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Started: 09 July 2016

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Horizon Advent Calendar 2016
Joe Dredd
Hi everyone,

This is the thread for posting the calendar entries in. Contributors, please post your entry on the assigned day, whenever convenient. (If anyone has any problems, please contact any of the moderators.)

Please post any comments on the Advent Calendar comments thread (Here).

My thanks to all the volunteers. We all hope you enjoy our contributions. Please keep in mind that we don't know what each other will post, and every entry is a surprise. If two people happen to have similar ideas then that is just a cause for extra celebration as "Great minds think alike" and it's great to have people with great minds in our club. No one should fret if someone else posts your idea first - that wouldn't be fun at all. Don't worry about it and just post your entry.

Lastly, don't forget that the 24th is a designated "free-for-all" day so if ANYONE gets inspired and wants to join in, please do - that's what the 24th is for!

Regards to all,

Joe Dredd
1st December! Let's see what's behind the little door.

Why, it's some puzzles to start us off!

= = = 1 = = =

Letting go of the flight yoke, Jenna turned to the master computer and said "Reference point check, Zen."

The rectangular bars brightening and fading softly on the giant face lit up with purpose as Zen responded.

"Information. Liberator is currently two million spacials from Ingus, the natural satellite body of Porphyr Major. Navigation data will be directed to the main screen."

A simple but clear graphic of the ship in relation to the two celestial bodies appeared on the main screen. Astronavigational numbers flowed down the side, constantly updating.

Blake chuckled.

Jenna looked across. "Something amusing?"

"I have a puzzle for everyone," announced Blake. "I noticed something on the detector screen a minute ago, then looked at my watch. The thing I saw on the screen was written on my watch. What did I see?"

"Let me look at your watch," said Vila, jumping up from the lounge. Blake held out his arm as Vila peered at it.

"This is just that watch I got you to, er--"

"-- to replace the one you broke," finished Blake. "Yes, I know."

Avon surveyed Blake's outstretched arm. "No hands," he said. "It tells the time on the 24 hour system rather than cycles of 12 hours. No special features, no extra functions and definitely nothing written on it, not even the manufacturer's name. It's just a cheap digital watch with an LED screen."

"It was a valuable gift!" hooted Vila. "I traded it from that Dent fellow when we gave him a lift. He said he thought it was a pretty neat idea but he didn't realise how old it was. He said he'd been travelling through time as well as space and he didn't know when he was, let alone where. That watch is an Earth antique, I'm sure of it!" Vila smiled as a thought struck him. "You know Blake, if you wanted to go to Lindor some time, I'm sure Sarkoff would make you an offer for it. I'd be happy to help with the deal. For a commission, of course..."

"The value of the watch - real or otherwise - doesn't matter," replied Blake. "What's important is that when we started our discussion just now, the watch said it was four minutes past eight."

= = = 2 = = =

"Alright," said Vila. "I'll join in. Here's a festive one. What comes next in this sequence?"

He punched something into his console, and the view on the main screen changed to

D, D, P, V, C, C, D, ?

"Can I have a clue please Vila?" asked Cally. "I am not familiar with your Christmas customs."

"Well, it's not really a clue but thinking about the puzzle, I'm now in the mood for a kebab!"

"That's not helpful at all," said Avon, who had solved it. "Why don't you say the list could be longer by one final character?"

"Yes," said Vila. "I suppose it could glow on a bit further."

= = = 3 = = =

Avon grimaced, as if deciding to do something he knew he shouldn't. He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it out on his knee.

"I recognise that!" said Vila. "You had it on the London."

"What is it, Avon?" asked Cally.

"It's a concert programme. When I was arrested on Earth, I was hiding out in an orchestra pit. It's a long story," he added, seeing Blake and Jenna exchange looks.

"The programme is almost complete but the corner has been torn off the bottom. Your challenge is to tell me which symphony number the orchestra was going to finish with."

Handing around the programme, the crew saw the list said:

Brahm's 1st, Elgar's 1st, Mahler's 5th, Schubert's 8th, Schumann's 3rd, Borodin's 2nd, Shostakovitch's 9th, Bruckner's 7th, Beethoven's ?

"That's not very difficult," said Cally in surprise.

Avon looked pained again. "It's meant to be fun. If you want taxing, just let me know."

= = = And... = = =

"Here's a cracker!" said Vila. "Do you remember the time when Nova and Olag Gan were playing pool in the London's prisoner recreation area? They played for a whole hour without sinking a single shot. Eventually Gan turned to Nova and said 'Why don't we cheat and take that wooden frame off?'!"
2nd December, my turn! And my treat to you all: episode 5 of my Blake's 7 Continues saga.

Episode: https://drive.goo...2F1aHFENEk

Synopsis: The Liberator goes to get parts to build the anti-detector shield and Oliver finally confronts the Liberator crew.
Edited by Travisina on 02 December 2016 08:18:27
Joe Dredd
Now bob has kindly opened the Advent calendar door for 2nd December, I can reveal the answers to yesterday's puzzles.

= = = 1 = = =
Blake saw a moon.

The time of the conversation was 8.04pm
Blake saw the object a minute earlier. The time must have been 8.03pm.
Blake's watch keeps 24 hour time. It must have shown 20:03.
20:03 looked at sideways on a digital display looks like 'MOON'.

3 = M
0 = O
0 = O
2 = N

(Jenna likes Blake but agrees his puzzles are lame.)

= = = 2 = = =
The next letter in the sequence is B... for Blitzen the reindeer.

D, D, P, V, C, C, D = Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid and Donner.

Avon suggested the list could be longer by one character - Rudolph.

Remembering Rudolph's shiny nose, Vila agreed the list could "glow" (go) on.

= = = 3 = = =
The last symphony must be the 9th.

You only had names and numbers to go on, so that was all you needed.

Brahms 1st - the first letter of "Brahms" is B
Elgar's 1st - the first letter of "Elgar" is E
Mahler's 5th - the fifth letter of "Mahler" is E
Schubert's 8th - the eighth letter of "Schubert" is T
Schumann's 3rd - H
Borodin's 2nd - O
Shostakovitch's 9th - V
Bruckner's 7th - E
Beethoven's ? - Our letters now spell B-E-E-T-H-O-V-E so we just need an 'n' to complete the famous name. As 'N' appears in the last (ninth) place, the answer was Symphony no. 9.

This answer goes out with special Christmas wishes to our more musical friends!
Joe Dredd
Given the massive success of my day one puzzles (Ahem - can you say "killed it stone dead" kids?), here's the next round:

= = = 4 = = =
Avon challenges you to name the five elements on the Periodic Table that have four letter names.
Orac says that one of them is the title of an S4 episode, one of them is part of the title of an unmade S4 script and one of them the crew have a talent for.
"Is SAND an element?" asks Vila.
"No!" choruses the rest of the crew.

= = = 5 = = =
Vila asks you: If one person can be LONELY and two people can NETWORK, how many people do you need for them to become THREATENING?

= = = 6 = = =
Ever the tree-hugger, Cally sets you a gentler task.

Which is the odd one out?
Joe Dredd
Meanwhile at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Blake, Gan and Orac are discussing a novel by Tony Attwood while waiting for their beers and brown ale to arrive. Suddenly a new, clumsy waiter passes by and manages to spill tea everywhere. A fawning moustachio'd alien slithers up to them and says "I'm so sorry, he's from Barcelona."

Manuel rules O-que?

It's the 3rd of December and somewhere in the future, a little girl has woken up to the first snowfall of the season. Life under Federation rule isn't great to say the least, but some days are less worse than others.

Joe Dredd
Now cakeinmilk has spectacularly opened today's Advent calendar door, here are the answers to yesterday's puzzles. I hope you got them all!

= = = 4 = = =
Gold (The title of an S4 episode)
Iron (Paul Darrow scripted the unmade "Man of Iron")
Lead (Avon asks in "Trial", "Is it that Blake has a genius for leadership, or merely that you have a genius for being led?")
Zinc (What you do if you can't zwim)
Neon (Er...)

= = = 5 = = =
You need 10 people to become threatening. All the numbers are hidden in the words:

One person can be L*ONE*LY
Two people can NE*TWO*RK
Ten people can become THREA*TEN*ING

= = = 6 = = =
FIRM is the odd one out. "Tree-hugger" was a clue: the other three end with the names of trees, whereas FIRM has it hidden at the start.


Bonus points if you identified that the fir is coniferous and the others are deciduous. Double bonus points if your name starts with 'A'.
Joe Dredd
Round 3!

= = = 7 = = =
Blake asks the crew: "A young lady is 12 years old plus half her age. How old is she?"

= = = 8 = = =
Avon sets this puzzle in return.
If India = 1, Victor = 5, X-ray = 10, Lima = 50, Charlie = 100, and Delta = 500, ? = 1,000

= = = 9 = = =
What comes next in this sequence? It's not very obvious but for many people reading this, it will be almost under their noses.

L, K, J, H, G, F, D, S, ?

(To stop you going bonkers, Vila mentions that the letters don't stand for words or numerical values. Rather, it's a letter sequence you might see about the place.)
sooper mouse
Sorry I'm putting this up early- it's been heartwrenching to make and I think I need 18 hours of sleep now.


editted, i put the wrong link first
I have concluded that Jenna is Blake-aware, Blake is Avon-aware, Avon is self-aware and Gan is rarely aware. Vila is merely wary. Cally is frequently more away than aware.

on the link below to see a Holiday message from John Leeson, Pasco from Mission to
Destiny and Toise from Gambit, recorded at this year's Chicago TARDIS convention.
Happy Holidays to All.

Joe Dredd
Round 4!

= = = 10 = = =
"Here's a list of animals," said Vila. ("Not those animals, Trevor Travis. Calm down!")

Raccoon, parrot, lemming, kookaburra, aardvark, linnet, otter.

"The thing is, there's another animal hiding in the list - a bird in fact. Can you find it?"

= = = 11 = = =
"Orac and I have also come up with a limerick for you," continues Vila. "Well, I have at any rate. Orac helped with the rhymes and complained a lot."

Orac buzzed angrily. "I did not complain. I merely pointed out what an absolute waste of --"

"Never mind, Orac," smiled Vila, yanking out Orac's key with gusto. "What I think he wanted to say was that all the answers have five letters. Not only that, but you can write them across and down in a five-by-five grid to help you solve the puzzle."

A man from the east, name of - - - - -
Would - - - - - give people red roses.
But he had an odd - - - - - ,
A strange - - - - - glare,
Which is why they would - - - - -, one supposes.

= = = 12 = = =
Know Your Show

i) Which member of the cast irradiated their bottom?

ii) Which member of the cast once woke up to find a "Jim'll Fix It" badge pinned onto them?

iii) Which member of the crew confused Cally with Sally and Jenna with Jan?

iv) Which member of the cast kept breaking the props?

v) Name a member of the cast who lived on a house boat.
Hi Guys,

My turn!

The crossword below comes with a big thank you to Travisina for doing a test run and making some clue suggestions.

Feel free to ask for (or share) hints on the Advent Comments page.


Merry Christmas.


Edited by Tyce on 05 December 2016 22:07:25
Joe Dredd
= = = 13 = = =
What did the surprised chemist tweet when she found out Oxygen and Magnesium had started going out together?
"Cut! We'll go again for that shot please."

Tarrant swaggered in his Ferrari Elf costume.

"Take 7 this will be! Come on Avon, iron those red leather Santa trousers properly or we'll never get this scene in the can!"

"Yeah, we've got the delights of Cally's mince pies to come next!" Vila added.

Avon sighed heavily, "Humbug!"
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Joe Dredd
Celebrate this Christmas with a BIG Turkey*.


(*Does not refer to "Deathwatch").
Joe Dredd
Day Eight! My turn to open the Horizon B7 Advent Calendar door!

What's this?


Why, it's a ....

B7 Flexagon

Here's some B7 papercraft fun. The flexagon - also known as a flextangle or kaleidocycle - is an amazing little paper toy you can make at home.

Print out the picture below, in colour if possible, and sized to take up as much of the page as possible.


Fold along all the diagonal lines, first doing all the lines leaning \ and then all the lines leaning / until you have a series of X folds across the page.

Now fold along all the vertical lines ("|" <-- these ones, Gan.)

Cut out the shape and glue it together! Make sure you give each part a few minutes to bond before joining the next section, and give it a few minutes before you start playing with it.

If the flexagon forms a disjointed image, turn it over. It has a top and bottom and the picture only forms on the top side.

You can find some video instructions here: Click!

You can find some Christmas-designed flextangles here: Click!

They also have a blank template if you want to make your own: Click!

Here's the best link. This site allows you to pick four photos from your computer and it generates the pattern for you! Click!

Just think what you could do with that! You could make your own B7 flexagon. You could make fun ones for your children, grandchildren, young nieces & nephews, etc. You could make ones to give to family and friends, or to put at their place setting when for your festive meal.

There are lots of possibilities. Have fun!
Utiliser to Horizon. Utiliser to Horizon..December the 9th...Advent challenge..

When religious observance was banned throughout the Federation, the old religious festivals were replaced with new ones such as 'Defenders of the New Empire Day' and involved far too much marching and accordion music to be really popular. Some of the outer planets, far enough away to avoid Federation interference, still clung to the old customs and Soolin, growing up as she did on Gauda Prime, had memories of one of these.

Soolin felt no compulsion to re-create events from a childhood at best bleak and at worst abusive. But she recognised that she needed to do something to win the approval of her new companions. Avon had accepted her because he perceived that she might be useful but the other men were more wary, particularly as she had made it clear that romance was out, while Dayna still missing Cally, disapproved that Avon had so readily accepted a replacement for her. Something was needed to bond them if they were going to survive together and celebrating an old ritual seemed a good way to go about it.

Vila was the key to her plan. She thought he would be the easiest to get on board and could probably get the others interested once they learned that gifts were involved. They seemed to her a pretty greedy lot. She began sharing carefully selected memories with him, elaborating on the excitement she felt as a child when The Seven Yule Lads left her a gift on the seven days leading up to the Kristimas feast. (She omitted the fact that the presents were often no more than a wizened apple, that the Lads were a terrifying bunch who ate naughty children and that turnips figured rather too prominently at the feast.) Soon Vila was hooked and asking for more details. Soolin dredged her memories: green boughs, colourful explosions and cooked birds figured in them somewhere and she shared this with him and the others. Dayna charmed by the notion of creating pretty bangs was an easy convert and Tarrant, once Vila had explained the kissing ritual that accompanied something called mistletoe, enthusiastically, but ultimately unsuccessfully, scoured Xenon for a sprig.

Leaves turned gold, and red and vibrant pink before a cold wind swept in tossing them to the ground and Xenon base rang with excited chatter and soft detonations. Soolin cut fir tree branches and festooned them with dynamon crystals. Dayna bagged a brace of birds which Vila promised to cook AFTER she gutted them and Tarrant was despatched to find nuts and berries. Even Avon agreed to select suitable wines from Dorian's impressive collection.

Seven days before Kristimas Feast Day, they woke to find the world outside had turned white and pure.

Now here is your challenge

Each crew member gave one of the others 7 presents. In the Secret Seven Yule Lads' draw:

Dayna got Vila

Orac got Soolin

Slave got Avon

Vila got Orac

Avon got Tarrant

Tarrant got Slave

Soolin got Dayna

Choose a character and list the seven presents you bought your crew-mate.

To start you off: I think Avon bought Tarrant: 'Deserter Stories' by Frederick Harold; a Pumice stone; an ant farm; a packet of beef jerky; a 'grow your own crystals' kit; a 'manly man' apron; a pair of gloves.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
On Day 10 of the Advent Calendar, let's have a game of 4x4 Connections!

The grid contains four groups of four related people/places/things. What items make up each of the four groups, and what is the connection between them?
(Click on the puzzle for bigger image)


Solved it? Here's another one!


Answers on 24th December...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
I'm posting this early...as I have an early start tomorrow!
Day 11....and what have we here?

It’s all in the Name

Avon was still not happy.
He could have said something to Travis on Exbar, but then Blake would have known about the ‘arrangement’ between the Space Commander and himself.
As it was, Blake had had other things on his mind.
His cousin, Inga, being held hostage, for one.
Gan being killed, for another.
Now there was another problem.
Blake was hell bent on getting to Freedom City to find Docholli.
He held the secret of to where Central Control had been moved...Star One.
And Blake was determined to find him...if Travis didn’t get there first.
“I don’t understand,” Avon remarked to Orac, “How is Travis able to move around with such freedom. He’s a wanted man; not just by Blake but by Servalan.”
“I had thought that obvious,” Orac replied, “He is using the last of those confections that you and he exchanged.”
“They are still very sought after out here in the furthest reaches of Federation Space. They are...currency, so to speak.”
“My currency,” murmured Avon. He was still angry with Travis for having the temerity to shoot him on Exbar. “I think it is time Travis and I had a reckoning. Those are my Revels!”

Vila could hardly believe it, “Freedom City. The Big Wheel; where fortunes can be lost...or made.”
He was alone in his cabin, snacking on his latest experimental confection...a Curly Wurly, so Orac had named it. Yet another lost recipe so lovingly recreated by Vila from Orac’s hacked computer foray.
“Yes, Freedom City,” Vila continued, “Blake will be off chasing Docholli which means I can get on that Big Wheel, make my fortune and retire to that Lake and spend my days making all these sweeties. Yes, the kids would love that.”
But there was one, or maybe even, two obstacles, to that plan.
“How can I convince Orac? Hang on. Avon loves money. Oh yes, a small fortune would convince him. And also the news that they serve the most delicious sundae this side of...Space City!”

Servalan sat quietly in the inner sanctum of her office waiting for Durkin to report his findings.
She already had an idea that something was very amiss. She knew that much from the messages that she had received from Messrs. Rowntree, Frys, Nestle and, of course, Cad and Bury.
All had complained that they were finding it extremely difficult to obtain any ingredients for their confections and Servalan knew that the Federation elite were becoming restless with this news.
Without a constant supply of sweets to placate the elite, well, order could easily break down.
Things had been going wrong for some months now; in fact, since Travis had deserted her at Goth. Could Travis really be responsible for this growing unease?
Forget Travis, she said to herself, you may have to look elsewhere.
Perhaps the man who knew all about computers who was now with Blake?
Kerr Avon.
She had seen him several times since he had joined with Blake, but she had never had the opportunity to talk with him.
She had read his record though…and it made for interesting reading.
Maybe if she could ever get the chance to meet him and make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. His knowledge of computers would be very useful indeed. And besides, he wasn’t exactly unattractive either.
And neither was he.
He was out there somewhere, having run away after the Imipak debacle.
But every now and then, though, a small box would appear on her desk. Sent from an unknown admirer. But Servalan knew exactly who it was. For the box always contained a beautiful red flower; the one she so adored, and there was always a sweet treat inside.
For Carnell knew she liked something unusual; something out of the ordinary.
Previously, she had opened the box to find a note, hand written, saying that he had gone in search of paradise…and therein was a chocolate bar containing coconut; a Bounty Bar, so the label said.
And then, another, full of Eastern Promise. Fry’s Turkish Delight and Servalan had indeed been delighted!
But now there was another box on her desk. She opened it.
Inside was yet another delicate red flower.
She had no idea where Carnell obtained these from, but she was grateful. Each flower brought a touch of elegance and colour to the otherwise austere environment of Space Command Headquarters.
And next to the flower was another box.
She undid the silver ribbon and carefully peeled away the wrapping paper to reveal another box.
She took it in her hand and examined it.
There was a hand written note attached to it.
“For you, Ma’am, a delightful confection. A Terry’s Chocolate Orange by name. Open it and just tap…I trust that you will savour each segment, and think of me occasionally.”
Servalan smiled.
This gift was most fortunate as she was down to her very last packet of Revels Rejects.
But she knew that somewhere out there were the last few remaining boxes of Revels.
Travis no doubt had them which could explain why he had been able to move around so freely; but even those supplies would have been severely depleted by now.
But she would consider that matter later.
Right now she had a new confection to try.
She removed the packaging to reveal a chocolate orange.
She tapped it just as Carnell had instructed.
And it magically separated into several segments.
As promised.
“So, this is Terry’s Chocolate Orange?” She picked a segment and slowly bit into it.
She smiled and thought of all those that she would share this with;
Travis? No, not now. He was a good as dead.
Carnell? Possibly, a charmer who had some interesting qualities.
Kerr Avon? Now that would be a challenge. He was, after all, an unknown quantity, but would he be seduced by her charm?
She thought, for a moment, about the possibilities…
But such thoughts had to be pushed away.
Soon this one moment of bliss would be over and she would have to face the fact that something was very wrong. Durkin was no doubt on his way now with his report to that effect.
She took another look at the chocolate segments and sighed
“Terry’s Chocolate Orange?” Servalan murmured, “I think not. This is MY Chocolate Orange!”


Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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