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Started: 09 July 2016

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Blake's 7 on Blu, iTunes
Hi Neil C,

You asked for opinions, may I post mine?
Blake’s 7 is my favourite, I love the characters, their interactions and their actors and creators gift to create an believable atmosphere in spite of the sets with cutlery trays and wobbling special effects. It’s like stage drama. That, and the stories with their references to matters of interest (social, scientific and political) at the time, makes Blake’s 7 filmish literature so to say.
It’s unique and in my opinion there is no need to enhance it with CGI or whatever.

As for (Ultra HD) Blue-Ray, I agree with Travisina’s reply nr 3 above.
Besides, the fast technological development of data carriers will ask for new players, also again and again and again. So you will need to re-publish again and again too.
Would you like to spend your money on that?

Talking about finances:
Your assumption about financial, carefree Horizon members is rather optimistic, mildly put.
Be careful in future Neil.
I am your “hardcore”, still working, job hunting and need to work until the day health gets worse/I die.
(I don’t live in the UK, rules are different. Fortunately I love and enjoy my work)
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Neil C
Hi Lurena. Thanks for your reply.

May you post your opinions ?? Of course !! You do not need permission (and certainly not mine), quite apart from the fact that I am a periphery member here, whilst you are one of the cornerstones of our club.

I have read your opinions in your first paragraph. I certainly concur with your sentiments, with the exception that I had thought that an improved version (aka like ST:TOS) would be an attainable way to gain extra enjoyment, a new level of immersion AND be a vehicle for future generations to access something that has brought us all (here) so many happy hours of entertainment and daydreaming.
I had also thought that our club might be heavily populated with like-minded folks who might wish for a chance to be part of extending the B7 legacy. I now realise that I am in a minority of 1 regarding this... and that's perfectly OK.

As I have stated many times over (and have apologised for over emphasising) Blu-ray or other formats are not the debate here. It is the information (sound and vision in this case) that counts. That information is now highly transportable and flexible in regards of ways to play it, through the wonders of digital download technology. Downloadable distribution would seem to be the best chance of taking B7 to a new audience.
Lurena... What do you think about the results achieved with the example I originally gave to highlight what can now be done ?? Have you seen it ?? If so; did the ST: TOS re-release give you a new level of immersion and enjoyment, without taking a single word or character shot away, as it has done for me ??

Talking about finances. I realise that my assumptions about my fellow club members' realities was/is wrong. It was certainly never intended to be misinterpreted in the way it has been. I have apologised for my offending words, and again do so.
It is disappointing that what I (naively) originally wrote, thinking that it was a light hearted, comradely way for a whole bunch of us to (perhaps) identify and then join together in an extraordinary B7 venture, was so completely misinterpreted and then perverted into an apparent insult. Again; I apologise. We can choose to be take offence at things. If we do, we therefore choose to make ourselves unhappy or angry for those next minutes/hours/days/lifetime. I choose to not be offended. Our household do not judge ourselves or our lives by looking at other folks' highlight reels. I choose to have a positive and happy mindset. If I allow myself the latitude to become offended or outraged at something, then the person who ultimately suffers is me. Therefore I choose not to suffer. I hope that you too will choose positivity over negativity. Whatever you decide to choose will always be OK with me. Smile

I am indeed happy that you love your work and the lifestyle that you're living. We are both extraordinarily privileged to be living in a modern, democratic society....unlike our B7 heroes. I too am concentrating on enjoying life and being the best person I can be.....so I'm off to ride my bike nowUnsure. I wish for your continued happiness, I look forward to reading your posts and continuing to enjoy your artwork contributions too. Smile
P.s. I don't live in the UK either.
Neil C wrote:

Lurena... What do you think about the results achieved with the example I originally gave to highlight what can now be done ?? Have you seen it ?? If so; did the ST: TOS re-release give you a new level of immersion and enjoyment, without taking a single word or character shot away, as it has done for me ??

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your extended reply.
First of all I want you to know that I am an all over positive minded survivor, and I am very hard to offend, no worries about that.
However, you can not know about my lifestyle, my privileges, my history.
Assumptions can be wrong.
But I gratefully welcome your wishes for happiness, that is very much appreciated.

I have seen the ST: TOS re-release, but it didn't give me a new level of immersion and enjoyment, sorry.
I admit that I am an alien from another era when it comes to these matters.The re-release didn't offer me a better story line, clearer dialogue, or stimulation for my fantasy. These aspects are Blake's 7 for me.

As for new technologies:
I can imagine that it would be exciting fun to fly Liberator in VR, but, in my opinion, you can't take part in a B7 episode without damaging its story.

Well I hope you are not too disappointed.
Thank you for your kind words to my postings and artwork; I'll keep trying my best.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Personally I'd be there for a Bluray release. I pick up extra sets from time to time, to give them away as presents and essentially promote Blakes 7.

The advantages of having a Bluray release would be.

1. Reduced number of discs.
2. More storage to place NEW things. Smile
3. Formatting for higher resolution screens.
4. Greater audio quality if original sources are correctly sampled for the re-release.
6. I'd envisage an enhancement treatment similar to that used in the current limited edition release 'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century' Bluray release. Check out the example video clip that highlights the improvements from the original VHS and DVD release of this classic series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAdzwG6X9Rg
7. Freeze Frames should be sharper. (Always handy for the comedy forum).
8. Avon and other rebels will salute you.
9. Bring Blakes 7 into the future.
10. Have special editions with all current Big Finish material at the time included and a method to watch and listen to our favorite heroes in chronological order, (it will also become a point of much debate discussion on the forums no doubt.)

There's some of the reasons that come to mind. There's also the BBC's now legendary watch with CGI or original models options like they did for a lot of the Dr Who releases which would surely have every fan wanting a set. It would also promote a double watch of each and every episode and again bring on a lot of forum discussion. Smile
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