely on a fat bearded man in a red suit to get what she wanted. If “Christmas” had still existed, then it would have been her perfect one this year.

She smiled as she prepared to leave the room and make her speech, glancing one last time at her image in the mirror.

“Have you been a good girl this year Servalan?”


Joe Dredd
On the 14th day of Christmas, our kind friends at Miwk Publishing gave to thee --

A Keiller pop vinyl figure!


Remember to visit the Miwk shop and browse their fine range of books. There are many titles that will appeal to fans and the proceeds of several books go straight to charities. Miwk titles are aways cheapest from the Miwk men themselves. You can even download the beginning of "Maximum Power" as a free taster PDF.

Say, look! Here's advance notice of Directed by Douglas Camfield by Michael Seely. It's a biography of one of B7s best directors, Douglas Camfield, and it's due to be published April 2017.


It all started out when we took the wrong corridor on the way to a panel with Tony Lee and Robert Shearman. They were doing one of their famous 'Lair's Panels' where the writers would be asked questions and make up lies to answer said questions. It was often hilarious and the highlight of the convention. I found what I thought was the correct room and entered through the rather massive doorway. As Brad and Lorna piled in behind me we all stopped and stared in wonder. It was a TARDIS...the TARDIS and not just the console. It was the genuine thing. Finally comprehending, I ran to the console and as any fan of the series would know, hit the rather large red lever and the external doors closed. We clustered around the console in wonder, not believing our luck.

Just then a Dalek emerged from a concealed doorway and abruptly came to a halt beside the console, uncomfortably close to where Brad was standing. Brad pulled out the Federation gun he had won at the Return to Gauda Prime con a few years ago and held it up to the metallic monster. Instead of hearing the grating “Exterminate”, a more plaintive voice emerged from the machine. That was a bit of luck, as not only was the Fed gun a fake, but within the TARDIS, there was something called a state of temporal grace, meaning we couldn't shoot a weapon, and hence neither could the Dalek.

“Don't you recognize me? I'm Dalek Trev.” Brad put down the fake Federation pistol. If we could be standing in the genuine TARDIS, then our friend Trevor Travis could be Dalek Trev, as he had been for a bit at Dimensions Con up in Newcastle a few years back. “I was thinking, that I could take your photo if you wished. As a sort of souvenir,” Dalek Trev sputtered out in a good approximation of a genuine Dalek. “And if you are wondering, I never really got out of the Dalek at that con- I happened upon the Doctor's TARDIS by accident after I finished scaring the wits out of Jacqueline Pearce. Remember?” Brad and I nodded our heads recalling the day, Lorna nodded too, not having been there but hearing the story much later.

“We were supposed to have our photo taken on Sunday at a replica TARDIS console, but yeah, go ahead Dalek Trev,” I replied to the metal pepperpot. We all gathered around the console as Dalek Trev took Brad's camera and balanced it on a rather nice bentwood hat stand. He then scooted back to the console and waited for the camera to snap the photo. Unfortunately, he had failed to line up the shot properly and ended up mostly out of the photo, but we didn't realize that until later. He then seemed to become bored with our musings over being in this perverse reality and wandered off for a long snoop in the Doctor's wardrobe room, looking for some nice frocks he might consider wearing for the weekend.

We marveled over the genuine console until Lorna got up the courage to try out one of the switches. We heard a whine and the external view screen opened up. “Well, if we do get this thing running, at least we'll be able to see where we are going,” she remarked. For my part, I was just glad we had Lorna with us. She had been a physicist in real life and if anyone could figure out the running of the TARDIS, she could. And besides, she actually worked at Oldbury Power Station. Down the hall I heard an agitated Dalek voice shouting, “Don't you mean Gloucestershire Power Station?” How did Dalek Trev read my mind? I wondered silently. Back to 'reality'.

“Going?” I asked. “Where?”

“Wherever we want,” Brad replied. “Hey, this would make our frequent trips to Great Britain a lot more economical, and faster than 8 hours on a jet!” I could not disagree with that.

Brad hit a few of the console buttons and switches and the very familiar movement of the central column of the console began and we heard the sound of the TARDIS in flight. Soon a big orange swirly thing in space appeared on the view screen and the TARDIS flew through the middle of it. “Are we going through a black hole and is it full of Avons?” I shouted above the noise. “No really, are we in a different dimension now?”

“I've no idea,” Lorna answered, “but I've always wanted to time travel.” I looked at her in shock. We were really doing this.

Soon we could see what seemed to be a space battle going on. There were half a dozen ships surrounding a larger one on the screen. The larger ship looked suspiciously like the Liberator, but it couldn't be. Or could it? At least we recognized it was a DSV ship. Soon the Liberator MK II had shot all the offending ships into atoms and the TARDIS seemed to stop in space waiting for something.

Brad wondered if we were now in Blake's 7 Federation space. Both Lorna and I shrugged our shoulders not knowing, but it had to be- just look at the shape of that DSV, I remarked and pointed at the view screen.

Soon what looked to be a boarding tube snaked its way to the TARDIS and attached itself to it somehow. We all knew that move, having watched Spacefall often enough. “Should we?” I asked my companions. Both Lorna and Brad nodded yes. “Well, then, let's go.”

We opened the TARDIS door and walked down the narrow tube towards the DSV ship. It was all exactly like the series- the doors, the corridors- the lot. Brad ran back to the TARDIS and somehow figured out how to set the controls to make the ship fly back to the convention. If it was there in the first place, one of the Doctors would surely be there and we'd not want to strand the poor incarnation at the hotel. He was soon back, and we secured the tube and closed the hatch door.

We all knew our way to the Flight Deck and took our seats behind consoles. Lorna in Cally's station, Brad at the helm and me at the station usually reserved for Vila. We were going to do this I guessed.

We asked the computer for a visual reference. It actually answered us! Its name was Ben. I guess the Alta's didn't have much of an imagination! The computer helped us get the ship moving as we familiarized ourselves with the DSV's controls. But where shall we go? Brad had already figured that out. First, we'd track Jenna. Of course, both Lorna and I said, eyes rolling towards the ceiling of the Flight Deck. But Brad had a plan, he'd retrieve Jenna and then we'd travel to Gauda Prime with her and convince both Blake and Avon not to make the biggest mistakes of their lives, then, have the opportunity to not only embark on what we'd call a genuine 5th series and beyond, but to be actual rebels following Blake and fighting against the hated Federation.

But where to find Jenna? “Morphaniel”, Brad stated. “And if we are lucky, in this reality that planet will also be Del Grant's hide-out and we can ask him to join the crew.” With that revelation, I fainted.

When I came to, Lorna was fanning me with her convention programme. I smiled, embarrassed at myself, but Lorna being a good friend, never said a word. I pointed up at the view screen. “What is that star?” I wondered, still recovering.

“Star One?” Lorna replied and we both laughed.

Later, after a shot or two of adrenaline and soma, I wondered if I could get this missive out to our fan club members. “Horizon should be the first to hear about this, if any of them can believe it,” I said, to my husband and to my dear friend. Since Lorna had familiarized herself with the communications station earlier, she was able to figure out how to get this amazing story to Horizon via the black hole - aka - the big orange swirly thing in space. She pointed towards one button. “That's the one. Press that and our story will be conveyed to the Forum site.” I did as she said and pressed the green button. “Remember green is clean and red is dead,” Lorna joked, repeating one of Pinder's lines from Orbit. I had to laugh- this was all so unlikely, why not?

So that is our story. We all innocently attended a Doctor Who con and ended up on a DSV in Federated space looking for Jenna, and possibly Del Grant, and if Lorna has a favorite, someone like Vila, if we can find him. Hey, the more the merrier, and on that note, a very Happy Holidays to all our Horizon friends. And a Happy New Year, too, on Liberator Mk II.
Well, here’s my contribution to the B7 Advent calendar.
(it’s already 16 December for a while where I live)

As you can see, it is not a drawing and don’t worry, it is not a logic/maths riddle.
I have something else to entertain you. Each of you can do it; you just need some patience…
(after reading, click on the image to start)



Blake stopped draping a Christmas garland over the flight consoles. “What is it Zen?”

+New data via communication by direct sensory link with Orac available.
Orac has logically processed some knowledge and made accurate predictions about how you will be dressed at Christmas.
Orac will project an image on your scanner screen which will show you how to access to the necessary data banks.+


Vila turned around to watch the screen. “But that’s a jigsaw puzzle!”


“So if we want to check Orac’s accuracy, we have to complete that jigsaw?”, Jenna said while she unfolded the nice glowing Christmas star.

+ Once you have completed the jigsaw it will show you the co-ordinates to Orac’s precise predictions, plus the co-ordinates to a nice bonus game, which will test your knowledge about Liberator’s hexagon maze.
Enter these links in your web browser and play. You can also play on your tablet or mobile phone . You can even open the games in a browser before you go offline, then keep it open and play it while you're away from the Internet. Enjoy!+

Gan placed the box with antique Christmas tree ornaments carefully on the forward couch. “A game! So Orac’s prediction is just suggestive and based on hints; I wonder what it made up for us to wear.”

Cally looked up from her Christmas Carols sheet music, “Does that make you feel uncomfortable?”

“Orac is a computer, like Zen. They react to information, that is all.” Avon emphasized. He strode across the flight deck and made his way to the kitchen compartment where he wanted to hide himself and bake a Christmas cake.

Orac’s lights flickered exuberant. *What about the game?*

(now click on the image to start the jigsaw)

Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
The Advent season is the perfect time to take your kids to a festive puppet theatre - e.g. the classic play Santa, Rudi and the Liberator!

1. I have to admit that the best gag is ... um ... ‘inspired’ by Gary Larsson.
2. In case the accent is unintelligible you can switch on subtitles (of course not the automatically created gibberish but the second set!).
Well, Huggy is certainly a tough act to follow, but here are some Blake's 7 Christmas Carols, or should I call them Fedmas Carols?
NOTE: Do not expect happy, joyous songs, this is Blake's 7, after all.

(To the tune of Here Comes Santa Clause)
Here comes Servalan Here comes Servalan right down Empress Lane
Bercol and Rontaine and all her rivals are quickly being tamed
Ships are flying, dissidents dying where there’s life there is threat
You’d best beware if you ever crossed her when she was a bright cadet

(To the tune of The Little Drummer Boy)
Come, they told me, you’re under arrest
All your accomplices they’re under arrest
Your boss and coworkers they’re under arrest
Your entire family they’re under arrest
Under arrest, under arrest
So, I plead guilty and I was exiled, to Cygnus Alpha

(To the tune of Silver Bells)
Rebel leader, fearless leader
Dressed in leather and studs
On the flight deck there're feelings of tension
Near a black hole, through it we go
Squeezed by its gravity,
And as I wake what is it I see?
Silver Studs, Silver Studs,
In hell and it's full of Avons
See them glint, while I squint
Soon we'll meet the Fedmas Tharn

(To the tune of I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause)
I saw Avon kissing Servalan
Underneath those sandy Saran Dunes
Well his future still looks bleak, he should be dead in a week,
But Avon's kissing Servalan...

(To the tune of To Grandmother’s house we go)
Into the flyer and over the woods,
To Blake's rebel base, we go
Orac knows the way, to fly our sky sleigh
While avoiding all our foes
Out of the flyer and down the hall
To the tracking gallery.
We’ll pay our debts with no regrets
'Round the Gauda Prime Fedmas Tree

(To the tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)
Travis the Space Commander
Many cunning plans he’d make
No matter how hard he tried
He could never catch Roj Blake

All of the ruling council
Used to say he’s quite insane
They’d never let poor Travis
Play in any Fedmas games

Then one foggy Fedmas eve
Servie came to say
Travis with your Cunning Plans
You failed and away Blake ran

Now the whole council hates him
His failure’s they can’t abide
Travis, the Space Commander
For your crimes you will be tried

(To the tune of Let It Snow)
Oh the lightning up high is frightful
But my dear, you're so delightful
But things haven't gone as planned
Mind the Sand, Mind the Sand, Mind the Sand

As we're trapped having so much fun
Don't forget that I still have the gun
And if you'll only shed a tear
Maybe we'll get out of here

Oh your pilot is slowly dying
And my dear, we're still goodbye-ing
As we fly away hand in hand
Mind the Sand, Mind the Sand, Mind the Sand

Here’s my advent entry: posting a tad early since I’ll be heading out at stupid o’ clock in the morning.

I had fun taking liberties with Fairy Tales, Disney, Panto … and selected scenes from Blake’s 7 episodes.

Hope you’ll enjoy!


Happily Ever After …

Cinders Mellanby, kneeling in front the fireplace in her father’s home, cleared away the remnants from the previous evening. A slim woman strolled into the kitchen demanding Cinders hurry with her chores.

“I want my breakfast,” droned Anastasia.

Brushing the embers from the tatters covering her body, Cinders indicated she should make her own oats.

Anastasia teased her blonde curls whilst striking a pose; worth the ache it caused in her hips because she looked good wearing her hot pink trousers. “You do it,” she said, turning to her sister Drizella.

Experienced at ignoring her sister’s haranguing tone, Drizella scrapped away her chair from the octagonal table and went to hunt out the magic pills that would take away her soma fuelled headache.


Cinders’ stepmother sashayed into the parlour waving a scroll. “I have news darlings,” she announced to her daughters. “Prince Blake will be holding a royal ball at the castle, and we are invited.”

Anastasia squealed with excitement, her mind racing with ways she could impress the man who featured in her fantasies.


Kerr Buttons (Studs to his friends,) laid a comforting hand on Cinders’ shoulder. Forced into servitude in her own home, Kerr could empathise with the girl’s change in circumstances. His criminal record made it difficult to find employment.

He worked at the manor making enhancements to the household’s mechanics while Cinders, who blamed her stepmother for her father’s suspiciously premature death, liked to experiment with explosives made from fermented fruit.

Buttons suggested playing chess, “A board game may help with the boredom!”

Cinders rewarded Buttons’ attempts to cheer her up with a song she composed on her lyre.

A dazzling light filled the kitchen and blinking rapidly to clear the spots dancing in front their eyes, Cinders and Buttons shared a ‘are you seeing what I’m seeing’ expression. A brawny figure wearing a frilly tutu and sporting glittering wings stood facing them with a wand in his burly hand.

“What the hell are you?” demanded Buttons.

“I am your … her Fairy GanMother,” replied the man with a friendly smile. “And you shall go to the ball. The implant I have in my head limits my powers,” he added apologetically. “You’ll have to be home at midnight.”

GanMother waved his wand once … twice, and Cinders’ tatters were transformed into a silk jumpsuit; pockets to keep all her toys, and wriggling her toes, she looked at the high heeled glass slippers on her feet. Despite a longish walk across a disused quarry to reach the castle, Cinders smiled gratefully.

“Don’t forget,” warned her Fairy GanMother, “you have until the clock strikes midnight.”


Cinders’ stepmother weaved her way through the crowds at the ball; her cropped black hair, figure hugging dress and voluptuous curves commanding the attention of a moody royal guard.

Travis Deux lightly touched the eyepatch he wore on his left side. He smiled wryly at how well it fitted in with the masquerade theme. He couldn’t resist the lady of the manor, but kissing her under the mistletoe would have to wait until he’d dealt with Prince Blake.

While the guard glared at the royal personage he despised, Anastasia gazed adoringly at the Prince. She loved his curly hair and the charming way he engaged his audience. He looked good in his goose-green cape, and she felt sure the crown he wore would fetch a sack load of credits on the black market.

The music playing in the grand ballroom came to a halt and Anastasia, wondering whether she should invite the Prince to dance, saw him cross to a slim young woman who looked remarkably like …

“Cinders,” she muttered furiously.

Anastasia seethed in frustration, kicking at the table with the wine goblet fountain. As the alcohol spilled onto her elegant blue dress, inspiration struck and she immediately sought out her sister.

“I want you to break the lock on the Prince’s chambers,” she said, pulling Drizella away from the vault which housed the kingdom’s priceless jewels.


Cinders jumped as the clock struck midnight, she hadn’t noticed the time. Running away without a backwards glance, she raced home with the Prince’s words playing on a loop inside her head.

A fleet of royal carriages were sent out the following day. The Prince was determined to find the woman he’d connected with the previous evening. His only clue to her identity was a glass slipper she’d dropped in her haste to leave the castle.


Anastasia flung open the door to her home; she’d spent the entire night alone in the Prince’s four-poster bed. Obscenities flew from her mouth as she headed into the kitchen, forcing Tarrant Mouse to scatter for cover.

Coming to an abrupt standstill, Anastasia saw Prince Blake standing with his back to the fireplace. Drizella and Cinders were seated at the table, while Buttons stood to one side, playing with his hands, immaculate in his shades of grey uniform – scepticism in his body language.

What had she missed?

There was someone else with the group, a strange woman – she wasn’t local. And Anastasia thought she could hear a voice inside her head advising her to listen to the Prince’s proposal. Proposal? Was Blake going to ask for her hand in marriage? Maybe he would drop to one knee.

Anastasia’s excitement diminished as the Prince launched into a speech about the ruling elites.

“What do they care about the plight of the commoner?” he shouted. “When did they last queue for pottage at the market? The scale of their corruption is staggering.” His voice dripped with contempt. “They feast on spit roasted, suckling pig and raise a glass to their privileged lifestyle.”

“Why do you care?” asked Drizella.

“It feels as though I’ve woken from tranquilised dreams,” he said, almost to himself. “I won’t be content until all men (and women) are free.”

A crash alerted the assembled crew to an intruder …

“We don’t have much time,” Blake said urgently. “I have the fastest carriage in all the seven kingdoms; with a full crew, then we can start fighting the oppressive regime. Are you with me?”

“I'm a qualified pilot ... I mean driver,” said Anastasia, realising this may be her chance to spend time with the Prince.

Prince Blake flashed a satisfied grin as he turned to Buttons. “What about you? We could use your expertise.”

“I doubt you could survive without me,” replied Buttons, his dazzling smile cold enough to freeze the hottest star. A nod towards Cinders and she immediately shot to her feet – she trusted Buttons and welcomed the adventure. It meant delaying plans to slay her scheming stepmother, but she would make her pay all in good time.

Drizella grabbed a crisp white for the journey. She’d stolen all the decent riches from around the neighbourhood; time to fulfil a lifetime ambition to stay at a notorious drinking establishment called Satellite of Sin. She’d read a feature about it in Medieval Monthly and travelling with Blake would bring her closer to visiting the place where she would be able to indulge any pleasure.


Travis Deux announced his presence with a volley of stale gingerbread thrown at Blake. A crumb caught Buttons in the eye, causing him to yelp. A blinding light filled the room as Travis closed the gap and Fairy GanMother, making his second appearance, landed a punch on the royal guard’s mouth.

Recovering his senses; ignoring his spilling blood, Travis threw a grenade. It threatened to block their way … masonry started to fall and Blake called out ‘hurry’ to Fairy GanMother. He didn’t want him to become trapped in the falling rubble.

“I’ll be fine,” Gan reassured him. “I have a magic wand!”


The crew made their escape in a horse-drawn white carriage, trimmed in green. Compelled to duck his head out the window to take a final look at his homeland, Blake vowed to return once he’d restored democracy to the Federated Realms.
Ellen York
I started this fic for the June art prompt, but didn't get it finished by the end of the month. However, it works for the holiday season as well so better late than never.

Dusk was falling by the time Gan left the market, fortunately he had remembered to bring a lantern. He hadn't intended to stay so long, but the process of choosing Winterfair gifts couldn't be rushed. His sisters teased that he took longer on his shopping than they did, but it was important that the gifts be right. That was especially true this year with the hope chest that he had picked out for Marie. She would be joining his family for the Winterfair feast tomorrow and he planned to present her with the chest and ask her to be his wife. Just as he reached home, the sun slipped fully below the horizon and the first star twinkled in the clear night sky. Before going inside he paused a moment to send up a wish that he and Marie would be together forever.
trevor travis
It’s both the 35th anniversary of ‘Blake’ and just four days to Christmas…


Avon slowly came to his senses.

He became aware that the alarm had been switched off. He became aware of the bodies lying across the floor. He became aware of the dead body of Blake that he was straddling. He became aware of the guards surrounding him. Each was armed. ‘No way out’, thought Avon to himself. ‘Well, I was right that Blake’s and my deaths might be linked in some way.’

Suddenly, he became aware of something out of scene. Something that didn’t fit.

There was a large man in a red and white costume in front of him. Avon instinctively raised his gun towards this strange new arrival and grimaced.

“Ho ho ho”, chuckled the man. He had a long white beard.

“Who are you?” asked Avon.

“Don’t you recognise me, Avon? I’m Father Christmas!”

Avon remained silent.

The man chuckled again. His girth was considerable. “Oh come on, Avon, did you not ever have Christmas presents when you were younger? Despite the Federation’s best efforts to abolish both Christianity and me, both have survived. Ho ho ho!”

“I never had any Christmas presents”, said Avon curtly.

“None at all?”

“Well one present, once. But he…it was destroyed a few years ago.”

“So you do know me?”

“Perhaps. I also know you’re a fictional character.”

“Aren’t we all, Avon, aren’t we all! Ho ho ho! So you stopped believing. That’s a shame.”

“Show me a man who believes in anything and I will show you a fool.”

“Very philosophical, Avon.”

“I’d prefer to discuss philosophy after we’ve dealt with the problem of them”, Avon said, indicating the guards stood all around him.

Father Christmas just chuckled. “Boys, you can take off your costumes now.”

Each guard dropped his gun and undressed from his uniform, revealing strange-looking, garishly-dressed young men of under average height.

“Who are they?”

“My elves!”, laughed Father Christmas. “Do you like this year’s Federation’s guards uniform? All the kids want them, and they come in all sizes. There’s also the new Federation toy stun gun, although I think they might be a bit too powerful at the moment”, he said, scratching his beard while looking at the still unconscious form of Vila. “Now then, let’s get to the point. Ho ho ho! Avon, have you been a good boy this year?” Father Christmas noticed the dead body that Avon was straddling. “Was that you, Avon?”

“As a matter of fact, it was. His name is Blake. His name was Blake.”

“Blake? Well, that’s OK then. That little anarchist kicked me in the shin when he was a youngster, after he awoke in the middle of the night while I was delivering his presents, and his bike was the wrong shade of green.”

Avon decided it was time to get to the bottom of this encounter. “Father Christmas, why did you come to Gauda Prime?”

“I came for YOU, Avon”, stated Father Christmas.

“Have you betrayed me, Father Christmas?”, asked Avon.

Father Christmas started chuckling and walking towards Avon. “Avon, you don’t be a silly boy – I set this all up. Ho ho ho.”

“Stand still”, ordered Avon.

Father Christmas ignored the warning and continued walking towards Avon. He started to bring an object out of the sack that was slung across the back of his shoulder.

Avon shot him. Father Christmas looked surprised. Avon shot him again. And again.

Father Christmas reached Avon and looked him in the eye. “Ho ho…” He never reached the third ‘Ho’.

Avon looked at the figure slumped on the floor. In an outstretched hand, was a new toy for Avon. It was a teddy bear, an identical bear to the one that Avon had lost when the Liberator had been destroyed, smeared red by Father Christmas’ blood.


“So can you pilot this?”, Avon asked Tarrant.

“I think so”, said Tarrant. “It’s an ingenious design. A Space Sleigh, powered by real-life reindeer.”

“And what do we do now?” enquired Soolin. She was looking lovely and feeling on a high after shooting dead thirty elves. “We’ve lost Scorpio, while Dayna and Blake are dead.”

“We don’t need Scorpio; we’ve got the sleigh”, explained Avon. “With Orac’s help, I can easily fit both the Star Drive and a teleport. Although I suggest we retire.”

“Retire?”, Vila perked up considerably. “To the lakeside in Gardinos?”

“If you like. The toys in the back of this sleigh are worth billions of credits. Billions.”

“Avon, does that mean no children will ever get any Christmas presents ever again?”. It was Soolin who asked the question.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?”

“I don’t”, she replied. “Me neither”, added Tarrant. Vila was too busy trying to break into Father Christmas’ drinks cabinet to answer.

Avon smiled to himself. His first genuine smile for a few years. He patted the little soft bundle of fur in his top pocket. The blood didn’t matter – that could easily be washed out. Roj Bear was back!


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Here's my entry, based on the word prompt 'Star'. Something a little more hopeful after the Blake anniversary. Merry Christmas!

A Star Is Born

The Oracle hummed and whined in the dark, its multi-coloured lights casting a magical spell. Its tone was tetchy, perhaps because it was trapped in a see-through box.

‘…humans have developed to seek patterns in the world around them. It was inevitable they would see familiar shapes in the stars, that they would name those patterns and that myths would develop. The legends would reflect the culture and history of the observers so the same patterns of stars may have different names and stories depending upon where they were viewed. Do not trouble me with such trivial questions again. I am in the middle of a fascinating experiment.’

He had an answer, of sorts. One dare not question the Oracle. Brey backed cautiously out of the cave and hurried through the forest. He was late for work. Still he couldn’t resist a surreptitious glance at the darkening sky. It was too early, the stars were not yet visible.

He’d only begun thinking about those particular stars a few weeks after he came of age and drank for the first time in the Spaceport bar. Brey was fascinated by the exotic clientele and their tales of adventure. They never stayed. There was nothing to keep them here. A rough peacock of a man, with a cock-comb of orange hair and a wildly painted face had slapped him on the back, called him gook and raised his glass in a toast to the Vortex. At Bray’s puzzled expression, the man had pointed through the panoramic window at the circle of stars that hung low and bright to the east. ‘The Vortex, gook! There velocity transcends matter and all that’s left is pure speed.’

That conversation was the only thing Bray remembered about that night, years ago. The pinched look on his mother’s face the next morning, not to mention the pain of his first hangover, had discouraged further visits to the bar for a while. Frek’s birthday gave him cause to venture to the port again, and what else was a group of thirsty young men with a reason to celebrate going to do but visit a bar?

The hangover wasn’t so bad this time and he remembered more of the evening, particularly the dark-eyed woman with blue feathers in her hair. She was standing outside the transit lounge staring at the sky. He joined her, the beer making him bold.
‘Looking for where you’re going? Or where you’ve come from?’
‘Neither. I was admiring the Crown. It’s brighter here, more circular.’
‘The Crown?’
‘There! The circle of stars over there. Back home, the circle is flattened slightly, and resembles a coronet. Legend has it that it appeared in the sky when Old King Ro took back his crown.’

Two stories, two names - three if you included his own. Brey became a regular in the bar on his rest days. He gained a rotund belly, a tolerance to alcohol and fascination for stars, and one constellation in particular.

Three sharp-faced men in neat uniforms called it ‘The Zero’ and it served as a reminder of when their ancestors had lived under the threat of annihilation. A group of identical curly-haired women said it resembled the incubators from which their gene stock had been produced and had named it ‘Mother’ in honour of their survival. A proud man with a beard and sandals referred to it as ‘The Portal’ through which his forefathers had travelled to begin anew on a planet of abundance. There were many other examples and Brey wrote them all down. He had even gone to consult the Oracle.

It was right - the same stars, different stories. There were common themes, however. Many of the legends spoke of the appearance of the stars after some form of liberation and in all, the stars represented hope. For his own planet, it was the transformation from a lawless cesspit of sin to a peaceful and prosperous place by an act of martyrdom. The Redeemers had blazed into being that night, or so the story went.

It was not just stories of stars that Brey heard in the Spaceport. There were accounts of brutality, oppression and chaos. He took to thanking the Redeemers every night for his good fortune, and lying awake fretting over all the cruelty. One particular report troubled him. It had been whispered by a furtive man who sank glass after glass of clear spirit with grim determination. He came from Earth, the cradle of civilisation, where men were chained by drugs and fear and knew little of their captivity. The man’s depression spread to Brey and his shoulders sagged. It was a futile pursuit, coming to the port and listening to all this misery. Even the stars seemed to dim. The man’s next confidence shook him from his malaise.

‘Can’t get enough of looking at them.’ The man nodded at the stars. ‘Can’t see them on Earth. Men live and die in the domes.’

Brey stared at the ring of Redeemers all night, burning its image into his brain with his anger. He tried to imagine a life without stars. In the morning, he sewed a ring of seven sequins on his tunic to remind him and filled a bag with his collection of legends. He made his way to Gauda Prime Spaceport for the last time and bought a ticket to Earth.
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the best bunch of Blake's 7 People in the Galaxy.

I hope you all enjoy the little video I put together.



Thank you to Brenda Lee for doing all the hard singing work for me.

Peace and Merriment to all.

- Andy

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
Joe Dredd
On the 24th day of Christmas, our kind friends at Miwk Publishing gave to thee --

A jigsaw puzzle!


Remember to visit the Miwk shop and browse their fine range of books. There are many titles that will appeal to fans and the proceeds of several books go straight to charities. Miwk titles are aways cheapest from the Miwk men themselves. You can even download the beginning of "Maximum Power" as a free taster PDF.

Say, look! Here's advance notice of Directed by Douglas Camfield by Michael Seely. It's a biography of one of B7s best directors, Douglas Camfield, and it's due to be published April 2017.
Joe Dredd
On the 24th day of Christmas, our kind friends at Miwk Publishing gave to thee --

A plush Moloch doll!


Remember to visit the Miwk shop and browse their fine range of books. There are many titles that will appeal to fans and the proceeds of several books go straight to charities. Miwk titles are aways cheapest from the Miwk men themselves. You can even download the beginning of "Maximum Power" as a free taster PDF.

Thanks again to Miwk Publishing for their generosity in sharing these images.

Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year to all my friends at Horizon. And if you happen to see these 'gentlemen' in your neighborhood, RUN!!!!
A quiz from Horizon member ZEN1!

by ZEN1

1. What did Vila fail to take down with him to the planet Kezaarn?
A: His gun kit B: His tool box C: A tracer

2. Blake was a record breaker in this episode!
A: Bounty B: Breakdown C: Deliverance

3. What year did Blake’s 7 start?
A: 1977 B: 1981 C: 1978

4. Only one crew member never appears on any of the B7 DVD disc covers. Was it:
A: Gan B: Cally C: Soolin

5. How many episodes began with the letter S?
A: 3 B: 5 C: 7

6. Who was said to be Chevron’s “wife”?
A: Dayna B: Inga C: Hanna

7. This was said to be an obsolete civilian cruiser.
A: The London B: The Ortega C: The Star Queen.

8. Servalan was the only one of the B7 cast to appear on a cinema screen during an episode. Which episode was that?
A: Rumours of Death B: Children of Auron C: Voice from the Past

9. The only episode where Scorpio was seen to fire its weapons.
A: Games B: Rescue C: Stardrive

10. Starburst class, Hunter-Killer class and Mark Tens are all makes of what?
A: Federation Pursuit ships B: Federation rockets C: Andromedan ships

11. Whose nickname was “Old Star Killer”?
A: Fleet Warden General Samor B: Travis C: Star Major Hunda

12. At the start of Gambit, what did Servalan pass to Jarriere?
A: Her drink B: A red face mask C: A white dove

13. “The only game of skill in this establishment!” What was it?
A: The Big Wheel B: Speed Chess C: Cards

14. Where would you find a marshy area some 207 miles west of a dome complex?
A: On Malodar B: On Earth C: On Helotrix

15. Who dropped her drink in astonishment?
A: Verlis B: Cancer C: Piri

16. What did Servalan steal from Dayna’s bedroom cupboard?
A: Perfume B: A gun C: Jewellery

17. What did Cally shove in her silver boots?
A: a colour photo of Avon B: A sketch of a place she use to know C: A black & white photo of Docholli

18. Where was Scorpio en route to before it collided with the Asteroid?
A: The Altern system B: The 12th sector C: Andromeda galaxy

19. Who was said to have been “a fluffy-cheeked amateur”?
A: Blake B: Bayban C: Doran

20. What was the flight time across the prohibited space zone?
A: 100 hours B: 120 Hours C: 150 hours

21. What was Liberator's destination before it was re-routed to Terminal?
A: Disentastra B: XK47 C: Calipheron

22. “Well, yes. It’s very nice, very nice indeed!” What was?
A: Gold tiara given to Jenna B: Dorian’s wine cupboard C: Sarkoff’s antique collection

23. “An unidentified ship has been detected in unauthorised geo-stationary orbit!" What ship was that?
A: Liberator B: Scorpio C: Pursuit ship

24. Which of these guest actors did not appear on the VHS cover of Gold/Obit?
A: Egrorian B: Keiller C: Servalan D: Pinder

25. “Is that what I think it is?" What was it?
A: A spaceship B: A recreational aid C: A trap waiting to fall

26. Who said she liked “watching old films”?
A: Jenna B: Soolin C: Sleer

27. “I can see it! My god, it’s too late!" What was it?
A: The approaching ore carrier B: the approaching Nova Queen C: Space Command HQ

28. Who “burned” the President's garden?
A: Bek B: The Gardener C: Hanna

29. What did Rai deliver to Servalan’s desk?
A: Micro tapes B: Clinical records C: S&D log

30. “Another of Blake’s little schemes he hasn’t thought fit to tell us about!” What/who was the intended target?
A: The Federation repair and supply base B: Space Command HQ C: The Federation weapons development base

31. What caused the distress signal to start in the alien cryogenic capsule?
A: Faulty rocket boosters B: Fault on the Auto–Navs C: A fault in the anti-grav gyro

32. Zen warned that “Life support systems will cease to operate in ________ seconds”. How many?
A: 15 seconds B: 18 seconds C: 20 seconds 

33. “I still don’t think Zukan told the Federation." About what?
A: The wine B: The base C: The food

34. How many alien ships were confirmed destroyed in the intergalactic war?
A: 300 B: 400 C: 600

35. “Our relationship is more ________” What was it?
A: recreational B: mechanical C: nonexistent

36. Who ruled the tents of Goth?
A: Rod B: Tara C: Gola

37.. How many episodes began with the letter P?
A: 3 B: 4 C: 5

38. “They’ve got nothing to lose.” Who hadn’t?
A: Blake, Avon and Jenna on the London B: The crew of the Ortega C: The Time Squad aliens 

39. How long does a day last on Saurian Major?
A: 29 hours B: 36 hours C: 40 hours 

40. “I think it’s just what it appears to be.” What was it?
A: An obsolete civilian cruiser B: A played out old pleasure cruiser C: An old Wanderer class.

41. Where would you find this: RT 277?
A: On a door B: On a troop transporter C: On a car

42. Who was the fourth person to be shot in the Gauda Prime tracking station?
A: Deva B: Blake C: Klyn

43. How old was Vila when he was first sent to a penal colony?
A: 14 B: 19 C: 21

44. This one took a shine to Vila.
A: Kerrill B: Pella C: Zeeona

45. How many passengers were on board the Nova Queen?
A: 2000 B: 3000 C: 4000

46. What did Zen do in Aftermath that Orac had previously done in Orac?
A: Trade insults B: Ignore each other C: Communicate through each other.

47. This one eventually hitched a ride aboard a Trantinian planet-hopper. Who did?
A: Jarriere B: Docholli C: Cambrill

48. Blake held Travis’ arm in this episode.
A: Gambit B: Orac C: Star One

49. Tarrant’s Liberator handgun failed to fire in which two episodes?
A: Dawn of the Gods/Sarcophagus B: Volcano/Ultraworld C: Powerplay/Rumours of Death

50. What did Vila retrieve from his boot?
A: a device for opening locks B: a flask of soma C: a piece of kairopan


Answers will be posted on Boxing Day!
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There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Here's my little effort for the Star Prompt.

Star of Wonder

He stood quite still.
Hardly daring to breathe lest the moment be gone.
Here on Xenon’s surface, he was gazing up at the night sky and relishing the majesty of the new star…a supernova; just as Orac had said.
Such was that moment that he failed to hear the soft footfalls of the approaching figure.
“You’ll be pleased to know that our ‘guests’ have finally turned in.”
It was Soolin. Anxious to find out exactly why Avon had made his excuses and left the gathering. She knew that Avon found it difficult when faced with a crowd of strangers and the four men now sleeping in their quarters in Xenon base were certainly strange.
“Zukan should be here sometime tomorrow,” she continued. But he wasn’t listening; instead content to look at the bright star high up in the sky.
“What’s so fascinating?” she asked.
“That star…well, a supernova to be exact. Orac thought I might find it interesting.”
“And do you?”
“On Earth I never had the chance to study the skies like this; there was little opportunity within the Domes. Even on the Liberator, I could never get a chance to just stand and stare at the sky like this…”
She stood alongside him.
“Do you know,” he began, “I could tell you everything you wanted to know about a Supernova…”
“I’m sure you could, but right now I’m not exactly inclined to stay out here any longer than is necessary. It is rather cold, in case you hadn’t noticed.”
He didn’t seem to hear.
“I wonder if Blake can see it?” Avon mused, “It won’t be in the same constellation of course…”
“Of course…but I thought Blake was dead. Servalan quite delighted in telling you…or so I understand.”
“Indeed she did,” Avon replied abruptly, “But I still like to think he is out there, somewhere…”
“Well, I hope he has good company and doesn’t stay out too long,” Soolin smiled, “Its getting colder and it wouldn’t do to catch your death with a group of Warlords in the vicinity.”
“No. You’re quite right… I’ll only be a few more minutes.”

On Gauda Prime the air was cold, but still he stood unmoving, gazing up at the new star. So mesmerised was he, that he didn’t hear the approach of Deva.
“Blake. You really must come inside. The Federation Observer is due soon and we have much to do….”
“It’s that star…”
“Actually, it is a Supernova,” began Deva and then reeled off all the information he could think of.
“You sound just like….someone I used to know,” Blake smiled, “I wonder if he can see this, wherever he is?”
“You know, thousands of years ago, in the old calendar, there was a Star like this…”
“Yes, and it was regarded as a sign; a sign that a new king had been born. Many people followed that Star.”
“Did they find this new king?”
“It was celebrated every year, so I imagine they did. They called it Christmas.”
“I’m sure this is all really quite fascinating, but if you stay out much longer you’ll catch your death. So I thought I’d bring you a hot drink.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Now if you don’t mind…”
Blake took the proffered cup and cradled it in his hands, “Deva?”
“Yes,” Deva replied exasperated. He wanted to get back inside to the warmth.
“Merry Christmas.”
Deva smiled, “Merry Christmas, Blake.”

And a Merry Christmas to everyone on Horizon!

Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Angry Angel
Merry Christmas everyone, from cuddly Og and Vila, and from me! I hope you all have a lovely time this festive season.

Happy Christmas everyone. More Blake's 7 not so Merry Christmas Songs

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
Don't let him doubt
You.. I'm telling you why
Kerr Avon is coming for you.

He's got his list
He's checked it twice
If you're not on his side
He'll shoot in a trice.
Kerr Avon is coming for you.

He knows when you're not loyal;
He knows when you're a fake;
He knows that you'll betray him
So take care for goodness sake.

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
Don't let him doubt
You.. I'm telling you why
Kerr Avon is coming for you.

Winter Slay Ride.

"Just hear those sirens wailing,
Red lights pulsating too.
Come on, it's the perfect ending,
A slay ride together with you.

My hope is dying
As Tarrant starts shouting, "Its him!"
Blake's another whose betraying,
Time for me to get aslaying him.

Is it true? Is it true? Is it true? Ah yes!
I shoot.
And look at the blood.
I'm standing in a horror land of blood

Is it true? Is it true? Is it true? Ah yes!
But he's holding my arm;
He's sliding down- then I see him frown-
Have I got it all wrong?

Now Blake is dying
And my crew is frying, and how!
I fall down upon him so
Death is linking us now.

There is no road before us;
No winning for us two.
Come on, it's a perfect ending
A slaying of everyone and you."

There's a shoot out at the base of Rebel Blake.
It's a tragic ending based on a mistake.
We're watching the gang we love and crying "No Stop!"
At the TV as we hear the guns all pop:
Pop! Pop! Pop!

There's a doomy feeling nothing in the world can lift,
As one by one our heroes cease to exist.
It's a scene of terror like a print by Albrecht Durer.
These horrible things are the things
All our lives we'll remember.

Just hear those sirens wailing,
Red lights pulsating again.
Come watch the ending
A slay ride together with them.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Ficlet inspired by the Star prompt - sorry it isn't very Christmassy!

One Star

Travis was a military man, never vain about his appearance.

Waking from what was supposed to have been a routine operation to repair his damaged hand (he had Avon to thank this time), the shock of confronting a stranger in the mirror had given way to grim amusement. The surgeons had taken meticulous trouble to change the colour of his good eye, but had not restored the missing one. The eye patch had been modified to fit the contours of his new face, his hand with its laseron implant was more flexible, the gun more efficient. The surgeons explained the orders they had received were to retain the physical reminders of his compulsion to find and destroy Blake. As if he needed reminding!

The operation was followed by protracted, pain-filled weeks of what they called 'retraining' but he knew to be torture and mind alteration. He himself had supervised many such procedures on traitors and defectors; he knew exactly what they were doing to him. He emerged from the sessions utterly changed; his new physical appearance now accompanied by a head filled with violent, thuggish rage. "This is not who I am," he said aloud, in a voice he did not recognise.

But of all the changes wreaked upon him, it was the new uniform he resented the most. Gone was the dignified leather tabard embossed with the Federation logo; in its place there was a flattened, misshapen star. He wondered if it served a purpose beyond being decorative – could it be a tracking device, a monitor, a recorder? He examined it closely, but could find no sign of circuitry. Perhaps it was a symbol of his disgrace, a comment on his status – once a rising star in the Federation military, now deformed, flattened by his superiors, an object of derision. He was too proud to query it, and even Servalan, who had once told him she found his appearance 'displeasing', had made no comment.

No matter.

It had been several long months since he had last put on the despised uniform, now he dressed with the care of a young cadet on parade. The star seemed to wink at him. Its distorted shape was appropriate for what he was about to do. And where he was about to do it.

It would be cold on the planet's surface. Wrapping himself in a hooded cloak, Travis left the spacecraft and headed across the ridge to keep his rendezvous with the enemies of his enemies.
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There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
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